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to clarify:

Latino: a masculine term for people with cultural ties to Latin America. also sometimes used to describe a group of latinx people, since Spanish defaults to masculine for groups

Latina: a feminine term for a person with cultural ties to Latin America

Latinx: a gender-neutral term for a person or persons with cultural ties to Latin America

Latin@: another gender-neutral term with the same meaning

Latin: a broad term referring to societies influenced by roman culture that widely speak Romance languages, as well as the people from those societies. It is not synonymous with latinx

in addition, keep in mind that these terms serve as umbrella terms, and can sometimes be seen as negative because they erase the cultural identities from individual Latin American countries.

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like to touch/being touched is related to instinctual variant? If I'm going to put myself in a close relationship with a person I find it difficult to feel close to her if I can't touch her or have sensory stimulation quite of a lot. I know this is kinda natural in romantic relationship but I'm curious about having this behavior with people like a close friend or family member. I'm inferior Se and I don't see many of us relating to this kind of thing.

Tbh? I have no clue, but I am inclined to say no? I’m pretty touch averse as a whole. While I am fine with hugs, I really don’t prefer them. Living where I do, people from the mainland are super touchy. They love hugs and just… a lot of touching. It weirds me out. That’s not to mean that people here aren’t? But I only see it in romantic settings when one is absolutely infatuated with someone else.

I view it as more of a cultural thing? But I can also see within a westernized culture, sx-doms would be more touchy as a whole with friends, lovers, and family.

Examples of white culture

I absolutely hate the racist notion that white people have no culture. Poc sjws usually say this type of shit, so this post provides some examples of beautiful white cultures.

 Think about these images before you spew your racist crap.

German culture

Irish culture

Scottish culture

Romanian culture

Polish culture

Italian culture

Russian culture

These are just some beautiful white cultures that exist. White cultures are amazing!

If someone has other cultures to add to this, go ahead!

What Do the Zodiac Signs Do When Visiting a New Country?

Eat food: Taurus, Leo, Libra

Explore:  Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Meet people: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius

can we like, not rag on the new fans coming to hs? who cares if they’re cringey, you were too once

and quite frankly everyone who’s been wailing about it is way more exhausting than the people who found a thing they liked and tried to participate in the fandom.

let’s not start the hipster “i liked it before it was cool so i’m better” shit, i’ve been here since 2012 and none of us are cool, none of us are free from sin, and new fans are what keeps the fandom alive

Being able to roll your eyes at the term “cultural appropriation” is a sign of privilege. You think everyone should just do what they want right? Because you’ve never been ridiculed or shamed for your traditions, culture, features, and appearance while at the same time seeing others copy or take those traditions, culture, features, and appearance and be praised for “starting trends” or “being edgy”. Keep that in mind next time you wanna throw a temper tantrum because a black girl told you you shouldn’t wear dreads.


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