people complain about getting popular text posts

can maknae line stans stop acting like hyung line stans asking for more attention for hyung line are personally attacking them? i see people offended by posts showing the difference between views on fancams and saying it’s pitying other members?? no one is pitying anyone, we’re so loud because we know they deserve all the recognition. of course everyone has a fave but it doesn’t mean it’s completely okay to ignore rest of the members!! well you can do this but don’t say you’re a bts stan if you only have eyes for your bias. there’s a difference between having a bias and only caring about one member. 

and trying to shut down complaining people shows how much you don’t care about hyung line. if the truth hurts you so much, maybe instead of attacking people who want this difference to disappear, try to help them?? but i guess getting mad at hl stans is easier. ml stans are most likely to be solo stans and everyone knows this. and before you say “but not all ml stans!!!”, ask me about all the times i’ve seen posts like this, all the times i’ve read yt comments about jin stans who need to shut up. look at the fandom, how underappreciated hyung line is and think about it. 

and do you really think we do nothing but complain? there’s a lot of hyung line content but it doesn’t get notes, streaming project are being ignored, good text posts… but people are not supporting it.

so keep pressing hearts on j*kook vlive and keep crying how bad you’re hurt by those ugly hl stans!! must be tough biasing most popular members who get most lines, spotlight and have thousands of other fans you can talk to, what does it matter that you might hurt other members right?? believe me, they’re aware of their popularity ranks, they see the views on their fancams, they try not to show this but they care. they’re humans too. 

i don’t ask you to die for hyung line, just for a little bit of respect for their hard work and for their fans who can’t stand the double standards in the fandom. if you want to close your eyes, fine. but don’t try to play victim. no one is telling you to drop your bias or only love hyung line!! but acting like watching a video of hoseok, jin or namjoon for 5 minutes would kill you… it really says a lot.

I don’t make a lot of text posts, but I want to get this through.

God I can’t believe people are already complaining about the Tokyo Ghoul re: 3rd season trailer. I keep on seeing people talk shit about it how “It’s going to be same (quality) as the first and second season anime.” How the hell can you pick that up from a 30 second video? The animation wasn’t even that long, how can you judge it from that small lil character animation? 

Do people realize how much Ishida sensei has improved since those two seasons? 

Here’s Tsukiyama from around the first couple volumes. Look how.. just weird it is. The facial structure looks weird and so does the shape of the hair, the hand really looks deformed.

And this is obviously much more pleasing, he looks so pretty. It pays more attention to the facial structure including lips, and the hair looks so much more free, rather than being pulled over one way.

At some points, I just get disappointed with the TG fandom. Not just with how unappreciating they are, but with the overall wars. Usually with “which character is the best”, like it really disappoints me that is an actual war going on. 
Like really? Are we really going to try to push others down and attack them because they don’t think Saiko is the best character/she isn’t their fav?
(With the wars I see more Saiko fans being.. like that.)

In the end, can we just stop and appreciate that Tokyo Ghoul just exists? And that all characters are equal? I mean, Ishida sensei puts a lot of work in showing that every character has flaws, and that they are neither good or completely bad.

Ishida has improved, a lot, and it really inspires me.

i think i’ll delete some of my inktober posts, they make my blog look kinda ugly.. i can maybe post everything together when october ends. i’ll keep posting the ones i’m happy with or the ones i think will actually get a few notes on tumblr (since people here don’t care much about original work, and certain art styles are more popular. not complaining, just pointing it out lol)

anyway you can follow my instagram,  i post everything there

the animal crossing fandom is made up of different people:

  • you’ve got the artists who make amazing patterns
  • you’ve got the jokesters who write funny text posts daily
  • you’ve got the sex obsessed group who post erotic fanart
  • you’ve got the popular gang who gets thousands of notes
  • you’ve got the nerds who know EVERYTHING about the game
  • you’ve got the romantic fangirls who ship their villagers
  • you’ve got the scrapbookers reblog inspiration for their town
  • you’ve got the complainers who point out every flaw and plot hole
  • you’ve got the hackers who can change the game in any way
  • you’ve got the traders who deal in villagers and bells
  • you’ve got the retro kids who only play on gamecube and ds

which group(s) do you fit into?