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Love You Forever (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m still shook about last nights episode and i don’t think I will ever recover 😂 here is a very depressing but touching imagine. I might have cried writing this so I hope you guys don’t.
Warnings: death, depression, low self esteem
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader and Spencer are best friends at the BAU and the reader is in love with spencer and everyone can see it except him so when maeve gets taken the reader manages to save her but ends up getting killed
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader struggles with body image issues…
2 years.
For two years you have been working at the BAU.
1 year 27 weeks.
That’s how long you have been in love with Spencer Reid.
The whole team knew once you told Penelope but even though Spencer is a genius, he sure is oblivious to love.
He has been your best friend but never showed any interest in being more than friends, which you respected, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
It hurt when you saw Spencer sitting by himself, reminding you that you couldn’t be his.
He’s so independent.
He’s independent until you make him depend on you.
When he bottles up emotions, you find a way to make him talk to you, opening him up to release anything that was on his mind.
He claims you were the only one who could do that.
And one night, he told you something that shattered your heart.
“Her name is Maeve and… I really like her…” you basically spaced off after that.
Are you not good enough?
Is that what it was?
You felt a tear fall down your cheek.
Damn it.
Good thing Spencer was looking at his lap, where he was sitting crisscross on the couch in front of you.
You quickly wiped the tear, but Spencer noticed.
“Y/N are you okay?” He asked a hint of concern in his voice.
“Yeah I'm… I’m really happy for you.” You said quietly.
By now, he knew something was up.
Thoughts fled his mind as he tried to profile your emotions.
“Is there something you want to tell me? Your holding back something. I will listen I promise.” He said reaching for your hand but you pulled back, knowing his touch is just going to make you nauseous.
“I'm… I’m okay. I promise. I’m just… I’m really happy for you. Im glad you… you found someone.” You said, the last part quiet and filled with disappointment.
He didn’t believe you.
He assumed you needed time alone so he patted your shoulder and left your apartment.
You did need the alone time.
Well time away from him.
You need to try to get over him, find a distraction before this gets out of hand.
Over the past month Spencer has told you all about Maeve and how important she was to him, stabbing you repeatedly in the heart as he rambled about her.
“She’s already the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I don’t care what she looks like.” He said staring at the ceiling.
You broke down, you couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“Sorry I need to leave.” You said, your voice breaking as you sped away.
About a month after that, Maeve had gone missing and Spencer was torn.
It hurt you to see him like this, distant, scared and lost of hope.
He came to your door multiple times with red eyes and a runny nose.
You took care of him of course, but you were half tempted to hand him over to JJ so the pain would stop.
He could crumple in your arms as you stroked his soft hair, telling him it’s going to be okay.
He had even slept over a few times but the last time you couldn’t help it anymore.
When Spencer was sleeping, you kissed his forehead.
“Spencer Reid… I don’t know how I could fall in love with you so fast but… I guess it was just your personality and hearing your soft voice as you rambled about random stuff. But I love you. Not just as a friend but like… I would have liked to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to wake you up in the morning with coffee and shower you in kisses because you deserve the world. But, I know there’s someone else… to do that. I-I hope she treats you well because you deserve it. You deserve it and so much more.” You felt tears spill over your cheeks as you kissed his forehead once more before walking to the kitchen.
The next day, Spencer had put his life on the line.
You weren’t exactly sure what happened, but you know he risked his life.
Now you were on the way to the warehouse where Maeve was being held captive by Diane Turner.
You and the team walked in, guns out of holsters and out in front of you.
“You would kill your self for her?!” Diana yelled as Spencer stood in front of her with his hands in the air.
“Yes.” He said sincerely.
“Wait! Diane right? You had the thesis about suicide killing brain cells right?” You asked putting your gun back in its holster.
“Why do you care?” She snapped holding the gun tighter to Maeve’s head.
“It’s wrong. I read it. I’m actually the one who convinced Ms. Donovan to reject it. She knew it was wrong but I knew how a biased thesis like that would have never passed. Let me take her place. Killing Maeve won’t do you any good. But if you really want to kill someone… kill me.”
“Y/N what are you…”
“Let’s see how your thesis was wrong. I’m putting my life on the line. I’m willing to die. You have no proof that your thesis works. Let me be your test dummy. Do it shoot me.” You said throwing your gun to the side and taking off your FBI vest.
Multiple people were yelling.
“Put down the gun!”
“Y/N what the hell are you doing?”
“Stop taking off your vest.”
“Let her go.” You said keeping eye contact with her.
Diane slowly let go of Maeve and while she was doing so you charged at her, attempting to tackle her and take away your gun but you were interrupted by a loud boom.
You were shot in the pelvis, making you fall to the floor.
You could have swore that would have worked.
Your head hit the ground as you saw JJ run over to Maeve and Derek cuff Diane.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard Spencer say as your body was slightly lifted.
He pressed down on your wound, but nothing hurt.
“Hey your going to be okay.” He said brushing hair out of your face.
“No. No Spencer I’m not.” You said as you choked back tears.
“Don’t-don’t say that you will okay.” He said as tears filled his eyes.
“Spencer… I love you. I’ve loved you for-for a long time okay? Please take care of yourself. Please be careful. I love you so much I’m sorry I couldn’t do better.” You said choking on hot liquid that turned out to be blood.
You saw confusion and compassion in his eyes.
“No you-your going to live. Your going to live.” He repeated but you could already feel your body start to numb.
He was lost for words.
He wanted to say more but he was shocked and everything was coming together.
At that point he knew what was wrong with you that one night.
He now pieced together the little signs he never noticed until now.
How your pupils dilated when you looked at him.
How you got a little shy whenever he would touch you.
The redness in your cheeks when he would smile at you.
“I’m-I’m so sorry.” He said as tears fell down his face.
“You don’t have to-to be. Just know that I love you p-please.” You said with a faint smile.
His blood-covered hand shook as he hugged you tighter.
He started to cry.
Not just shed tears; he started to sob uncontrollably as he felt the last rise and fall of your chest.
“No no please. Someone help me please!” He yelled holding your faint body in his arms.
The medics finally got there and had you on life support, but it was your time.
You risked your life for Spencer’s happiness and if you could you would do it again.
All you wish of now, up in heaven, is that he keeps going.
That he lives a happy life and gets the care he deserves.

