people don't look like that ahaha

platinumvonkarma  asked:

I don't know how I didn't see before that you do art?? I'd love to see an SDC Joseph! (Surprise surprise.... ahaha) thank you! 👀

Request for @platinumvonkarma
I am definitely not surprised you asked for SDC Joseph xD

Aaah, I hardly (or even never) draw older people ORZ I hope he at least looks like the jiji, haha. (Also hope you don’t mind the purple eyes, I use the purple colours for Josuke too, so I prefer using them for Joseph as well!)

This is a bit late considering I reached 300 weeks ago but THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, I never thought I would reach 300, seriously.

Shout out to those people who followed me because of my mikayuu rants. Especially @no-signs-no-lights This is for you. Thank you for sharing your opinions and pain with me. I hope you like it <3<3
That doesn’t look like a heart though ahahaha, but you don't always get an exact heart when you do this

kullenight  asked:

Honestly disappointed in people who don't take the time to look at ur goddamned blog before asking a question and then have the AUDACITY to send u hate?? I understand y hate is funny to U now. This shit is ridiculous. Much love

ahaha ikr like i just can’t take anons seriously when they send me hate it’s just so absurd