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My friend made a DnD group for newbies and while I have no idea what I’m doing, I know I’m proud of Athame, my Tiefling Druid.

Macron knows how…

My "Not-on-Normal-Packing-List" List-- Things I plan to bring to College and WHY

*See My Full Packing List on My Blog*

-Christmas/Fairy Lights: dorm lighting can be SUPER harsh, especially at night. If you and your roommate are on different sleeping schedules or if one of you wants to stay up later and study, Christmas lights will be perfect. Make sure you have a strand and your roommate has a strand. Obviously, your strand will be on your side and her strand will be on her side. If you want to go to sleep and she wants to stay up, just unplug yours and hers will be bright enough to see her books but not too harsh that you can’t fall asleep. (OR VISE VERSA) I used to keep Fairy Lights in my room at home and they were on all night and I slept just fine. They offer the perfect amount of glow. This will also help on weekends if you and your roommate are doing separate activities, if one of you is out late, then when you come back to your room you can plug in your strand to see and get ready for bed without waking your roommate. *remember to hang them with Command (or a similar style) Hooks, so you don’t leave any damage on the walls when you leave*

-Duvet and Cover: I plan on buying a duvet and separate cover. Comforters can be expensive and I like to switch things up. I am going to buy one Duvet for all four years (and maybe beyond) but maybe switch the cover up every year or two. This can also help if you and your roommate sophomore year have a different “vision” for you and your roommate freshman year. 

-TWO Sets of Twin Sheets: Two Words Man, Laundry. Day. 

-Bedside Caddy: Not everybody has heard of this, but its like a little pouch that has a flap that tucks under your mattress and hangs beside your bed. You can keep your phone in here while you sleep, maybe a book or study material, tissues, a flashlight. Whatever you want, its just like a nightstand for people that don’t have nightstands. 

-Curtain Rod/Curtains: I’m not sure if I will buy these yet, but my sister suggested it just incase you hate your roommate so much you can’t even bare to look at her/his face (which is unlikely, but whatever). You can attach a curtain rod to the ceiling using command strips or something similar and hang a curtain as a room divider. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. 

-Safe: Your roommate may have some sketchy friends. You never know who he or she will invite into your room. Keep your jewelry, wallet, extra money and other valuables safe in a safe. 

-Small, Folding Step-Ladder: In college you need to take advantage of every storage space possible, even if its at the top of your closet or on top of a tall dresser or wardrobe. A small, collapsable/folding step ladder will allow you to access your stuff in storage without taking up much room on its own. Most are small enough to tuck between your bed and the wall.

-AirFreshener: Whether its a spray or a wall plug-in, everyone needs to avoid being “the one” with the stinky room. 

-Steamer: Irons and Ironing Boards are great but they take up SO much room. A little hand held steamer is perfect for getting wrinkles out of clothes and you can store it anywhere you want. 

-Bath Sheet: I suggest everyone get a good, large-but-not-too-hot bathrobe if living with a community bathroom, but I also like a real towel too. A Bath Sheet is just a towel with a few extra inches in all directions so theres no need to worry about any of your bits and pieces showing. 

-Washcloths: A lot of people skip washcloths and go straight for hand towels, but I really like using washcloths to wash/dry my face and they are smaller, saving on space. 

-Lip Balm: Bring Extra. You know you lose these all the time. Keep them in your desk in their package so you know where they are until you need them. 

-Mirrors: One full length for the back of your door (check with your roommate so you guys only have one) and one small one to keep on your desk. This will be helpful for makeup and stuff. I don’t want to have to go to the bathroom every time I want to do my makeup. 

-Batteries: For various electronic devices (headphones, remote controls, video game controllers, etc)

-Camera: Really not necessary because of Smart Phones, but always fun to have. I would NOT bring an extremely valuable camera, even if you do have a safe.

-“Flex Your Power” Surge Protector: Google it. You’ll know you want it and you know it’ll be helpful. 

-External Hard Drive: For when you have a 1000000000 page paper due and you’re paranoid your computer will crash. 

-Printer: At my school, printing is included in tuition so I don’t have to pay per print, but I also don’t want to have to go across campus to grab something off the printer before class. ALSO, a nice way to print new pictures with new friends. ALSO not all schools include printing so you DO have to pay per print and that sucks and you should save money and buy a printer. **ALSO BUY EXTRA INK AND PAPER**

-Video Game Console: *with multiple remotes* I totally want to be able to stay in some times and chill with my roommate or by myself or invite some friends over to my dorm to play. 

-Cards/Notes to Send Home: Your mom/dad/grandmother/grandfather/aunt/uncle/sister/brother/friends/whatever will LOVE this. I think handwritten letters are so much more heartfelt than texting or e-mailing. 

-Planner: Its always important to stay organized (or at least try to) especially freshman year. With all your new found freedom it may be hard, but having an actual book may help keep you on track. *Personally, I think the Lily Pulitzer one is REALLY cute and SO helpful.*

-Bandaids, Neosporin, Cold/Flu Medicine, Pain Relievers, Upset Stomach/Heart Burn Relievers: Basically everything that your parents keep in the medicine cabinet. You will get bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes; keep them clean and covered. You are going to be living in VERY close quarters with a lot of people. You will get sick; be prepared ahead of time to soften the blow. You will get hurt, you will get hungover, and if you’re like me, you will get cramps. Keep tons of your favorite Pain Reliever near by. (my favorite is Aleve). And finally, another two words: CAFETERIA FOOD keep Pepto Bismol and Tums in a place where you can grab them if you need them. 

-Earplugs: Your roommate might have house guests the night before your big test. You roommate might snore. You might live below partiers. Earplugs can help with all of the above. *a sleep mask might also be helpful if your roommate refuses to cooperate on the fairy light suggestion*

-Pepper Spray: I got some as a graduation present because my school is not in the safest city in America… Always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

-Small Tool Kit: As long as someone in your hallway has one, you’ll be fine but it is always good to have. 

-Playing Cards: For nights where you don’t want the technology. Hang out in the common room and play poker or go fish or war or learn a new game and make friends.

-Vacuum/Dust-Buster 2-in-1: These are going to be so helpful especially if your room is carpet. Spills and crumbs happen, but Ants can and should be avoided. 

-Umbrella: A storm is coming. Its name is college. Prepare accordingly. I’m just kidding. But just because its sunny on move in day, doesn’t mean it will never rain. 

-Winter Coat: Same as the umbrella, It’s going to be hot on move in day, but for the past couple of years near my university, there have been snow storms in October and I don’t want to be caught in the cold. 

HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

Just blocked someone who said tony manipulated peter into fighting in civil war and I’m like????? its 2017 man let me live without this shit

so this was supposed to have been a thank you for 100 followers, but it’s a bit late haha i’ve been procrastinating. i hope this masterpost will give you a bit of insight into how i study as well giving you ideas for your own planning. i know the title slide is pretty simple and boring but i needed to post this before i procrastinate again, so it’ll just stay like this for now. either way, here’s the masterpost (thanks again everyone!!):

Suggestions for In Class:

  • Listen to the teacher, even if the lectures are boring. Often my teachers give long, unexciting lectures, but it’s important to know what the teacher thinks is crucial within a textbook reading. Sometimes he or she will even give hints or suggestions about what might be on the test.
    • Some days we all feel sick of listening to the teacher. In this case, I would suggest 1) taking an audio recording (if allowed) and then listening later or 2) borrowing notes from a friend (but rewrite them for yourself, and then reread the textbook in case)
  • Take advantage of worktime given to you. (This is probably more applicable to us who are in middle or high school.) If a teacher gives you a period to study, or to work on a project, use it. Just because some other people don’t work doesn’t mean that you can’t get ahead on tonight’s textbook reading, or finish the project that’s due tomorrow.
  • Make a study plan for a test. If the teacher hands out a syllabus and reads it over, you can make little notes that notate (notes that notate gosh im good at this) the first impressions you have of a topic. Sometimes these impressions can make a huge difference into how you will be studying for a test later.