Fake Dating Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- “this can’t be real”
- you look down at the letter in your hands in complete and utter disbelief
- you immediately grab your cellphone and dial your best friend’s number
- the person on the other side says “oh hey (name)—” but you cut him off immediately and yell “SEUNGCHEOL IDC IF YOU’RE BUSY RIGHT NOW I’M COMING OVER” and you hang up and dash out the door
- you clutch the invitation in your hand so tightly while walking to seungcheol’s house it looks like a crumpled mess by the time you get there
- he opens the door and you stomp into his house while he just looks at you like okay what happened this time did the store run out of ice cream or what
- after taking your shoes off and everything, you march right up to him and hold out the crumpled piece of paper in your hand and he’s like “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ THIS NOW”
- he uncrumples the paper and flattens it out as much as he can before reading out loud “you are cordially invited to attend the wedding of (your ex’s name) and (your ex’s s/o’s name)…”
- you just get so angry hearing those words you plop onto his couch and bury your face into one of his pillows
- so basically what happened was that your ex dumped you after a THREE YEAR relationship and he did it just WEEKS before your planned wedding, who does that??
- you’ve been single since the breakup but him?? wow he moved on quick like he was over you within two weeks you discovered after stalking his social media accounts
- and now three years later he’s marrying someone else and he’s SERIOUS about it, you know he is because at least THEY got to send out their invitations……
- seungcheol sits down in the unoccupied space on the couch and pats your head
- “are you going to go?” he asks
- seungcheol just laughs “(name) you have to let go of your pride. at least congratulate them”
- you scream “DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?? HE’S OBVIOUSLY DOING THIS JUST TO SPITE ME” and he just gives you a look and says “you’re over-exaggerating”
- you bury your face into the pillow again and mumble “i can’t do it alone” but then your face lights up and you look up to smile widely at your best friend
- seungcheol’s face falls like omfg what are you thinking oh no
- and you just say “………be my boyfriend?”
- seungcheol just goes like “(name) why can’t you just go alone?? who cares if he sees you’re still single??”
- “I CARE JUST DO THIS FOR ME PLEASE??” you say while clasping your hands together
- you and seungcheol have been best friends forever this is nothing big since people have been assuming you two were together since like kindergarten
- seungcheol just sighs and says “okay fine. BUT YOU OWE ME FOR THIS” and you sit up and hug him tightly screaming “THANK YOU” over and over while he just laughs and hugs you back
- he then says “for the next few days i’m going to be asking myself why i’m doing this” and you say “psh you’re doing this because you love me”
- and he says “yeah… you’re right” but you don’t even notice the slight change in his tone because you’re just so glad your pride is saved good job
- so the next day you both decide to go shopping for clothes to wear at the wedding
- seungcheol says “what why can’t i wear any of my suits why do i need a new one”
- you reply “ok fine just help me look for something then” so you both go to a bunch of stores in the mall in hopes of finding something nice
- after the fourth store, seungcheol notices a group of people checking you out and his protectiveness (and jealousy) suddenly takes over
- while you’re looking through the clothes on the racks, he pulls you closer to him and you’re like “uhhh what are you doing??”
- “if i’m going to pretend being your bf i should at least act like it right??” wiggles eyebrows
- you’re like “get away from me WE’RE NOT EVEN AT THE WEDDING”
- seungcheol keeps flirting with you jokingly and grabbing your hand and everything and when he casts a glance over at the people who were checking you out, he realizes that they’re gone
- and he just grins because mission accomplished
- after a whole day of searching, you finally find the perfect outfit and you’re ready to show your ex that YOU’RE PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT HIM
- it’s nighttime by the time you and seungcheol exit the mall after shopping and eating, and you both decide to go back to his place
- he lets you sleep there for the night and like usual you guys share a bed, it’s not weird at all like you guys have been sharing beds since you were kids it’s nothing new
- so that night you’re both lying in bed with your backs facing each other and before going to sleep you decide to talk a bit
- you say “seungcheol?” and he immediately answers “yes?”
- you continue “i just wanted to ask…. i mean you’re really kind and good-looking and all so—”
- and he says “ohhh so you’ve noticed” and you swear you could HEAR THE SMIRK IN HIS VOICE
- your face falls and you continue “don’t interrupt me with your greasy lines right now. anyways as I was saying…. i mean, i know you’ve dated other people in the past but…. why haven’t you ever decided to settle down with someone yet?? with your looks and personality, you can get anyone you want”
- he pauses and then continues “not really. there’s actually someone i’ve been waiting for but…”
- you yawn and say “oh yeah?? who is it??”
- after a moment of silence, he says “…you.”
- but you don’t hear because you fell asleep good job part 2
- seungcheol just sighs and tries to fall asleep but it’s hard for him because his heart won’t stop going BOOM BOOM
- so the next morning you’re the one to wake up first and you open your eyes to see seungcheol facing you and he’s still asleep and you take this opportunity to observe his features
- he really is handsome. droopy eyes, defined jawline, messy hair. and your heart is beating quickly all of a sudden??
- he starts stirring in his sleep so you pretend to be asleep and you slowly open your eyes to make it seem like you woke up at the same time as him
- you greet “good morning” and he does too and you guys do your morning business before heading to the kitchen to eat breakfast
- at the table you say “hey what were we talking about again last night? i fell asleep” and he just goes like “oh you were telling me about how handsome i am ;)” and you’re like “wow alright nevermind i’m not continuing that conversation you’re going to get too cocky”
- alright so fast forward, the day of the wedding is finally here
- you’re standing outside the venue next to seungcheol and you say “okay so you’re my bf for the day.”
- he nods “yup” and you say “ONLY in front of the bride and groom though ok so no couple stuff when they’re not there” and seungcheol jokingly pouts
- you both enter the building and you see your ex again in person for the very first time
- his fiancée is probably getting ready while he and his family are thanking the guests for coming
- your ex suddenly notices you and you and seungcheol walk up to him to congratulate him
- “(name)!! i’m so glad you can make it. i see you brought seungcheol with you” he says, giving your best friend a handshake
- seungcheol pulls you closer to him by the waist and says “congratulations, (your ex’s name). i hope you don’t mind me being here”
- he replies “no problem!! the more the merrier, right?”
- you don’t get to say anything because a flock of people are right behind you and you didn’t want to delay anything so you and seungcheol both walk inside
- seungcheol says “that wasn’t so bad”
