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Creepypasta #1223: I Just Woke Up And I'm Starving

Length: Long

I wake up and it’s pitch black.

I furrow my brow, confused; normally, there’s a little light leaking through the window blinds from the street light down below, so my room is never completely dark.

But this is black; so dark that I can’t see an inch in front of me.

I go to raise my hand up, to wave it around in front of my face, trying to test this darkness, when it hits the ceiling.

My confusion deepens as I press my hand up, placing it flat on the surface in front of me. It’s sturdy and soft. I run my hand up and down it, feeling the velvet beneath my fingers, hitting small bumps and feeling them fall, some bouncing on my chest and stomach.

I move my hand to the right, feeling the velvet abruptly cut off. I run my hand past it, feeling a small space of wood, before a wall comes up, stopping me. I run my hand down the new wall, feeling more softness. I realize my fingers are coated in dust.

Panic begins to well up in my throat as I raise my left hand, feeling the exact same thing on the other side to me. More velvet covered walls, barely giving me any room to move.

I kick my feet; I can hear the dull sound of them connecting with the roof. There’s no reverb or echo of the noise, just a quiet ‘thump’ each time they make contact.

You’re in a coffin. My mind whispers, cutting through the screams that are beginning to form in my throat. You’re in a coffin and you’re probably six feet under.

I can hardly swallow, let alone breath at this realization before I lose control.

I’m kicking and hitting as much as I can, hearing my struggle as I hit the velvet linings of my coffin. “I’m not dead!” I scream, the sound suddenly so loud that I momentarily pause, surprised to hear my own voice, before I pick up again, punching the lid. “Bring me up! I’m not dead!”

I’m not sure how long I fought my own coffin for; it could’ve been minutes or hours. All I could focus on was the feeling of confinement against my limbs and the rush of blood in my ears, reminding me that I was alive. I was breathing, my heart beating fiercely against my rib cage. This was wrong. This was all wrong. Somebody has to know that this wasn’t right. Somebody had to be near by, who could hear my struggle and screams, somehow through the wood and fabric and possible dirt.

It wasn’t until my arms gave out that I gave up, letting them fall limply to my side, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I caught my breath, my mind racing as I tried to figure out my next move.

Then I felt it, something crawling up my neck, barely touching my cheek before I lost it again.

I thrashed with renewed energy as much as I could in the small space, feeling it slide off me. I quickly reach up, pinching it between my thumb and forefinger, catching it. I already know what it is, so I’m not surprised as it begins to wiggle, trying to free itself. I’m expecting a worm, my mind conjuring film scenes of skeletons crawling with them.

I’m surprised as I feel little legs scrambling at my fingers and a hard exoskeleton, protecting the soft bug underneath.

Disgusted, I fling it away from me, realizing what I had thought before was bumps along the roof (of your coffin prompts my mind) was actually insects.

My skin crawls as I remember them falling on me.

But I can’t do anything as they continue to criss and cross my body, the sensation of their movement sending constant goosebumps up my arms and legs.

I lay there, trying to be completely still. I’m not sure how long I did. All I can really remember is silently begging the creepy-crawlies to stay away from my face, particularly my ears.

My mind, on the other hand, continued to race.

Can I get out? Can I get free? What if I punch my way out? Would my hand break before that would happen? If I keep yelling, will someone hear me? Will I run out of air down here? Am I going to die here? Will anyone ever know that I was alive when they buried me?

How long had I been in here for?

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I’ve been feeling the tendrils of a depression creeping into me so I desperately have been clawing to do something I love. Other than spending my time playing Fortnite, I’ve just been kind of…moping. The thought of playing WoW or writing or drawing just kind of made me sad where normally I’d be excited. My good friend @shalaena suggested I draw something that makes me smile or happy and said people deserved more Gildwynn. 

Not sure if I’ve said this before but Steamvolt is actually my favorite of my characters so this kind of cheered me up. :> I wanted to play with perspectives and the challenge of drawing a large, upturned nose as well as play with my headcanon that Goblins pull their ears down like cats when they’re happy. 

I hope this smol happy Gob makes you smile as much as I did while I drew it.

one of the reasons im so shitty at talking to people is because i can’t believe that im someone people want to talk to as opposed to them feeling like im an obligation so when people message me i always think that ignoring them would relieve us both of the burden

The definition of Fast Friends

I have already spewed endlessly on how much I love Yuri on Ice and the way they present their narrative. What I love most is their theme of mirroring and contrasting certain elements. 

I’m not sure if this particular point has been brought to attention yet. I think in establishing Yuri and Otabek’s friendship, what the creators want to show is how close they got in an immense short span of time. What I have noticed in the imagery is the following.

Take note of how Yuuri and Victor first sit together at the beginning of their story arch: 

They sit apart, indicating that they have to grow towards each other. This of course has to do with Yuuri’s character development: learning to accept help from others and in his turn place trust in himself and his abilities. 

Compare this to how Otabek and Yuri sit together on the beach in Barcelona, about two days into their friendship:

There’s literally no space between them. What this implies is how willing Yuri was to accept Otabek into his life as a friend. Whereas Yuuri is hesitant to let people near because of his self-doubt, Yuri is pretty much desperate for a friend; a peer who will understand him in the way he wants to be seen. It’s why Yuri is so clingy. I think he feels completely understood by Otabek from the very beginning and things in their (platonic) relationship happen at lightening speed. There is immediate trust, because Yuri (and Otabek too, for that matter) are so willing. They are the definition of fast friends.

And I got all of that just by how they are sitting on a bench, which shows how well the YOI creators think out their characterization. 

full offense, but does it ever hit you in the god damn gut that tony stark, protector, knight in shining armor tony stark –

mister “i saw young americans killed by the very weapons i created to defend them and protect them,” mister “i’m trying to protect the people i put in harm’s way,” mister “i hope i can protect the one thing i can’t live without,” mister “i see a suit of armor around the world,”

the guy who answers for his most paternalistic acts (like wanting to keep pepper and wanda locked in a mansion) with “i can’t protect you out there” and “i did it to protect you,”

tony stark, whose gradually worsening mental conditions show in his progressively more backwards, desperate attempts to protect people, tony stark who’s been trying to protect people to the point of harmful consequences,

that tony stark

is the single character

in the entire mcu

who has been accused

– by friends, enemies, and civilians alike

in every movie he’s been in




tony “i shouldn’t be alive” stark, tony “i’m not the hero type” stark, mister “you deserve better,”you’re right, i don’t deserve her,” “it’s me, you’ll think of something [to complain about],” “you’re in a relationship with me, everything will never be okay,” “i saw them all dead, felt it, because of me,

tony stark, who shoots his reflection and views himself as a “monster” and openly resents himself during his speech about charles spencer, THIS TONY STARK




Y’all I Think I Got Sonic Forces Figured Out

Okay so I know we are all over the moon about the trailers and game play videos that we have gotten these past few days, but I honestly think that we have been glaring over a pretty CRUCIAL detail from the classic sonic game play video 

Think about what we have heard from the Sega Officials, this is not a Sonic Generations sequel. But how can this be if classic sonic is in the game? How are Sonic’s past enemies here alive and ready to fight? How is it not akin to generations if classic Sonic is alive and here?

