people i don't hate from high school

Okay, tbh, i wasn’t gonna do this but i’m feeling extra salty and i can’t take all this homophobic bs anymore.

I made this post about an outspoken homophobe and some people knew who i was talking about, some people didn’t and, for that matter, I’m coming clear now: I was talking about the one and only @arc-17

Before everything, I’m NOT hating on religious people. I, myself, have a very religious family and I don’t hide from anyone here that I’m from Latin America and we all know that things here are pretty religious.

Let’s start with two screenshots: the original ask about gay marriage and another one with a call out. 

First of all: it’s not a choice. Being a lesbian isn’t a choice. Being gay isn’t a choice. Being bisexual isn’t a choice. Being trans isn’t a choice. I could go on and on but you guys got it, right? It’s not a choice. That being said, let’s move along. 

He says he doesn’t support gay marriage because of religious reasons (but he respect our choices guys :) such a good man wow) and personal reasons. “Love the sinner but not the sin”, right? To be honest? That’s bs. Or you respect this person as a whole or you don’t, you can disagree with them? Sure, different opinions are normal, but not supporting a person who wants to get married just because they’re marrying someone from the same gender as them is homophobic. And saying it’s because it change them don’t make sense? People have different experiences and just because one was bad (apparently for arc-17 it was, we can’t know for the said person) doesn’t mean the others will be. 

As for his beliefs, I know lots of religious people that aren’t homophobic. You can’t just use religion to excuse your problematic and hateful behavior. Religion isn’t about hate, it’s about love and some of you chose to ignore it.

On another matter, someone told me through an ask that he, a 28yo man, call Emma Hawkins, from high school story, a 15-16yo girl, “my dear”. She is a MINOR, jfc, stay away from her, please. 

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How to do you deal with people finding out irl that you're into kpop? Cause u know.. I'm 23, pay my on bills, and what I like is nobody's business but damn I really can't with people judging all the time. I laugh, give em "I like it n don't give a fuck" vibes and all that, but in the end of the day its like.. just lemme enjoying my teenage music ok, fuck. Why people gotta be like that.. don't you got some fictional TV series to don't shut up about?? ... Anyways lol fangirl only gets harder girl

Story time! I have a lot of acquaintances from high school and college that are the music snobs everyone hates who love “real music” and look down on anyone who isn’t into *insert some mediocre band with two adjectives and a noun in their name* and, in my younger and more vulnerable years, I used to hide all of the music that I was into if I was around them. I was kind of on the fringe of their friend group because Trash Husband was part of their gaggle of white-boy-hipsters but anytime any of them were in my car I only ever played music I knew they’d like. I was SUPER into McFly at the time (and I biased Danny Jones don’t judge me) but I would never bring them up to anyone in that group other than Trash Husband. 

But now? Nah. I couldn’t care less. All of those guys and gals are still on my facebook and when the Wings shows were coming up my friends kept tagging me in BTS related countdown stuff and one of them messaged me asking who they were after they saw the Wings tour trailer posted on my page and I realized I really didn’t care what his opinion was about them. I think it’s just part of growing up and getting tired of everyone’s bullshit. Everyone likes their own stuff and really this whole idea of “guilty pleasures” is pretty fucked up. You shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of something you like.

Oh, also, there’s a whole lot I could say about pop music as a whole being disregarded because the main consumer is teenage girls and how society tends to mock the things young women like but…I’ll just leave it at that.

Types and their biggest red flag in a potential partner
  • ISTP: "I heard the juiciest gossip today! X cheated on Y with Z!"
  • ESTP: "I'm super passive. Why take initiative?"
  • INTP: " Why did it take you so long to answer my text?"
  • ENTP: "Oh my God you can't say that!"
  • INFP: "A homeless guy asked me for change. I told him to get a job."
  • ENFP: "People should never question authority."
  • ISFP: "I think art and music classes shouldn't be mandatory."
  • ESFP: "I don't like the fact you spend so much time with other people."
  • ISFJ: "Yeah I used to bully this girl in high school. But she was weird and smelled bad!"
  • ESFJ: "We shouldn't help that guy. Let's not get involved."
  • ISTJ: "I didn't feel like going to work today so I called in and said I was sick lol."
  • ESTJ: "I know I should've used my money to pay my rent but that dress was in sale and soo gorgeous!"
  • INTJ: "I don't know what I want from my future. I never really thought about it."
  • ENTJ: "I hate commitment. I can't imagine going steady with anyone. I cheated on my last spouse."
  • INFJ: "I'm super opportunistic. It's your own fault if you get trampled."
  • ENFJ: "You're too sensitive. Stop crying."