- you say “that was too easy something must be up” you then notice that his hand’s still around your waist but for some reason….. you can’t get yourself to tell him to let go
- you enter the hall and the wedding’s just straight out of a fairytale it’s so beautiful and everything
- after a while, everyone settles down and the bride walks down the aisle and…. she’s so beautiful…. she’s even prettier in person….
- but for some reason you don’t feel sad or heartbroken at all. you feel happy for them, especially seeing the look on your ex’s face
- and right after they exchange their “i do’s”…. you can confidently say you’re over him. you didn’t think it could happen this fast but??
- the wedding reception starts and the bride decides to throw the bouquet before the speeches and toasts
- you watch as a bunch of unmarried people crowd behind the bride, ready to fight for the bouquet
- you turn to seungcheol and say “man people are serious about this tradition” when you see someone even CLIMB on their someone’s back
- the bride counts “THREE…. TWO…. ONE!!”
- you don’t notice her smirk and cast a quick glance over her shoulder in your direction before launching the bouquet in the air
- the bouquet gets thrown so far back and everyone watches it fly…
- …and land in your hands
- you’re in complete shock while everyone either frowns or screams excitedly
- the excitement for it slowly dies down and the speeches start while you’re still looking down at the bouquet in your hands
- seungcheol notices this and throws an arm over your shoulders and you turn to him
- he says with a grin “sooo have you decided on your future husband yet?? if not i’d be glad to take up the role”
- you roll your eyes like oookay seungcheol now get your hand off me
- after the bridesmaid and groomsmen speeches, everyone gets on the dancefloor including seungcheol
- he dances like such a dad you’re like omfg why are you like this
- he tries to get you on the dancefloor but you’re not really in the mood to dance so you shake your head and tell him you’ll just watch him dance
- but then this person suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts dancing with seungcheol and you’re like…. wtf
- you see them get closer to YOUR boyfriend—uh fake boyfriend—as the song goes on and you decide it’s the final straw when you see them grab his arm
- you make your way over to them and rip seungcheol out of their grasp and you say “uh sorry but my BOYFRIEND and i will be going now” and they’re just like “oh i’m sorry i didn’t… know…”
- you fail to see the grin on seungcheol’s face when you said that
- you and seungcheol decide to take a break by just standing by and talking
- he says “wow i thought i was only your bf in front of the bride and groom” and you reply “you’re my bf in front of anyone for the entirety of this wedding ok” and he teases “that’s not what you said earlier ;)”
- you don’t say anything after that and you both watch the guests dance together in a comfortable silence
- your eyes land on the bride and groom and you just watch them dance, asking yourself quietly “….when will i have that?”
- seungcheol overhears you and asks “have what?”
- you answer “you know. a husband? someone i could spend the rest of my life with? someone who loves me just as much as i love them?
- and seungcheol slowly says “….you know…. maybe you’ve already met him….. he could’ve been waiting for you to return his feelings….”
- before you could say anything you notice the bride and groom walking towards you two
- once they reach you both, they stop and your ex says “(name)!! seungcheol!! thanks again for coming to celebrate with us”
- you smile and nod your head “it’s no problem. congratulations to you both, really”
- your ex continues “i see you brought seungcheol. are you guys finally dating??” and you immediately notice he said “finally” but you don’t say anything about it
- you say “YEAH WE ARE ACTUALLY we’ve been together for a while now and it’s been GREAT”
- your ex’s wife says “oh that’s wonderful!! since you caught the bouquet, we’re both expecting wedding invitations in the future” and she winks
- you and seungcheol turn red and he says “ohhh ahahah we haven’t really thought about that yet”
- your ex’s wife laughs “of course of course, there’s no rush”
- you four talk about relatively normal things like “oh when were you two engaged?” “how long have you and seungcheol been dating?” before your ex’s wife gets pulled away by family members
- after one last quick “congratulations” and handshake, seungcheol leaves to go get more food and drinks, leaving you alone with your ex
- it’s silent while you both watch seungcheol go until your ex suddenly says “he really loves you, you know”
- you look up at him like huh?
- he just looks down at you and smiles “cheesy as it sounds….. i can tell by the way he looks at you”
- you turn away from him to look at seungcheol and you see him helping an old relative of your ex’s get some food on their plate and he’s smiling and you feel your heart skip a beat
- your ex then pats you on the back and says “i’m sorry for what i did years ago. i just wanted you to see who truly loved you”
- and he leaves you to join his wife while you’re just standing there in shock
- seungcheol comes back with food and drinks he got for both of you and he’s all excited like “(NAME) OKAY SO i was getting us some drinks AND I DID IT WITHOUT SPILLING A SINGLE DROP”
- you’re like really?? this 5-year-old??
- it’s nearing midnight and the wedding reception is still going strong but you and seungcheol decide to call it a day so you both say goodbye to your ex and his wife, and you and seungcheol exit the hall ready to walk back home
- your feet are killing you and you know what somehow seungcheol KNOWS and he offers to give you a piggyback
- “seungcheol i’m fine—”
- “no you’re not. just get on”
- so he’s walking down the empty streets at night with you on his back and it’s silent and you’re looking up at the stars in the sky
- while looking up at the sky, you suddenly say “seungcheol…. i’m sorry.”
- and he asks “what for?”
- you say “just… did i really force you to be my fake boyfriend?? and for what?? my ex didn’t even do it to spite me he honestly just wanted people to celebrate his wedding with him….”
- he says “it’s alright. at least we got to go out together tonight. i would’ve been so lonely if you went without me lol”
- then you say “hmmm well at least one good thing came out of going to the wedding. my ex made me realize something”
- he says “oh yeah? what’s that?”
- you tighten your hold around his neck and quietly say “i think…… you were the one i’ve always loved”
- at that, seungcheol stops walking
- he whispers “what…. did you say?”
- you repeat “you were the one i’ve always loved….”
- silence
- and then
- seungcheol says “…you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to hear that”
- then he puts you down and kisses you right on the lips under the stars
- when he pulls away he looks into your eyes before immediately leaning in for another but you just laugh and push his face away
- and you and seungcheol become OFFICIAL
- of course seungcheol unleashes the grease he’s been keeping inside all these years
- “hey you owe me this I’VE BEEN WAITING”
- all your friends aka seungcheol’s children (jeonghan, jisoo, junhui, soonyoung, wonwoo, jihoon, seokmin, mingyu, minghao, seungkwan, hansol and chan) who have been shipping you guys from the start are like WOW IT’S ABOUT TIME
- he’s happy. you’re happy. everyone’s happy!!
- “okay so when’s the wedding i mean we’ve all waited this long you’ve postponed it long enough”