But what is he isn’t?

What if this classic sonic isn’t the one from generations at all? But instead, from another dimension? Now I suppose Dr. Eggman may just be referring ro another state of time, but I don’t think the connection stops there. For the most obvious question, how in the WORLD did Eggman take over the world without Sonic to stop him? Its the focus of the game but H O W? In colors, generations and lost world. sonic had made stabs at Eggman claiming “Its like its his job to stop him” because, well? It is. Eggman knows this. He knows it far too well. In generations he went back in time to try to right his wrongs, to redo his errors and end Sonic but time and time again it didn’t happen. So what if Dr.Eggman instead decided to look beyond his world, to another dimension, with another Eggman? But why stop there? Why not bring forth a dimension where Sonic failed? Not only that, but a universe where Chaos destroyed Station Square. A world where Metal Sonic won the race on Starlight Speedway. A world where Shadow never helped to defeat the bio-lizard. A world where the deadly six drained the world of its life? This would explain why Shadow has suddenly switched over to the dark side, why Metal Sonic is still functional, why Zavok is alive and why Chaos is in his earlier forms before he became perfect chaos. 

 Of course, like the Time Eater, Eggman wouldn’t be able to do this on his own, as we have seen with our new villain: 

Now as menacing as he appears, these cubes are so….out of place. It’s strange on why he has all these cubes, and why the trailer makes them look as dramatic as it can. Showing our new villain SURROUNDED by them and then ending the trailer with him hurling them at you. It’s odd. So what are they if the cubes are so important? Well to put it simply,

They’re different dimensions 

Whoever this guy is, he is in control of countless dimensions, more than enough to combine and design a whole new terrible reality. A whole new HORRIFIC dimension, where Sonic has failed, and Eggman reigns supreme. What is the name of this devious villain?


As in..Infinite worlds?

The clues are right in front of us, and all we had to do was pay attention. The trailer certainly wants to get the point across

Now, I may be jumping the gun on this one, with my head of fan fiction type ideals, and perhaps this new villain will just be connected to whoever you create as your own character, (either it be an evil twin or something like that) but who would want to do this? Who would want to bring total destruction onto a world full of peaceful people? Who would want to see the world burn and fall apart right before their eyes because of their wrong doings? Who would want to see people of the resistance fail hopelessly, desperate to save their once beautiful world? Who would want to team up with Eggman to decimate the world? Who hates Sonic so much that he would want nothing more than to force him to watch as his legacy, friends,home,universe fall apart? WHO IS INFINITE? Well I may be wrong, but there’s only one person who can and will

From the timeline that was erased. From the universe you reversed in Sonic 06. From the world you fought so hard to save and redo, rewriting reality so you could get the happy ending. 

Now, its his turn 

On a side note, Sonic Team knows that sonic 06 was a disaster, and make reference to it in the Sonic story episode in Lego Dimensions. Pretty coincidental or foreshadowing? Some other things we can consider as well could be that in 2012 we first heard rumors of a Sonic game called “Sonic Dimensions” The rumor said that we would be traveling to other universes with different color Sonics that had their own personality. My personal favorite, is a promise of a boss fight of an evil Amy Rose, wishing for Sonic’s pain rather than love. Now the rumor as we know now is false and was debunked and this could very well be a coincidence. However, this rumor broke out in 2012, a year or so after Generations and 1 year before Lost world released in 2013. I think we can safely say that Lost world was at the very least in early stages of production during or sometime after Generations especially with its ambitious game play style. It would have taken more than 2 years to make, with the game play style and everything else. This means, Sonic Forces could had possibly be in the early stages of development a little before Lost World, playing on the idea of different universes.I think it’s also possible that Sonic Forces may had been delayed at some point because of Sonic Boom’s games and tv show, since its not being advertised at the 25th anniversary game. Also is a pleasant time to remember that this happened:

Due to Gravity Falls’s more dark story telling, I think its safe to assume that Alex had some kind of influence on Sonic Forces’s story. Either way, 

We are in for a long deserved fantastic Sonic Game my friends. 

the signs as alternate selves
  • Aries: unfortunate slave to an evil overlord, occasionally forgets how to breathe
  • Taurus: gets wings somehow, everyone thinks it's pretty rad
  • Gemini: the world's most powerful and longlived psychic
  • Cancer: leads a rebellion against Betty Crocker, then dies
  • Leo: finds true love and confuses archaeologists everywhere with confusing cave art
  • Virgo: majors in how to raise children while on the run from imperial forces, dies tragically
  • Libra: underestimates their rival and gets hanged in the most anime shit ever, also has a dragon
  • Scorpio: hates dragons, hangs people, sails the high seas, inspires ruthless young pirates for decades to come
  • Sagittarius: cries because of this one time he almost killed his best friend, hides in a cave for the rest of his life
  • Capricorn: joins a cult, also they're really tall. like, just, really fucking tall, it's 90% of their personality
  • Aquarius: sad man cries because no one wants to kiss him. doesn't realise it's because he's a desperate and unpleasant person
  • Pisces: Betty Crocker runs an empire

I want baby plots;

  • I want a woman who’s wanted to have a child for so long and she’s yet to find the right man and she has herself artificially inseminated
  • I want friends who are desperate to have children that they decide to have one together
  •  I want a couple who have been together for years and are now beginning to want children and can have them
  •  I want couples who have been together for years and can’t have children
  • I want one night stands ending in pregnancy
  •  I want people starting their lives and careers only to find out their pregnant
  •  I want exes finding out they’re having children together
  • I want parents raising their children at all ages
  • I want same sex couples wanting children and finding surrogates and looking after them
  •  I want adoptions and surrogacy and everything you could imagine.

 I want baby plots!!!!!

I dont even know your name

Pairing: Tom holland x reader

Summary: Inspired by the song I don’t even know your name by Shawn Mendes (x). In which Tom meets a cute fan and falls for her, but she is gone before he even realises it.

word count: 1609


Tom was tired. All he wanted was to go to starbucks, get some tea and then get back to his place and rest a little before work, however things were not going as planned. He had arrived next to Harrison, however after a couple minutes there, he realised people were staring.

