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I’ve ended up having to call out of work because, even though I’m on anti-boitics, I’ve managed to go and get myself sick.

Around the office people have been getting sick, and allergies are starting to come in, so I think it’s a combo of something small along with my allergies, which are usually really, really, bad.

What does this mean?

Well, I’m going to take a few days to not stress so much over this blog. I’m not leaving, or deleting any requests, but usually if I’m not at work, (and sometimes when I am) I’m stressing a lot about being able to post stuff on here, and I feel immensely guilty when I’m not working on something for this blog.

Like I feel guilty because with breaks at work, I’ve been working on a drawing instead of notes for requests. Or sometimes for breaks I just eat and chat with friends, and I manage to feel guilty then too.

I guess on one point you could argue I should feel guilty, but I really want to relax, write for my fics for a bit, and just rest and watch funny videos ;;;; Play games ;;; Things I usually do on sick days.

I’m sorry this blog has declined since I’ve started it. I don’t post as often, I don’t offer good conversation topics, or any of that ;;; In fact, I kinda update about my life more than I should.

Just know I appreciate you all dealing with me, and willing to stick around. I haven’t done a lot to warrant some of the nice things you all say to me, so I really do appreciate you all.

I love you, even with your flaws.

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(Requested Min Yoogin Scenario)

Reader X Suga

Genre: Fluff

Background: You’ve been dating Suga for one year now.Since it was your one year anniversary, Suga decided to take you out to eat at a nice restaurant. Since you always wear comfortable and loose clothes you, decided that it was the time to show your curves the way they have always been. Yoogin, can’t help but love your body but also since a lot of people, especially guys, were starring at you. He can’t help but get jealous of his beautiful girlfriend. 

Story: It was finally the day that you were waiting for!. The day of your one year anniversary with Suga. You still could not get get used to the idea that you were actually dating him. After, all the years that you have been dreaming about this, it finally came true! But there was problem, you were very insecure about your body especially because you know how most of the Asians care about the bodies so much, that you regretted having this type of stretch marks on your body. And ever since you moved with Suga in Korea, you started to dress more comfortably than usual, like loose clothes and baggy pants to the point that you could not see your figure anymore. Suga keep worrying about you so much to the point that he did not understood why you were being so insecure about your body, sometimes he got really mad because you keep insisting that you were not beautiful enough for him. But since today was the day of the anniversary, you decided to be a whole new you. To embrace your body as it is, because if Suga really loves you, he would accept you as you are, right?. That’ s what you said over and over in you head. 

You decided to leave your thoughts and be careless just for the day, and went onto the search of a beautiful dress that would make jawlines drop, especially, Suga’s. You went to different stores and you could not find what you wanted, until you saw a very classy/sexy black dress. You decided to try it on. When you got it on, it hug every single curve of your body, making the hourglass figure that you been hiding for the few months. The lady keep complementing you on how beautiful, elegant and sexy you look. And since you also fell in love on how pretty it made you look you decided to buy it. After the purchase you quickly got home and started to get ready. As you finished bathing you could hear a voice calling you “Y/N” Suga would call. “Y/N???, Where are you?” he would keep on calling you. “I am at the bathroom!!” you would scream in the shower. “OH, okay. I will be waiting for you in the studio room” he would say. “OKAY” you screamed back hoping he didn’t get to the room and he could see your naked body and the new dress, you wanted it to still be a surprise for him. 

You got out the shower and quickly closed the bedroom door with the lock, just in case if wanted to get in before you were ready. You started to get your makeup and hair done. You decided to go on for a natural look, and let the dress be the star of the night. When you finished putting on your shoes, you heard a knock on your door. “Coming” you said. You quickly opened the door to reveal a very surprised Suga looking at you “Is this is why you took so long?” he asked biting his lip. “Yeah” you said looking down. He lifter your chin to make him look into his eyes. “Y/N you should do this more often, you are beautiful, but you are smokin’ hot now”. He would say sounding very sincere, in which made your heart skip a beat and also made you blush so hard that you could not contain it your smile. He also smiled at you. “So, ready to leave?” he would ask you. “Yes!” you would say sounding very happy. You two headed out of the apartment and straight into the car. Suga was driving you to the place that he had reserved, for the two of you, since he did not wanted paparazzi and fans ruined your anniversary. 

You guys arrived, and since Yoongi had sad to reserve a parking right in front of the restaurant he parked there. He got out of the drivers seat and jogged over to your side, held out a hand for you and making all the cheesy stuff the he never did to you for the past year. As you got out ,the man on the street started to whistle and wink at you. In which made him very mad. And as you passed some girls as you entered the restaurant you could hear them talking about how pathetic you look for waiting all the attention for yourself. In which is not true. But you shock it off. You got in and the waiter was already waiting for you guys and he guided you guys to the reserved table and as the waiter was about to leave he would whisper in your ear “Hey, baby if you got sometime for me tonight wait for me at the back” and then left. Yoongi, since he also heard what he said he screamed “YAH!!, she is mine so back off!”. The waiter started smirking. Suga went to the front desk and requested for another waiter or waitress and they gladly changed him for a mature women. 