Writer’s Advice Friday Week 15: Question 1

Anonymous said:

Okay I am the type of person that writes what they know, which was easy when I wrote for other fandoms but spn has violence. How do I write a fight scene when I never been in a fight?

Erin: Research. Research. Research. Research. Watch an action scene and watch how the character’s move. Read a fight scene in a novel and pay attention to how the author approaches it. Take a self defense class at a local community center. Talk to people who have been in a physical confrontation about their experiences and use what they tell you to help you make the scene more real.

I realize this may be a bit more work than most want to put into a story. That’s okay. As a writer and martial artist who has had to defend themselves before, I can tell you that in a real fight, your mind goes blank. Your body just reacts. Muscle memories take over. You may not even be aware of what you are doing until the fighting is done. So focus more on feelings than actions. Use enough action to place them in a setting and move the scene forward. Just don’t worry about doing a complete blow by blow.

Kari I am gonna steal a quote from a Chris Evans movie for a hot second. “Love is not a thinking thing. It’s a feeling thing.” Same goes for writing. I don’t write what I know, not even by a long shot. I have never been tortured, I have never been shot, I have never been beaten by an ex. I write a lot of stuff that I never lived. I do it because I shape a character. I understand them. I feel them. Same for the SPN characters. I write from empathy and not from knowledge, which in my mind is pretty much the only way. That and as Erin said research. I mean you don’t go out and rob a bank cause you want your character to do so. You research how to and then you use your empathy to give him a reason too. Make people feel for him because you did. Make people root for him because you understand his reasons.

Rach Lord have mercy if I wrote only what I’ve done it’d be the most boring blog in the history of everything. Like really. We keep going back to research but I’ll take a different approach. Read and watch fights. Repeat over and over. In my case, I see what works for others, see what doesn’t. Take what does and make it my own, put my own twist on it. And then just use your head. If you were a complete novice at fighting, and you were going against a freakin ninja, that fight is going to be over fairly quickly. Boom, down, over. Even though you might not have actual experience fighting, make sure your fights follow the almighty rules of logic. Same goes for anything else. Like me with smut. Never done it, but I know most people only have 2 arms so if someone’s holding someone with like 3 hands, fall back to the logic.

Oracle - Klaus Mikaelson

Oracle - Klaus Mikaelson

Request: Yes! your a powerful witch or something a you admit your love to him but he says he doesn’t have feelings for you so you leave but years later he finds you and you make the rest up please

Pairing: Klaus x Reader
Warnings: I don’t think so, no.

“ENOUGH!” Y/N yelled as she raised her hands throwing Klaus back against the wall. “What’s going on?” Elijah asked as he walked in with Rebekah right beside him. “Y/N… Put. Me. Down.” Klaus said through gritted teeth as he looked down at the girl. “Y/N, darling-” Elijah began but was soon cut off when he was thrown up against the wall. “You act like you are the king on his royal throne, that you own everyone. Well you know what… You’re not and you don’t!” She yelled, thunder booming in the distance. “All you do is hurt people Niklaus.” The tears ran down her cheeks which caused rain to fall down hard outside. “I stood by you through thick and thin; I let my family die because you needed my help; I went to the other side and back for you! I tell you I love you and you tell me you have no feelings for me and want nothing to do with me.” The lights began to flicker in the house. “You have lied to me and hurt me Niklaus!” Y/N whimpered dropping the two brothers to the floor. Elijah looked at the girl before looking at his brother. “I’m going to leave; find yourself a new oracle in the next five hundred years.” Y/N laughed a sinister laugh before throwing the door open and storming out. “Nik, what have you done?” Rebekah asked as she watched her one true friend walk away. “I told her I couldn’t love her.” He mumbled.

- Flashback over.

Klaus looked down at the girl sitting at the bar. She wasn’t the sixteen year old girl he use to know. She was now a young woman. Twenty years old.