The Spiderman movie wasn’t out until next week, however many people seemed to recognize him as they approached him for photos. It was always nice meeting fans, but it had gotten crazy.

According to Harrison someone had posted a photo with him on twitter and suddenly a huge crowd was outside the cafe, hoping to get a photo with Tom.

He decided it was probably better to just get over with the drama and get outside, after all, he was nothing without his fans. He stepped out of Starbucks, greeting everyone as they approached him, screaming for his attention. He got a couple photos done before he tried to head towards his car, bumping accidentally into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t looking”

“Don’t worry abo- Oh my god! You’re Spiderman! I mean- Peter- wait no- Tom holland!”

The girl in front of him had turned completely red and stumbled upon her own words, trying to make a complete sentence without making a fool of herself, obviously failing. She was a couple inches shorter/taller than him and had this big expressive eyes, that were a thousand times bigger than usual as Y/n could not believe who was in front of her.

She had just gone for a coffee and to walk out her dog, but as she got closer she wondered why there was a big fuss. Now she knew why.

“The one and only”

“And you’re Harrison!”

“Ohh! You recognized him!”

“Who wouldn’t? He follows you everywhere”

Both guys laughed as Harrison noticed her little dog

“Your dog is really cute! Tom loves dogs”

“Do you?”

“I mean- yes, my dog Tessa is like my best friend”


Harrison now was acting offended by the comment, he was supposed to be the best friend. As he got his offended act going on he realised Tom was acting very strange, maybe a little nervous. Meanwhile Y/n girl had gotten a lot more relaxed, and was starting to act as her normal self.

Tom felt really comfortable with this girl, however she was so beautiful he felt his heart speed up and his cheeks warm up every time she looked at him. Harrison decided to step in a little and help Tom out, seeing as he was into the girl.

“Sooo, who’s your favorite superhero?”

“Obviously Captain America”

“I knew it- Wait what? Why him?”

Both boys had expected her to say Spidernam, however Tom was the most surprised to hear her answer. He had hoped she would be into him.

“Why not me?”

“Your movie isn’t even out yet! How am I supposed to know if I like it? Besides, Chris Evans? Yes please”

Both Harrison and the girl laughed at the expression on Tom’s face.

“She’s got a point mate- You’ve got nothing on Chris Evans”

The three of them laughed now. The girl was very nervous to ask for a photo, maybe he was in a rush? but she still didn’t wanted to lose her chance. She decided to just ask for it.

“I know you’re probably in a hurry, but could we take a picture?”

“Sure, give Harrison your phone, he’ll take it”

She handed Harrison her phone as she posed beside Tom. She had just expected a friendly photo, maybe a little shoulder touching, however Tom had hold onto her waist and brought her closer to him, giving her a side hug and another from behind for different photos.

“There you go, so, who’s your favorite superhero now?

“Still Captain America” The girl continued talking, seeing as Tom was about to protest again. “But, you come in a close second, maybe after the movie my ratings will change”

“I like the sound of that”

Harrison was getting a little impatient by Tom’s attitude. Why didn’t he just asked for his number? They were both into each other, God, he was a celebrity! He could have any girl he wanted! He decided to help, once again, to try to maybe get heer social media.

“How about I take a photo with Tom’s phone? He could post it and maybe tag you in-”

Harrison was interrupted as a group of giggly girls approached them, surrounding Tom and asking for photos, leaving Y/n outside the circle they made around the boys.

“It was nice meeting you!”

Y/n tried to get her voice above all the noise, however it was pointless. She didn’t want to feel down, however she couldn’t help it. What was she expecting? for them to become friends? He was just being polite. She decided to just head back home and maybe stare at her photos for a while.

Tom and Harrison were surrounded by a group of people trying to get their attention, however Tom wanted to find the girl desperately.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know! I can’t see her!”

The crowd demanded their attention once more, getting them out of their thoughts. They spend the next 40 minutes taking pictures and talking to fans, until they finally made it to Tom´s car and drove away.

“Man I can’t believe I lost her- Did she just left?”

“I didn’t saw”

“How am I supposed to find her now? Did you see her? She was the perfect girl for me Harrison!”

The other boy rolled his eyes as he listened to his friend comments. Sure, she was really pretty, but why was Tom so into her? He’d never seen him act that way for anyone.

“I’m serious Harrison! She was the perfect girl! Not only is she insanely beautiful, but she is like, sarcastic, and funny and God!She likes dogs! We would be perfect together!”

“If you liked her so much why don’t you just tweet out her name? and like today’s scene? maybe she would see it and message you”

It suddenly hit Tom. He didn’t knew who she was. He had been so blown away by her that he didn’t even thought of asking for her number, let alone her name. He just felt like they new each other from long ago, asking for her name didn’t even cross his mind.

“I don’t even know her name”

“You’re like, the most stupid person I know!”

“Now I won’t ever find her”

The day kept going on as normal as always. He had some shooting left for a new movie. They were supposed to shot a couple blocks from Starbucks, so they headed there.

Tom did some of his scenes, however he kept redoing them. He knew he wasn’t bringing his A game today, but he kept getting distracted. He felt very confused; he knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t stop thinking about that girl.

She had just felt so refreshing. She didn’t try to impress him, or flatter him, she had just been herself. She looked a little nervous and flushed, however it just made her more beautiful to his eyes. She had worn a cute dress and her hair down, still he kept going back to the way her smile made his heart jump, especially as he had hold her in his arms. A perfect fit.

He tried to push away those thoughts as he prepared or another scene. He got outside his trailer and into the street they were shooting when he saw her.

She was giving him her back, and was heading in an opposite direction, however she was wearing the same sundress as earlier. He couldn’t keep his eyes apart from her, not even when the director called for his attention.

He had lost his chance once, he would not do it again. He got on his feet and started running towards her, trying his hardest to get to her. He speed up, losing his breath, but he was just so close.


Tom screamed trying to get the girl’s attention, succeeding. She looked at him, taken back by the sound, however it was not who Tom expected.

She was not who he was looking for, it wasn’t the girl he had  been daydreaming since the morning.

“Sorry-I just- I thought you were someone else.”

Tom got back to filming and went straight to his home afterwards. He needed to be alone.

He had been so hopeful that it was her, however he was defeated. He didn’t want to think about her any longer, but every girl he looked at he could just see her bright smile and big eyes. He wanted, he needed to hold her once again, and maybe tell her how good it had felt.