The food arrived and it was some of your favorite dishes. You actually thank Suga for doing so and smiled so happily. You guys stuffed yourselves and even ate dessert. But before dessert came he started to say “Y/N I don’t know how could you even tolerate me and my moods ,suddenly changing because of work. But you are the most understanding and loving person I’ve ever meet. I love you so much. You are my inspiration when it comes to making each and every song for the past year and I want to thank you so much for being there for me” he finished saying, in which it made you tear up because you actually never heard such a sincere Suga before, expressing his real emotions to you. He went to your side and hug you and dried your tears. And then went to his chair and just after he sat down the dessert was already placed on the table. You guys gladly ate it. After, Suga paid you guys got straight into the car and decided to head back home. 

You guys arrived and that’s when everything started to get heated. Suga started to kiss so passionately that it made you turn on. He keep kissing you and even started to take your clothes off, but you suddenly stopped him. “Yoogin I don’t think I can’t do it now…I..” you started to say. “I know Y/N you have strech mark but you have a hot, sexy and curvy and so what..that’s what makes you different and more appealing to me and it completely tuns me on”. he said and keep kissing your neck. “But…how long have you known?” you asked him. “Look Y/N don’t worry about that.. I love you, even with your flaws” he said sounding sincere but also with so much love that you actually kissed his lips so full passion and love, that it got so heated that it lead you guys to eventually do it… with the lights on for the first time.  

I want to apologize for any grammar errors and spelling errors. Have a good day or night.

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Provided this isn't a double or something (as I can't predict other people, lol) and in honor of the storm that blew in with a roar very early this morning, May I request “I forgot you hated loud noise. Come here, I promise the thunder will stop soon.” Techienician plz. Love your work and hope you're having a great day :3

Ahhh, gosh, you’re such a peach! Thank you so much!

The house was old–really, really old. It had a lot of charm, the realtor had said, and Techie, to Matt’s astonishment, had fallen in love with it from the moment he stepped foot inside. Matt had been sure Techie would prefer something more modern, more minimalist, but no, this had been the house that had captured his heart. So be it. They put in a bid and they won.

For the most part, all the irregularities of having an old house had been smoothed out by the previous owners. It still took a little while to heat it or cool it, but it wasn’t so awfully drafty, and there was better wi-fi coverage than they had expected. All was well. All was good. Until the first storm came, right when Matt was getting home from work, and Matt learned that the acoustics of the house amplified all the surrounding outside noise, making it even worse, and already it was so loud. Techie had been working from home, sitting on the couch with a blanket over him, but his computer sat cast aside on the coffee table as Matt walked in the door, having just beaten the pouring rain. 

“Are you okay?” Matt asked, taking off his jacket and hanging it on the banister before sitting down next to Techie. “It’s really coming down, huh?”

It was, Matt realized, maybe not the right thing to say. Techie looked as pale and drawn as if he had come down with a sudden illness, and when a thunderclap cracked, sounding like it had come directly above their heads, Techie suddenly bolted, blanket and all, into Matt’s arms. 


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Matt whispered, pulling him close, trying to adjust the blanket.  “I forgot you hated loud noise. Come here, I promise the thunder will stop soon.”

“I know,” Techie whispered back. “I know that, I really do, I just–fuck, I hate it, Mattie. And I was sure you’d be home late because of the weather, and, I–”

“Don’t worry,” Matt told him. “I’ve gotcha. I’m here.”

There was another rumble of thunder, not so loud this time, just a warning in the background, gently shaking the house. 

“That one’s not so bad,” Techie said, trying to be brave.

“It’ll settle down soon.”

“You hair’s wet,” Techie said, pulling the blanket around Matt too. “You just got caught in it, huh?”

“I missed the worst of it. Just as I got inside. Thank god you were in here and had everything warm and the lights on and all.”

“The lights might go out.”

“We’ve got our phones.”

“No candles?”

“I don’t think so. We can just cuddle in the dark. Would you like that?”

The thunder growled again, and Techie pressed in closer. “Mmhm. I would.”

“Put your work away for the day.”

“Will you tell my boss why I didn’t finish it?”

“Of course. I’ll say it was very important to keep you snug and safe.”

The rain lashed at the windows, but Techie laughed, and the thunder only diminished from then. 

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Hey if you don't mind I'd really appreciate a prayer right now. I'm in a bad place mentally & I know if I don't change the way things are soon it's gonna get much worse. I think God told me what to do about this a long time ago, but it involves something major that requires a lot of bravery & support from the people around me, neither of which I have a lot of right now. If you or anyone who sees this ask could ask God to strengthen my spirit and show me what to do, I think it would really help.

We’ll be praying for you, anon. Please keep safe <3

O God who became human, who experienced pain and worry as we do, Jesus: make your presence known to this person as they go through this time of struggle. Fill them with the courage and wisdom they need to do what they need to do – and nudge those around them to reach out and support them. Jesus, in the Garden you were not afraid to be vulnerable, to let us know that you too experienced indecision and fear – be a comfort to this person now and help them to come to the right decision, a choice that may bring trouble at first but will in the end produce good fruit, freedom and hope and peace. Amen.

