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Kapetanissa Sarika (Sara Yeshua), partisan leader of the women’s platoon of the Greek People’s Liberation Army’s 7th division, posing with fellow EAM fighters and a revolver, October 1944.

Born in the Jewish quarter of Chalkida in 1927, Sara Yeshua belongs to the emblematic figures of the resistance. Before she turned 15, Sara assisted the wounded at the city’s military hospital as a volunteer nurse. From the beginning of the German occupation (October 1943), she got involved with Greece’s National Liberation Front, took her mother and left Chalkida for Steni.

To guard against German incursions against the Jews who had fled to the mountains, the resistance dispersed the Jews in various villages (Paliouras, Theologos, Stropones, Vasiliko) and later organised an escape network by boat to Turkey from Tsakei beach. Sara was well regarded by her fellow resistance fighters as a passionate speaker advocating for armed struggle against the occupation forces, particularly among young women. At 17, after the horrific murder of her cousin, Mendi Moschovitz, by the Security Battalions in Stropones (4 March 1944) and the burning of Kourkouloi, she formed an independent female resistance group that fought and gathered intelligence. Armed with Molotov cocktails, they attacked outlying sites to draw the Germans away from the main target, and aided in the capture of collaborators.  By the end of the war, she was legendary among the partisans of Evia, Greece, as “Kapetanissa Sarika” (Partisan Leader Sara). 

Στείλε μου μία λέξη που σου έρχεται στο μυαλό και θα σου πω την δικη του, μικρή ιστορία.
Αρκεί να στείλεις.

“white people have no culture!!”


i’m sorry

what’s that?

i wasn’t


that europeans

don’t have rich

and fascinating cultures

or that culture

has to comply

with tumblr’s definition

of what culture is

in order to be counted as legitimate

white people have tons of culture so shut the fuck up about white people “not having any culture”

“Turks Slaughter Christian Greeks”, The Lincoln Daily Star (article), October 19, 1917 (source). The Greek genocide began at roughly the same time as the Armenian genocide in the early part of the First World War, with mass deportations, executions, and the destruction of Greek historical and religious monuments. By 1923, between 750,000 and 900,000 Greeks perished. 

According Niall Ferguson, in The War of the World, the Ottoman minister of war Ismail Enver declared in 1915 that he wanted to “solve the Greek problem during the war… in the same way he believe[d] he solved the Armenian problem.”

Society grows great when old people* plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Greek proverb

Photo: Steven Godfrey

(* The original quote uses the word ‘men’ rather than people. Planting trees is a responsibility of all of us; not just some of us. 🌳)

Chaos in the Pantheon

((A/N: Here it is! Marvel/Avengers Greek Pantheon AU! I so hope you guys like it. It’s starting slow, so I’m sorry, but I do promise if you can stick with it, it gets better. I’m also pretty sleep deprived, so if it’s bad I’m sorry. 

Summary: There is war in the Pantheon. The people of Greece and the worlds beyond are suffering in chaos. The one who is believed may change this, is you. It is up to you to climb Mt. Olympus and to speak with the gods, demand in whatever way you can that the destruction below stop. 

But things are never that simple, and soon you find that there is more going on than meets the idea. With no warning you are thrust into a world of gods, monsters, and so much more. You must go head to head with those you have worshiped and decide how you may save your people. And above all… why you?”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k 

Warnings: None))

Thunder boomed above your head as clouds darkened, the simple black sandals on your feet carrying you as fast as could be managed as you ran home. This would be the third storm this month, and the month itself was only half-over. For the time of year it was uncommon to have such chaos thrust into your world. Which would be fine, except your city was still reeling from the earthquake that toppled Ares’ temple. Those who weren’t picking up their homes or burying loved ones had taken to the temples, desperately making offerings and repairing statues.

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If you forget everything else about me, please remember this. I walked down that street and I never looked back and I love you. I love you. I love you so much that I shall hate you for ever for today
—  John Fowles, the Magnus

Romaniote Jews- The Romaniote Jews is the name of the Greece’s distinctive Jewish community which has existed in the country for 2000 years. The group has traditionally spoken their own language Yevanic, which has a similar relationship to Greek that Yiddish has to German. During WWII, around 86% percent of Romaniote Jews were killed in the Holocaust, despite the efforts of both the Greek Orthodox Church and sympathetic Greek civilians. However Rabbi Moshe Pesach of Volos managed to save most of the Jews in his city, smuggling them to the Middle East with the aid of sympathetic Greek authorities. For this in 1952, he was awarded the Order of George I, one of the highest honors in Greece. The Holocaust and the later Greek Civil war led to most of the Jewish community immigrating to Israel or the United States. Today less than 1,000 Romaniote Jews live in Greece; with 45,000 in Israel and 6,500 in the United States.