But he couldn’t. He didn’t knew who she was, or where to find her, and even if he did, she’d probably think he was a creeper! He was starting to sound like one. But he didn’t care. Not as long as he didn’t had her.

She had just come and punched a hole right through his heart. If he didn’t believe in love at first sight before, he did now.

Probably what hurts the most was, that she wouldn’t even know how he felt, how much she had affected him. She would never know, and all because he didn’t knew her name.

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  • Aries: Looking at this from an astrological standpoint, I can see that the position of the planets want you to go stick a broom up your bottom and jump into a fire.
  • Taurus: The only good thing about summer is that I can stay in bed until 2PM and no one will question me.
  • Gemini: Hey, everyone makes mistakes. For example, my mistake is that I was born.
  • Cancer: I want to find a stick and pat all my friends with it. The patting of the stick is a symbol of friendship. No one likes the idea of my stick though and it makes me sad.
  • Leo: Whenever I feel bad about myself, I think about all the people that liked me or told me I was pretty in the past and I remember that I'm not that bad of a person.
  • Virgo: Hey dude, I know you're desperate, but that's no reason to try and lose your virginity to a nail or a piece of wood. Have standards.
  • Libra: [thinks of a cool idea] Wait... Did I actually come up with this idea myself or did I steal it from someone on Tumblr. Probably the latter, I can barely think of things myself these days.
  • Scorpio: Do you ever wish you had a time machine to prevent your parents from doing the do on the night you were conceived? Because same.
  • Sagittarius: I could be doing something good with my life like hanging with my friends and working to become a better person, but I'm too busy messing up my sleeping schedule.
  • Capricorn: I hate hypothetical questions. Like bro, don't ask me how I would react to something that isn't going to happen. It's a waste of your breath and mine.
  • Aquarius: When I die, I want to send my heart to my spouse with a note attracted that says "I would have never given you my heart while I was alive, so cherish this forever." Wait, that's assuming I live long enough to get married and it's also assuming that I get married. Never mind, there's a lot wrong with this plan.
  • Pisces: How is it possible that I mentally feel like both a 4 year old and an 84 year old?
Please Help

Okay. So spent the last two and a half months being terrorized by the woman who bought the house I rent a room in. She has me so anxious and stressed and terrified that I know the local mental crisis line people and ask for them by name, so I can just continue where I left off. I’m calling them daily, calling friends, and sobbing near constantly. I’ve gotten help from the local housing resources and their legal aid department, but things escalated from “oh, we’ll just send a lawyer letter so she backs off a bit” to “the plumbing doesn’t work, landlady won’t fix it, and is texting 30 times in an hour” within two weeks.

I am a mentally ill abuse victim. I can’t handle this anymore.

I have lawyers salivating at this job, because it’s an easy win. HOWEVER. I’m still on the hook for the rest of this month’s rent, and between not being able to live in a house with no plumbing for Some Time, and my car breaking down twice, I’m short $300. I also need to hole some money back for potential up-front lawyer fees. Barring lawyer rec, I will be giving my 30 day notice, which means I’m on the hook for part of next month. And I need to rent a storage unit, because I’m going to be homeless due to this, and I need a place to store my things, which will probably be $100 a month.

Guys, I am desperate. I can’t keep doing this. I need out, for my safety and mental health, and I need to pay the rest of this month ASAP so the woman gets off my back, and then grab a storage unit, so I can start shoving things there.

If ANYONE can help, my PayPal is

Please share, please help, and if you’re local to Portland Oregon and would be at all willing to come over for an hour to let me sob into your lap and make nonsense comfort noises at me, I would really appreciate it. I’m so fucking scared and I can’t get out.


Hey everyone! Today’s made me realize my desperate need for more people to yell about Taylor with constantly. Plus I don’t know many people in the fandom and would love new friends! If people are interested, I want to make a Taylor WhatsApp group.

I’m a bit of an Oldie so I’d prefer 18+. Reblog this if you’re interested in joining!


You Can’t Protect Me From Everything // Shawn Mendes

Authors Note: So this here is a combination of “Can you do one where Shawn breaks up with y/n because she been hate getting on and after a couple of days she was up I to the hospital because (idk whatever you are comfortable with) and Shawn found out from the the internet and went to drive over there because he still loves her and they get back together” + “can you do an imagine where y/n is roughly 2/3 years younger than shawn ? ((shawn 19, y/n 16))” 

Warning: Y/n talks about self harm and I would also like to mention that she’s angry about it and her views on it does not mean they’re mine or the right view

“I think it’s best if we didn’t see each other for a while,” Shawn mumbled stroking my back softly as he held me in his arms. I froze, the words ticking over in my head. He wanted to break up. 

“What?” I ask, trying to sound strong but my voice quivers. I sit up on the couch, pulling away from his touch and turning off the TV.

“I just think that its time that we had some time apart, know what its like to not have each other,” I try to hold his burning gaze but his words feel as though they’re slicing me apart and I look away. 

“Am I not enough for you anymore?” I ask, my fingers sliding the dainty, gold ring Shawn got me for my birthday in a nervous manner. 

“You’re just young Y/n and I thought it would-” 

“So that’s what this is about,” I hiss, Shawn looking shocked at my sudden anger.

“What? No I’m just-”

“You know I don’t care that your fans think I’m too young for you,” I state, crossing my arms over my chest as if to keep the frustration at bay.

“I know you don’t baby but,” He trails off, trying to catch my eye.

“If I can deal with it why can’t you?” I whisper, the anger giving way to a hollow like feeling.

“I don’t want you to have to deal with it!” Shawn shouts, suddenly standing up. He walks out the room and after a moment of shock, I follow.

“What do you mean?” I ask, nerves on a high. I’ve never seen Shawn so angry in the 8 months that we’ve been dating. He’s leaning against the sink a glass of water in his hand.

“I hate coming to see you and seeing tears in your eyes that you so desperately try to hide but I know, Y/n, I know that they’re from the hate. That the fans can’t take me being 19 and you being 16,” He chucks the glass in the sink, the sound of the glass hitting the metal harsh against my ears.

“I won’t go on it anymore,” I say gently, approaching him cautiously. 

“I don’t want you to have to cut off social media just because of me, this is why I didn’t want to tell everyone about us,” His anger seems to turn on me.

“Shawn,” I gasp, recoiling back. 

“But you kept asking me, Shawn lets just tell them, Shawn I don’t want to hide,” He mocks me, my irritation growing. 

“I didn’t want to hide my relationship. I have every right to tell people that I’m dating you and show everyone how much you mean to me,” I snap, slamming my hand on the counter.

