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🔥star trek fanon

garak never broke into bashir’s quarters a day in his goddamn life

look. if garak broke in to his fucking home, why does bashir never comment on this? the same julie b who was going to call the Space Police over garak walking in on him playing video games in a place of public accommodations, didn’t have shit to say about the same dude breaking into the place where he SLEEPS?

maybe. different people are particular about different things. but that’s really beside the point tbh. the fact is that in “cardassians” (2x05) we can literally see that bashir is surprised NOT to find garak asleep beside him, but rather standing at the foot of the bed, fully-dressed, in the middle of the night. at the very least, he reacts with surprise to the empty other side of his bed. and why should his empty bed surprise him, other than that he was expecting someone else to be there? ? ??? ???

bashir makes the connection between garak and the bed once more, when garak says they need to go. bashir looks from garak back over to the empty side again, like “yeah, babe, we could go on a drug fueled 3am field trip to gander at some orphans. OR we could ALSO go the Fuck back to sleep…..”


#DearWhitePeople creator Justin Simien loves two things: his cast, and Stanley Kubrick movies. Now, they’re together at last…

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unfollowing not bc im bitter but whenever an anon asks anything regarding issues u manage to bring it back to ur gf which is cute but maybe not healthy™

hi i’d like to remind you that i’m not at all a therapist and it’s your choice to send in an ask and if someone sends in an ask about something bad that happened to them i do not bring up my gf i actually try to help them so yes please unfollow me thank you and goodbye

digging that one flag

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.