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Why so hateful towards str8 people? Where you ever bullied? I can't understand where this level of anger is coming from. I've been openly lesbian for all 4 years of high school and let me tell you, the str8s are just people like it or not. People suck. Even you sometimes suck. Don't be too hung up over some small level of suckery.

Straight people burned my crops, poisoned my water supply, and delivered a plague unto my house

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i just started reading twilight for the first time & i really don't understand where all these stereotypes about it come from. like for instance people painting bella as this passive sad character. i’m only on chapter three and she’s vividly fantasized about smashing edward’s volvo with her truck at least six times.

You are preaching to the choir anon!

The stereotypes about Twilight come from the movies mostly. I guess they also come from the idea that hating on Twilight is/was “cool” back in the day (or at least when I was in high school and the movies were coming out it was). It’s unfortunate that the movies couldn’t capture more of Bella’s snarky comments because it gave her a lot more life and made her more relateable in my opinion. There were a lot of scenes in Twilight that were left out that could have given all of the characters more depth, but they decided to focus more on the love story which is understandable. It is just frustrating that it kind of made the characters a little flat. In the books, Bella and Edward’s relationship was really cute and adorable and snarky <3. I really enjoyed it. 

The passive sad character idea probably comes from some of the events in the later books (I don’t want to say which one in case you are like me and avoid spoilers like the plague), although, I don’t agree with it either. It makes me really upset when people bash on Bella, especially because I think everyone can relate to her to some extent. 

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I keep thinking about how the writers managed make Kurt depict every single gay stereotype their is. They didn't even try to subvert any of the stereotypes, either. I don't understand how people could think that Kurt was progressive in anyway except for being out in high school. Now that I have deleted my glee blog and stepped far, far away from the glee and chris colfer fandoms, I have to laugh at how incredibly bad of a character Kurt was.

Kurt was a massive stereotype, and note that his stans all shipped him with every other gay stereotype on the show as well? Either they wanted him to turn one of the straight guys (closeted gay stereotype/predatory gay stereotype), or they shipped him with Dave (closeted and self hating gay stereotype), Sebastian (slutty/sexual predator gay stereotype), or Chandler or Elliott (flamboyant gay stereotypes). The only exception was Adam, because he never even got enough personality to become a stereotype.

Meanwhile they all hated Blaine who subverted a lot of stereotypes, and was actually a pretty progressive gay character for a prime time show. I can’t think of many others that introduced out gay teen characters and had them be happy and confident with that despite all of the other struggles in their lives. But I guess the writers (and kurt stans) prefer to follow the same offensive stereotypes again and again.

Kurt was an awful character, because he was just a young version of Ryan Murphy, who we know is an awful person IRL. It’s not surprising his self insert Gary Stu was completely intolerable.