Out of Class:

For Good Days (starting from when you get home. It targets those of us who go to school during the day and then come back home for the afternoon, but I hope everyone can get something from this):

  1. Eat something quickly and don’t take out your phone or laptop or book or whatever. It’s not good to get distracted this quickly.
  2. Find a study space you’re going to dedicate yourself to. It’s ok to change day by day, but changing locations every hour is not going to settle your study attitude.
  3. Take out your planner. If you don’t have a planner or bullet journal, it might be a good idea to start one (it depends). Mark tasks in their priority and then on how quickly you can get them done. I’d suggest starting with one or two short tasks, then getting to one long one that’s high priority, then doing another couple short tasks, etc.
  4. Between those one or two short tasks and the long task, take a break. If you’ve been using your laptop constantly, walk around a bit, look at some scenery, or stretch. If you’ve been on paper, maybe take out your phone and check social media. Either way, set a timer for 10 minutes so you don’t get dragged away for too long. (note that depending on the workload, 10 minutes may become 5 minutes which may become 1 minute)
  5. Eat your meals. Like seriously. Eat your meals, take your showers, brush your teeth. Personal hygiene is something you want to maintain if you want to feel good about yourself. Forget everyone else.
    1. If you can fit it into your schedule, exercise is also good. I have extracurricular activities that force me to get out and work, but if you tend to stay at home, at the library, or wherever, try to find a time where you can go and walk or run.
    2. When you’ve accomplished something major, check it off. At the end of the day, go back to your planner and make sure you’ve really finished everything. Draw happy faces all over a sheet of scratch paper until happiness is floating in the room. You’ve made it through another day!

For Bad Days (because we all have them):

  • Come home, take a shower, and eat something nice. Maybe lie on your bed and take a nap for an hour. Listen to music. Whatever works to chill. You deserve some time to yourself.
  • It’s best if you get something done every day, even if it’s the littlest thing. When I don’t want to dedicate myself to a lengthy essay – so long as it’s not due the next day – I do activities like:
    • Making flashcards for vocabulary. Short ones. I tend not to like flashcards with lots of text, because then I prefer just writing up notes.
    • Studying the language that you’re learning (if you’re learning a language, and why not?). Most days I don’t get the chance to dedicatedly review my notes, so just rereading class notes or finding a short story to read in that language can help to keep up with comprehension.
    • Planning. Like planning my next day, planning my week, planning my month, or planning my year. Whatever it is I feel like planning. Or reorganizing my desk. Sometimes changing the look of things or taking a step back to think about your situation helps calm you down.
    • Reading a book. Especially if it’s a nonfiction book – but not a textbook – or something along the lines of historical fiction. These will improve your literacy comprehension and help give insight into a specific topic. For example, if I’m studying American History in my history class, I’ll check out fiction books relating to the topic and get a lot of insight into the era.
  • But most of all, take care of yourself. If you’ve had a bad day at school, something huge has happened to your social life, you’re drowning in a sea of assignments… remember that we’ve all been there. Put your health above everything else. Please. <3

During Transition Times (e.g. on the bus, in the car, waiting in a line, etc.):

  • Practice those flashcards you made. Carry them in your pocket, everywhere, and when you’re on the bus and think, “if only I had those flashcards,” they’ll be right there.
  • Listen to a recording of yourself talking about whatever you’re studying. This works especially well if you’re an auditory learner – you can record yourself reading the textbook aloud, so you don’t skip words, and then come back to your recording to understand better.
    • You can also record reviews or presentations that you will need later to immerse yourself.
  • Flip through note pages. I don’t do this much, since I get carsick or bus-sick easily, but some people can get through pages and pages of a textbook while on the bus and feel nothing at all. *envy*
  • Drink a good drink. Like Starbucks. This has nothing to do with studying, but transition times are also great for taking a step back from studies and spending fifteen minutes with yourself and whatever (or whomever!) else you want to spend it with.

again, hope this helps, thank you all, and happy late new year!

Cold Shoulder

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Language, Steve’s kind of a jerk, angst, fluff

Word Count: 1700+

Request: Can i request? Steve and reader are in a relationship, Steve gets mad at reader because she’s been too reckless on a mission and disobey his orders? So he gives her the cold shoulder and she’s trying to make him forgive her while he’s working which made him more pissed off and he snapped at her and she gets angry and tells him that she worries about him too and they made up in the end :)? Thank you

A/N: So, this had been sitting in my inbox for a while and I’m so sorry I’m just now getting to it!! I did end up tweaking it a little bit to fit with how it ended up. I hope you enjoy it! 

The gifs, not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

A boom rattled the walls and windows, causing the three sitting in the living room to jump and pivot in the direction of the noise. Bucky, Wanda and Sam twisted around, tense at the loud footsteps that headed towards them, at the ready for whatever was to come. Coming around the corner, Steve charged into the room. His lips were pulled tight, the rage rolling off of him in waves. The three relaxed only enough knowing the threat wasn’t an intruder. Their eyes followed Steve as he crossed through the room, shooting each other worried glances.

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anonymous asked:

Is there anything you especially dislike about Korean society? I know that the country has a lot of problems but what are the worst ones for you? Like things that make you go 'omg i'm so sorry you have to deal with that'. I find Korean culture, language, society, media etc really fascinating but man, the general public sure has to suffer a lot. :/

Lol girl don’t get me started…

Actually I have to make a presentation in my one class that is only foreigners. We were told to it could be about any feature of Korean society. I’m thinking about doing it about the concept of 헬조선. My professor is probably going to be thrilled that of all things in Korea I chose that, but I’m excited. It’s gonna be great when the presenters before me do topics like ~Hallyu~ ~Korean 정~ ~marriage in Korea~ and then I’m gonna come up like “hey guise lemme tell you why people think Korea is LITERALLY HELL.”

There’s a new movement where some Koreans have started to reject the term 헬조선 because at least the people in hell are sinners who deserve to be punished, while Koreans get punished even if they did nothing wrong. Worse-than-hell 조선. Hahahaha

Many problems in Korea stem from the suffocating societal pressure to be perfect. Nobody is proud of their own accomplishments, because they are never enough. Getting into any big university in Seoul is a feat, but it’s nothing to be proud of if you didn’t get into SKY. Getting an 850 on the TOEIC is very hard if you’ve never even lived in an English-speaking country, but it means nothing, because somebody else got a 950. And the (depressingly) hilarious part is that even those who do get perfect scores in everything, and do graduate from Seoul National, and do get hired at some big company like Samsung, still usually end up in a job where they work their asses off constantly every day of the week with little rest. The only difference is they’ll have more money. Putting money as the only goal does not a happy society make.