Lot’s of new people following me as of late, so I thought I would do a little introduction.

Hello there. Name is Alaina. I make gifs and graphics and am currently working on a little writing something. 

I like the Chicago Blackhawks, but also the Dallas Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs and Andrew Shaw and lots of other hockey people in general. 

I was living in Chicago, but I’ve moved back to Rockford so I can continue my education.

I stick my tongue out in photos a lot and I like to take too many selfies.

If you want to follow me on insta, snapchat or twitter, just search for ‘miscalainaeous’

I have anon off cause some people are rude and don’t know how to be nice, but if you ever want to chat feel free to send an ask or a message, I don’t bite.

Also, it never hurts to send gif or graphic requests. I get bored a lot. 

And I love Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews and will post about them far too much so if you don’t like it, there is an unfollow button. 

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What's the point of you having your ask box open anyway if all you do is yell at people who send you messages and put passive aggressive smiley faces everywhere?

first off, i don’t “yell” at anyone lmao. of course i’m going to be annoyed when someone sends a request in, despite them being closed ??? i think that’s only a natural response ? even then, my responses that have any sense of annoyance are like 1 in a 1000, in comparison to my other responses. i always try to be super approachable, friendly, polite & patient with my responses & i know a lot of people can attest to that. but sometimes that’s hard to do when people don’t listen ?? when they do something you blatantly ask them not to ??? my inbox being open does not mean my requests are also opened. one thing does not mean the other ? it shouldn’t be too much to ask for people to respect the fact that my requests are closed, especially when it’s written in multiple locations across my blog. it’s not exactly hidden. i leave my inbox open for a number of reasons, not just for people to send in requests. most importantly, people need the option to contact me anonymously to ask for tw tags. not to mention, to ask questions & send in messages that don’t relate to requests ( eg. themes & accessibility, mistakes in tags, questions abt shows or movies reblogged, asking for advice or needing a place to vent, the list goes on ) , & voice their opinions like yourself. i’m not going to let people who can’t listen cruel it for those who need the option to be anonymous. as far as checking my navigation & faq first, it’s to save your time. my faq and navigation pages are there to help people and it makes more sense for them to look their first for answers to questions or links to tags, don’t you think ?? more likely than not, it gives them an immediate answer & saves them time. they’re there for rpers benefits, first and foremost. it’s not like i’m the only person who offers rph, there’s certainly no shortage of that in the rpc. so i’m not sure why people can’t look elsewhere for help until my requests are opened again. i mean, they’re obviously closed for a reason !! more likely than not, it’s due to my schedule being too busy to keep up, & therefore, feeling stressed out over the messages piling up. i’m sorry if you think i’m “yelling” at people or being passive aggressive. the option to unfollow or not visit my blog is always there. but i’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate people blatantly ignoring your wishes either. anyways, i hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

pls calm down mm fandom

the mm fandom seems to have a lot of rude people. specifically towards artists and other content creators such as writers. i see so many people that are totally awful towards the artists and writers. people that just continuously ask about updates, rudely criticize drawings and fics, disregard an artist’s request to not repost or credit their works, people who more or less demand a specific drawing or fic, etc. people need to realize that these wonderful artists and writers do all of these things FOR FREE. they are creating these works FOR FREE ON THEIR OWN TIME. you need to understand that you are making these poor creators feel like they’re doing a job. it’s meant to be for fun and enjoyment and the rude people are just draining the creators to the point where they just don’t want to do anything mystic messenger related anymore. i don’t like seeing our favorite creators tired and upset because a majority of the fandom acts like spoiled little children.







It was really hard to pick a couple for my art giveaway (I literally spent hours trying to decide). Ultimately, I decided to draw Jyn and Cassian from Rogue One requested by @adriane-star!

Overall, I got a lot of messages from people requesting characters that would have been really happy together if circumstances hadn’t gotten in the way. I think I was particularly moved by this requests, because the potential of a great love is both tragic and hopeful.

I went with Jyn and Cassian because (well, I loved Rogue One and I hand’t fanart-ed it before) and because I felt like out of all the couples I got requests for, they really really deserved a shot to have a future. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! 

Sex Appeal(Taekook Threesome Smut)

Alright so I just lovveeee doing these warnings. Not really but I don’t want people complaining so! You have been warned there will be a little male x male and a lot of male on female and dirty talking. This is for @kimswoc I hope you enjoy!

