people doing really shitty things for love

I think it’s important that we don’t idolize people like the McElroys for caring about others. I don’t think that’s entirely productive. And let me reiterate that I love the work they put out and it is very refreshing to go into a comedic work with the knowledge that the people behind it really do care about their fans feelings, that there is a very very low chance of them saying something that hurts me.

but here’s the thing, that shouldn’t be refreshing. it should be the norm.

I also worry about how that idolization is making some fans defend them against genuine criticism. Like. You know they want us to speak up when they do something shitty, right? They’re grown men, they can handle someone saying “hey, that thing you said wasn’t cool”.

I have a handful of criticisms for them I could put in this post, but I think most of it comes from their older content + I don’t follow them closely enough to know whether it’s been addressed already.

also I just woke up and don’t feel like going much deeper into this than just “Let the McElroys’ response to criticism set the bar for other creators rather than treating them as exceptions to the rule.”

I love how people like to dig up idol’s receipts and be like, “Uh yeah you fucked up back in 2002 and you need to apologize for being so shitty even tho you were only 11 years old :)))”
I’m sure we have all done and said really problematic things– especially when we were younger– therefore, I don’t think it’s fair to hate an idol for something that they said or did when they were young.
They are human beings and humans are all problematic. We are all flawed individuals. And yes, I do believe apologies are necessary, but I think that hating an idol for something they did as a kid is ridiculous and a little hypocritical.

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congrats on 3k 🎉 for the ship+prompt: malec + moving in together and/or casually saying 'i love you' around other people

The first time Alec said “I love you” to Magnus in front of other people, it was a complete accident. Magnus had been at the Institute, reinforcing the wards and making them stronger than ever, and when he was finished, Alec could tell he was exhausted. “Go home,” he said, kissing Magnus’s forehead. “Get some rest and when I’m finished here, I’ll be right over.”

Magnus hummed out a response, eyes closing and forehead resting against Alec’s. Alec swore his heart stopped beating for a moment and he smiled. He pressed a kiss to Mangus’s lips and said, “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” Magnus said sleepily. 

Once he was gone, Alec turned to see Isabelle standing there, huge grin on her face. “What?” Alec asked, though he knew she had heard Alec tell Magnus he loved him.

“Nothing. See you later, big brother.” Then she was gone with a wave of her hand.

After that, it was easier for Alec to casually say “I love you.” It started small, just around Jace and Isabelle, and then around Clary and Simon and Luke and everyone else they consider friends.

The first time he told Magnus he loved him in front of his mother, though, he was taken aback by her response. It was a simple thing, just Magnus going home, but Alec never let him leave without telling him he loved him, just in case. He had completely forgotten that Maryse was even in the room.

“I didn’t know your relationship was that serious,” she said.

“Oh, um, yeah. It’s sort of a new development.” Alec was being cautious in his words, not knowing how his mother would react.

“I’m happy for you, Alec.” He just stared at her. “I know I haven’t been the best mother and I know I haven’t been the nicest to Magnus, but I’m trying to be better. It’s going to take a while for me to get used to all of this, but I hope you’ll be patient and help me get there.”

“Yeah.” Alec smiled. “Yeah, I can do that.” 

anyways trans people are just as worthy of love (including romantic love!) as cis people and we are not disgusting or abnormal or weird. treating us any differently than you would treat a cis person is transphobic. not everyone is cis and constantly treating trans people as “other” is a really shitty thing to do. if this hurts your cis feelings, good, it means you’re being shitty and you need to examine why you’re being shitty. thanks and have a good night

Its normal for them to be bratty. Let them learn.

Tell me this.

Have you ever met a kid that has a full understanding of war, love, loss, grattiude, emotions or any other thing that you’d expect a person over the age of, lets say 15, should have a complete or semi-complete understanding of? 


Yeah that’s because they’re kids. And sometimes, kids can be really shitty people due to not fully understanding the situation(at hand/others are in ).

