people do not behave like that


Throughout the years I came to realise that I thought differently, that I have been raised differently, that I was used to a different way of thinking, of behaving, of feeling itself. I came to realise that I attached too much importance to people, that I cared too much for people, that friendship is nothing like what I though it was. Actually, It is, it is something big, great, a sincere bond between two beings, some sort of love, platonic love. However, do not call your friend anyone you meet, because they do not care about you. Human beings need company, it is the essence of their being, no one wants to be lonely, no one wants to be on their own. They want company. If you feel like someone attaches importance to you only because they need company, then consider them as such too. Do not sacrifice yourself for them because they don’t deserve it. They do not love you, they do not care about you, they do not attach any importance to you unless they need something from you and I came to realise that. I have been used so much, fooled so much, that i just had enough. I am tired of this vicious circle, each time i hope i have found someone genuine i end up being disappointed. It actually makes me so angry, that i cannot stand loneliness, that i always try to find someone to be with and i end up loving them so much, doing everything i can to make them happy only to realise that they were just using me. Life is what it is. People are what they are. I even came to a point where I thought people around me were not human, I was wondering what went on how it was even possible to behave like this, how it was possible to be so careless. 

I would listen to anyone who wants me to listen to them because I consider myself as a human being, made of a soul, feelings, flesh and bones. I am imperfect and I seek perfection in helping others. But no one thinks like that, I mean some people do but only a few. Its like people plan everything, for them even time is too much to give away, let alone actual help. I have cried, because I felt bad and it would relieve me to spend some time with a friend, but my anger, my pain became greater when I realised that I had no friend.

It is extremely tiring, to fall in the same trap again and again, to be hurt again and again and to carry on with the certitude that i am going to be hurt again. Because i am a fool, i just feel to much i think, i have too many emotions, i tend to love people too much.

Life. It is full of disappointments, challenges. Arrg, barriers just full of shit! Actually, people are just full of shit. I thought it was university that was depressing me, maybe my course, all the work the studies and everything. But no, it is simply people. I just didn’t have enough luck to cross the path of genuine people. It would be a lie if i say that i am not going to be used again, but whatever happen, i guess i will just take it and carry on.

Sorry, for this long text, i just felt like writing everything i had on my heart and did really see where else to.

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To be honest I'm not sure what being open and supportive has to do with a person's sexuality. It has to do with being a decent human being. Not being a bigot isn't cause for speculation about a person's sexuality, that makes me uncomfortable.

Anonymous said:  This.. Makes me feel weird. People can be vocal and supportive to minority groups without being a part of them. He also despises rascim. But that doesn’t make henrik black. It just seems like a hetero-normative idea to have about the way in which men who aren’t ignorant/homophobic should behave around those who are lgbt+. Because someone’s not an ass doesn’t=speculation. Leave that in 2016. That’s not how sexuality works. It’s being a decent human being

Anonymous said:  Not being ashamed of yourself= bi???


I don’t know if you’re always the same person sending me these messages but I think the anon came to the conclusion that henrik might be bi not only because he’s supportive and open minded but also because he plays the part of a bi character in skam. In this fandom i’ve seen that a lot of people tend to confuse real life and fictional life which is wrong. Another reason might be that a person is not used to see people so openly supportive towards the lgbt community without being part of it. I’m not in the anon’s mind so i can’t talk for them. I myself found the question a bit “weird” but we need to understand that not all people are educated and it’s not ok to bash them for this. Saying that we dont know how he identifies, is somehow “teaching” them a lesson because now the anon knows that no matter the role he played, no matter his support for the community, we dont know what his sexuality is. There’s no point in being rude or aggressive.

