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Writing Tip (that nobody asked for)

Lemme tell y’all about my personal writer’s hack that has made my life soo much easier!

You know that feel when you’re writing and you suddenly stop like, “shit, what’s the word I’m looking for?” and then spend the next however many minutes searching until you either find it or give up? And then you come back to what you were writing like, “…I don’t know where I was anymore…”

Well I’m here to help you out with that problem!

The best piece of advice I can offer to writers is once you start writing, do not stop. Get in the zone, let the ideas flow and let that Writer’s Rush really hit you! Don’t worry about spelling, or paragraphing, and, as I mentioned, specific words.

When you come to that gap, that “what’s the word I’m looking for” feel, just take a set of double brackets, ((like so)), and describe the word you are searching for. It can be similar words, or just anything that will help you remember once you come back. This also works great if you’re trying to decide between two different words or phrases.

I go for double brackets because I use singles as part of my writing and don’t want to get confused, but also because my thoughts kinda do function like words in a bracket, if that makes sense? Like it’s not to be taken into account with the rest of the story. You can use any symbol you feel like really, just anything that’s not used too often and can be easily found, especially using Google Doc’s “find and replace” feature. (Another freaking good writer’s hack!)

Once you’ve done most of the framework for your story, that’s when you come back to your double brackets. That’s when you can take the time to search through your thesaurus (yet another good hack! I mean it! Use it!) or simply ponder your word choices.

Anyways this is what works best for me. Keep in mind that everyone is different and has their own ways of writing, so my advice may not apply to every writer out there. But yeah, if you want, feel free to try this out! Or perhaps you already have a similar system. Either way, I hope this helped in some way or another!

[Lena wakes up in a hospital after her encounter with Doomfist, her girlfriend Emily at her side, gently holding her hand]

Winston - Welcome back Lena

Tracer - W…wha….I thought I DIED 

Winston - Well, you almost did but [adjusts glasses with a hearty chuckle] I managed to pluck you out of the timestream again

Tracer - Thanks big guy =)

[Winston nods with a smile]

Tracer - [looks around] Soooooooo

Winston - What ?

Tracer- Where is it ?

Winston - Where’s what ?

Tracer - My Chronal Accelerator you daft ape. What else ?

Winston - [snorts in dismay] Scientist……..also, I’ve made some improvements

Tracer - Great….. [tries to raise hand in celebration when she realizes that Emily is still holding it] Uhhhh….Emily ?

Emily - [smiles] Yes ?

Tracer- As much as I love……this [blushes and motions to held hand with her free hand]

Winston - R…right….well I was going to tell you that….

Emily -  [jumps up eagerly, still holding Tracer’s hand] I JOINED OVERWATCH =D

Tracer - [gasps]

Winston - I figured that I should do something about how ….easily…..someone could rip off your Chronal Accelerator [motions to Emily, who smiles gleefully] And Emily here proved to be a great asset

Tracer - How so ?

Emily - I’M [places hand on chest’ Your new Chronal Accelerator 

Tracer - [confused face]  

Winston - While I was working on pulling you out, Emily came by every day to try and give you something to hold on to. One thing led to another ….and that’s when she gave me the idea ! She told me  that NOTHING could pull her from your side and….. [looks up fondly] well….sometimes inspiration comes at the most unlikely of times ……

Tracer - But……. [looks over Emily with concern]

Emily - Baby, I’m fine [sits down, putting Tracer’s hand over her heart] See ? 

Tracer - Well….I have been wanting to spend more time with you [smiles bashfully as she tightens her grip on Emily’s hand] 

Emily - See ? [leans over and hugs Tracer] That’s the spirit

Tracer- [suddenly turns completley serious] Emily…….

Emily - [surprise] Yes ?

Tracer- Your going to need a name love……

Emily - What’s wrong with Emily ?

Tracer- You can’t be one of those weirdo’s that use their ACTUAL name on missions.

Emily - Weirdo’s ?

Tracer  - Yeah I mean….[ticks off on fingers] Hanzo’s…a dick. Genji’s too needy……Ana’s acting  like she’s dead with Jack somewhere EVEN THOUGH WE KNOW SHE’S NOT. I mean, Pharah’s so nice Emily. She could really use her mum. She just got married Emily D=

Emily -  [emotional] That’s so sad =(

Tracer - ….and Mei’s like….well she’s just bad people Em [grabs Emily by the shoulders] Don’t hang out with Mei, Emily

Emily- [looking at her girlfriend with a newfound respect] I’m learning so much [wipes away tear]

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i think possibly, maybe if a someone pee on you it bc they want you to stop doing that thing. 

i would stop doing a thing if someone peed on me.