 Its the adult’s job to make sure that they do understand the weight of things like these and to make sure they turn out to be decent adults. Kids interact with other people to learn, grow and understand. They don’t start out as teachers, preachers or philosophers.

We can’t really judge young characters the way we would judge teenagers or adults. Kids have to be given room to grow and change. Which is why we can’t judge any of the new generation characters like we would post time skip konoha 11.

Because I’m not sure if anyone remembers (it could be nostalgia fogging up the bad things), before the Chuunin exam arc. The main cast, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, were, guess what, pretty shitty people. 

Naruto was a giantic bumbling idiot who didn’t think half the time.

 Sakura didn’t understand her team mates at all and complained about and orphan to another orphan, she came off as being vain and obnoxious.

 Sasuke was incredibly rude and disrespectful to his superiors(not addressing them with honorifics), acted coldly towards his team members at a time and he had a type of superiority complex (not to mention how unfriendly he was to Naruto, especially in the academy) 

But they grew.

Naruto learnt how to lead and think before acting, he’s weirdly smart, friendly and sociable. And people look up to him like an icon, a beakcon of hope.

Sakura grew an understanding of her team mates and opened a mental health clinic for orphans. She learnt how to be stronger and less vain. She is alot more thoughtful now.

Sasuke (after having sense beaten into him, literally) is respectful, considerate and humble. Infact he’s a guide to other characters(Boruto) and helps him grow. A true testament to how much he’s changed.

They were bratty as kids, but had people to guide them to become better people. The same hold through for the next gen kids. 

Its all right for them to say or do bad things, because they learn from their mistakes. They’re still kids and we shouldn’t see them as adults. Let their character learn before mindlessly bashing them like they’re adults and acting like they should’ve known better. 

happy friday the 13th! i know it’s after new years but shut up that’s why (also forgive the shitty edit, this was a quick decision thing). so i never really do these because i always worry i leave someone out/people get their feelings hurt/general favoritism, but! clearly i’m doing one right now lmao. 

i made this blog on november 18, 2016, and in less than three months i’ve gained 160+ followers and that just blows my mind! i had been out of the roleplay community for over a year, so to be welcomed back this way has been really, really nice, especially because selina is a new muse for me. i’m so grateful that people like my portrayal enough to follow me, it genuinely boggles my mind and i’m incredibly thankful. this list by no means encompasses everyone i admire, it’s just a quick run through of people i really appreciate being here. 

                                                      P U R R F E C T   P E T S 


                     mccall - okay so you’re my irl partner, but that’s not why you’re on this list (well, i guess it sort of is?​​ shut up). i love you so so so much–not just because you’re you, but you’re the one who encouraged me to make selina in the first place, and you’ve been so patient with my questions about insignificant details (do you like this border, or this border that’s just 1 pixel different? what do you mean you can’t tell the difference?). you mean so much to me and i’m so happy to be able to go through this experience with you. plus, you’re the best jon crane that’s ever graced this website (but you knew that already). ❤


                    fae & co. - i knew you a bit from mccall talking about you, but getting to know you has been such an amazing experience. i truly consider you a close friend and i’m really greatful for how supportive and understanding you’ve been. you personally (all of you) are amazing, and i look forward to going on as your friend. i love the interactions between lindsay and selina and i can’t wait to do more; selina’s dying to take this kid under her wing. will lindsay let her? probably not, but it’ll still be fun to figure out. ❤


                    rosa - just. gosh. i’ve told you a million times how enraptured i am with your stephen, just from a few interactions, but let me tell you again. tbh i didn’t give a shit about him before i saw your portrayal. i didn’t read the comics, i didn’t watch the movie, i just wasn’t interested. but your stephen has made me interested. i know there’s canon divergence in your portrayal, but you’ve made me want to learn what the original canon is (well, as much as one can with comics, anyway). i also never planned to ship selina but here we are in hell. you’ve also been very patient and understanding when i’ve talked to you about my insecurities about my selina. i really appreciate you being here and really hope to continue writing with you soon. ❤

                                                         G O O D   K I T T I E S 

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thank you all once again for being here with me. here’s to a great 2017!