in all seasons of skam, this was one of the moments when jonas’ friendship felt the strongest. because you can see how genuinely worried he is for isak. isak, the best friend he’s known for years, the best friend he grew with. and it’s so obvious jonas has always cared for isak, it was obvious back in season 1 when he asked eva if he could join them at the cabin so he wouldn’t be alone, because he knew he and eva were pretty much his only friends, and he tried to not make isak feel left out. it was obvious when isak’s dad ran off and his mother wasn’t doing well at all, and jonas stayed with him so he wouldn’t have to be so alone, face everything alone 

jonas knows isak, knows how isak usually behaves, knows that isak doesn’t go around pushing people like that, especially not a friend who was simply teasing him. in that moment, jonas doesn’t simply feel like isak is not behaving like his usual self. it’s more than that, jonas feels, sees that he’s losing isak, the isak he knows, and that isak is also losing himself. and it’s scary when you don’t recognize the best friend you’ve learned to understand and grown to so genuinely care about, the best friend whose well-being means so much to you. and you can hear the fear in jonas’ voice, in the way he curses, you can see it in his eyes as he tries to hold isak’s gaze, tries to read his face, tries to understand what’s going on. jonas is not angry and pushing isak away, he’s worried and trying to hold on to him as best as he can at that moment. because this is not only scary for jonas, it’s confusing as hell, he’s not used to seeing isak like this, i don’t think he’s ever had to deal with isak behaving like this 

and he tells him, in the next episode. that no one’s angry at him, that they’re just worried about him. he tells him that he can come talk to him, because i think that’s what they’ve always done. jonas knows he can’t force isak to open up, knows that isak will usually reach out to him when he’s ready, at his own rhythm. and this is why when isak finally makes the first steps to talk to him, jonas sort of immediately feels some sort of relief. and this is part of the reason why jonas reacts to isak’s coming out the way he does, like it’s no big deal. because it is no big deal to jonas. it’s no big deal to him in general, but especially in that moment, because he sees that his best friend hasn’t slipped away like he feared he might, that his best friend is here and that’s honestly all that could possibly matter to him 

tea asks
  • black: how much personal space do you like?
  • chamomile: describe your sleep schedule
  • dandelion: when you make wishes who are they for?
  • elderflower: do you get sick often?
  • fennel: how do you feel right now?
  • ginger: what animal do you act like?
  • ginseng: post a photo of somewhere you feel calm
  • green: list your top 3 motivators
  • hibiscus: do you like when people try to start a conversation with you?
  • kava: post your favorite color scheme
  • lavender: does physical activity help you relax?
  • lemon: how differently do you behave when you're by yourself versus when you're with others?
  • matcha: do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
  • mint: what song gives you energy?
  • nettle: is there anything you do when you feel guilty?
  • oolong: where do you see yourself in five years?
  • peppermint: are you self righteous?
  • rooibos: if a conversation bothers you, will you speak up about it?
  • white: do you think family is important?


  • it’s daichi the first one to invite the whole team to his house for the weekend
  • kageyama’s never stayed at someone else’s ever in his life. he sends a text to the first years’ chat group, asking what he should do, and panics  when tsukishima tells him that he’s never gonna be invited again if he doesn’t behave. which is obviously not true, but kageyama doesn’t know that and spends the night before googling what people usually do at sleepovers
  • asahi is that guy who always brings food, but they’re not those kind of snacks most teenagers like. they’re those low-fat, no sugar snacks or slices of fruits, and diet drinks. nobody complains, though. kageyama is actually happy to eat them, and hinata is super excited because he did not know coke zero and diet coke existed
  • noya and tanaka sometimes try to convince everyone to drink some booze, but they almost never succeed, and the only time daichi agrees (because they’re at noya’s and noya’s grandpa insists they try the good wine), yamaguchi gets drunk with just one glass and spends the rest of the night either demanding cuddles (especially from tsukishima) or crying because hinata’s burning (”no, yamaguchi, that’s the natural color of his hair, remember?)
  • daichi always suggests they watch movies. or maybe documenta– “NO”
  • tsukishima once tells them to spend the night at his house. everyone thinks he’s joking, but when yamaguchi confirms it, the team’s shocked. dachi and suga almost tear up, too proud and too touched that even tsukishima is doing this. (little did they know that he’s just tired of having his mom and his brother insist he invites his teammates too). akiteru spends the entire time asking karasuno stuff about his brother. kei vows to himself to never do this again
  • when it’s hinata’s turn, he invites yachi too. she’s part of the group, ofc it’s only normal for her to take part in their bonding nights, but s-s-she’s a g-girl, nobody before him had the guts to ask her. she’s not sleeping there with them, of course, but she stays until it’s bedtime. yamaguchi’s too stiff because yachi is super cute in casual outfits. noya and tanaka mope because kiyoko-san isn’t there. kageyama gets startled when all of a sudden another hinata (natsu) pops up in the living room. he gets confused (and is fascinated, extremely fascinated) everytime he sees small hinata and smaller hinata interact with each other. later that night, at around 3 am, he realises with mild horror that it’s because the scene’s just too adorable
  • kiyoko actually shows up only when they’re at suga’s. noya, tanaka and yachi literally cry their hearts out because she’s wearing a skirt. them legs. is this paradise? 
  • sometimes they play mario kart and it always ends with someone hurt. daichi and suga are so competitive, they play dirty, suga sneezes on daichi’s face on purpose just to beat him. kageyama is good, always placing in the best four. tsukishima cannot drive ohmygod he always goes off the road or worse, he falls down, fuck this game. noya always gets first somehow. also, ennoshita, narita and kinoshita team up against tanaka (they throw red/blue/whatever color shells only whenever tanaka’s first). hinata always chooses underground characters, and looks extremely proud when he doesn’t come last. tsukishima is only living for the day hinata will pick up toad, it’ll be hilarious. of course, asahi spends half the time being afraid/screaming/mumbling incoherently until he falls
  • everyone agrees that the best host is tanaka. when they’re at the tanaka’s they get treated like princes (”and here i thought you were treated like this everyday, ousama” “shut up, tsukishima”)
  • ennoshita gets banned, he’s never holding another sleepover ever after the disaster with the 100 pork buns challenge. they had to clean the house after puking all over the floor. never ever ever again.

blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

listener (message): when i was a teenager i was a really gloomy child. it seemed like the whole world had turned it’s back on me. i believed i was the only one in the world. back then someone uttered these words to me: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time. everyone lives in difficulty, and diligently, as much as you do.” at that time, rather than getting hurt by these words i thought: “that’s right so i’ve behaving like a child.” that’s why, from then on, i lived really diligently, only looking straight head. even though, because of my family’s circumstances, i got into college a bit late compared to other people, i pushed my own self with a rod of iron and i refused to face my own wounds since i trusted that, other than me, there are other people who are having a tough time and that everyone is living working hard as much as i do. i live diligently. then i thought: i could be even better, an even more of a good person. however, after i ran and ran diligently like that, now that i’m going to graduate i turned out to be someone who gets angry and annoyed at everything. i get angry at the words the other opponent would throw in without any meaning. i’d get angry with a: “what do you know?”. little by little i hated meeting other people and i’m just preparing to find a job while only looking straight ahead. however …, i suddenly got this thought: why am i comparing my own pain with other people’s suffering? why did i make other people’s misfortune the basis to my happiness? all of a sudden these words i heard years ago occurred to me again: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time.” it seemed like i’d fall behind if i didn’t do anything, that i’d really become someone who’s oblivious to everything - casting a spell that everyone lives like that, that i’m not the only one having a tough time. i pressured and harassed myself. i couldn’t be caring to myself. i was only too strict to myself. i couldn’t love myself, the one that needed love the most. at last, i want to say this to myself: “you lived diligently. more than anybody else you lived fiercely. it’s alright. you can rest now.” today, my status message: “it’s alright even if you don’t do anything.

jonghyun: “everyone lives like that, you’re not the only one having a hard time.” these words …, i think it’s the most wrong way of consolation in the world. the comparing with the other opponent, with different people. you know how there are these words? “live with the courage to die”; well …, these words? i think it’s the worst way of consolation. comfort …, to someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s gloomy / depressed, to an exhausted person, to say: “when you get these thoughts, think of …, when you get those thoughts, courageously, do something different …, ya, right now, since you’re having a hard time like that: you’re exhausted, tired and having negative thoughts. i think it’d be good to quickly put that energy on the move and quickly take care of the work you need to get done.” to be honest, that person was aware of this too. they already know it’ll be solved by quickly moving on. they really immensely wish for it to be that way. however, it’s not working that way. there’s another thing other than the body’s wounds that you can see with your own eyes: it’s the heart’s wounds and, because of that, when comforting someone, i think one should think of how there’s certainly another existence, something that my eyes can’t see. of course, me too, while talking about this, since there are certainly words i gave to someone and wounds i’ve received from someone, i wanted to complain and talk a bit about this to our dear listeners. when comforting someone, rather than consoling them by comparing, whether comparing them to yourself or another person’s situation, i think it’d be nice to just have a talk about that person, them solely.

