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Hi! Your art is really pretty ^^ When did you start drawing? I'm really interested in art (I've always been a writer and rather terrible at art ahaha),, do you think 15 years old is too late to start learning? Like. I have 0 experience, do you think it's too late for me? Sorry for all the questions hehe love you and your blog~~

// Hey there nonny! & THANK YOU! I was actually in the same position as you in the sense that I started out writing before I really got into drawing. (aka I wrote really really bad fanfiction in middle school with mary sues galore … rip past me) But I probably started drawing in elementary school? But that was only during like art classes at school so it was more like paper crafting than anything. I don’t think it was until after I discovered my inner weeb and started reading/watching Naruto that I actually tried drawing traditionally for the first time. (this was around maybe 7-8th grade in middle school?) LMFAOGJLH I think one of the main reasons why I wanted to draw was so that I could draw out my OCS tbh but I digress LOL ;;

Digital-wise, I think I started when I was 16? I remember I was sophomore in high school– so whatever age that equates to lol ;;

But it’s NEVER too late to learn! Especially with art! (I find that it’s more about experience rather than about your age)

In a sense you’re already halfway there because art is essentially just like writing on paper, only a bit more fluid and more creative in the sense that you can literally scribble whatever you want and it can be art! (that and penmanship is also a form of art ;o) And especially if you’re starting out or if you’re looking to get into art, I highly recommend trying anything and everything (like different mediums/styles/colors/etc) to get a feel of what you like and what you don’t! Don’t be afraid to experiment because that’s how you learn! And to be honest, there isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to art either– it’s an evolutionary process that’s different from person to person! So just know, that by taking that first step (whether it be drawing boxes on paper, or slapping random paint colors on a canvas), that you’ve accomplished the first step of officially beginning your own art journey! :’) 

so out of the new squids I revealed a few days ago, Courtney, Aurora, and Nicole seem to be a lot of people’s favorites!! They all appreciate hearing the nice comments about them! someone also mentioned this:

good question! Nicole is an inkling and octoling mix and she finds that embarrassing, so she hides her octoling-like tentacles in her hat to look like an inkling