REMEMBER MY THREAT ABOUT KILLING EVERY SINGLE WRITER OF THIS SHITTY (in the most lovely way) SHOW IF THEY PAIR CHERYL WITH ARCHIE? Well, I think the show will be cancelled ‘cause I’ll fucking do that.

~the only thing thats comforting me rn it’s that it won’t last~

ps: i don’t really see everyone loving this fucking horrible idea. people will go crazy in the wrong way. that’s not what you want Madelaine.
Favorite thing to do on tumblr

So, my favorite thing to do on tumblr is post anon or sometimes not-anon messages to people who get shitty anons. No one deserves anonymous hate, but I think everyone deserves anonymous praise, love, and respect. It’s a silly thing, just a note to say “keep your chin up” or “you are beautiful” or something can really make someone’s day. It’s hard to know if it helps or not, but I hope it does. Because you are all wonderful, unique, diverse people who deserve love and respect and I just want you to enjoy your time on Tumblr.

Stop anon hate and pass on the anon praise!

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I have a lot of really shitty and bad things going on in my life,Robron was an escape from that for me. I love watching previews,reading fanfiction,watching my favourite clips on YT but now I can't. I cried when the ep finished I honestly don't know what to do.

Emmerdale and robron was something alot people loved and enjoyed and distracted them from the crap going on in real life. And that is who I feel sorry for because this is something they really clung onto and made them happy. I hope you and everyone else is okay.

I seem like a really negative person but listen I really do love this shitty life. No matter how many times a day I claim to hate this and that and want to die, I’ve become so tolerant of everything. Like I don’t care who said what anymore or what happened to whoever, I’ve realized I dont have to waste my time on gossip and loathing the school hallways. I love my friends, I love laughing and making people laugh and sunsets and flowers and rollercoasters and puppies, hanging out late at night or running around a dark school after hours. Theres so many things that I could be smiling about in life I cant bother anymore to focus on my grade 7 “i hate people” mentality bullshit.

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I'm not a huge fan of isg but I have to admit that girl who sent the email with the entire bee movie script in Morse code was genius. I genuinely laugh out loud. I'm a sucker for shitty memes

I wanna send one in.

Ren/28/Los Angeles

Dear Dan,

There’s this one YouTubers who I’m subscribed to that used to make great videos. Recently he has downgraded himself and now make really shitty videos where he answers stupid questions from preteens. Not only that, but he’s put me in a real bind with all of his shipping with his best friend and not just telling his subscribers what’s going on. Some people think it’s real, others think it’s queerbating, and some people like myself think the whole thing is shit. If you were this YouTuber *cough* What would you do? If you were me what would you do?

~Love, Ren.

I always see posts, typographys, pictures, reblog this if you love you mom ect. saying how you only get one Mum, one Dad, one set of parents, and that you should love them unconditionally. Well, I’m sick of it.

Toxic parents are a real thing.
Abusive parents are a real thing. 

If someone had a partner who abused them, would you encourage them to stay? No. So why encourage someone to continuously forgive an abusive parent? 

Telling someone that they only get one Mum or one Dad, so you should forgive them after they’ve been abused, is actually a really shitty thing to do.

Also, I think a lot of people need to remember that abuse doesn’t always come in one form. Physical abuse is just one type of abuse, don’t let anyone convince you it wasn’t abuse with the “but did they hit you?” route. Don’t let the voice in the back of your head convince you it wasn’t abuse either, “It can’t have been abuse because -blank- had it worse. No, you ignore that voice.  

Neglect and emotional abuse can be just as damaging, and since they are more subtle, others are less likely to intervene.