The fault in our ARMYs(it's okay, I cringed at the title too)
  • BEWAre it'S VerY LoNG!!!!!
  • OHOHOOHOOO~. So a couple weeks ago, I wanted t write something. A couple weeks ago I was afraid of getting hate. A couple weeks ago, we still had a problem. But I honestly don't care about getting hate anymore, but the fact that it had to come to a point like this before I spoke out? I'm really sorry. Nevertheless, I'm going to speak out now. Let's address the first problem.
  • BTS in Sweden and Germany:
  • - Rap Monster was CHASED into a changing room and ARMYs kept following and trying to peek inside.
  • - Jimin was approached by a girl at an ungodly hour, she shoved her phone in his face, asking for a picture. Being the polite muffin he is, he tried to say "ah-ah no.." But bitches gonna be bitches : )
  • - NEXT UP (yup, there's more), Jin and Kookie were chased down the street by ARMYs they tried to run away no- they were sprinting away but this ARMY followed after them "like a wild animal"
  • -V, my precious baby angel, (I'm not saying that he never gets angry, but he's good with his idol image) Got visibly mad, he looked on the verge of tears
  • -YOONGI had to SHOUT to get the ARMY's away.
  • May I remind you that this was their VACATION, they were trying to relax before they went to a French, New York(Newark really) AND LA KCON. After a comeback, 3 mv's, concert stages and all the fucking promotion, OUR BABIES CANNOT GET A BREAK???? This is exactly what happened in Mexico with them last year. "Fans" threw PHONES at them.DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART? Their excuses lmao "If you saw BTS, you would want to talk to them" : )))) these are shit excuses from shit people.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bitches do not represent the ENTIRE European ARMYs and International ARMY fan base. but they do put on an image and just hint to changes that must be made. BTS, and every other idol or famous person, they are all people, normal people like you and I. So treat them as such, not as fucking ZOO ANIMALS. Also, I hope y'all know how dehumanizing it is to be greeted with a phone.. Like wherever they go, people don't look at them through their eyes, they take a video of it. It's not always fun to be treated like a lab animal, guys.
  • Why don't we talk about army's in general. Okay,
  • @overdosescenarios wrote something like this too and they got hate for it.
  • - ARMY is a big fan base but guess what? THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BIG FANBASE. (Surprise Surprise) But regardless, SOME army's have this disgusting habit of thinking ARMY's or BTS are above any other groups...huh..weird.
  • - Not all ARMYs but we have a habit of doing this other thing, any video, regardless if it's kpop or whatever, some ARMY comments something and other flock there saying "OMG ARMY" or "JIMIN GOT NO JAMS XDDdDDDDDddd" like ???? Yes I know you're excited to see a fellow ARMY but come oN. Even on Seventeen's "pretty U" they were all over there saying that the video resembled "RUN". Sorry, it really didn't. Like...I guess seventeen ran? But that's it though. Also Carats are like the chillest FANBASE but they got peeved at all the ARMYS. Because if it wasn't someone calling out the resemblance, it was an ARMY apologizing or a CARAT addressing the problem. And you had to scroll all the way down before you reached a comment that addressed the hard work SEVENTEEN put into THEIR video. Smh
  • - DO NOT cOMMEnT EVERYWHERE. It's okay to comment but a good 150 of you flock when someone either has an ARMY shirt, or the word BTS is mentioned. Like one or two, fine. Good.BTS is so great. ITs just cursed by a really annoying FANBASE.
  • - Don't call V an alien, Don't say RM breaks everything, don't do shit like that. They don't like to be known as that stuff It's like getting the superlative for "weirdest kid" in High School. That should not be their legacy, okay?
  • - Don't hate on other groups and DON'T HATE OF OUR MEMBERS. YO I saw people giving v a hard time. What that boiiii ever do to you, huh? Tayang's song wasn't for him. Idols aren't perfect okay?
  • - Don't get mad when BTS isn't included in react videos. I saw so many comments on Buzzfeed about "WHY ISN'T BTS HERE". And I have an answer, BTS isn't the only kpop group worth a mention.
  • - You gotta understand that Rap mon and Suga and Hobi aren't the only good rappers out there. I know that calling Chanyeol (I love yeolie but really lmao) a better rapper than them is a damn disgrace but there are other talented people. And if you are only into BTS and you're calling them better rappers, better dancers, better singers, then you aren't a real fan bruh.
  • BTS started off small, they made their way up and in no way am I,or other good army's letting those little shits crap all over it. THere are people who don't even wanna join our fandom because of the bad apples. Just cut it out please. I don't know if it's new army's or the ones that got in from FineBros or Buzzfeed *shivers* but just stop.
  • Sorry for the rant.

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Someone told me that teachers have to be really confident and love people and honestly, if that's so I don't no if I would be able to do it. I'm scared, I don't no what to do! I have 2 years to decide then university. I'm thinking science teacher? Maybe English teacher? (Both in high school)

I’m a ball of anxiety who shows no affection for anything that isn’t a baby or an animal and I love being a teacher. I’m a huge introvert who is exhausted from interacting with people who I’m not related or married to, so I do feel like Teacher Me is a persona that I adopt and then drop when school is over for the day, but I don’t hate doing that at all. I like who I am as a teacher, and I like who I am when I’m not teaching, and even though those two things are different, in many ways they are the same and they are both who I am. 