This is what leads to suicidal high school students that come home from hakwon at 12am. Men who come home at 2am completely drunk out of their minds. Women, many of whom spend their day working too, just to come home and take care of her husband’s demanding parents who expect them to keep a perfect household. Of course that gets into the next big problem which is people treating everyone below them badly. It’s not uncommon to see bosses who treat employees like their personal slaves, professors who treat their students like their personal slaves, and so on and so on. 

On top of worrying if you’re good enough, Koreans also have to worry if they’re normal enough. Koreans expect that everyone else will and should act just like they do personally. This is why being foreign in Korea is already kind of a sin it itself. As a foreigner I’ve heard Koreans often make claims that contradict each other, prefacing each one with “that’s the way it is here in Korea.” Whenever they see someone doing something in public that goes against their personal moral code, they attribute it not to difference of opinion, but “strangeness” or even insanity in the other person. Instead of tackling these differences case-by-case, they argue over who’s opinion is more widely held by other people and thus common law. Telling someone on the bus you wish they wouldn’t eat chips next to you? Too hard. It’s preferable to instead start a giant discussion about it with other people to establish whether or not eating chips on the bus is going against Korean moral code or not. If it is, that chip-eating person was a crazy, immoral jerk not worthy of Korean society. Lol.

Every decision must first be evaluated on the basis of how the people around you will react. Even if you personally want something, it’s unacceptable in the case that the people around you, be it your family, friends, or even strangers, don’t approve. One’s decisions aren’t necessarily intended to make oneself happy, but to make others happy. This extends into the way one looks. Changing one’s appearance is not seen as a way to express oneself, but as a way to be more acceptable to the society. This is why Korea has the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. While western people are thought to get plastic surgery for personal vanity, Koreans do it just to be considered “acceptably normal.” 

The last thing I’ll point out is that Koreans are opportunists. They see no problem with using other people to get ahead. You may argue that this is a facet of every capitalist society, and I would agree with you, but the extreme competitiveness in Korea makes it even more pronounced. Koreans are not afraid to pretend to befriend somebody so that they can gain something from them. They see this as a fact of life. It’s nice as a foreigner to have Koreans come up to you on the street desperate to be “friends” with you, until you realize they’re just looking for free English practice/help.

So yeah these are the reasons, along with some others, that I don’t think I can keep living in Korea much longer. I originally intended to, as I really loved my life here the first couple of years, (and there’s still things I love about Korea ofc) but seeing so many sad worn-down people around me has really taken the joy out of Korean life. Doesn’t help that being treated as an outsider forever sucks. If you’re not Korean, no amount of Korean fluency or cultural knowledge makes you “normal.” You’re always an other.

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How would you fix an unhealthy INTP?

Are you talking about someone else or yourself?

If it’s someone else: you can’t fix them. Only they can fix them, and to do that, they have to come to their own understanding and admission that they have problems and realize it’s their responsibility to change. It’s been my experience that you cannot even get a lot of people to admit to their flaws; and if you continue to point them out, hint at them, exploit them, or talk about them, all that will happen is the crumbling of your relationship and their hatred of you.

Now, if you’re talking about how to fix yourself as an unhealthy INTP… that’s doable but also complex, because you have to figure out where the root of the unhealthiness lies and what it is.

Ti/Fe imbalances and lack of health primarily manifests in: finding other people utterly irrational / stupid and correcting them / devaluing them based on their intellect regardless of how this impacts your relationships.

This is Sheldon Cooper in a nutshell. He is so arrogant, and so detached from his Fe, that he will smack down anyone he thinks is being stupid, without thought to how it will ruin his relationships and/or backfire (such as correcting or sneering at his boss), which winds up causing him problems.

The solution to this is to realize relationships form social circles, and you can use those social circles to advance; as Keira Knightley’s character tells Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, “To get ahead, you need people to like you.” Fe is a useful tool for bonding people, getting them to work together, and making them like you, so you can achieve greater things. If you are constantly shooting people down, making them feel like crap, shaming their logic in front of peers, and caring nothing for their feelings, they will leave you to fester and die in the proverbial desert when you need help, because they do not like you.

Correction includes pausing to consider whether it is necessary to say that, to argue with that, to point that out, to mock that person and/or their beliefs, and to think about how it might make them “feel” if you did it.

Ne/Si imbalances can manifest in one of two ways:

Ne-heavy means you are impulsive, often engaging in projects and either abandoning them before they are complete, or launching them into the world before you have sufficiently tested their validity and have all your ducks in a row – which means you are devaluing careful craftsmanship, you may not have all the necessary details to build up a firm case, and/or you have no follow through.

The solution is to work on Si development, so you are more careful, you slow down to learn new information in a systematic manner (and are able to store it in your mind and remember it on demand), you learn to sort through good ideas and choose the best one, then develop the patience to see it through, and you have a precise path of information that led you to this conclusion.

Si-looping means you have under-developed your Ne; it often manifests in being resistant to change, fearing you will never have new ideas, dwelling on the past and or blaming the distant past for your present unhappiness, being stuck in a rut, never wanting to venture out of your comfort zone, or being obsessed with details that slow down your progress. You may have a negative or pessimistic view of the future and kill your own ideas as soon as you have them, because you are fearful of moving forward. This can cripple you.

The solution is to work on Ne-development, so you are open to new ideas and possibilities, you have more than one or two ideas to work with, you can change course and adapt quickly when you discover a problem with your work, you have excitement about the future and its potential, and you counter any negative thought with a positive one almost immediately. To activate Ne, you must introduce yourself to new ideas / perspectives / experiences (watch something in a genre you ordinarily would not try out, read about a famous figure in history and/or a science, philosophy, psychology, etc., book to expand your thinking and focus you on abstracts, and commit to one new experience or different method of doing things per week.)

If your dominant function is unhealthy, it means all your functions are unhealthy below it – so you need to find the first problem, and work to correct that, then continue to re-adjust as you move down the stack and grow in development.

Good luck,

- ENFP Mod

[14/01/17] Some history notes again ✨ realised all my notes look the same lmao oh well might change it up sometime soon 😂 I have no homework to do this weekend because I finished it all last week so I’m hoping to work on my GPR essay today and maybe some maths revision flashcards just so I can get ahead ☺ have a great day you lovely people 💕💫

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Could you write Viktor, Guang Hong and Leo surprising their s/o by picking them up at the airport after they have been away on a long business trip? Thank 😁

Ugh these types of moments are wonderful ;-; I cherish the airport reunion troupe like a religion. It’s so cute and I simply loved writing this. Thank you for the requests; I hope you enjoy~ ((This got kind of long, so I put Leo and Guang Hong under the cut to save time for people scrolling by))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • The last few weeks have been extremely lonely for you and your boyfriend, since you’ve been on a lengthly and important business trip
  • and you may or may not have had to keep yourselves somewhat content by engaging in phone sex every few days but hey whatever gets you through it
  • But the day has finally come, and you’re stepping into the terminal of the airport and ready to go home to see Viktor
  • You remember that you promised Viktor that you would call him as soon as you landed and pull out your phone to dial his number
  • You keep a fast pace while you hold your phone to your ear to get to the luggage carousel, ready to get the hell out of there
  • you feel so stressed and worn down and you have to carry all of your shit and U G H you’re ready to die
  • Viktor answers the phone right away and you know he was waiting around for your expected call; you tell him about your flight, but you can’t help but notice how loud everything sounds on his end of the phone
  • “Ah, sorry, (Y/N). There’s a lot of people here. Oh, damn, that person is so beautiful. Oh my god. (Y/N), I think I’m seeing an angel…”
  • “Viktor? Where are you? Are you hitting on someone else? Who is it? What are you—?!“
  • You’re cut off when a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and lift you off of the ground
  • A scream nearly leaves your mouth, but Viktor’s laugh invades your eardrums and his familiar scent fills your nostrils
  • i am willing to bet millions of dollars that he wears expensive-ass designer cologne imported from other countries js
  • He releases you and turns you around, and you’re greeted with his familiar eyes, smile, and hair; it’s the most comforting sight you’ve ever seen
  • You throw your arms around him, hugging him tight and peppering kisses on his face wherever you can reach
  • “I see you missed me, love. I missed you more. Let’s go home and make up for the time we lost, shall we?”
  • Viktor carries your luggage and things all the way to his car, insisting that you relax and rest after your long trip
  • You allow yourself to doze off in the front seat while Viktor safely escorts you home, holding your hand across the console the entire drive home