“Y/N can I get you anything else?” The old man behind the bar asked as he was washing up another cup. “No thank you; I should get going.” Y/N smiled as she tipped him.

As Klaus followed her down the street he felt his heart swell. She was the only woman to make him truly feel alive. The only woman to make him happy and sad. The only woman to bring the original hybrid feelings. She was much more grown up. Her H/C hair fell just above her waist, her E/C eyes were a dull but lovely colour. She wasn’t the weak girl he fell in love with, she was a powerful and deadly Oracle who attracted men like a siren. Klaus was even more in love with her.

Y/N knew she was being followed so she had turned in to an ally leading whoever it was away from the crowded streets. When she was far enough she turned fast on her heel throwing the person against the wall while having a steak pierce them in the chest inches away from their heart. “Who are you and what do you-” but when she brought some light to the face she dropped the stranger before running to him pulling the stake out. “Hello Love.” Klaus laughed as he looked in to her beautiful eyes. “Klaus?! Wh-What are you doing here?” She asked as she helped him up. “I came to look for you.” He mumbled.

“Why are you here?” Y/N asked as she paced up and down the ally. “You shouldn’t be here Niklaus!” She turned looking in to the eyes of the man she still strongly loved. “Love; I needed to see you. Three years to long Y/N.” He frowned cupping her face. “I should have told you I loved you but I couldn’t have you as a target.” He whispered. Y/N shook her head as she pulled away. “Nik, you told me you didn’t love me. I wasn’t going to sit and wait around. I needed to move on.” Klaus looked at her with a broken heart. “Is there another man?” He asked. “Plenty of other men.” She mumbled. “But no one who wants to stick around.”

It went from a fight in the ally to a heated makeout session in minutes. Klaus craved her, he craved her touch. He needed it. “Love please come back with me.” He whispered. Y/N’s hands slid under his shirt going over his toned stomach sending shocks through his body. “I don’t know.” She whispered pulling away. “Please; I promise I’ll do anything and everything to show you I want and need you.” He begged. “Niklaus Mikaelson is begging?” She asked amused.

Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (3/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Two
Alternate “You”niverse Part Four

You stood beside Scarlett and Jeremy as everyone placed bets, it was funny to see Thor set the hammer down on the coffee table and look at his double with a challenging smirk; you had witnessed the Avengers try and fail to lift the hammer. 

Although you had a sneaky suspicion that Chris will be able to lift the hammer, considering he is Thor from the alternate universe it would make sense for him to be able to lift it, right?

 You watched as Chris Evans gave a good luck pat on Chris Hemsworth broad shoulders, he stepped forwards as Thor crossed his arms over his chest, it was like they were looking in a mirror; only Chris has shorter hair and normal clothes for this world, whereas Thor was still in his usual get-up, cape and all. It was silent as they both shifted their eyes to the hammer; Chris held a cocky grin as Thor just let out a loud chuckle, he was dead certain on the fact this moral wouldn’t be able to lift the hammer.

“There’s no way this man can hold the mighty Mjolnir” Thor chuckled deeply with a grin, arms still crossed over his chest, he gestured to… himself with the cropped haircut and strong Aussie accent “he is but an imposter in that Universe, a man merely playing a God, he is not worthy” Thor concluded and Chris asks an eyebrow at him. 

“Listen to mate” strong Australian accent bearing through “I’d hate to embarrass you in front of your little Avenger buddies but I am you” Chris states firmly to Thor who rolls his eyes, Chris lets out an exhausted sigh “I don’t remember playing him this arrogant” Chris comments. 

“I do” Jeremy mutters back, you let out a soft chuckle as Thor uncrosses his arms and picks up Mjolnir and holds it out to Chris, waiting for the man to take the hammer he shakes it slightly in a teasing motion. 

“Are you sure about this?” Chris asked and Thor nodded in silence, Chris lets out a long sigh and lifts his right hand and takes the shaft of the hammer, holding securely the nods for Thor to let go. 

It happens slowly but the hammer falls to the floor, Thor lets out a booming laughter along with some others, a few groans as people start to fondle for their wallets… only Chris starts to laugh too and everyone is silent, even Thor quietens down.

“I am such a talented actor” he flaunts as he stands up, throwing the hammer up and it spins and he grabs it again, cocky grin as he flashes his skills to everyone and it’s just silence as the Avengers take this in; first Vision and now Chris Hemsworth? 

“Not worthy?” Chris scoffed at Thor’s words from moments ago “I have three children and pestering younger brother, you really think I am not worthy of this hammer? I’ve lived your life, my friend, if anyone is more worthy of holding this other than you, it’s me!” Chris beams holding Mjolnir back to Thor, who narrows his eyes but takes the hammer, he slowly starts to smile at Chris before chuckling. 

“You make a fine Thor, brother” he concludes loudly, you watch as people bark up their payments, a few grumbles from some and others beaming with pride over their choice. 

“And the Oscar goes to; Chris Hemsworth” Paul Rudd cheers, holding Chris’s arm up as he bows in thank appreciation. 

“I’d like to thank my parents, my family and just… I’m kidding” he joked “although for a moment it was a little heavy and I thought this could be embarrassing, thankfully… it was a good day” you chuckled at that “I now want to see everyone try their other’s stuff” you nodded in agreement “well, Sebastian can’t because… I don’t think the arm comes off like yours” Sebastian chuckled at that. 

“I also don’t think Bucky would want me snooping for his mask either, I’ll let him be Bucky” he shrugged and you nodded at that.

“I have no idea what was wrong with Steve,” you tell Chris and he shrugs “I guess this whole thing has surprised everyone, it’s making everyone act insane, I’m sure he’ll ease by tomorrow” you smile and he nodded with a small sigh. 