“Why couldn’t we just keep it between us though? Why are you so desperate to tell people?” He mutters, striking a nerve. 

“You were asking me to go places with you that were deserted so that no one would see us and post about it on social media. When we would go out to the movies or dinner, I had to put a meter between us so it looked like we were just friends hanging out,” I turn away from him, not wanting him to see my tears. 

“I was proud of our relationship and to hide it like that, made me feel like… like you were ashamed of me or something,” 

“With an age gap like that,” I hear him say so quietly that I thought I imagined it but when I turned around, facing his icy gaze, I knew he said it.

“Fine,” I sob, voice cracking. “I see how you really feel. I”ll leave,” I don’t look at him as I grab my coat from the counter, chucking it around my body that felt so cold all of a sudden. 

I didn’t look back at him as I walked down the hall to the front door, pulling it open and standing out in the frosty air. 

When I did look back, I saw him standing there still, starring at me with an unreadable expression until the door closed and I could no longer see him. No longer see an us.

It was like I couldn’t feel anything. As if my whole body was numb to everything. I layed in the small single bed, the bland white walls starring back into my face as I looked at nothing in particular. 

I didn’t want to be here, I so desperately wanted to be anywhere else. I bring my hand up to move some hair that fell in my eyes and the stinging pain brings my attention to my arm. The plate. The blood. My Mothers horrified expression. They all come flooding back and I look away.

I was washing the dishes when I accidentally smashed a plate. I must admit however, my actions were governed by the anger from Shawn’s quick dismissal of our relationship. 

I remember the pain in my arm, the sharp cuts that appeared; completely by accident. Unfortunately however, because of my relationship ending only a couple days before, apparently that gave me a valid reason to harm myself. 

When my Mum walked into the kitchen, her gaze locked on the water stained red with my own blood and a broken piece of the plate in my hand she immediately thought the worst. Not once did she give me a chance to explain that it was an accident, instead rushing me to the hospital where I’ve been for the past 2 days, under constant monitoring. 

I sigh, turning the TV off, finding no interest in the cartoon that was playing. The silence allows me to hear the just audible voices outside my room.

“I just want to see her,” a male’s voice says, and I sit up straighter. Shawn.

“She’s very tired, sir,” A nurses voice replies and I roll my eyes. I was fine and in need of food other then what they served at the hospital. 

“Can I have just 5 minutes, 5…please,” I hear him beg. The door opens, the creaking sound alerting me off someones presence. 

“Miss, you have a visitor,” My nurse tells me, and she allows Shawn to walk past her, closing the door after him, leaving him and I alone together. 

I don’t say anything. Simply stare at him as he runs his gaze over my body tucked into the sheets, the bandages wrapped around my right arm from my wrist to my elbow. Up to my face where it lingers, reading my expression.

“How did you-”

“Don’t say anything,” He snaps, moving forward to sit next to me in the seat beside my bed. I close my mouth hastily.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” He murmurs, running a finger over the bandage. I roll my eyes, knowing he thinks I cut myself, just like everyone else.

“Do you know how hard it was to find out my girlfriend cut her self and to not hear it from you but from online?” He asks, voice full of exasperation and something else, maybe hurt… fear? 

“Ex-girlfriend,” I utter. An awkward silence fills the room and I don’t dare meet his eyes. 

“I was on this afternoon,” he begins and I stare at the vase in the corner of my room filled with blooming violets. 

“I saw so many tweets with your name and self harm and I just… I felt my stomach drop,” His voice lowers to a whisper. “I didn’t want it to be true, to find out that my girl hurt herself because she couldn’t handle what she was feeling,” 

I stay silent still, listening to his soothing voice and allowing myself for one moment to believe we were still together. 

“I saw pictures that some fan account had tagged me in and it was of you getting rushed into the hospital. I called your mum- which by the way, she is extremely unhappy with me, but I found out it was true and you were here,” he sighs rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Why Y/n?”

I look at him, seeing his normally sparkling brown eyes, dull and red.

“I was washing the dishes.” I start, finally finding someone who would listen to my side of the story rather than my mothers who was abrupt and panic filled. “I was so angry with how things ended and then I remember slamming the plate down a little too hard and it broke- the glass cutting my arm. Before I had time to clean up my Mum walked in and she thought I cut myself because of what happened with us,”

He looks at me, shocked. “You didn’t purposely cut yourself?” He asks, a serious expression masking his face.

“No- everyone just thinks I did,” He reaches out, wrapping me in his arms.

“I was so scared that you meant it,” he murmurs into my hair before pulling away. 

“I would never Shawn,” I tell him, his hand gripping mine tightly. A silence falls over us and it reminds me of the sharp words he chucked at me. I tug my hand out his grip, coughing awkwardly.

“I um,” He says softly. “I didn’t. I want. I..” He stutters, not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry I pressured you into telling everyone about us. I wouldn’t have if I knew how much you didn’t want to,” I mumble, pulling a loose thread in my blanket. 

“No, baby, I wanted to tell everyone as well,” He rushes to say, alarm filling his eyes. “I just, I read some of the hate you got and it was so awful. I felt so ashamed of having these people who said the most disgusting things to you as my fans and I wanted to protect you from it,”

“You can’t protect me from everything Shawn,” I tell him, brushing back a piece of hair that fell on his forehead up out of his eyes.

“You didn’t deserve what they were saying and I thought the best way to stop it was to break up with you. That was the worst decision of my life,” I tighten my hold on his hand.

“I can agree with that,” I hum, smiling at him.

“Everything I said was just a lie, I knew the only way for you to agree was to hurt you. I hated saying those things to you and seeing the look on your face when I said them,” 

“I want you to know that I don’t care what they say or how many years older you are then me,” I say, and he kisses my knuckles softly. 

“I’m sorry,” He mumbles, and I pat the space on the bed next to me, letting him sit next to me. “I really don’t care how old you are. Actually I love that you’re younger then me. Gives me more of a reason to want to protect you,” he kisses my forehead softly

“Good,” I smirk at him and he nudges my shoulder with his own.

“So does this mean we’re an item again?” he teases, his eyes twinkling.

“Depends,” I grin.

“On what?” 

“You’re going to have to face my mothers wrath,” His face paled. 

“Give me strength,”

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I'm sorry if this comes across as negative, but why must the creators continue to shit on shieth? :/

Huh,, I’m not really sure what you mean by that anon?? Sheith wasn’t even mentioned in that most recent interview, Kl/ance was the only one they were asked about and given a direct response. If you’re talking about the “was like a big bro comment,” I don’t see how that changes things?? After all, there is the “like a brother” line in BOM. So, up until that point, the two really saw one another as found family, you know? Just like the rest of Team Voltron–Hunk says “We’re brothers” about all the paladins, and Allura refers to the team as her “new family.” All the relationships between characters in Team Voltron are likened to found family, you know? Saying it discounts sheith also discounts every other ship between the paladins (and Allura). 