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being as anxiety-ridden as he is, this whole trip has made him nervous and anxious ever since you left, and you can say you’ve felt the same for the last few days
  • It’s only been about a week or so, but Yuri is worried about being separated from you and he misses you with all of his heart
  • And you feel the same, but the exhausting feeling increases ten-fold as soon as you step off of the airplane and into the airport
  • and you’re so anxious to get home but you look at your phone quick and yuri texted you and told you how much he loves you ;-; that alone is a good enough reason to push through and get home
  • You go through the airport in a haze, collecting your luggage and dragging it out to the sidewalk without much recollection of how far you’ve actually walked since getting off of the airplane
  • You do your best to hail a cab, but no drivers seem to stop for you, and you become frustrated quickly
  • and honestly ???? you’re debating just walking home because you just want to see your damn boyfriend already
  • Finally, a cab driving rather erratically pulls up to the curb, and you gratefully open the back door and throw your luggage onto the seat and crawl in after it
  • Once the door is closed, you tap on the window separating you from the driver rather to tell them your destination
  • The window opens, revealing the sweet, blushing face of your boyfriend who is sitting in the passenger seat of the cab with a dumb smile on his face
  • You yell his name and throw your arms though the window, eagerly touching his face and hair that you missed so much
  • he wishes he could hug you but of course he couldn’t sit in the back or that would ruin the surprise, so he just hold your wrists and laughs at your excitement
  • “Ah, (Y/N), I missed you so much and I love you! You’re tired, yeah? Don’t worry, we’ll get you home safe and then we can relax.”
  • You raise your eyebrows because you are unsure of who ‘we’ is referring to, but the window opens a bit wider to reveal Viktor sitting in the driver’s seat
  • Yuri quickly exist the vehicle and joins you in the back seat, though you have to practically sit in his lap because your luggage is taking up so much room.\
  • “Don’t worry, (Y/N), you and Yuri will be home soon, and you can continue your reuniting ritual in private, okay?”
  • Viktor winks at the both of you with a flip to his bangs before closing the window and driving off, leaving you and Yuri blushing in the backseat while you hold each other in your arms

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Even though Yuri is a hard-ass and is always acting emotionally detached and independent, the last few weeks have really taken a toll on his sanity
  • He misses you more than anything, and he’s been spending a bit too much time in his room while he awaits your arrival
  • You’re eager to see him to, and you bounce anxiously on your toes while you wait for you luggage to come around the carousel
  • and you’re tired enough as it is but like just wait lmao it’s gotta get worse before it gets better so oops sorry hun
  • You glance at your phone and see a notification that your Lyft driver has cancelled, and you no longer have a ride home
  • Internally, you panic because you have no idea how long it’ll be before you can get home to see your precious Yura
  • You hurriedly grab your suitcase as soon as you see it and bolt outside, hoping to get on the phone and get a ride as soon as possible
  • you want call yuri but ???? it’s super late at night and he might be sleeping so he can be more awake once you come home like f U cK
  • You sit on a bench and go to Lyft, hoping to be able to find another ride this late at night, but your hopes are not up
  • It takes a few minutes, but you’re able to find a ride; you don’t even look at the driver’s profile before accepting it
  • Less than ten minutes later, a blue car pulls up to the curb where you’re sitting, and you eagerly get up and open the door to the back seat
  • You drop your suitcase to the sidewalk in shock when you see your Yura sitting in the back seat of the car with a variety of snacks and a fairly large cat stuffed animal
  • and you’re so excited that you drop all of your shit on the ground and pounce on your boyfriend like lmao you were so SCARED BUT NOW IT’S OKAY
  • Yuri’s grandpa is driving, and you’re surprised you didn’t recognize his vehicle; you’ve been in it many times before
  • You get yourself and your belongings situated and cuddle right up to Yuri, and he accepts your embrace by molding his body against yours
  • “This was all Grandpa’s idea, (Y/N). Sorry if we scared you, but this whole thing was planned. Don’t worry now, though, we’ll get home and rest for a while. Does that sound good?”
  • You nuzzle your face into his jacket and relax into your boyfriend’s body heat, drifting off now that you and your love are reunited

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BTS | You’re Shy And Push Everyone Ahead Of You So You Don’t Embarrass Yourself

thisisnoteuropeanstyle said:

I actually meant that you’re pretty much saying that everyone else should have an chance of meeting them and you’re willing to stay behind until everything is over, just so that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself publicly or that if they need to do some missions you shouldn’t participate with them (theme is bf/gf). I would like to know what they would do with someone who blends into the crowd and making others shining in the spotlight.

You may think you blend in with the crowd, but not enough for Jin not to notice you. He’s a caring person and as such he would notice your behavior right away and call you up to him causing looks to be sent your way from other fans.

“Don’t worry about them,” he would say, “You’re a fan too and you’re here to enjoy yourself. It’s okay to be shy, but don’t try and deprive yourself of having fun too.”

Originally posted by jjilljj

He might not notice at first, too busy talking to the other fans to see what you were actually doing. Then after a few minutes he would notice that you weren’t letting people go ahead of you like it was just your friends or people that you knew and that you had this shy expression on your face.

He would pretend like he saw you getting pushed out of the way by other fans and call you up to him telling you that he saw what you were doing and that it was okay and that you didn’t need to be shy around him.

Originally posted by mn-yg

This ball of sunshine…he might be worried at first that maybe you didn’t actually want to meet him specifically and that’s why you kept pushing people ahead of you. That maybe you had accidentally gotten in the wrong line…but then it’d occur to him that you were actual being shy and not wanting to go up to him.

So being him he would go around the table and go to you and smile at you. “It’s alright…here, do you want me to sign that for you?”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
You might think that no one would notice the fact that you were trying to blend in with everyone else and pushing people ahead of you to try and avoid getting chosen for any of the fan meet games and so other people had a better opportunity. But Namjoon noticed and instead of randomly selecting someone for himself he decided to choose you. Not to embarrass you; but because he noticed what you were doing.

“I know you were trying to avoid getting chosen to come up here and you were letting other people go ahead of you, but you don’t have to be shy,” he said putting his arm around you as you tried to hide your face, “You have nothing to be afraid of.” 

Originally posted by cmtae

You trying to hide behind the other fans before the selections of fans for the missions only made him notice you more. With as much confidence as his hip thrusts exude on stage he knows what it’s like to get shy so he immediately recognized why you were pushing people ahead of you. Which is why when it was time to choose, he chose you. 