“Hopefully” he looks at you “I always thought we’d get along, I mean he’s one of those characters that as an actor you dream of playing, then you get it and you have this overwhelming feeling of I gotta make him good for the fans and that puts pressure on you” he sighed out again, running hands down his face as you nodded in sympathy “I almost didn’t take the role because of the anxiety then Robert phoned me, told me I’d me crazy not to, that he’d be beside me to help me through the thick of it and I went for it; And the one guy you’d want to approve – which is him, he doesn’t” he flailed his arms out and let them drop to his sides. 

“When Steve has calmed down talk with him” you nudge with a small smile “the best way to get through to Steve Rogers is by talking” he nodded lightly at that “besides the tension and stress of today is just riding on him, he probably just flipped on you because you were the closest, it could have been anyone” you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him and he chuckled. 

“Thanks, honestly I swear myself and other you have these kind of conversations all the time” you chuckled and smiled at that “we’re hoping that in the next Avengers movie you are in it, inside you just being Agents of SHIELD, I think Robert has started a petition for it actually” you laughed at him and he chuckled alongside you. 

“Well I’ll pray for me” he chuckled “I have to go check on Bucky, I’ll see you later” he nodded and let you leave to go see how Bucky is.


Bucky wasn’t in his room, in fact, through the rest of yesterday and throughout the morning of today you hadn’t seen him, you thought that maybe he requested for Steve to take him back to his apartment; which bummed you out because you hoped he would ease into everyone.

 You walked through the tower, you don’t think you’d get used to seeing any of the other Avengers, it was weird to see Bruce down in the lab and then walk upstairs and see Bruce in the kitchen; it gave you a headache in fact. 

“Wanda” you skipped up to the petite women she grinned, linking arms as you walked down the hallways, conversing about random topics “So, tell me have you talked to Aaron?” you asked and she shakes her head.

“He actually knocked on my door last night but I pretended to be asleep, I guess I could be actress” she chuckled and you grinned at her “I just need some time it’s still a little new to me, especially with his… death so fresh that it just brings up unwanted thoughts” you nodded in understanding “how are you and Bucky?” she asked, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at her, she was certain that yourself and Bucky would be a couple soon and you often called her crazy for that. 

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday, well I’ve seen Sebastian but… our Bucky” she then comments with ‘your Bucky’ and you punched her shoulder playfully “naa he’s hasn’t shown his face” you shrugged, 

“I’m sure he will” Wanda patted your shoulder “he follows you around like a lost little puppy-dog, he’ll show up to follow you around like the nerd he is” you chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

“Can you believe Chris can lift the hammer?” you freaked and Wanda laughed “I mean I get he is Thor but still, surprising” you both entered the kitchen and see; Natasha, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Clint all sat around the breakfast bar chatting away. 

Aaron was stood buttering toast, everyone muttered mornings, Wanda excused herself to the gym to train with Sam- although you knew he was too busy with Hayley and Anthony, and you believed Chris also. You watched as Aaron left quickly after her, hopefully, they sort this out.  


“Hey, Sebastian” you chime and he turned with a grin “what you up to?” you asked and he shrugged, he began to tell you that he got lost twice on the way back to his ‘room’ plus he couldn’t find the toilet, or the kitchen for a good hour and that made you chuckle “don’t worry I got lost all the time around here too” you shrugged with a grin and he nodded. 

You frown when you see someone in the shadows, they were lingering behind Sebastian and watching him, peaking every now and then around the corner “Um, I think Bucky is either stalking me or you” you whisper and Sebastian chuckled. 

“Me” he confirms and you frown “he has been since last evening” he tells you with a shrug and you chuckle at him “he keeps getting closer and I think that either means; he is slowly figuring out how to kill me or he is slowly trusting me” he smirked smartly “either way I am excited” you raised your eyebrows “I don’t think he knows I know he is there, I thought he was a master assassin, unless I just him know so well that I just sense his presence” he shrugged and you smiled, you peaked behind him and see Bucky frowning, he obviously overheard some of the conversation. 

“How did you know?” Bucky stalked over, Sebastian turns his torso to look behind himself and shrugged “I’m losing my touch” Bucky mutters and turned to stalk off, you skipped after him and pulled his hand, dragging him towards Sebastian with a bright grin and Bucky trying to gently pry you off him. 

“Bucky this is Sebastian” you gesture.

“I know” Bucky tells you, Sebastian watches as Bucky stares down at you, you give him a narrowed look telling him with your eyes to play nice and formerly introduce himself “Hi, Sebastian” Bucky grumbles, refusing to look at him but his feet like a child, you grin clasping his human hand in both of your hands and nudged him to look up. 

“Hey, Bucky… can I call you Bucky?” he asked and Bucky nodded at him “sorry if this freaks you out, it is just as freaky for me as it is for you, trust me” Sebastian chuckled and Bucky frowned slightly “you are just a character in my world, not a real person, so to see you walking around and… talking it’s kinda weird; especially since I do that for a job” he chuckled nervously and Bucky nodded in thought. 

“I suppose it is weird for us both” he commented, you slowly let go of Bucky’s hand hoping he wouldn’t notice you sneaking out of the room, he did but he didn’t stop you; he watched as you left quietly and looked back awkwardly at Sebastian “Is she more annoying in mine or your universe?” Bucky asked and Sebastian chuckled,

“You find her annoying?” Bucky shrugged “she’s just the same really” Sebastian shrugged “I think the only annoying thing about (Y/N) is the fact she puts everyone before herself, that irks me a little, more times I have to remind her to look after herself” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, always having to remind you that he is okay, or he can survive long enough for her to shower and eat. 

“Is she like Mark? Does she have a family, children and husband?” Bucky asked, eyeing Sebastian as he grinned,

“Not a husband, yet anyway” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, a familiar knot tightening in his stomach, a feeling of deep anger bubbling inside him and he didn’t understand why “she’s happy, I mean it was a whirlwind relationship, it happened so suddenly and now a year later… she may be getting purposed to” he grinned and Bucky nodded “you okay?” Sebastian asked, a frown settling on his face.