There’s The Controllers, The Verbal Abusers, The Physical Abusers, The Sexual Abusers, The Constantly focusing on their own problems and turn you into their carers….There are so many different types and maybe you’ve been the victim to one, or all, it doesn’t matter. You are still a victim of abuse and you are still a survivor.

People say that no-one will ever compare to your birth mother, or your birth father that they’re supposed to be your best friends/your support network, the first people you call in a crisis but that’s not always the case and there is no shame in putting yourself first and walking away. Just like there is no shame in sometimes thinking about your estranged family, but don’t keep putting yourself in a position where they can hurt you; where they can make you feel small, worthless. You deserve so much better and you don’t owe them a god damn thing. You didn’t ask them to bring you into this world, they did that on their own and that should not be held over your head.

Do I wish death on my birth parents, no, but if they showed up at my door, I wouldn’t open it and that’s okay.

It’s okay to shut and lock the door on your abusers, then throw away the key. You have a beautiful life to live and you deserve nothing but love.

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Wait, your blog description says that this URL used to belong to a repaint hate blog or something??? What was in that blog?

Omg this URL used to be run by someone who would repost and reblog peoples repaints with nasty comments and they would say it was to help people but it was just grossly mean and untrue and unnecessary. (They would write shitty things on peoples head canons too)

There is beauty in every repaint and custom. It may be amateur or unskilled or even just weird looking to some but when someone puts their love and creativity into making something no one has the right to tear them down for it. If someone is looking for advice or trying to learn how they can do something better the next time then they should get useful advice and encouragement. Not be torn down by some anonymous troll under a bridge. 

I honesytly feel really sorry for the original URL holder because they must have felt really terrible about themselves to have tried to tear down people like they did.

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i'm so excited to see u back. and i'm excited to read stories and see art. i hope you don't mind if i send in anons too. could i have a cool anon name? would you mind if i made this a safe place again? for me to be soft and pretentious and vulnerable? also i want some... advice? idk. what are your best ways to combat depression that makes u unmotivated? like can't get out of bed unmotivated? and how do u create when scared? really just. mainly i don't know how to cope. thank u - sunflower anon

people say that depression is that you hate life and hate yourself and don’t want to live but man. i love life soooooo much. it’s so beautiful. like it’s shitty. but still. i just am too scared and unmotivated to go and see it. i’m too scared to create i’m too scared to see things and talk to people and look at the beauty and i’m far too unmotivated and that’s one of my biggest problems. idk what i’m ON about i just have had an awful day i hope ur ok with me venting 

ok ok one last thing feel free to answer these all in one post, if u can. i have constant dissatisfaction. i used to write. when i’d get upset i’d write everything that’s wrong and find a conclusion. and that was good and still is sometimes but i’m very sensitive. and i LOVE when i can understand things. but lately i just haven’t been able to understand. it’s been really confusing nd i can’t understand what’s happening with myself and others and i hate it. it makes my chest hurt 

please. ily. it’s yours. do with this blog as you will.

i ended up writing a lot (too much?) so

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I love languages, languages are a big, big, big hobby of mine. It’s what I do in my free time. You know, a lot of people..I love video games but I always tell people that my video games are language books. I really enjoy keeping up with my italian, um, my french is really shitty but I enjoy, you know, stupid things that we hated when we were kids like grammar workbooks. I really enjoy doing those, like french conjugation. […] Well it’s fun for me cause it’s like, it’s puzzles to me, it’s language puzzles cause I love words, I love languages. I just like learning as many things as possible. In the past two years I kind of dived into japanese and chinese, which is crazy, and I’m not saying I’m gonna be fluent or anything, it’s just a fun exercise to keep your brain challenged. It’s fun to see something and have no fucking clue what it means, but it’s cool because then you go « okay cool, well, I can get there », you know? Human beings are smart, we can get there, it’s a cool challenge to, just to try and understand everything that you can’t understand. I love that. So languages a really really great hobby for me. It’s like music.
—   Darren on his hobbies aside from music and theater