Going up there he could see how heavy you started to breath and he grabbed your hand and looked right and you. “I can see that you’re really nervous, and if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to, but you don’t have to be afraid not only me but the rest of the guys will support you like you support us.”

Originally posted by jikookshandshake

I apologize in advance, he’s a sweetheart and a little shit but I can see him having so much fun at the meet and greats that he didn’t even realize how shy you were. So when you were randomly selected for one of the missions and you slowly walked up there with a terrified look on his face he would be worried that you didn’t actually want to be up that. That of course wasn’t the case, you were just afraid you were going to embarrass yourself in front of him and the other fans.

“Oh…your just shy…I was afraid you didn’t like me…”

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Like Yoongi he might not even notice at first, but then when he did he would usher you up to him and, even if the staff hated it, would give you an extra minute or two to talk with him since your nerves were trying to get the best of you.

“It’s okay, just take your time…no need to get flustered.”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


You Look At Me Differently-Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader Part 2

Summary: After finding out that they are engaged to each other, best friends (Y/N) and Ubbe find that this has put a massive strain on their relationship. Ubbe is adamant that he wants to marry Margrethe instead but he cannot have his way.

Characters: Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader, Ragnarssons x Reader (platonic), Aslaug Sigurdsdottir x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Some swearing, arguing


Dawn was breaking as I entered Kattegat. Light spread across the village, casting away the shadows of the night; if only it could cast away my pain. It was still cold, I hugged the shawl tighter around me. After Ubbe had left in the night, I had cried myself to sleep, my dress and the position I was laying in making it a very uncomfortable night. Thankfully no one was out yet, I was trying to make my way to my room without anyone seeing me.

“Sneaking back in? And where were you last night?” I heard Ivar’s voice coming from the blacksmith’s stall. He was sharpening his axe.

I ignored him, something I usually didn’t do. Although Ubbe and I were probably the closest of the group, Ivar had a soft spot in my heart. His brothers constantly teased him about being a cripple, something he couldn’t help. Even though I could not speak about everything with him, we were still good friends.

I heard is body crawl towards me.“You are ignoring me. What is wrong?”

“It is none of your concern.”

“This is about your engagement, isn’t it? I thought you would be happy.”

“That’s the problem, I’m the only one who is glad about it.”

“Do not be jealous or worry about Margrethe, she is just a slave girl, a casual fuck. Ubbe will forget about her.”

“I thought he would but he proved me wrong last night. I honestly don’t know what to do.”

“He has to do this, mother said so.”

“She may be in charge of Kattegat but she does not control his heart! I may as well runaway to avoid the embarrassment.”

He grabbed the end of my skirts, stopping me due to his upper body strength. Ivar’s face looked very angry.“Listen to me, Ubbe is an idiot! He does not understand that this isn’t just about him or you, it’s about uniting two kingdoms so that we may defeat any enemies that come our way.” His grip loosened, a smirk now on his face.“Besides, if he still refuses, you can just marry me.”

I tried not to but I gave into my laughter. He never showed kindness around others, only to me and his mother. We heard some people coming out of their houses, getting ready for the day ahead.

“Go, you look like you need to rest.” he suggested before going back to the blacksmith’s.

It was rare that Ivar was so sympathetic. As he left me by myself, I scurried towards my room, avoiding people and their confused gazes. They would never usually see the princess out at this time. Finally reaching home, a genuine smile started to stretch on my face until I heard his voice.

“(Y/N), I thought you weren’t returning so soon?” he nonchalantly said, crossing his arms and leaning against my door.

“Please Ubbe, let me pass.” I begged, about to cry by just seeing him.

He shrugged, standing up straight. My hand had only just turned the door handle when he harshly whispered in my ear.

“Just know that I will find a way around this.”

I was in shock as he walked away. Ubbe had never acted like this. If course he had expressed his dissatisfaction but this was just cruel now, he knew it was hurting me. Escaping to my room at long last, I threw myself on the bed, curling up and clutching the pillow as some sort of comfort. This was too much. I was going to try and be strong but I didn’t think I could anymore. How was I supposed to marry him if he was to act like this?


A few days passed after that, Ubbe had not said anything about the marriage. Everyone was surprised by this, there was no more talk of not going through with this. I had not talked to anyone, or at least talked a lot ever since the announcement. Aslaug knew of my discomfort with it all but wouldn’t call it off. My father was to arriveI next week for the ceremony, a big event I was very scared about.

Ubbe’s brothers were trying to help me through all this. They saw how their oldest sibling was acting and were as confused as I was. I had decided to escape from the wedding planning, walking down to the small river within the woods to get some peace. Sitting beside it and spreading my skirts around me, I took a deep breath. Wedding planning was stressful in itself, having to do it all with someone who now despised you was even harder. The soothing sounds of the running water along with the occasional noise from animals inhabiting the area calmed me down. My eyes remained closed for a while until I heard someone approaching; subtly reaching into my boot, I pulled out a knife, preparing myself from an attack. It was too noisy to be an animal, it had to be human. I heard it behind me, I whipped around, slitting a knee and making the person fall to the floor. They let out a cry of pain before I knew who they were.

“Ubbe! Ubbe, I’m so sorry.” I panicked as I saw him clutching one of his knees, though I had not cause major damage.

“It’s alright, it’s just a scratch.” he hissed.

I backed away from him.“Sorry.”

I sat back down in my previous spot. There was no telling what he was going to say so there was no point trying to make conversation. I waited for him to say something horrible to knock me down or go on about how gorgeous Margrethe was looking today. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sit beside me, also taking in the view.

“Such a lovely place to relax.” he commented.

I nodded.

“Do you find yourself here often?”

“Sometimes.” I mumbled.

“Please speak to me.”

“Why should I after all the things you said to me?”

“We are soon to be married.”

“Not according to you. Go fuck Magrethe’s brains out, if she even has one.”

I could see him tense at that.“I have come to a realisation.”

“No, what you’ve come to realise is that you cannot get out of this. We’re stuck in matrimony whether you like it or not.” I stood up, smoothing down my skirts.

Ubbe leapt up too, stopping me from going anywhere.“Yes we are both in this meaning we need to come to a compromise-”

I scoffed.“A compromise?! Let me guess, you want Margrethe as a mistress? Unlikely!”

“What would it matter if she was!? You heard my mother, we font have to love each other!”

“No, no, no, that’s the point I’ve been trying to make! I confessed to you not so long ago and you left….just left me to wallow in sadness at the thought of someone not loving me back.”

“Someone will love you.”

“And why can’t that be you? You don’t see it do you?” I decided to test him.“Be truthful, do you love Margrethe?”

His eyes widened, a if he had gone mad.“You already know the answer to that.”

“That’s what I thought.” I stated before barging past him


Here I was again, training with the princes. As always they were bickering over something stupid, acting like children. Why was I here?

Because there was no more need for wedding planning.

Pulling my bow back, I let go of it, watching the arrow drive into the centre of the target. There were four other arrows surrounding it, I hadn’t missed yet. This should have made me happy, I was getting better. Before I could even look away, Hvitserk and Sigurd’s voices got louder, trying to outboast each other because each thought they were the best warrior. I had had enough.

“SHUT UP THE PAIR OF YOU!” I screamed, throwing my bow harshly to the floor.