“When am I ever okay?” Bucky chuckled but it came out forced and loud, his eyebrows furrowed and he looked sad more than angry “I’m happy for her, she deserves to be happy, too long she has been looking after me” He began to edge away from Sebastian before turning around fully and leaving “Nice talking to you” Sebastian called after him but he kept walking, shoulders hunched and anger boiling inside of himself, he can’t even get you in another universe? How was he meant to have you in this one?.

(Let me know what you think of this part! I tried to make it funny and have some character development with Sebastian x Bucky, let me know what you think is going to happen or want to happen. Share and heart - Rosalee)

My opinion (your warned)

I forgot to state this in my last post

My other issue with Luna being bi is that the plot won’t go anywhere

Now most would be like “YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!!!!!!!”

And no i kinda do cause you gotta remember this is a kids show why do you think Bobby is not asking Lori to marry and have kids or Lincoln and Ronnie or someone growing up into a bigger plots….cause it’s a kids show…a show made for kids so you really can’t have that i wish more kids shows have deep plots but the LH while a show that teaches lessons it’s also a kids show

So this is not so much a dislike. Its more a fear cause snese it’s a kids show these relationships can’t go anywhere they are hyped up by people and then BOOM they fall down again

Now some would be like OH WELL THE KIDS NEED TO LEARN!

That’s not how TV works sorry sense it’s a kids show…it won’t go far

But hey that’s just my opinion

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"please, you can't die now." + yoongi

there wasn’t a pulse from the moment yoongi got you to the hospital. or rather, there had been but past his broken sobs and saddening cries, he wasn’t able to hear a thing from the second blood started seeping past your shirt, soaking red over your abdomen.

it’s a mantra being replayed as he waits, fingers locked, pressed over his chest, a string weaved one after another; please, you can’t die now. you can’t die. we have so much to live for. we were going to have a family. you. me. you.

he flinches at the shouts that boom down the hallway, and he gasps, past his tears that fall from his eyes because that’s the emergency room you were submitted in, under the hands of someone who can, should, must save you. he quickly moves from his seat, ignoring the people trying to hold him back. the cries of hyung wait fails to get his attention as he runs over to the glass window showing your condition.

at the sight of the heart monitor displaying a flat line of death, yoongi shouts with every breath he’s ever inhaled. every single word he’s come to known narrows down to - “please! you can’t die now! not now! please!” and he slams his fists against the glass, only to be held back by the boys he came with and yoongi’s about to lunge into the room until his heart stops, as yours comes back to life.

a beat, two beats, three, four; a line of a stable heartbeat back to normal.

you listened.

but imagine kyle and raven as parents-

raven and wick being told they’re going to have twins and raven being so terrified she faints and wick grinning like an idiot all MONTHS long

wick having absolutely no idea how to take care of a child but having so much damn enthusiasm like ‘’we produced two small human beings, reyes, how freakin cool is that’’. and being so damn proud and carrying kids around the camp and showing off

and raven being this overreacting young mother who harasses clarke on daily basis and runs to her with every single smallest thing ‘’clarke, she has this tiny red spot behind her ear what does it mean’’ ‘’clarke, is she supposed to cry that much’’ , ‘’clarke, why isn’t he crying, is everything all right’’, “ clarke, i think t’s not safe for kids to be in my cabin, they are dangerous chemicals there, what if the crawl from crib and grab and eat something, oh god, where are you going, come back, c l  a r k e ‘’

‘reyes, calm down’’ ‘’how am i supposed to-  OH MY GOD PUT THIS ACID DOWN’’ ‘’jesus christ woman, kids are in another room’’ ‘’WHAT IF IT GOES BOOM’’ ‘’WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY WIFE’’


 but also imagine raven, who refuses to carry her own kids, bc she’s afraid she will lose balance, trip and fall because of her stupid leg, so she watches all the people carrying them with sad eyes and hates herself for being the worst mother.

and raven being totally crazy about her kids because her mother never loved her in a way she wanted to be loved, so she’s trying her best to be the best for them. and she is so scared, so terrified she’ll fail them

but wick sees right through her, so he makes sure to remind her she’s freaking fantastic. at least until their kids learn to speak. then they tell it to her thesemselves.

and imagine raven bursting into tears the first time she hears ‘’momma’’ and ‘’i love you, mum’’ and wick holding her and smiling


Medical personnel have some amazing slang and acronyms

Most people who will appreciate this probably won’t need explanations, but they’re included just in case.  None of these are official, and I do not professionally condone their usage.

PCTTJ - Patient Care Transferred To Jesus (death after personnel on-scene)

FDGB- Fall Down Go Boom (when the cause of injury is a fall)

FDSS - Found Dead Stayed Same (dead on arrival)

MAGGOT- Medically Able to Go Get Other Transportation (patient called ambulance unnecessarily)

Toilet Paper My Ass - Tricuspid , Pulmonic, Mitral and Aortic (the four areas to listen to with a stethoscope)

One-Delta-Ten-Tango - Idiot (number 1 for I, Delta from NATO alphabet for D, number 10 for IO, Tango from NATO alphabet for T)

Normasaline- Normal saline (administered in place of pain medication when patient requests it unnecessarily)

TNTC - Too Numerous To Count (used as the chief complaint when the patient has an extensive, probably fictional list of complaints)

Incarceritis - Using medical problem to delay incarceration (refers to fairly common practice of subjects under arrest to report a usually fictional chest pain/other conditions)

GVG- Granny versus Gravity (refers to tendency of seniors, especially women, to require EMS attention after falling)

I could go on, but you get the idea

Request: Hi!! Could you do one where the reader and daryl go for a run and they get surrounded so they have to hide for the night but they’re in close quarters so they have to cuddle?? Sorry it’s long!!