Synopsis:  {hi, could i request a taekook x reader smut where shes just dancing a practice room doing a sexy dance and they take her home and fuck her,, and all 3 of them are in a poly relationship}

“Am I even doing it, right?” You questioned yourself as you glided against the brown tiled floor of the practice room. Hands going up to pull at your hair in frustration you stomped around rather childishly before you threw your hands up looking in the mirror. “You can do this! It’s just a dance and it’s not that hard! Get it together girlfriend.” Giving yourself the little pep talk made you feel a little better but not a lot. Your hands went to your hips and your eyes roamed your own figure as you tried to boost yourself up. You didn’t have on anything special just a sports bra and black leggings with white sneakers. Your hair was loose and framing your face because who didn’t look to swing their hair to give off sex appeal while dancing? You were at the Bighit building in one of the practice rooms while your two lovers Taehyung and Jungkook practiced with the boys. Yep that’s right you were dating both of them and you were loving it. The story behind you meeting was one that was rather funny in your eyes. You were going down on Taehyung one day when he was supposed to be alone at the dorm rooms. You had both been close friends because surprise one of your cousins was a cordi who gave you the hookup. You and Taehyung had always felt sexual tension so you took that chance to blow him in his bed. But while you were ass up and face down engulfing all of his dick down your throat in walks Jungkook who had forgotten his charger. Of course he wanted in on the action but because he wasn’t eighteen yet you made him wait until he was old enough before you finally invited him into the relationship. When they weren’t on tour they were constantly at your place or it was vice versa. In some ways, it was better this way that you dated both. Because when you all went out on dates everyone was stupid enough to think since there was three of you, that you had to know someone from that group or maybe be a sibling. Yeah you were something alright daddy’s little girl for Taehyung and when you could get him to be good and drop his macho manhood you were mommy for Jungkook.

Recently, Jungkook and Jimin had did a dance cover to one of Drake’s songs Own It. The song was one of your favorites and personal for you because you had fucked Jungkook to that song and he told you to indeed own it. Seeing them dance to it only made you want to learn the dance and add a few more touches of your own. But it was hard to get your foot work down like you wanted, constant thoughts distracted your mind and you didn’t know how you could try to force yourself to keep up with focusing on just dancing. You stepped forward to replay the song, moving back into place you tried it again. And then you went again. And then you turned one more time before screaming out. Sweat dripping down your spent body, you hunched over with your hands on your knees looking up in the mirrors at your reflection. Jumping slightly with a light yelp seeing two faces pressed at the door. You turned around while Jungkook took the liberty to push the door open walking in with Taehyung.

“How long have you been there thing one and two?” You teased moving to grab a towel and wipe yourself off.

“Enough to hear, get it together girlfriend!” Taehyung snapped his fingers using a girly voice to mock you and Jungkook grabbed at his hair stomping around in a circle. Heat rose to your face and you nodded your head watching the both of them.

“You know what fuck you both. Or should I say I won’t be fucking you both for a while.” You threatened lifting up your middle finger.

“So, your hormones are the reason you can’t concentrate then?” Taehyung questioned and you froze blinking.

“Says who?” You asked bracing your hands on your hips.

“Come on Y/N. You never bring up sex or threaten to take it away unless you’ve been a naughty girl.” Taehyung tsked.

“And got those panties dripping for us.” Jungkook chuckled biting on his bottom lip.

“You just want me lips around your pink tip.” You challenged watching them both circle you slowly. Taehyung came up to you fisting your hair with his fingers he licked your bottom lip.

“Maybe, but you love these pink tips just as well as Jungkook does.” He bit your bottom lip and Jungkook nodded his head moving to slide his hand down Taehyung’s toned stomach to pat on his crotch.

“I love taking it. But I also love shoving mine in his tight asshole and your little pussy.” Jungkook cooed winking at you.

“Get out. And go get a room!” Namjoon hollered walking by you guys and you could hear Yoongi snort slapping at the back of his head.

“Leave them alone no one complains when you fuck Jin.” Yoongi defended you because you were one of his favorite people in the world and you felt pride well up inside.

“Come on whose side are you on? That hurt.” Namjoon complained as their voices faded down from the hallway. You looked between the two males in front of you shifting on your feet lightly.

“Show us your dance. If you do a bad job. You only take one of us. If you do good you can take us both.” Jungkook promised.

“REALLY?!” You asked excitedly. They tried to hold back double penetration with you or fucking you with both at the same time because you would get really sore and they always felt guilty for making you limp around the places you all went because they couldn’t carry you.

“Really princess. So, don’t disappoint or I will handcuff you to the bed and make you watch me fuck Jungkook but you don’t get to cum or touch yourself.” You didn’t like that idea at all. Nodding you moved back towards the middle of the room looking forward. Jungkook went to your phone starting the song up again going to join Taehyung as the stood in the left corner in front of you. You were slightly nervous but you knew that if you fucked up that was it. Not thinking about anything else but the song and your moves you landed your foot work for the most part. Tripping up only once your body swayed and dipped like you wanted It to. When you finished, you looked at the males chewing on your bottom lip. Jungkook walked towards the door looking over his shoulder as Taehyung followed.

“Come on minx, let’s get you home real soon.” He cooed causing you to grab your phone and dash after them towards the van.