They were both startled by my sudden tantrum, I had been so quiet over the past week. Ivar also froze, looking between us all.

“Day in and day out it’s just arguments between all of you. You’re the sons of Ragnar, you should be united and strong, not acting like children fighting over a toy!” my voice was still loud though not like before.

They hated to be told off, especially from me. They found it humiliating, especially when it was in public. But I could see Sigurd’s anger rise too.

“Just because the wedding was called off doesn’t mean you have to take out your anger on us.” he knew that it would cut deep.

Before I could say anything back or storm away, an axe flew straight past Sigurd, missing his nose by a few inches, hitting the tree beside him. Even more furious, Sigurd looked to his baby brother who was dragging himself to us. Hvitserk knew to stay out of this, slightly backing away.

Ivar sat next to my feet.“How dare you say such things to (Y/N). You, Sigurd, even said last night that our older brother was an idiot. He has thrown away a perfect wife and a chance to unite two kingdoms. He cannot think straight with that slave girl waving her tits in his face.”

Sigurd lowered his head.

“It is our brother who is in the wrong, not her. Apologise.”

I could see he was slightly enjoying this a bit too much but I wasn’t going to stop him.

“I am sorry (Y/N), truly. Our brother should be marrying you.”

I sighed.“It’s alright.”

They went back to fighting each other, wanting to get away from the awkward silence left afterwards. I smiled down at Ivar.

“Thanks again. You always know how to make me happy.”

He looked up with a smirk soon with a twinkle in his eyes.“Anything for you. Looks like you’ll be marrying me after all.”

Only Reason - Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: death, angst, tiny bit of fluff, then more angst

Summary: Being an agent meant being prepared for the unexpected. You were prepared when you suddenly got x-ray vision from a mission gone wrong. You were prepared when aliens attacked New York City. You were prepared when you fell in love with Pietro Maximoff. But, you were not prepared for Sokovia.

Word Count: 3361

The only reason you were in Sokovia was because of a someone else. That someone else was there because of you. Honestly, sometimes you questioned why both of you decided to be with the Avengers.

A kid clutched your arm as you ran with a group of people. “Where’s Papa?” the child asked you.

You smiled a little. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him later.” You tapped a teen boy on the shoulder. “What’s your name?”

“August,” he said.

“Can take care of little Milo for me?”

He nodded quickly and took Milo’s hand.

You scanned the surroundings. “Wait!” You quickly ran to the front of the of the group. “Hide over here!” You guided the people behind a pile of rubble just as a few robots passed.

“Go!” you yelled. There were no mini ultrons in sight. You stared into the buildings. The buildings melted away from your sight and you could see past them. There was a whole fleet coming on the left. Straight ahead, there were less killer robots, while on the right there was a handful to worry about. You took your gun from its holster. “To the right!” you instructed.

You jogged and told the civilians. “Get the kids in the middle!” You looked back. “‘Anyone have a gun?”

A few people emerged from the crowd with guns. One person even had a blaster from one of the ultrons. You grinned. “If you can use it, shoot any silver thing that moves. We’re going to encounter,” you checked the surroundings again, “a little more than a dozen robots the way we’re going.”

“How do you know that?” a woman to your left asked you.

You shrugged. “X-ray vision.” You shot a robot then another. “Not to be confused with,” you shot another, “Vision himself.”

“Who?” a man asked as he missed a robot. He shot again and finally disabled the mini ultron.

You shook your head. “Never mind.” You sprinted ahead. “Come on.” The robots were rushing from the left. You looked behind you. There were too many people. You had to get them through first. You stopped. “Go ahead. I’ll hold them off.”

“What about you?” a man asked.

You looked through the buildings. “There’s no time. Go!”

The crowd moved ahead of you while you trekked ahead. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Machines whirred nearby. You shot one robot, ducked, and shot another. There were four more of them in front of you, two behind you, and a few more around them. There was a group of them behind the buildings, and they were coming in fast.

“If anyone can hear me,” you whispered, “I’m gonna need some backup.” You shot one two, the first one again. You dodged and brought some down with only your hands and feet. You took out hard drives and wires you knew were important to functioning. You shot a third and a fourth, brought down a fifth, and kicked a sixth twice in the head and then some.

Just as you finished off the one closest to you, you looked up and surrounding you were many mini ultrons. You couldn’t even see the rubble and buildings around you. You gulped. “Anyone there?” you asked.


“Pietro?” Your voice shook.

“Hang on!”

You whipped out two guns and twirled them around your fingers. Just as the crowd closed in on you, you shot two, and your surroundings swirled around in a blur. “Pietro,” you whispered. You tightened your grip around his neck and buried your face into his neck.

When you came to an abrupt stop, Pietro held you close for a few seconds. “I thought I was going to lose you for a second there.”

You laughed. “Oh, please, I have you, don’t I?” You jumped down from his arms and reloaded your guns. “We gotta get back.”

Your boyfriend stared at you with sad eyes. He didn’t want you to be with him, but he had to be there. He had to help defeat the monster he had helped. Pietro knew better than to argue with you. He kissed your cheek. “Be careful.”

You blushed. “Of course.”

Pietro started to walk away. “Whenever you need help-”

“I’ll call you.” Your boyfriend ran off and left you with another kiss on the cheek and the squeeze of his hand.

You smiled and cocked your guns. You scanned your surroundings for anything living or any of the killer robots. When nothing was in sight, even behind the rubble, you twirled your guns around and groaned. “Pietro,” you groaned. Leave it to your boyfriend to leave you in the middle of nowhere. That man was too clever.

“I want to keep you safe, sweetheart!” he responded through the comms.

With blood rushing to your cheeks, you sputtered, “I’m an Avenger, Pietro, and I-”

“Not to interrupt,” Tony’s voice cut in, “but we have a job to do. Need a lift, (Y/n)?”

You evened out your breathing. “That would be nice.”

“Wait,” your boyfriend relented. “I’ll take her.”

“Could you hurry it up, please?” Natasha asked. “I need my partner in crime over here.”

You laughed.

Just then, Pietro picked you up and dropped you off next to Natasha. He left with another kiss on the cheek and ran off. You beamed and took out your guns. “Ready, Nat?”

“Is that even a question?”

With a laugh, you shot two ultrons and continued to help out Natasha. You gave a few reloads

After leading an elderly couple and a few of their grandchildren to the boats, you raced back into the action and listened to the comms.

“We need to get everyone to the boats!” Steve instructed. “The air’s getting thin.”

You thanked your spy training for your above average lungs.

Suddenly, you were thrown to the side. You raised your hand to shoot at whatever hit you, but you couldn’t see anything. Everything was too blurry. With your other hand, you reached up to touch your head, and you felt the familiar stickiness of blood.

A robot floated above you, and the only way you could be sure about that was the noise of whirring machines and the blur of grey in front of you. You aimed your gun for the grey blob. You shot it twice and sighed with relief when it fell to the floor. You gasped as pain seared your side. You reached for your injury, and you weren’t surprised when your fingers met blood. You leaned your head back and took a deep breath. You needed to get to the boats for medical help.

“Guys,” you whispered. You stumbled to your feet. When no one answered you and blackness crawled into the corners of your eyesight, you cleared your throat. “Pietro,” you muttered. “Pietro,” you said a little louder.

“Sweetheart, what happened?”

“Lady (Y/n), do you know where you are?” Thor asked.

