people for puget sound

As usual at this time of year, the sky was filled with fog and the air all around us was misty. My mother had the windshield wipers going, to wipe away the accumulated mist. But it was not really raining. If you stepped outside of the car, you would only gradually get damp, and only after a few hours would you actually be soaked.

I am merely explaining this because I have seen that people write about the Puget Sound region in the Pacific Northwest having a lot of rain. And this is not technically accurate. We do not have large amounts of rain that fall on us. Instead, we have a constant very low level of precipitation. It is as if we live inside of a cloud for nine months of the year.
—  Ned Hayes, The Eagle Tree

1. Classic skyline / aka Grey’s Anatomy
2. The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology—post interview
3. Hanging out at the Market
4. Reading at Puget Sound
5. The guy who made it all possible, @ryyanking who I met through tumblr, who told me about the school, and who picked me up from the airport, connected me with amazing people, and showed me life in Seattle.