The ride with the other members was risky and tension filled. You had all sat in the back and told the driver that everyone but Jungkook and Taehyung would be going back to the dorm. And because it so happened your house was farther, the driver of the fan agreed to go drop the boys off at the dorms first. Taehyung had initiated it, his fingers ghosting up the silk like leggings you had on drawing circles into your skin. He watched you biting on his lip before he looked out of the window moving his hands to cup your heat. You laughed and joked with the other members but you were feeling the want and need deep in your stomach. Taehyung lifted his hand up to push it inside of your leggings past your panties, and you spread your legs wide for him welcoming his long middle finger that he pushed inside of you knuckles deep. Your head rolled slightly, your lips parted as you circled your hips against the male’s finger. Jungkook looking down seeing the sudden movement smirked to himself. The moon was coming out to shine which made this situation even better. He turned in his seat to rest his head on your shoulder, his hand sliding up to pull down your sports bra and expose your left breast. He leaned down to flick his tongue against the whole area of your breast and then going back he slowly licked around your nipple, his pink tongue lapping roughly at your flesh. Your body was trembling lightly and you had to do your best to at least try to participate in the conversations before you. Taehyung had built a slow rhythm pushing his finger in as deep as he could each time he entered you. Because you didn’t want to be left out you reached your hand over to rub Taehyung through his shorts causing him to stiffen slightly as you felt his dick twitch in the confines of his boxers. His bulge slowly hardening under your touch and pressing against his inside thigh. Your hands gripped him through the fabric and you jerked him slightly looking up at him with want and need. Taehyung pressed his forehead against yours while the music was turned up in the car when the boys heard a famous rap song that they loved. You and Taehyung’s breath mixed in lips inches from each other as you listened to the sharp breaths you each took seeing who would drive the other crazier first.

Jungkook was enjoying the show in front of him, engulfing your nipple with his mouth he sucked on it feeling his own dick stiffen at the risk of all of you getting caught and how you and Taehyung seemed to fuck each other with your eyes. Taehyung sped up his finger as much as he could, but there was a little noise of your pussy being fucked because of your wetness slipping out. The van came to a stop and Taehyung pulled his finger out of you quickly. Jungkook was just a smooth pulling up your bra as you all said your goodbye’s. Once the van was rolling again Taehyung pushed his finger against Jungkook’s lips that were coated with your juices and Jungkook opened his mouth to suck the essence away him and Taehyung locking eyes and sharing their own intense moment.

Once you were back at the house you unlocked the door to your place opening it to let the two males in. The door was shut and onto the room you all went. As soon as the bedroom door was pushed open Jungkook was pinning Taehyung down crawling on top of him. Their lips crashed as they battled for dominance moaning into each other’s mouth. Jungkook was grinding his hips down against Taehyung’s his ass pressing against the hardened bulge that you caused Taehyung to have. Taehyung reached his hands around to grip at Jungkook’s ass grinding him harder against his own dick.

“Do you like that baby boy? You like feeling my hard dick against your plump ass?” Taehyung asked him in a sultry voice and Jungkook answered back with his own deep tone.

“Mm you know it daddy. I like bouncing on your hard dick too.”

“Damn right you do.” Taehyung slapped his ass sliding his hands into the male’s jogging pants and past his boxers to grope at his bare ass pushing him down harder against his own clothed erection. They were losing their selves with moans and groans and it was so hot to you. Slowly you stripped off your clothes one by one crawling up on the dresser spreading your legs wide and pressing your feet down towards the edge of your dresser. Your fingers circled your wet clit as you moaned softly watching them both struggle to not tear each other apart. Lips locking and hair pulling it was a sight that always made you drip like a river. Jungkook had managed to get them both naked, straddling Taehyung again he gripped both of their members jerking them off with the same hand grinding his dick up and down against Taehyung’s. Your head tilted to the right, fingers moving down to slip past your tight entrance. Two fingers burying deep inside of your pussy you fucked yourself one hand going up to grab at your breast and play with your hardened nipples. Taehyung was slapping Jungkook’s ass bucking his hips up as the male jerked them both off. Jungkook soon pulled away crawling onto the floor spreading Taehyung’s legs wide. He licked a stripe up from his balls to the tip of his cock swirling his tongue around Taehyung’s weeping length. Taehyung grabbed at Jungkook’s hair letting out a moan of approval as the male sunk his mouth onto the swollen shaft. Taehyung looked at you with hooded eyes moaning for you both. He slowly thrust up his hips, eyes burning on you and dropping down to your pussy as you fingered yourself. He was fucking Jungkook’s wet mouth at a slow pace trying to keep himself from getting too worked up. Hissing slightly, he smirked at you licking over his plump lips flicking out his tongue.

“Come help him out baby girl. I love your tongue just as much. And besides, I only want my or Jungkook’s fingers buried in that tight little pussy. Unless you want to give us a show?” He asked and Jungkook pulled back with glistening pink lips lifting an eyebrow. You let out a cry of pleasure and slight frustration because you were close to cumming had he not interrupted you with his words. You took your fingers from your heat sucking them clean before you hoped off the dresser going over to join both the males. You got on your knees beside Jungkook who used his right hand to hold Taehyung by the base of his cock. Jungkook kissed your lips tilting his head to make it a deep one before he pulled back nodding at Taehyung’s cock. You leaned your head forward your tongue licking around the hard shaft that was oozing precum and looking very angry. Taehyung growled but made no move to stop you letting you take your time. Your lips wrapped around him and you gave his head a nice harsh suck. While you were preoccupied Jungkook used his left hand to slide under your legs from behind entering two fingers inside of you causing you to moan. Taehyung threw his head back at the vibrations bucking his hips up. Jungkook leaned down to lick the male’s balls and you reached your hand over to grip at Jungkook’s neglected cock stroking it with your hand. He gave out a tiny mewl of pleasure thrusting his hips forward. You pulled back so that you could suck at a ball with Jungkook and the pair of you flicked your tongue against Taehyung’s shaft sometimes together or separate causing him to be a moaning mess against the bed his abs tightening as he got closer to a release.