Tony informed you, “(Y/n), I can’t locate you. Something must be wrong with your earpiece. (Y/n)?”

You vaguely heard Pietro say something else, but the blackness was creeping up on you. Grey blobs swarmed in your vision, and you didn’t need your spy skills to know you were being surrounded by ultrons. “I love you, Pietro,” you whispered. You pulled out your guns and shot a few bullets, you weren’t sure how many. An ultron tried to grab, but you ducked just in a time. However, the ultron wasn’t aiming to grab you. It was aiming for your earpiece, and it was successful. You gave it your all until your legs shook and gave way under you.

The last thing you saw was something that wasn’t grey. It was someone. “Pietro?”

You were wrong. Pietro was somewhere else as he raced across the city, trying to find you. “(Y/n)!” He cussed under his breath. “Sweetheart, where are you? I can-”

“Pietro, I don’t have her vitals,” Tony said with a gulp.

“That can’t be,” your boyfriend shook his head. “There was something wrong with her earpiece. You can’t track her because it broke. I can find her. If you just got off my back, I could find her.”

Everyone was silent over the comms.

Your boyfriend let out a scream. “Stop doing that! She’s alive. She has to be!” He looked under rubble and ran up buildings.

“Pietro, I need you to help us get people on the boats,” Steve said.

Pietro stopped at the top of the building, and he desperately wished for a sign that you were still alive. Then, he saw it. A robot flew right past him, but he saw something that was off about the robot. That mini ultron had something in his hand that didn’t belong to him. Pietro growled and ran after it. Seeing as the ultron had a leg missing, it wasn’t hard to capture it and pry out what it had in its hand.

It was your earpiece. Pietro examined the earpiece for a second and dropped it in shock. There was blood coating half of it.

You were gone. You were… dead. He clenched his fists. How could you be dead? It couldn’t have been. You had x-ray vision. You could see attacks coming from a mile away! You were trained in combat, stealth, and strategy. How could someone so talented, so kind, and so breathtakingly beautiful, die? The only reason he was there was because of you! How could his only reason be…

“Brother?” Wanda said through the comms. “We have to get out of Sokovia.”

Your last words… Your last words were telling him that you loved him. That might’ve not been your last words. He didn’t know because he wasn’t there!

“Pietro,” Wanda screamed for the fourth time.

Pietro gulped. “Yeah, I’m coming.” He picked up your earpiece, shoved it in his pocket, and sped off. Just as the boats were in sight, he spotted Clint, a child whimpering in his arms. Bullets rained down from above, and they weren’t stopping. Pietro smiled a little. It was almost too perfect of an opportunity. He’d save his friend and a child, all while heading back to you.

He could almost hear you telling him not to think such things, to get to the boat as fast as he could, to live his life the way he wanted. That was the thing, though. Pietro wanted to live his life with you, and if you were, no because you were dead, he couldn’t live the life he wanted. “Sorry, sweetheart,” he whispered.

He darted around. Pietro placed a car in front of Clint and the child as bullets seared through his chest and legs. It burned, but even so, Pietro smiled at the thought of getting back to you.

He met Clint’s eyes, and Pietro just beamed. “Didn’t see that coming?” He laughed a little, and his last thought was of you.

Hours after Ultron was defeated, S.H.I.E.L.D. was checking on all the survivors. Maria Hill stepped onto one of the last boats. A small boy tugged on Maria’s sleeve. “My friend needs medicine.”

Maria crouched down. “Ok, medical is coming, but we have a lot of people to tend to.

Milo’s eyes started to water. “But, she’s hurt real bad! There’s blood everywhere, and she hasn’t woken up.” He sniffed. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Milo!” August sighed in relief as he scooped the boy up in his arms. “Milo, what did I tell you about wandering off?”

The small child shivered and clutched August’s shoulder. “What about Ms. (Y/n)?”

Maria squinted at the kids. “(Y/n)?”

The teenager nodded. “Yeah. She saved a group of us up there. We’re trying to take care of her, but-”

“August, was it, did this (Y/n) work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

He nodded. “She had x-ray vision, if I remember correctly?”

“Take me to her.”

Sure enough, you were alive, barely. Thanks to the people you saved, you were bandaged up well. Maria thanked them before taking you elsewhere.

You were in and out of consciousness. You remembered moving, the sound of wheels on a smooth floor, and the voices of kids and some of the Avengers. Finally, you had enough energy to open your eyes for more than a minute.

“Pietro?” you whispered.

Your bed dipped, and you smiled at the thought of seeing your boyfriend.

“Ms. (Y/n)!”

You blinked a few times and rubbed your eyes. You giggled. “Milo, what are you doing here?” The kid you left him with was in the chair across, his hands shoved in his pockets. “August?”

The teen smiled a little. “Hey, you feeling ok?”

You nodded. “How are you here?”

“Iron Man said we could stay here while you get better,” Milo explained with a smile. He laid down next to you. “I can’t believe you know Iron Man! And Captain America, and Hawkeye, and everyone!”

You giggled. “Yeah, they’re friends. Speaking of,” you looked to August, “where are they?”

August’s eyes widened. “I’ll go get them!”

A few minutes later, Wanda came into your room. “Hey, (y/n).”

“Wanda.” You straightened your back and strained to look behind her. “Where’s Pietro? Is he coming?”

The light in her eyes flickered. “August, Milo, could you give us a minute?”

The kids nodded and left the room.

Wanda took a deep breath, patted down her pants, and sat on your bed. “Uh, (Y/n), Pietro’s not coming?”

You blinked a few times. You’ve been a spy long enough to know ‘the look.’ It’s what spies give to civilians when their loved one has passed away. No matter how good the spy, they could never mask that one look.

You inhaled shakily. It must’ve been the blood loss because there was no way Wanda was giving you that look.

“When is he coming?” you asked. Your voice grew dry. It wasn’t possible. He was the fastest person in the entire world. He could just die. He was too stubborn to die. He was too stubborn in general. He left you in a part of Sokovia where nothing was happening in an attempt to protect you! That same man couldn’t just die.

Wanda fidgeted with the blanket and looked at her lap. “(Y/n), we thought you were dead.”

The air grew dense, and you couldn’t breathe without getting choked up by tears.

“Your earpiece was stolen, and we couldn’t assess your vitals or find your location. You sounded so… in despair when we last heard from you. Everyone thought-”

“Well, obviously, I’m not,” you snapped. “Now, where’s Pietro?”

“(Y/n), Pietro’s,” she licked her lips and blinked back tears, “he’s dead.”

You shook your head. “No, he’s not. He can’t be.He-”

“He thought you were dead, (Y/n).” Wanda placed her hand on yours, but you just held your arms. The woman took a deep breath as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Pietro died saving Clint and a child.”

Your body grew cold. Pietro’s dead? Your cheeks began to burn as you remembered that was the last time he would ever kiss you. The last he’d run around, just to place quick kisses on your cheeks.The last time he’d call you sweetheart. The last time he’d just be there and tell you to be safe.

And it was your fault. You were the reason he was there. If you had just relented and begged for him not to go, maybe he’d…

Your chest felt empty, so very empty, that you were surprised when you started to cry. You furiously wiped the tears away. “No,” you whispered, “He couldn’t be-’

Wanda held your hand and cried with you.

Milo burst into the room with August behind him. Vision loomed over the two. “I’m sorry. I could not prevent them from coming in without harming them,” he apologized.