“Continue to shit on” is also a strange choice of words to me, since I felt like sheith has gotten the most staff support, and there are certainly people in the cast and crew who like it. So I certainly don’t think they have anything against sheith at all, and we know some animators even like to draw stuff for the ship. For context, Joaquim says–“I mean, [Keith]’s experienced loss in his life, in his childhood. And Shiro is, I think more so than the other characters is his pillar, is like his big bro. So he felt that loss.“ So it’s more so about how Shiro grounds him and is really his support. 

Lauren also mentions that Keith is literally finding it difficult to keep his emotions under control, finds that he’s sort of losing himself to his galra nature because he doesn’t have Shiro there to center him. And galran emotions are just so passionate that this grief he feels is detrimental: “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that shiros gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel about it. And ya I think he kinda just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from like, from the galra side.” 

Which brings us back to how Joaquim said, “[Keith] latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” And also Josh’s comment that, “He’s constantly scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” not to mention lines like, “Your friend desperately wants to see you.” No one would ever describe their feelings towards their “bro” as being this intense. 

Keith’s sense of longing to be with Shiro and also their level of intimacy with one another doesn’t at all read as brotherly to me, which is why I think so many people in the staff also support it in a romantic context–because it definitely seems to come across that way. Especially now that we know Shiro is like this calming presence that helps Keith retain his humanity and suppress all these awful feelings he’s always bottled up. Shiro teaches Keith coping mechanisms like Patience yields focus, helps him focus so he can stay in control of himself. I think their relationship goes well beyond the bounds of most bros. 

I think it’s also important to remember that Keith has never really had much of a family or friends, so he doesn’t have anything to compare to. He just knows that he sees Team Voltron as his family, and that he thinks his relationship with Shiro runs even deeper than that. “Like a brother” is kind of a way to put a word to what he’s feeling and to how strong their bond is, you know? I used to think that’s how I felt about someone I liked romantically too. People’s feelings and relationships can also change; Katara used to think of Aang as a little brother, but they still end up together. And again, the staff really doesn’t have anything against sheith. So I wouldn’t worry too much anon.

Comatose-Chapter 1

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier, You are part of the Avengers and Dating Bucky Barnes, Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha, you catch them in the act and things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with Similar powers to Jean, Only with Immortality thrown in. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

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The mission had drained you; Covered in bruises and dried blood, there had been too many agents and you cursed your lack of backup;You were sorely outgunned,but you had gotten the intel that you needed., It wasn’t uncommon for you to be sent on solo missions, your powers and skill set affording you the privilege of never really being the underdog, so while it was sometimes tricky, you usually came out on top.

Stepping out of the quinjet and into the hanger,you hurriedly make your way toward your shared bedroom with Bucky, relishing the thought of a hot shower and a night in his arms.,You missed him terribly while you were away., Things had been strange, distant between you of late,Your sex life had dwindled down to zero. He had refused to talk to you about it, and you were genuinely worried about the state of your relationship with the super soldier. Chalking it up to, too many missions and not enough quality time, you swallow your fears and with renewed vigour, strode through the compound looking for the man you love.

Nearing your bedroom, you can hear soft moans filtering through the door. You stop, listening intently,straining your already taxed senses. “Bucky,” you hear Natasha gasp, and your hand flies to your mouth; eyes wide with shock. As you gently open the door, fighting down the rise of bile in your throat, you can see Bucky moving languidly on top of Natasha, hand wrapped around her throat, her back arching off the bed, as he fucks her in a way he hadn’t with you in a very long time. Red hot flaring anger replaces the horror in your chest.

“Having fun?” you say loud enough for them both to hear. Bucky’s movements stop almost instantly, his head whipping around to stare at you with mouth agape. Natasha pales, lips opening and closing, searching, apparently, for a way to justify betraying her best friend.

“(y/n)” Bucky says as he pulls out, both of them scrambling for clothing. “I can explain,” he starts.

“Oh spare me the ‘I can explain’ bullshit, Barnes!” you spit, eyes blazing red with power. He flinches visibly at the use of his last name. “I do not want to hear your flimsy excuses. Just get your shit out of my room and leave. Both of you. Now!” You turn to leave, desperately needing to get out, get away from him. From her. From this place. From the people you have given up everything for.

“Wait!” Bucky yells as he catches up with you, grabbing you by the arm. He spins you around, and you try yanking your arm away, shoving at his chest to dislodge him. “Listen,” he hisses, grabbing your free wrist with his metal hand, effectively cutting off your assault. “I’m sorry, it just happened,” he states weakly.

“It just happened,” you echo duly. “How did screwing my best friend just happen, James?” Your anger is mounting, overtaking the pain in your chest by miles, but he doesn’t seem to recognise the danger because he forges on.

“She was there when we started drifting apart. She always had a way of pulling me back from the edge. I just… I need her,” he sighs. “Please understand. I love ya, doll, I do, but Natalia…”

You’re dumbstruck. Feelings of worthlessness worm themselves into your mind, testing your already fragile control, and he seems completely oblivious to your internal struggle.

“I think I’m in love with her…But i’m still in love with you too. Please… I just… I made a mistake,” he says, rather uncertainly.

“Then let me make it easy on you, Barnes,” you sneer as you unleash your power, divesting yourself of his hold. “If you ever put your hands on me again, I will kill you,” you state simply as you advance toward him. Held up by your power, Bucky is flailing in mid-air. “If you ever look at me again, I will cut out your eyes and feed them too Natasha,” you say as you slam him against the wall. “If you ever say my name again I will cut out your tongue and leave it for Steve to find,” you forge on as tears spring unbidden to your eyes, trying frantically to regain control of yourself. “I loved you, gave you everything I could, James, and you ripped it all away from me. Everything I held dear with no thought of what it would do to me,” you whisper as you release him, and watch while he falls heavily to the floor. You turn to leave, seeking any reprieve from the hell you seem to have walked into, only to see Natasha standing in the doorway looking pale and strained.

Ignoring her completely, you focus a final time on Barnes and murmur, “Maybe you are the monster you think you are, James.” It’s the last thing you say before you climb onto the elevator, listening as he breaks down on the carpeted floor.