why do people gotta act like they deserve medals for not watching maid dragon. why do they act like they’re leaders in some kind of revolution that’ll go down in history books for refusing to give up their manly jjba seat on the anime bus to the oppressive colorful slice of life anime overlords 

its just cartoons, why do you have to behave that way. why do you gotta play alpha of the betas when it comes to fuckin’ anime. 

Hogwarts Houses and Their Pet Peeves
  • Gryffindor: When one person brings down the mood of everyone around them
  • Slytherin: Ill-behaved children in public, with no parental intervention
  • Ravenclaw: Being ignored or interrupted whilst talking
  • Hufflepuff: People being too lazy to do simple tasks, like turning the lights off as they leave the room

Lmao all this Gency/Pharmercy “discourse” is honestly pathetic.

  • First of all, it’s literally nothing but some dialogue. 
  • Threatening to quit the fandom over a ship you don’t like getting teased? how old are you?
  • Same people saying they’re gonna quit are the same people who mocked all the idiotic straight people crying about Tracer being gay. Do you really want that to be your legacy? behaving in the same childish manner as them?
  • 90% of said people saying they’re leaving if Gency becomes canon are the same people who ship toxic shit like WidowTracer
  • Interracial relationships are just as important and deserve representation too!.
  • Literally all I’ve seen are people complaining that it’s a ~boring het romance~ but ignoring the fact that we like never see interracial relationships ever done well?
  • Why is this boiling down to a “my ship is better than your ship” pissing contest, we’re better than that
  • Genji’s butt belongs to me anyway

tl;dr: shut the fuck up and stop crying the second blizzard doesn’t do everything to cater around you.

anyway misgendering trans women because they’ve done something problematic just proves youve been a closet transmisogynist the whole time because you think that behaving in a way you dislike means theyve lost the privilege of their proper pronouns. cis women behaving in a way you don’t like doesn’t make them men in your eyes so it sure as fuck shouldn’t make trans women men in your eyes either. you are all COMPLETELY transparent aboutwhere your priorities lie, and will do anything to get away with treating people like shit under the guise of respectability politics

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Why are people calling Dan a cunt?

Because, and I’m serious, he talked about how three different people called him a cunt on his instagram over a picture of a cookie and how he didn’t name it properly and that he didn’t like that, framing the story in the context of no matter what you do people will be dicks to you. He didn’t like that so much he checked out one of the people’s profiles to see what they were up about and thought some snarky things about said person. And then said he was going to go delete that comment to protect that person that upset him from getting barraged by fans.

So what do the fans do in response to this?
Apparently think it’s funny to go to said picture to call him a cunt. Because I don’t know why. They suck a huge bag of dicks and don’t know how to behave.

“I don’t like this thing these people did”


This is the same exact shit as the daddy stuff and I don’t want you people to be surprised when he pulls or abandons his instagram. I wouldn’t put up with this crap and he definitely shouldn’t have to.

“let’s not insist that marco’s trans in canon”

i mean what do people want? most people already do acknowledge that, but like:

Marco canonically has body dysphoria. They are canonically ashamed of having a ‘male’ body. This is a fact. It Happened. 2x12b “Naysaya” at 2 minutes 50 seconds, and reinforced by scenes in “Mewberty” and “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”. 

People believing Marco to be trans because that’s how they interprit how Marco already behaves in canon. And if they believe Marco to be a girl based on what we’ve already seen that’s there in-canon then that’s what they’re going to say Marco as. It’s not “insisting that it’s canon” it’s just their interpritation. 

Headcanons aren’t always going to be neatly locked away for you to convieniently ignore, especially when a character is this heavily hinted at being something.