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 1,447

Warnings: Cussing (if that’s considered a warning)

Author: Mysfit


“Out of all the vehicles we have, you choose to ride a loud ass motorcycle!” you shouted, clinging onto Daryl’s vest. “Might as well run down the street with a boom box strapped to your back playing Run-D.M.C.!” Daryl revved the bike, a louder sound ringing in your ears. “Oh please, attract all the walkers you can!”

“The only thing that’s gonna attract the walkers is your loud mouth!” Daryl replied. “Now shut it before I kick your ass off and leave you here!” You rolled your eyes and yelped as the bike turned a corner, almost sending you falling off and to the ground. Of all the people to go on a run with, it had to be the guy who rode a motorcycle.

“What’s gonna happen if we find a bunch of supplies, huh? In case you haven’t noticed, we can’t exactly fix a box on here!”

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She doesn’t want to lose this man. She’s lost all the people that she’s loved in different ways. She wants to put her foot down and say, ‘No, this is the guy, I don’t want to lose this one. Even if we have to make some crazy choices to fight to overcome the Darkness, I’m going to do whatever it takes.’ It’s a really romantic gesture.


(don’t stop, don’t ever stop)

The Power of Olicity

I’m always amused by Olicity detractors.  Remember when early in season one the pull of Olicity started to take shape? Us: EEEEEEE

Haters: She’s too nerdy to be with him, there’s nothing there, people are looking too hard. There is no Olicity, Olicity fans are making up stuff that is clearly not being shown onscreen.

When he would keep coming to her for assistance during her “honorary” Team Arrow member time and the banter and smiles they’d share? Us: Awwwww

Haters: She’s not even a regular character, she’s rarely on. He’s in love with another woman, destiny, etc…

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who do you think is the most underrated pats player. you can do more than one. and why?

I think most of us who are Pats fans try to give credit where credit is due, but there are a few people who are phenomenal players that don’t get talked about on Sports Center nearly enough.

Julian Edelman:

You all know that I love Julian, I think he’s a babe, I think he’s hilarious, but he is a fantastic, a devoted player. There is a reason he’s called The Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going.  I’ll put some stats down below to prove my point:

Height: 5'10"/5'11" (these numbers vary)

Weight: 198-200lbs (boom, as do these)

Position(s) played: Quarterback (KSU), Wide Receiver, Punt Returner, Defensive Back.

NFL Career Stats (as of 2014):

266 Receptions

2,742 Receiving Yards

14 Receiving Touch downs

Draft Pick: Chosen in 2009, in the 7th Round, 232 overall, position undetermined.

While most people know that the Patriots organization takes players from obscurity and turns them into global celebrities, and standards for game play, Julian Edelman seemingly would not fall into the pattern of those before him. We all know the story of Tom Brady, how he came from the 6th round pick and saved the day when Drew Bledsoe was horribly injured in the second game of the 2001 season against the New York Jets after being hit by linebacker Mo Lewis, suffering a collapsed lung and sheared blood vessel. We all remember the anxiety of a baby-faced Tom Brady taking the field, the man who had been chosen 199 overall replacing the man who was chosen 1 overall seemed fruitless, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a Superbowl victory that year,(the first one for the organization) and he’d do it 3 more times.

For 8 years, #11 would lie untouched, there would be no #11 beside #12 for 8 years, until a 23 year old blond Californian would step onto the field in 2009, wearing the number with a new name, and an undetermined legacy.
Few people knew his name, few people thought he’d be there for more than a season. The man who was called a “novelty” a “unnecessary choice” and a “mistake” by the press was coming to Boston wearing Drew’s number. It was like giving Babe’s number to A.Rod. a travesty.

Very quickly it looked like Edelman would be okay among fans, for what he lacked in height, he made up for in speed, the fact is, Julian Edelman is one fast mammajamma. When he catches that ball, if he has the opportunity to, he’s running down the field before you know it. That was what was incredible to me at first watching this guy, this unknown, this guy who came from Kent State. Kent State, not Alabama, not Michigan, not Clemson, not LSU, not NC State, not UCLA, Kent State. While KSU is a Division I football school, it seemed like the last place this man would come from. To quote my father in 2009 the first time he saw Edelman run up the field “who is this guy, and where has he been all my life?” My father loved Drew Bledsoe, and stood behind the decision not to reassign the number. He framed Bledsoe’s jersey, no lie, it hangs over the fireplace. He loved Bledsoe, and he loves Edelman.

Julian Edelman had one of the highest YAC (Yards After Catch) numbers this 2014 season, totaling him up at 448 yards in this category, for a season total of 972 yards,  placing him at 17 out of 461 players, placing him 6 spaces below fellow New England teammate Tight end Rob Gronkowski and 7 spaces above teammate Running back Shane Vereen. The advantage that Gronkowski has over Edelman is clearly size, we all know Gronkowsksi is huge, he’s 6'6" and 265lbs. But the advantage that Edelman has over Gronkowski is age, meaning that he has a full season to hold over Gronkowski, he’s 3 years older, so wisdom might keep him from the injuries that plague Gronkowski and larger players.

Every time Julain Edelman takes the field, you are more than likely about to witness greatness, whether it is an amazing 43-yard punt return for a touchdown in this 2014 season, or his play and pass to Danny Amendola that allowed the world to see just what this guy can do, or just the quiet genius and seemingly telepathic connection he has with Tom Brady. I think it was put best by a commentator during Super Bowl XLIX : “Edelman gets it done, time after time, he does the work, he plays the game, he does his job”.

From a joke to Superbowl Champion, That’s what makes Edelman, Incredelman. 

(look at me, get on my level, EPSN also thank you anon, for allowing me to detail my love of Jules for a reason).