The elevator ride is the longest you had ever endured, and you pray that you can make it to Tony’s lab without turning into a sobbing mess. You are barely keeping tumultuous control of your emotions, fighting your very nature, your very urge to cry, to sob, to scream. But you can’t. Not yet.

When the elevator doors pings open, you step unsteadily out, and make a beeline for the billionaire’s lab. Barely able to pay attention to your surroundings, you ignore the calls of your name from fellow agents, desperate to get to Tony. You need to get out of here, and soon, before you breakdown.

Throwing open the door to Tony’s lab, you call out gently, receiving an affirmative response, followed quickly by the man himself. “What’s up, sugar?” he asks.

“I need a few days,” you reply.

He quirks an eyebrow. “A few days for what?”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “T, I really can’t explain right now,” you say, heaving in a breath. “I need you to let me do this, please,” you beg, while he eyes you warily.

“What does the tin can have to say? Is he going with you?”

You hiss at him, “No, he will be staying right fucking here, far away from me.” Tony has the good sense not to question you further, agreeing to give you three days off, but only if you check in once a day. You agree without hesitation and finally take your leave of the compound, making your way to the apartment you keep in the city.

Fifteen minutes later, you step into your apartment, stripping off the combat suit you’re still wearing. As you head for the shower, you pay no mind to the framed photos of you and Bucky that seem to shatter as you pass, until you can finally let the hot water cascade over you. Letting the bottled up emotion spill over, you scream desperately at nothing, praying for some sort of reprieve from the pain that’s coursing through you.

How could he? How could he do this to me? Sobs racking your frame, you slide down to the floor, curling yourself into a ball beneath the spray. Why wasn’t i good enough? What’s wrong with me?

Self-hatred prevalent in your mind, you cry for what feels like hours before you finally find the energy to pick yourself up, dry yourself off and climb into bed, hoping that when you wake, this would all just have been a bad dream, and Bucky would still be here with you.  

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heartthrob pt 2 | (M)

Heartthrob (n): One who is considered pleasing to the senses, often resulting in increased respiration, increased circulation to the face, and a noticeable “pounding” in the chest.

genre: fluff, angst, smut, fuckboy!hoseok au, college au.

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After making a complete fool out of yourself in front of Peter, you tried to convince yourself that it’s better that you would never see him again. He was in Queens and you didn’t even live in the city anymore. That evening, Tony told you that he decided not to become an Avenger yet, just like you thought. Pepper, who was still slightly mad at Tony’s assumption that Peter would agree, was actually joining you two for dinner in a restaurant by the facility. Ever since Tony appointed her as CEO, you rarely saw her.

There was very little conversation, but you presumed that both of them were tired after distracting the reporters from the identity of the youngest Avenger. What you didn’t know was that Tony had confided what Peter had said to Pepper. He was more than willing to let the boy do it alone without his help, but Pepper wanted to at least sway you to forgive him. “How is that boy at Midtown you were talking about last time?” she suddenly asked, “Peter?”

You looked at her strangely, not noticing Tony’s warning glance to her. “Yeah? He just turned down being an Avenger about six hours ago?” 

Pepper nodded at the information as if it was new to her. She desperately wished she could learn how to get information out of teenagers. It didn’t help that Pepper hasn’t seen you for quite some time. She could handle the difficulties that her job presented her on a daily basis. This should be easy. Glancing at Tony, Pepper decided if she didn’t want to appear dense, she’d have to confess a lie. “I just wanted to know why he would turn it down. Not many teenagers would.”

Rolling his eyes, Tony interjected, “Some kids aren’t ready for the responsibility.” Before you could say anything, he continued, “Y/N, I was looking into high schools in the area. Homeschooling is always an option.” Tony knew what topic would get you distracted, but, evidently, it wasn’t enough to distract you from Peter.

“I prefer the high school experience,” you stated before switching the topic, “If anything, Peter could handle the responsibility. It’s his ambition. He claims that he would be okay with missing high school to become an Avenger, but he realized how much he’d miss out on when presented with the choice.” You took a sip of water, hoping that neither saw how well you actually knew Peter. Dinner came shortly after and the conversation flowed smoothly after.

By Monday, Tony found you a great school in the area and made sure that every record they had concerning you had Y/L/N instead of Stark. You had your first day there on Wednesday, meaning you had to get all your books and supplies. It was less interesting as Midtown, but it was just as challenging.

On Saturday, you began helping your dad in his lab. He was only repairing a faulty piece of machinery, but it was nice to be included. Tony hasn’t been traveling since he took Peter’s suit away(which he told you that he returned to Peter) so it was nice to spend some time with him. It was late when you made it back to your room, but, even in the darkness, you saw something hanging from your ceiling.

When you turned on the light, you recognized the web fluid that Peter was always perfecting. He had attached your favorite candy to your ceiling. There was a note with his distinctive handwriting on it. Are you made of beryllium, gold, and titanium? You must be since you are BeAuTi-ful. The stupid science pun made you roll your eyes slightly and you noticed more words on the back of the paper. P.S. Don’t touch the web. It’ll dissolve in two hours. This was scrawled, as if he thought of it last minute.

You went to your window, wondering if this meant he was here. There was no one by your window, which you suspected. Peter wouldn’t have left a note if he planned on confronting you. The candy was swinging slightly and you held onto it, careful not to touch the web fluid. A faint smile was on your lips, until you recalled why you were upset with him. Despite the deliciousness of the candy, you were not easily swayed by sugar.

Another week had passed until Peter had left another gift. That time, it was a bouquet of various flowers hanging from the ceiling. Are you a singularity? Not only are you attractive, but the closer I get to you, the faster time seems to slip away. You snorted at that one and placed it aside. Tony, who had just walked into your room to check what you wanted for dinner, looked at the setup with shock. After reading the note, he mentioned amusedly, “Nothing says teenage romance like physics puns.”

“Are you just letting this go?” You asked hesitantly.

“Y/N, you’re a teenage girl,” Tony stated from the doorway, “I’ve come to terms that teenage boys will want to date you. Besides, you could do worse than the Spider kid. You knew him before I did.” He laughed a bit at your shocked expression. “Don’t think I don’t remember when you had a crush on Capsicle and suddenly forgot about him when you got your tutor.” Your cheeks turned red at the mention, since Steve was now, despite the tensions between your father and him, like your uncle.

Peter had come to your room, once a week, leaving different notes and gifts each time. You thought about trying to catch him in the act, but the kid was sneaky and the cameras just happen to malfunction whenever he’s there, as you suspect to be Tony’s doing. You met up with Michelle occasionally, who’d mention Peter and how abnormally casual he’s been lately. Of course, she’s not watching him, or anything, as Michelle claims quickly after.