Original Character ask meme – Psychology edition #2

1: What does your OC feel is important to be talented at?
2: Does your OC adapt easily to changes in life or do they have a hard time getting accustomed?
3: Does your OC struggle with any type of addictions?
4: How does your OC behave typically under severe stress?
5: What calms your OC down the best under severe stress?
6: Does your OC have an unrealistic view of some area of their life or worldview?
7: What does your OC hate and like about themselves?
8: What does your OC hate and appreciate on others?
9: What maladaptive behavioral models in your OC’s personality do they have to struggle with the most?
10: What type of people does your OC idolize the most?
11: What makes your OC feel most guilt in their life?
12: Is your OC mature or immature for their age?
13: How independent is your OC for their age and life situation?
14: Where and what from does your OC seek most typically comfort from?
15: Is your OC afraid of confrontation or do they seek to lay things down on open?
16: How openly does your OC show their emotions?
17: What does your OC do when they’re dealing with intense emotional pain?
18: What aspect of your OC’s personality or essence do other people usually have a problem with?
19: Is there anything others often admire about your OC?
20: Do other people have misconceptions about some parts of your OC’s personality?
21: How much of an attention seeker is your OC?
22: Does your OC believe in something supernatural or not scientifically proven?
23: Does your OC have a criminal record?
24: Does your OC have any sexual deviances or kinks?
25: How does your OC see their own value in comparison to other people?
26: Does your OC live in self-denial about anything?
27: What does your OC think about the concept of love?
28: Is your OC loyal or more prone of take advantage of people close to them?
29: Is your OC wild/ reckless or do they tend to stay on the safe side inside their comfort zone?
30: What could make your OC cry?

Opposites Attract

Character: Percival Graves

A/n: Alright! I think I’m improving at this because I’m immensely more pleased at this imagine than the first one I did for Graves.

I sort of used a different aspect of his character that I think he would have but I’m in no way implying that Graves would actually behave like this in movie canon. I just wanted to have a little fun with his character.

Percival Graves had always taken on the bulk of the work ever since being promoted to the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement. And it was entirely his own doing, regardless of his honorable reputation, he always felt the need to prove himself.

This meant lots of late nights in the offices filling out paperwork, attending council meetings and hearings, plus all the feild work cases he was supposed to lead.

So whenever people meet you, one of his closest and oldest friends, they were thoroughly surprised.

You were a highly regarded potions master amoung the northern magical society, even serving as an assistant to the Potions professors at Ilvermorny.

But apart from that, you were an incredibly down to earth and kind person. Some argued even the polar opposite of Graves.

Sure he was stoic and rather intimidating to anyone that looked at him, the two of you worked really well together.

You both attended Ilvermorny in the same year, though you were in different houses, you had majority of your classes together.

After your close friendship during school, you both ended up living in the same apartment building.

At first you tried traveling by floo powder to get to the school whenever you were simply applying for the job, but soon after you were hired and Graves only ever got to see you during the summer and other holidays.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t think of you often, you were his confidant and he often missed being able to talk to whenever he needed it. Although you both exchanged letters every now and then to see how the other is doing.

One particular night during the summer months whenever you were home, Graves was having a terrible time falling asleep, more so than usual.

He knew that you often worked late into the night, brewing your own potions or mastering new ones you had learned. So he didn’t hesitate to putting on a pair of shoes and traveling up to your floor.

And he was right, you were at your door in no time, smiling as you let him in.

Your apartment was like a whole other world from his. Graves had everything furnished in his usual monochrome theme, even the lamps and art peices that hung on the wall.

But your place was a kaleidoscope of colors, from the red bookcases to the brightly colored chairs at your dining room table that didn’t match each other.

You had green plants and herbs that hung from the ceiling and poured out from every window. And glass jars filed with magical ingrediants for your potions.

You also had a considerable collection of random momentos, such as small animal figurines and crystals that lined almost every surface.

Though Graves didn’t necessarily enjoy the controlled chaos of how you ordered things. He always enjoyed the homely atomosphere at your place over the rather cold tone of his.

“Another sleepless night?” You asked, reaching up and plucking a few green leaves from a particularly draped vine.

“Something like that.” Graves answered, taking off his shoes and looking out your windows.

“Well sit right there, I can have a sleeping draught made for you in a heartbeat.” You told him with a bright smile.