“Baby boy on my dick. Baby girl I want your pussy on my tongue now.” Taehyung urged and you knew he was going to be close. Nodding your heads, you both pulled back to get into position. Jungkook straddled Taehyung’s waist keeping a hold of his dick pressing the large head against his tight puckering asshole. Slowly he fell down on to the large appendage groaning at how good it felt to be filled up once again. You moved to straddle Taehyung’s face with your body facing Jungkook. Taehyung grabbed at your hips pulling you down onto his tongue flicking the pink muscle slowly up and down your pussy getting you wetter. Not wanting to tease too much Taehyung shoved his tongue deep into your pussy his hands helping you ride and grind your hips harshly against his face. Jungkook had his hands braced on Taehyung’s chest bouncing up and down on his dick taking him all the way with each snap of his hips. Taehyung bucked his hips up helping the male out. Jungkook leaned one hand forward to tangle in your hair bringing you forward for a heated kiss full of teeth and tongues. Your hand went down to wrap around his dick again stroking it quickly it earned you moans in your mouth as Jungkook was fucked and touched. Your hips ground harshly against Taehyung’s face the pleasure sweeping through your body as your thighs squeezed around his face but Taehyung didn’t care. Using his free hand, he moved his fingers up to your asshole pressing two inside of you without lube. The dryness hurt a bit but it was soon replaced by pleasure because you were used to anal play when it came to them.

Jungkook was starting to slam on Taehyung shaking from the pleasure he used his legs to pick him up and drop him down. You had to break the kiss to get out your cries of pleasure. Your heart was racing and you could hear the beating of it in your chest. Taehyung broke away from your pussy with great resistance to slap your ass.

“Jungkook- wait don’t cum yet.” He called out and you felt his fingers leave your asshole. You moved off him and Jungkook did the same pulling you down the bed towards him. He moved you to face Taehyung and you aligned yourself with his dick next, tapping the head of his shaft against your swollen clit. Soon you were teasing him grinding his length up and down your slit before you slid him inside of you. Leaning forward you paused wiggling your ass for Jungkook who slapped it and slammed inside of your asshole making sure you took all of him. Your body was filling so full and the most of pleasure you didn’t even think possible. Breathing deeply both males had stopped their hips and you knew what that meant. You started to pick yourself up and drop yourself down on their lengths together. Crying out for them your hands scratched down Taehyung’s chest as you took them both.

“Such a good fucking girl. Taking both dicks so well. Do you like how it feels to bounce on two cocks?” Jungkook asked pulling at your hair and you nodded your head looking up at him through watered eyes. “How much?” He asked moaning at how vulnerable you looked.

“I love everything about it. The burn and the pleasure. One dick alone is enough to make me see stars but two dicks fucking me is just like a cloud nine got high. I love both of your dick’s so much. I love being stretched out by you. I love when you both hold my hips down and fuck me so hard. I can’t even explain how much because it sounds like rambling and nonsense.” You admitted bouncing a bit harder on their lengths.

“Like this?” Taehyung asked referring to your question as he gripped onto your hips starting to slam you down as he thrust his hips upwards into your heat. He slammed you down on his and Jungkook’s dick and Jungkook followed suit slamming inside of you as well their balls touching as it smacked the space between your pussy and your asshole. You fell forward pressing your head on Taehyung’s chest crying out weakly. Your pussy was making lewd wet noises and you knew you were close. Jungkook reached his hand around to rub at your clit as he spilled his cum into your tight asshole letting his hips surge forward to bury his load inside of you. Your asshole and pussy tightened around them as your stomach clenched. The orgasm was creeping up on you, your body feeling the pleasure as you jerked your hips forward to ride Taehyung erratically. You came next with a loud cry of each name slumping forward as you continued to slam yourself down a few more times. Jungkook pulled out of you slowly and Taehyung tightened his grip on your hips slamming you down until he was milking you with his own cum. He held you down on top of him until he was sure everything was gone. You were gasping for air. The room feeling stuffy and sweaty the smell of sex lingering in the air. Jungkook lay beside Taehyung rubbing his hand up and down your back.

“What do you think Jungkook?” Taehyung asked after a few moments of silence and you peaked through your hair to peer at them both.

“I think she needs to work on her hips a little more.” Winking at you Jungkook picked you up off Taehyung’s length and slammed you lightly against the wall. “A round two and three should do the trick.”


AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

requested by @evil-writer

Do not hesitate to contact me through ask if necessary!