The younger child jumped onto your bed and hugged you. August rubbed your shoulder as tears of his own ran down his chin.

You bowed your head in shame. Spies don’t mourn until the trouble is over, and the trouble never ends. But how could you not mourn? It was Pietro, your Pietro. The man who put you above everything else as if your life was worth more than his. The man you put above everything else because that smile made you weak in the knees and you loved that feeling and you loved it when you were the cause of that smile.

And you couldn’t change it. There was no one you could shoot or interrogate or kill to bring him back. He was just gone, and you weren’t even there to hear his last words.

“I love him,” you whimpered. “Pietro,” your voice broke.

It had been years since Pietro died. You were still a spy, and you weren’t seeing anyone. Many people had tried to set you up, but you had more reasons to not date than to do so. Well three reasons. One reason was the August, and another was Milo.

“Milo, I told you no brownies today.”

“But, Mama-”

You took Milo away from the counter and placed him back on solid ground. “No, but’s.” You looked around as you placed the brownies on a higher shelf. “Where’s your brother?”

“Right here.” August strolled into the room with your laptop in one hand while his other typed furiously. “You know, the S.H.I.E.L.D. level clearance has changed from numbers to colors? So now, it’s clearance level red, orange-”

You smirked and took the laptop from him. “What did I say about hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D., August?”

“That it’s fun.”

“It is, but it is also illegal.” You placed your laptop on the counter and gave August his laptop. “If you’re going to hack anyone, hack Uncle Tony.”

August’s eyes lit up. “I can do that.”

You ruffled his hair. “That’s the August I love.”

The doorbell rang.

Your youngest beamed. “I’ll get it!” When he opened the door, Clint swooped in and scooped Milo into his arms. Your son laughed. “Uncle Clint!”

After Clint put him down and kissed his forehead, he brought in August for a hug. Clint smiled at you as his three children rushed in. You watched the kids with awe. August immediately paused his hacking activities and changed it to a game as Cooper looked over his shoulder. Lila and Milo began a friendly game of tag full of giggles, while little Nathaniel Pietro Barton waddled around.

Your eyes began to water.

“(Y/n), you ok?” Laura asked. She rubbed your back.

You smiled and wiped your eyes. “Yeah. Just,” you eyed little Nathaniel, “thank you for watching the kids.”

“Anytime.” She nodded towards the door. “Go.”

You grabbed your bouquet of flowers and kissed your kids goodbye before driving off. You parked your car and stared at the flowers. Your eyes burned with tears, but you had to do this. You took the flowers and stepped outside. You let the few thorns you for to cut off sting your palms. You didn’t even need to think as you walked the path you walked too many times before.

In a few minutes, you were standing over Pietro’s headstone. Tears fell onto the grass as you knelt down in front of it. “Hey,” you whispered. You mustered a smile and set the flowers down. You could almost hear him greeting you back with a sly smile and your nickname. You closed your eyes and tilted your head as your cheeks began to burn with missing kisses.

“Your sons are just as mischievous as you are,” you said. “Milo tried to sneak brownies past me. August knows how to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. I swear, even in death, you’re a bad influence.” You took a deep breath, but that didn’t help the pain in your chest. You opened your mouth to say something else, but you couldn’t say anything. You weren’t even sure if he could hear you. “I love you,” you whispered. “Always will.”

You stood up and left the graveyard.

Finally! I did it! I barely edited so it is longer than my usual. I hope you all like it. I did add more fluff than I expected myself too, but it was because I was so dissatisfied with my first ending, which was way more angsty and very very very cheesy than it made me cringe and I didn’t like it. Anyway, have a wonderful day guys! Love you all!

My only comment on the current fandom drama is this:

This is why I’ve stepped back from the SPN online fandom.



Summary: As a Slytherin student, you’ve learned to shrug away obnoxious Gryffindors who seem to get a kick out of hating on your house. If they’re so openly prejudiced and proud of it, you don’t need their validation anyways. But one night, as you’re fetching snacks for a party, you meet a Gryffindor who appears to be nicer than what his reputation lets on.

Pairing: Young!Sirius x Slytherin!Reader

Word count: 1054

A/N: Y/B/N stands for your brother’s name. Enjoy!

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“Thank you so much, take all the time you need,” you smiled to the house elf, having just told him what food you need.

You laid back against the wall behind you, the elf making its way back into the kitchen. There was a party in the Dungeon and people were getting hungry; you’d been tasked with getting snacks as you were one of the few people who could get their way around the kitchen. It wasn’t hard; all you had to do was be nice to the elves. You loved your house to death and would never have traded it, but sometimes you didn’t understand some of your housemates’ stances on a lot of things. You often blamed it on their upbringing; they were almost all purebloods. You were one yourself, but your mother wasn’t, and that had really had an impact on your education.

As you stood there waiting, practicing inoffensive charms that briefly lit up the air around your wand, you heard footsteps coming. Your first instinct was to hide your wand, but you relaxed seeing it was a student and not a teacher, or worse, Filch. 

“Oh, don’t stop for me love,” he said, the smirk actually audible in his voice as he stepped out of the shadows.

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If you go to a vendor area in a convention, and you’re looking at something that very clearly took a lot of work and is something that that vendor is very proud of, maybe don’t say VERY LOUDLY in front of said vendor, “Oh, I can do that.” And then say it’s awesome after that vendor makes a face.

Because by all means, if you can make something that looks like the below picture, do it and shut your face.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about what Raven said to Clarke? She was very harsh this episode and not very empathetic at all. She even brought Clarkes dad in it to hurt her on purpose at the end. I wasn't a fan of Raven this episode. I know she's stressed but man she was mean to people this episode.

I think people are always making a mistake if they assume that any of these characters are innocent cupcakes who never do anything wrong and need to be protected.

These characters are ALL ruthless badasses. Including Raven.

She has NEVER been torn up by all these moral dilemmas that we have Clarke and Bellamy questioning. NEVER. She didn’t worry about blowing people up, she was just glad to blow people up. She never concerned herself with saving lives. Or looking at the grounders as human. She is far more ruthless than Clarke and Bellamy and always has been. 

Her traumas have been about her personal loss and her personal pain and her inability to be mobile and independent, not about the deaths she caused or whether it was right. She’s the one who caused the ring of fire. Do you see her upset about it?


I don’t agree with her anger at Bellamy for sacrificing the generator for actual people, but it is perfectly in line with who Raven is as a person. She’s the tech person and she uses tech to reach her goals and she focuses on tech and how it works and what it can do and the lives lost along the way are inconsequential. She’s pragmatic and ruthless. 

I think Bellamy did the right thing, because he’s questioning, right now, if doing ANYTHING to survive, if harming other people to get ahead, means you don’t DESERVE to survive. Bellamy is not ruthless. Was Bellamy ever ruthless? They call him genocide king, but he might be up there with Abby and Lincoln in morality. He just hadn’t learned how to handle his morals yet, or to face the hard choices. He betrayed his morals many times in order to save people, but people like Jaha, Anya, Cage, Indra, Dr Tsing, Lxa, Gustus, Nia, Pike… they never betrayed their morals. They never questioned whether their actions were right or wrong. Their moral choices were always right to them because they served their needs. And all of them were antagonists. The ends justified their means.

Guess who we can put on that list? Raven. She never questioned the morality of her actions. Does that mean she’s always in the moral right? No.

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.