I’m 100% sure no one in my life would describe me as someone who “loves people” (actually, while typing this I asked my husband if he would say that about me and he straight up laughed and said no, so…testimony) but no one doubts that I love my students, because I do. They’re not just people, they’re MY people. There are a lot of things that go into deciding to become a teacher, but don’t let this discourage you if you’re really serious about it!

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i don't see this crime as racism, i see it as an anti-christ motive, he does have a mental illness, like in columbine, sandy hook, and like that guy who shot those students at that finnish high school.

I’ll tell you why you don’t see this crime as racism, simply because you’ve never been a victim of racism. This is what I need from ignorant white people like you, I need you to open your fucking eyes. Yes this was terrorism, and yes this was a hate crime that was based off racism. Before this disgusting excuse of a human being murdered those innocent people he told them he had to do this. He went on to say racist things like “you rape our women, and you’ve taken over our country.” Mental illness my Black ass! Now what you won’t do is come to my blog and try to tell my people how to feel, and how this isn’t racism. Get the entire fuck out of here.

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why am i always the ugly one? why am i always the last one people talk to? why am i always the listener of last weekends' stories? why don't i have the power to change anything, when everyone else does? why does everyone live the life teenagers live except for me? when have i missed the train, and why? i don't know how to go on, because nobody cares, so why should i.

1. Teenagers are romanticized. I agree with Stephen King: “I hated high school. I don’t trust anybody who looks back on the years from 14 to 18 with any enjoyment. If you liked being a teenager, there’s something wrong with you.” (something “wrong with you” is harsh, I prefer: you’re incredibly lucky if you liked high school.) 

2. You’re not ugly, you’re not ugly, you’re whatever you choose to project onto the world. People flock to those who are comfortable with themselves. Say “hi” to them, as hard as it is. 

3. You have the power to change how you react to situations and see yourself, your insecurities just make you feel powerless. No one hates you as much as you hate yourself. They’re not obsessing over who you are like you are. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it in a positive, healthy way. Inner growth is good. Beating yourself up for who you are will give you nothing but an inability to do anything. Breaking your habit of self-loathing thoughts is one of the hardest and healthiest things you can do.

Don’t forget, really, we’re all struggling. Some people are just better at hiding it. 

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I found this blog today and I want to say thank you for this and your posts. I actually want to cry because of some of the stuff I've read in here because I've felt alone and then I came across this blog and it's helping me so much. I'm in high school and I'm gay. My parents think it's a phase and told me I'm really not gay. I was talking to someone on here who turned out to be a SQ shipper. When I said I don't ship SQ, she told me oh sweetie, you're not really gay. Please stop pretending

because you’re hurting real people who are gay. Then after that message from the person I got my inbox flooded with hate telling me that I’m pretending to be gay to destroy the lesbian movement, I should be ashamed of trying to be something I’m not, to kill myself, and the list goes on. I messaged the person asking why was I getting this and I got told viva la swan queen or whatever that saying is.

I kept getting told by my parents and these people how I’m not really gay and it has started to take a toll on me because I was starting to doubt myself. I felt alone because I really don’t have anyone to chat with, but then I found this blog. And I want to cry because I’m glad that I’m not alone even though it seems most here are older than me but the fact I’m not the only one who is bi, gay, lesbian, or any of the other ones and doesn’t ship sq makes me feel not so alone. Thank you for this blog because it does mean a lot to someone like me.


Oh darling, I’m so glad you found us and I’m so sorry for what you’ve experienced, but with your parents and with the bad apples in the SQ fandom.  I promise you not all SQ shippers are like that.

Your sexuality is based on who you are attracted to, not who you ship.  No one gets to tell you what your sexuality is.  Anyone who tries is automatically wrong and rude and bullying.

You are not hurting anyone in saying that you’re gay.  The people that are trying to tell other people their sexuality are the ones hurting people.

The people that sent you those messages should be ashamed.

There is nothing wrong with shipping SQ or not shipping it, but hurting people over a fictional ship is wrong.

You are a good soul and you have every right to call yourself what feels right.  

We’re always here if you need to talk, or you can always send me messages on my personal tumblr, nothingeverlost