As previously announced, I’d like to throw a short NH event
to celebrate the ending of Naruto Shippuden/Konoha Hiden.
The last episode will air on March 23rd, the event will take place over the weekend to give people more time to work on their entries and since it stretches on two days it should also be less stressful, but I kindly ask you to respect the dates. Every work will be reblogged on the @naruhinamonth - now week - official blog ♥

All kind of contributions will be accepted.
There is a lot of material to work with, but I’ve prepared some panels from The Last - Naruto The Movie credits scenes to color or redraw (you can color them digitally or traditionally, just make sure to have a good scanner/camera if you choose the latter) ↴

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Originally posted by peachylorax

Anon requests: Do you think you could do a thing where you’re in speech and debate or slam poetry and you ask Jughead to review your stuff and it’s really cute and you end up kissing?? Thank you! 💕

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A poem written by Jughead Jones

Warnings: none

Word count: 364

A/N: In honor of world poetry day, I have written this. Sorry for my inactivity, there’s a lot going on right now.  Enjoy!

A small town,

small people.

An insignificant writer:


And her.


Some say what flows from my fingertips

to my keys is magic.

If I am magic,

then what is she?


the essence she brings.

I am the spilled ink on a page,

whereas she is the art next to it.

I am the grass,

and she is the flowers.

I am the icy, face-slapping wind,

but she is the warm summer breeze.

She takes the English language

and carves it as her own

like a sculptor

turning marble

into beauty.

Pure art tumbles out of her mouth

like it is nothing.

The diner lights dim

in her glowing presence.

She rehearses her slam poetry,

preparing for poetry night.

I am, too.

But I will not be performing.

She finishes her piece

and I want to give her the standing ovation

she deserves.

I do not.

Instead, I send her a smile

and a compliment,

earning a blush from her.

We spent the evening in a forest,

our bare feet brushing the dirt.

She repeats her poem again,

then turns to me

and asks for criticism.

I shrug.

How do you tell someone

that you think of them

as you look up at the stars

and realize that they are not as bright

as their eyes?

How do you tell someone

that their laughter

is more beautiful

than the greatest symphonies in the world?

How do you tell someone

you love them?

She repeats the poem.

But this time, she changes it.

She twists and bends her words

and creates articulations

where there were originally none.

I listen carefully

as she weaves together

a new masterpiece.

When she finishes,

the world remains silent

soaking in her beauty.

The next sound

is a twig breaking

under my foot

as I rush towards her.

There are no more words spoken.

Instead, my lips collide

with hers.



She tastes like hazelnut coffee

and cherries on top of milkshakes.

I am the dying flower

and she is the rain.

I am the dark sky

and she is the moon.

How can someone taste like art?

I am the story,

but she is the poetry.

She Do This Often

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,900 (I have a problem, haha)

Request: Bucky just doesn’t like the songs of the 21st century. 

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Often, so language, obviously! 

A/N: Hello babes! the first request is here, this one was requested by the lovely @suchabigmesss, hope you enjoy, hun! Also, definitly listen to The Weeknd - Often while reading this one, I promise it makes it better. Hope you enjoy! lots of love to you all!  

There were many things that baffled Bucky about the 21st century: the rude behavior people had adapted to, the selfishness, the way men spoke to women, how women were spoken about and especailly the nonexistant filter regarding physical intimacy, especially when it came to the songs in this century. 

The concept of dirty talk wasn’t a new one for Bucky, really, it wasn’t. But what was said and done in the privacy of the bedroom was one thing, saying the words out loud, for the whole world to hear, was a whole other thing.

Bucky grimaced at the song playing on the television and turned it off. Lying back down on his bed he let out a deep sigh. All the Avengers were out on a mission which Bucky had decided to skip. He hadn’t been feeling completely healed after the injury he sustained on the last mission and no one had obliged to the fact that he didn’t want to go. He had quickly regretted not tagging along anyway as boredom overtook him.

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people are jerks, but not you (pietro maximoff)

Originally posted by imaginecabin

((exciting!! first non-request!! i hope you like it lots and feel free to send requests!!)

(note: I hc the Maximoffs as Eastern-European Jews who moved to the US (which is true in the comics but never addressed in the films)).

(warnings for non-descriptive mentions of blood, bullying, xenophobia, food)

Pietro Django Maximoff has never been popular. 

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Sam's Recipes

While I was taking suggestions for what posts of mine I should archive to Evernote, a couple of people expressed interest in having a copy of my cookbook. 

This is a collection of my recipes, most of which I’ve posted to the Sam Cooks tag at one point or another. I took out recipes for stuff you can find fairly easily online and which I mostly hang onto for reference just so that I don’t have to google “easy meringue recipe” or whatnot. 

These are recipes that are unusual, hard to find, or which I get requests for a lot. There are also a few that I created or someone I know invented. This isn’t meant to be a formal cookbook, but more of a resource you can consult. 

I’ve tried to link sources where possible but I didn’t wear myself out sourcing recipes. If you see a recipe and know where its linked source is, feel free to get in touch and I’ll add it. 

Happy cooking everyone!