After the mixtape that you found webbed to your wall, along with the note, I’m so strongly attracted to you, scientists will have to discover a fifth fundamental force, you decided that it was time to see Peter for the first time in a month and a half to talk about the little issue of breaking into your room.

After convincing Tony to let you take a half day of school on Monday, you were driven to Midtown just in time for the end of last period. You thanked Happy and reassured him that you wouldn’t be long. He sighed a bit, reminding you to text him if anything changes. Happy was a little overprotective, but it was slightly endearing. You waved before entering the familiar front doors of your old high school.

For the next fifteen minutes, you stood in the hallway, hoping that no teacher would notice you or recognize that you didn’t go to the school anymore. You were impatiently waiting by Peter’s locker with your arms crossed. The final bell rang, signaling the wave of students anxious to leave. No one seemed to notice you, which didn’t bother you too terribly.

Ned saw you before you could see either of them. He quickly nudged Peter who looked up with a surprised expression. He turned back to Ned. “I’ll meet you in a few minutes.”

“But I want to talk to Y/N as well,” he pointed out, “Plus, we were going to hang out before you go off to your ‘Stark Internship’.”

Peter looked at him with pleading eyes. “I’ll be out in a few minutes and you might be able to talk to her.” He looked at you, standing by his locker with no discernible emotions to judge. “Depending on if she’s mad at me.” Sighing, Ned headed towards his locker without Peter.

So many thoughts were running through Peter’s mind as he approached his locker. Sure, it was easy to appear confident in those little notes he gave you, but he has been so nervous that he hasn’t heard anything from you since he started leaving the little gifts. Peter thought you would have texted him to give him some sort of insight about how you felt, but he had heard nothing.

When you looked up, you looked at him and said with exaggerated shock, “A mixtape? Really?”

Peter shrugged slightly with his head tilted. “It requires more effort and thought than a Spotify playlist. Aunt May helped me.” Sticking his hands in his pockets, Peter looked at you with hopeful eyes. “Have you listened to it?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t live in the 80s, so I haven’t had the chance yet.” You tried not to smile, but Peter caught you smile a bit. “The science puns as well? Didn’t think you were pushing it?”

“I could try American History. I’m not as well versed as I am in Physics, so bear with me.” Peter willed himself to say it without stuttering. “If you ask Thomas Paine, he’ll tell that dating me is Common Sense.” While he saw you smile clearly at that, he noticed some distance between the two of you. Not willing to look into your eyes, Peter looked down. “I’m really sorry, Y/N. I did something stupid that got you in trouble. I betrayed your trust in me. I can understand if you wanted to move on and forget about me.” Grinning half heartedly, he mentioned, “I wouldn’t be too hard to forget, especially for you.”

“Especially for me?” You echoed.

In the mostly empty hallway, Peter shrugged, still adorning a fake smile while admitting his insecurities. “Y/N Stark. You’ve met most of the Avengers. People would love to be your friend or more. I’m just Peter Parker, some guy trying to desperately cling onto something I threw away. I’m not nearly important enough.”

“Peter, if I wanted people to be my friends, why didn’t I tell everyone I was a Stark before I did? If I was unsatisfied with being friends with "some guy”, why did I try my hardest to keep my friendship with him?“ You asked him rhetorically. Looking down at your hands, you sighed. "It hurt when you lied. I thought Tony was lying actually.”

Gathering all of his confidence took a few seconds. If he could be Spiderman, he could do this. Just a step. Peter took one step closer to you and gently placed his hand on your cheek. Flustered, you looked up. “I’m truly sorry.”

You nodded. “I know.” Leaning in closer, you were shocked to see Peter pull back. When he saw your look of confusion, Peter chuckled a bit. “I’ve been imagining that moment for too long now to kiss you in a hallway. When I kiss you, I want it to be more romantic than this.”

“I would kiss you anywhere, Peter. It wouldn’t matter to me.” Since it obviously mattered to him, you didn’t press the object any further.

The next time the two of you had a free day together, he took you to a little Italian restaurant, close to his apartment. It wasn’t until the two of you left the restaurant did Peter pull you close to him. You could feel him smiling against your lips and wanted to laugh. Was under the stars romantic enough for the hopeless romantic?

honestly snape’s poverty is part of the reason why i don’t really believe the idea that snape thinks he’s entitled to lily. lily is a well-to-do girl from the “right” side of town, middle-class and prosperous. her family is a “good” family - and snape is as aware of this as petunia is, though for wildly different reasons. 

i would argue that snape KNOWS lily’s “too good” for him (or, in reality, just from a different background). that snape uses his knowledge of magic to befriend her because it’s the only thing he really has to offer for someone with lily’s life - and when they go to hogwarts, he doesn’t have that any more, so why would she stay his friend? 

idk a lot of snape’s interactions with lily read a little desperate to me, not entitled. he doesn’t want her to abandon him because, i think, he’s so very aware that she can - and that a lot of people think she should. and that gets driven home during their fifth year (when she tells him as much) but i’m not sure that it was always a blood issue or even an issue of death eaters vs the order - class differences can be hugely difficult barriers to friendships and romance and are usually actively discouraged by parents and friends alike. there’s a REASON petunia doesn’t want to hang out with snape and it’s not because he calls her a muggle - she doesn’t want to BEFORE that. she knows he’s from the “wrong” side of town, she knows he’s poor, and she’s either learned or seen that she, being from middle-class background, shouldn’t be hanging out with him. that lily decides to do so is almost entirely because of what snape can offer her and lily’s own kindness. 

so i don’t think snape feels “entitled” to lily. i think snape, more than anyone, is aware how easily lily can leave him. i’ve said this before, but i very much read teenage!snape as always waiting for the other shoe to drop with lily - and that’s why he clings that much harder. healthy? well no. lily is (as far as we know) snape’s only real friend however - i’d be pretty desperate and unhealthy too if i thought that the slightest thing would break that. 

also that’s probably why it galls even more to think lily would go out with james - not only is this guy snape’s bully and tormentor, but he’s also the guy with everything snape doesn’t have, the kind of guy lily “should” be hanging out with. when snape hears that it’s probably like a warning bell: if she has sjames, how long until she drops you? not even just because james would probably try to stop her from hanging out with snape - but james would also give her the kinds of things snape just never really can (in terms of material goods, traveling, etc not necessarily emotional needs). 

idk. it’s really really rough for me to see snape as “entitled” to lily when there’s so obviously a kind of power differential between them - and lily’s the one holding the cards, not snape. lily’s always the one who can leave and i think snape is more aware of that than anyone.