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Im gon be straight with yall I rushed the fuck out of this giveaway, my powersave was being a shit

Both taillows and fletchlings are deposit Pokemon, but notify me if you deposit a taillow or will be depositing taillow. This blog is also going on giveaway-hiatus since Sun and Moon are released tomorrow. Giveaways will resume around then and the deposit Pokemon will be different!

There’s a good chance that you watch YouTube. A real good chance. You might watch let’s plays, or if you’re like me, you watch reviews and videos where people bitch and moan and find it to be high entertamint…. I mean entertainment. There’s lots of YouTubers that haven’t been covered, so don’t let this short list make you think this is the only giveaway with this theme, there’s bound to be more. The other themes got fuckin curb stomped.

So here are the mons!

Markiplier the Pyroar

Level 35, Male

Ability: Rivalry

Nature: Quirky

Item: Pokedoll

Code: Warfstache

Jackseptic-I the Cacturne (The name was too long by like 1 space)

Level 33, Male

Ability: Sand Veil

Nature: Bashful

Item: Quick Claw

Code: Top o’ t'mornin

Rebeltaxi the Umbreon

Level 32, Male

Ability: Synchronize

Nature: Hasty

Item: Black Glasses

Code: Goth Me Up

Alex the Typhlosion (I Hate Everything)

Level 38, Male

Ability: Blaze

Nature: Bold

Item: Charcoal

Code: Entertamint

Our bonus legendary for this week is YouTube jesus himself,

PewDiePie the Arceus

Happy trading, and I hope you have fun with Sun and Moon!

Oh, right, extreme creepiness and an unsettling atmosphere, just what I like.

Ah, yes.

This is what I came to see today.

Some people like Greg can find ways to entertain themselves for hours. I don’t know how they do it.

“Come on Wurt didn’t you hear what I was saying?”

“Huh? Oh I haven’t been listening for days.”

Yeah Greg definitely has some sort of AHDH.

Just go to talk to bushes.

“Pottsfield? That’s about the less subtle name for a marijuana plantation I’ve ever heard. I know the restrictions have died down a bit but come on guys, put in some effort.”




anonymous asked:

Wow I just started rereading UMFB&MHA paying extra attention to the music & programs (bc ngl theres been times where I see a chap got posted and I just like read it as fast as possible out of excitement but then I have to read it again and again bc i missed stuff lol)!! I swear every time I go back to this fix it gets more complex & I get more addicted :)

One of the things that I find really entertaining about reading people’s thoughts/comments on umfb is because I can immediately tell straight off the bat who has listened to the music and who hasn’t. This isn’t a criticism at all! I know a lot of people just can’t be bothered and I’m fine with that but it really is clear to me ;)

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What was your favourite comment among those on your Sherlock fics? I mean like something especially lovely or funny or a very unique praise.

Oh, wow, that’s an excellent question, but I definitely can’t pick out just one.

In general though, my very favorite comments are the ones (mostly in tags here on tumblr) where people just swear at me. I just find it particularly entertaining when someone likes something I wrote enough to tell me to fuck off, lolol.

ask me something and help me avoid responsibility

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People like you make the trans community look bad. Before you go parading around about how qu**r you are just remember how you are a mark on the face of the community. You are racist and support homophobia and transphobia and you are an absolute disgrace. Consider yourself unfollowed.

You know what is truly disgusting??? The fact that you expect all of us trans people to think and act identically to each other and you ostracize those who are different. Yes, I may support “problematic” people and I find their content to be entertaining but that in no way means that I don’t think that people of color, the queer communities and the trans communities don’t deserve rights and basic human liberties. How dare you assume that I am homophobic and transphobic when I myself am a queer trans man? And to jump to the conclusion that I am racist ???? dude ??? What the fuck ? How did you even get to this point. Like maybe our ideas of entertainment or different and I laugh at offensive and problematic humor but I know where my morals lie. I am so fucking sick of you guys thinking all of us need to act like carbon copies of each other like ? How about you be your own fucking person and stop going around trying to police people all the fucking time.. but what fucking ever, dude, Fucking unfollow me.. I literally could not care any fucking less than i do now. 

When you call someone out on their bullsh*t in your head, but you’re too polite or tired to say it out loud and stop them.

Alternatively: The more I listen to this lunatic the better I feel about myself.


[Sketches/Doodles by - justsyl]

After posting about that whole thing this morning, I decided it was time to add something new and exciting, at least for me.

I’d like to introduce everybody to Lance and Kai, a character pairing between my friend Syl and I.

The sketches done above were by their creation, not mine; I am just posting a visual display of the two of them.

Lance is my character, a young male Miqo'te who falls in love with her character, Kai, a teenage male Miqo'te who is recovering from heartbreak after just being dumped by someone who he loved.

I’ll eventually have screenshots of Lance and hopefully some together soon with Kai since she plays on another server.

Final note; thank you to those that have me support after my rant last night. I have learned that I shouldn’t expect someone to visibly like my posts to know that I have people who actually do find some entertainment in what I post.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Lance and Kai!

A bold prediction about Bad Blood video

If there is an Asian/martial arts angle to the video (I think there will be), at some point, someone on social media will publicly criticize Taylor for appropriating Asian culture.

Also, don’t be surprised if there’s some violence angle (even if it is comic book/action movie type) and there would be some criticism for that.

Because I like to encourage taylor to keep finding new ways to entertain people, I hereby preemptively absolve her of any of this criticism.


I also find it pretty entertaining that people (read: white) are always involving me in random tumblr identities and ideologies. I post my gif sets, promote myself, sometimes have conversation and share nice pictures on here. Tumblr isn’t a part of my identity. It’s a website that I use, like facebook, like twitter and like instagram. It kinda terrifies me that tumblr is such a central part of some people’s ~identities~. So many conversations are so limited to and only really function within the confines of tumblr. What will you people ever do if the internet is shut off and tumblr no longer exists? 

I find people who play “Flip it it Rip it” very entertaining, on many levels.

That card has no financial value except in theory. Material wise, it’s worth ink and cardboard. However! Someone out there sure likes that pretty cardboard and is willing to pay for it. When said owner rips it they have a net loss of $0. There’s a loss of /potential/ money. But that’s a hoarder’s mentality, of “but this could be worth something to someone!”

Yes…but it’s cardboard that’s used in an incredibly small circle. How many people care about signed footballs gone flat? Shirts from concerts that have gotten washed. These are collector things that-oh, sure- I can go “tappity tap tap” with.

Lastly, the person owns that piece of property. If someone damages their own car on purpose (spinning out their wheels, stressing the engine) I’m sure it’s much more accepted. “But someone else could use that if they’re not going to appreciate/use it!”