Sardonic Humour

Request: Could you do a jughead x reader fic where they’re best friends, and basically the same people, always roasting everyone in their friend group. (Betty, Archie, etc) jughead is always comforting the reader and when Veronica comes to school, she thinks they’re dating cause they way they treat each other. Then they start cuddling and lots of fluff

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you for the request, this was a super cute idea! I really enjoyed writing this! Remember, requests have recently been closed!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by stydiaislove

“You’re really telling me they aren’t dating?” Veronica asked, her voice hushed but surprised as her eyes focused on the pair in front of her. Betty laughed, amused by her new friends surprise.

“Yup.” She smiled, also looking over at the pair. Archie blinked, confused of what they were talking about, and snapping out of his musings, he turned around staring in the same direction as the ladies before him. Smiling knowingly when he saw who the two were looking at.

“Jughead and Y/N?” Archie grinned, turning back to Betty and Veronica. 

“Yeah, but she’d totally right. They’re like endgame.” Kevin agreed.

Veronica laughed at Kevin, before letting her head rest in her palm. “How long have they been friends?”

“For as long as we can remember. Even before Archie and I were friends. Even before Archie and Jughead were friends.” Betty explained, turning back around so she didn’t get caught staring at two of her best friends.

“I think we should set them up!” Veronica proposed, clapping her hands together excitedly. Betty smiled, suddenly excited by the idea and Kevin immediately agreed. All three of them turned towards Archie, expectedly as they waited for his answer. He remained silent.

“I don’t want to meddle in their affairs….” He mumbled. 

“Oh Archiekins, we will be helping them! Has Jughead ever said anything about liking Y/N?”

“Not exactly, but he does always talk about her.” Archie thought back, nodding faintly.

“And Y/N is always gushing about ‘Juggie’.” Betty threw in.

“Then it’s settled. We will make a plan and set them together.”

You could feel eyes on you the minute you walked into Pop’s diner. Though you brushed it aside and the deep feeling that something was going to happen, bad or good, and walked over to her regular table with Jughead. Jughead immediately closed his laptop upon seeing you and smiled up at you.

You waved in greeting, sliding in the seat beside him as you huddled next to him. You noticed he already had your favourite drink, a strawberry smoothie ordered and in front of you, you smiled. “You didn’t have to Juggie.” You bumped his shoulder, already knowing about his living conditions and how money was sparse with him.

Jughead often spent nights at your house. Your mom was never home and you didn’t have a dad, so often you were by yourself. Jughead stayed to keep you company and you didn’t have to worry about whether he was safe or not.

“I wanted to.” He shrugged and you smiled, resting your head on his shoulder. He let a small smile slip and letting your eyes wander, you saw your best friends and the new girl setting in a booth a few seats away from you.

“Happy good times are here as well.” You laughed, teasing your group of friends secretly. Jughead leaned over, catching sight of them as well, seeing them staring at you and you rolled your eyes as he laughed.

“Hey, Juggie?” 


“When are we gonna tell them about use dating?” You asked, staring up at Jughead. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Don’t know. Why?” He asked.

“I just feel like their up to something.” You shrugged, little did you know how right you were.

All week was awkward. Well just strange. Your friends had spent the entire week trying to throw you and Jughead together in awkward, intimate moments. You’d known you were right last weekend when you though they were up to something, only you didn’t think they’d go to such depths to try and put you together.

You and Jughead had chosen to keep your relationship a secret seeing as you both were quite introverted. But, you’d always wanted to tell them, just the two of you never really got around to it. But now, you and Jughead had both agreed that this whole trying to set you up thing was becoming tiresome.

So, one night at Pop’s before they all could run off you and Jughead had cornered them, demanding answers. “So, besties, what’s happening?” You asked, a wide grin on your face as you sat next to Jughead. You were practically on his lip, his arm arounds your waist and him leaning behind you.

Archie, Betty and Veronica sat squished in front of you, grins on their faces at your guys positions but a guilt look plastered on their faces. “We don’t know what you mean.” Betty shrugged, trying to play it off cool.

Veronica shrugged as well. You laughed. “Okay, ninjas we know you’re up to something. What are you trying to do?” Jughead asked, a bored look on his face. You elbowed him, telling him to take more fun of the situation.

“They wanted to!” Archie suddenly said, Veronica and Betty looked over and glared at him before V sighed.

“Listen, we just thought you two would make a cute couple so we’ve been trying to set you two up. We, I, don’t know why you aren’t together already, but whatever.” Veronica explained.

You suddenly started laughing, and Jughead rolled his eyes, leaning up to rest his head on your shoulder. “That’s sweet guys,” you smiled sincerely. “but….” You started, turning to Jughead who looked back.

“We’re already together.” Jughead finished for you, and you smiled. Looking back at your friends, you couldn’t help but let out a giggle at their blank faces.

“What!” Betty shrieked, staring confused. Archie had his mouth open and Veronica just smirked, “how long?”

“A year?” You guessed, it was approximately around there.


“And you never told us?” Archie asked, finally closing his mouth.

“We just never really thought it was that important.” Jughead shrugged, taking a bite out of his burger. The three in front of you shared at look at each other as you two fell into your own conversation, smiling at each other. 

Even though you hadn’t told them, they couldn’t help but smile in amusement. You and Jughead were just two cute for your own good.