Graves was about to decline, but you had already started to clear off your work space. He pulled one of the wooden stools up next to where you stood, and opted to watch you at your craft.

“Reminds me of our school days.” You thought aloud to him, remembering the countless hours you spent in the potions room, Percival by your side and watching you brew potions and elixirs.

“Yes, I distinctly remember you being the only reason why I managed to ever pass a potions class.” Graves said, handing you the lavender you asked for.

“So tell me, Percy.” You started, crushing up the lavender into the now purple liquid. “What’s keeping you up?”

Graves held back a remark about the awful nickname you had given him, but remembered that he hadn’t seen you in months.

With a heavy sigh he rubbed his eyes. “Work mostly, I have a lot to do in a matter of 24 hours.”

You hummed, waving your wand in a circular motion about the steaming cauldron. “Ever thought of taking a break?”

Graves chuckled. “Department heads don’t really get days off, and if I did manage to get one I’d probaby be called in by 9.”

You laughed, taking a small laddle and pouring it into a glass vile. “I suppose I see your point, Percival Graves takes a day off and MACUSA would fall.”

That stirred another laugh from him. “Yes, I suppose it would.”

“Now, this should take an hour or so to kick in.” You said, placing it into his hands.

He accepted it, noticing the purple shimmering liquid looked different than the usual drafts he took. “Is this new?”

A broad smile crossed your face. “Yes it is, of my own design.”

Graves smiled, tilting his head back and downing it all quickly. “Well, then I know I’m in good hands.” He said, handing the now empty bottle back to you.

“It was very nice having these chats again, (Y/n).” He said, moving from the stool and making his way to the door. “I hope you have a wonderful evening.”

“Well, hang on a second.” You said, grabbing onto his arm.

The two of you shared a look before you tentatively took your hand off of him and he cleared his throat.

“I’m probably not gonna get to bed tonight anyways. Why don’t you sleep in the guest room and see if a change of atmostphere helps you sleep better?” You offered.

Graves had every intention to decline your offer, but if he was honest he didn’t want to go back to his apartment where he’d be alone and miserable.

“I think I might take you up on that offer.”

You smiled. “It’s down the hall and the second brown door on the right.”

Graves nodded. “Goodnight then.”

“Nighty night, Percy.”

Graves spent a lot less nights at his own apartment after that.

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‘Why do Feysand and Rowaelin not get treated exactly the same way in the narrative/look exactly the same/why does Rhys do some things Rowan doesn’t/why is Rowan allowed to do some things that the narrative addresses with Rhys and points out that they’re not good’? repeat forever. 

Because there is not one model of a good/healthy relationship. It does not work Feyrhys = healthy; everything else = toxic. 

Because women are not carbon copies of one another. We have different tastes. We have different likes. We have different needs in a relationship. We are our own individual people and we need our partners to respond to our personal preferences, likes, and dislikes and not simply have someone behave exactly the same way to every single person they’re with. 

Feyre dislikes feeling smothered or not having her full freedom and independence. As such, when the mating bond snaps into place between her and Rhys, Rhys carefully explains to her why he feels protective and territorial and that he is working to stop doing that. Because she has been in an abusive relationship before where someone has done these things to an unhealthy level and is uncomfortable with any minor repetition of them. Rhys addresses her personal concerns and her personal needs and that is why the narrative picks this out and unpicks it and explains it with Rhys but not with Rowan. 

Aelin is a completely different character with a completely different backstory, a completely different set of insecurities and a completely different set of needs and Rowan responds to them. Aelin does not have a problem with Rowan being territorial or protective over, not in the way Feyre does. It might be a vague annoyance sometimes (AT THE VERY MOST) and even then she’s dismissive of it and it amuses her and it is never taken too far to the point that it restricts her freedom/the choices she can make/the things that she can do. And she is not in any way triggered by it as she has not experienced the same kind of abuse that Feyre has. 

Territorial behaviour of the kind that comes natural to the fae is not in itself abusive/unhealthy. Protectiveness over the people that you care about is not in itself unhealthy/abusive. What would be unhealthy would be to expect men to treat every single woman he meets/is with exactly the same way because it suits one single woman. That is reductive and frankly insulting.