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thanks for that last post. im both a hamilton artist & a poc. honestly, people in this fandom have treated me sort of shitty for things i've done on accident or things i could easily fix if i was told privately of my mistakes while other white artists have been praised for the same things. thanks for pointing the fandom's treatment of poc out. it really needs to be addressed.

svfdgsdgbsd i feel fuckin stupid because i just realized i’ve been following @lauwurens-moved for half a year hi there

and oh cool no problem! :0 i really do peep the shit that people love to clock artists/writers/fans of color on and it’s definitely not a coincidence!!!

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Hi edye! I first wanted to say that i really love your blog and appreciate that youre very honest and keeping things real! You seem to always stand up for what believe in and say what you think is right, like in class and stuff, and i wanted to ask how you get the courage? Im always afraid that people wont like me and say that im "angry for no reason" and "being a feminazi" and stuff... Does that happen to you and how do you deal with it?

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I love Isak to pieces but i still think it was really shitty of him what he did in season 1 and i don't think he deserved the niceness he got from Eva, maybe she and Jonas weren't good for each other but Isak wasn't doing it for them.

it was a year later when he apologized (again !!!!!!) it would have been shitty of eva to not accept his apology and shit all over him. he was young and stupid and all people do shitty things they regret. eva clearly knew that and moved on.

3 am Thoughts

Insomnia’s a bitch. What am I doing with my life? What if I don’t get into medical school? Do your friends all secretly hate you? Do you even like you? You need to get your shit together. You should pay more attention to your family. Why do you always shut down and then get mad when people stop caring? Does anyone really love you or are they all just waiting to use you? You’ve dated some really shitty guys, you need to work on that. What if they have girlfriends hotter than you? But who gets to decide whether you’re “hot” or not? What does hot even mean? You should probably eat healthier, and exercise more, and just take better care of yourself. Do fish sleep? How? Turnips are the worst thing to ever be invented by the earth. At least you’re not a turnip, that’s a start. You could probably stand to loose 20 pounds, work on that. You need to call the doctor, and fill prescriptions, and do laundry, and meet people, and do that paper, and be a functioning human. Ugh! It’s 3am!

htgawm s2 finale thoughts
  • First of all i’m so fucking tired of Connor I use to love him but now I need him to leave because all he does is whine and blame Annalise for his shitty life choices when all she does is help him
  • like wtf dude I thought you were a cool guy?? You can’t just mess with people’s lives like that I can’t even sympathize with the whole “my bf won’t let me do what I want” because you want to do really stupid and dangerous things??? Like even without knowing about about the whole murder thing it’s pretty obvious that working for Annalise ISN’T a good idea which is why your bf doesn’t want to have you be their hacker anymore
  • I think I like Michaela now. Not by a whole lot, but maybe she’ll grow on me?? I mean I just feel so bad about how she keeps sleeping with scum :/ 
  • except Asher he’s pretty decent by this shows standard
  • which btw i’m totally on team MichaelaxAsher it was so cute how asher asked Michaela if she was ok when Caleb came on the tv :)
  • i’m also totally down for WesxLaurel pls let it happen in season 3 Laurel deserves better than Frank and now that I know Wes didn’t kill his momma i’m certain they would be good together!
  • Also can we please keep Laurel informed?? my bby was fucking shit up because she thought Annalise was behind everything like Frank wtf dude you had like how many episodes to clear things up??
  • Annalise’s mom helping her get some kind of closure about the baby had me bawling protect this beautiful women please
  • I know you didn’t intend for that to happen but wtf were you doing being a shithead in the first place??
  • Bonnie didn’t do much but she was there for Annalise which was nice
  • The whole thing with the Hapstall siblings was predictable tbh it was the least interesting part of the episode
  • Wes is just destined to be traumatized forever isn’t he!?