 I have no doubt that Rhys would behave differently with Aelin and that Rowan would behave differently with Feyre because they are individual people with individual needs and desires and expecting Aelin to be treated the same as Feyre because this is apparently the only standard of a healthy relationship is frankly a little bit misoygnistic because, shock horror, not all women think the same/feel the same/like/dislike the same things. Isn’t that amazing? It’s as though we’re real people who know what we like and don’t like and expect the people closest to us to respect that and respond accordingly. Incredible. 

TL;DR Stop comparing Feyrhys and Rowaelin. Especially if the purpose of this is to say ‘Rhys does x, this is good for Feyre and makes their relationship healthy. Rowan does not do x, therefore this is bad for Aelin and makes their relationship unhealthy’ because, newsflash, that’s not the way it works

There is no one way to have a good, positive relationship. In fact that thinking in itself is unhealthy. Different people have different needs and their partners should therefore behave differently so suit those needs, not just mirror another’s behaviour because it has been deemed ‘The Most Healthy And Appropriate Way To Behave With Women’. Because. Guess what? Not all women are going to want/respond well to that and you ignoring their needs and wants in order to try and fulfil this idealistic idea of a perfect relationship is not healthy. Rowan is responding to what Aelin personally wants/needs/feels comfortable with. He is not Rhys, he does not behave like Rhys and that is completely okay because Aelin is not Feyre and does not need him to do that for her. 

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I was raised Catholic and still practice the faith. I am 1000% pro-choice, pro-LGBT, and pro-women joining the priesthood. Because many members of the Church are either strongly against or uncomfortable with these stances, it sometimes leaves me frustrated. Especially with abortion, where people from my parish cannot even have open-minded, nuanced discussions about it, and it leaves me frustrated. They behave like hypocrites, despite calling themselves 'pro-life'. Do you have any facts, >>>

>>> articles, or writings from women of faith that would help reaffirm these stances?

Hi there! I don’t read many religious writers myself, so I’m not much of an expert on feminists of faith, but for Catholics I would recommend starting with Catholics For Choice.

“Catholics for Choice believes in a world where everyone has equal access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services - including access to safe and legal abortion services and affordable and reliable forms of contraception. CFC works to change the conversation regarding sexual and reproductive rights to one where the individual conscience of each person is recognized as the keystone of moral decision making.”

Hope that helps!

Every waiter reading this article is quietly saying. “Fuck yes” at this moment, because everyone who has ever waited tables at some point has had this realization: If everyone was forced to wait tables for one year, the world would be so much better!

Everyone has that realization because it’s totally true. I’ve waited tables at shitty, poorly run diners; expensive, fancy restaurants; and a Ruby Tuesday (to me, the exact middle on that spectrum of restaurants), and all I could think was “Damn, everyone should have to do this awful, awful thing.”

You learn a whole lot about people by serving them. How a person behaves to the guy fetching his drinks says a lot about that person. And you, as a waiter, start to figure out what kind of person you want to be. Are you the guy who makes eye contact with your waiter and speaks to him like a human, or are you the guy who hisses when he wants to catch a waiter’s attention (happened to me)? Everyone on the planet should know what it’s like to have to serve someone else. It’s humbling, and sometimes terrible, and some other times mostly OK.

5 Jobs Everyone in the World Should Have at Some Point

please please don’t get mad at autistic people for not behaving like neurotypicals. we’re living in a world that’s not very nice to us and it’s really hard to figure out what we’re supposed to do sometimes !! if you’re allistic please try your hardest to listen to and respect autistic people!!!!!

I’m sick of the terf argument that trans women aren’t real women because they have “experienced male privilege”. No, they have not. And no, this is not just because of the internal feelings - I understand “privilege” may not be affected by how a person feels inside. But what do these people think trans women are? Trans woman are not like men. They do not act like men. They do not behave in the male way necessary to receiving any of the advantages men are thought to receive in this society, because they are usually effeminate, quiet, and all the other things that put a man at the bottom of the social order. Trans women didn’t just wake up one morning in the middle of a comfortable life as a “privileged” man and decide to become a woman, they have suffered for a long, long time because of the way they are, and those who suggest they have somehow benefited from any sort of privilege… It just shows an entire new level of ignorance and stupidity.