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PREVIOUSLY: “ And strangers definitely should not be kissing in dark alleys all alone at night. Not as long as one of those strangers was me.”

A/N: this is longer overdue and i know everybody is excited so !!!! there’s a part of this where it talks about boys not supposed to be flirting with other boys and i just want to clarify that this is because of the time period, not my personal views. other than that, enjoy this mess :)


It seemed that staying up all night was becoming a bad habit of mine. Truthfully, I had actually gotten a little bit of sleep, but with that came a nightmare that kept me up for the rest of the night. Due to this, there were very evident bags under my eyes. I knew this because Crutchie had noticed and pointed them out.

“You okay, Y/N?” He had asked. “You sleeping alright.” I was far too tired to come with a lie, so I let the truth slip from my mouth.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just had a nightmare is all. I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep.” As if on cue, a yawn escaped my lips. Crutchie nodded with a sympathetic look, placing a hand on my shoulder and squeezing comfortingly. I gave him a small smile in return.

“The next time that happens just come over to my bunk, I’m sure I could tire you out.” I spun around to face a smirking Race, receiving a wink the minute I met his eyes. Crutchie rolled his eyes beside me, muttering an ‘oh brother’ under his breath before walking away. I raised an eyebrow at Race and his smirk grew. I couldn’t help the relief that flooded through me that he was acting normally - or at least, as normal as things got with Race. Deciding to test the waters, I took a step closer to him.

“And how do you suppose you’ll do that if you can’t even get me to kiss you?” I was blatantly teasing him, and, from the look on his face, he was enjoying it. He followed my lead, taking a step forward and almost entirely closing the distance between us.

“Well, maybe I’ll just have to try again.” The lack of distance made it all too obvious that his eyes were suddenly on my lips. But he didn’t lean in. He was waiting, I realized - waiting for some sort of sign that he was allowed to be doing this, allowed to be kissing me. The thought of him standing there, silently asking for permission, sent a spark of warmth spiraling through my chest. For a split second, I considered it. But there was no way I was letting him win this. I placed a finger on his lips as if I was shushing him, pushing him backwards.

“Nice try, but I’m not in the habit of kissing strangers,” I smiled sickly sweet at him. He raised his eyebrows, placing the cigar that had been in his hand between his lips.

“And what makes you think we’re strangers?” He asked, cocky as ever. “Ain’t we been spendin’ every day together for a while now?” I rolled my eyes at that, reaching up to fix my hat.

“We don’t know anything about each other, and you know if. You didn’t even know I was a girl until a few days ago.” He simply shrugged, moving toward the line of newsies waiting to get their papes. I sighed before following him, preparing myself for another day in the heat of New York.


At this point, I was fairly sure we were doing it to see who would break first rather than to actually flirt with each other. Race and I had been teasing each other back and forth all day. He had a slight advantage that he didn’t have to whisper his comments when no one was looking, but there was also the struggle of the majority of the public believing that we were both boys, and therefore shouldn’t be flirting at all.

There was a single moment when I almost let him win, purely on accident. We had stopped in a shaded area to escape the heat and it was empty of people besides us. He had come up behind me, his mouth close to my ear, his hands coming to rest on my hips. He hesitated, but I could tell it was only because he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t swat his hands away. I didn’t.

“It’ll start gettin’ colder soon,” he whispered, his voice sending chills down my spine. “When it does, my offer still stands. You can come over to my bunk if youse gets a little too cold, and I can warm you right up.” I didn’t respond. His breath was tickling my neck, and even though I wasn’t facing him I could tell he was smirking. His hands sent electricity through me, as light as feather, careful not to tighten his grip and push any boundaries. Without meaning to, I leaned into his touch - I leaned into him. My back was against his chest and his hands moved ever so slightly, pulling me a bit closer. It felt like we were both holding our breath, waiting for the other to make the first move.

“Warm me up, huh?” I whispered, somewhat breathless. “I didn’t think you’d be much of a cuddler, Race.” He laughed quietly into my hair.

“I was thinking of a more aggressive approach.” He was talking in my ear again, sending me into a trance. My eyes fluttered closed, my head falling back against his chest. He looked down at me as my eyes opened again, having composed myself.

“We’re still strangers, you know,” I grinned at him. A smile spread across his face in return.

“I ain’t never known no strangers who hold each this close,” He said. My grin quickly morphed into a smirk.

“Oh, you’re right, guess we should stop.” I gave a very obviously dramatic shrug as I stepped away from him. His hand feel from my waist, but he stayed rooted in his place. I turned so I was facing him, taking joy in his flustered appearance. “C'mon, we got papes to sell.” I turned around again and started to walk away. A heat that definitely wasn’t coming from the sun rushed to my face as I thought of the position we’d been in, and what would’ve happened in anybody had found us like that. I glanced behind me to check if Race was following me and I was met with a wink. I made a show of rolling my eyes before continuing on.


Once we sold our last paper, we made our way to our alley. We finished earlier than usual today, which was definitely because of Race. He had been a bit more aggressive in his selling today, seemingly eager to be done. I could understand if it was because of the sun beating down on us, but as far as I could tell that wasn’t the reason. Silently, I wondered (and, okay, kind of hoped) if it was because of the situation we’d found ourselves in earlier in the day.

Considering there hadn’t been a single moment since it had happened that I hadn’t thought about it, it would have been only fair if it was messing him up too. The entire thing was confusing - mindless flirting wasn’t supposed to have an affect like this. And yet I could still feel the ghost of his hands resting gently on my body, his mouth pressed against my ear.

As we took the shortcut through the alley and then walked back toward the lodge, I could feel it in the air between us. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but there was something there. With the lodge in view, I started to pick up my pace, desperate to escape the silence we had been walking in. Before I could get very far his hand was wrapped around my wrist, pulling me back to him. He turned me so I was facing him, our bodies close, but not as close as they had been earlier.

“Ya rethinking kissing a stranger yet?” He asked, a teasing grin on his face.

“Come back to me when we’re a little more acquainted, Higgins,” I laughed. He gave a small pout, but I could hear him following behind me when I started to walk again, this time with a bounce in his step.


I was awake again. I listened to the even breathing and occasional snoring coming from the boys, accompanied by the noises of the city outside. I tried to keep my breathing quiet, but I was having trouble catching my breath at all. It felt like there was smoke lingering in my lungs, causing me to heave and pant. I didn’t want to wake anyone, but at the same time I silently prayed that someone would hear me and come to help.

There were tears staining my face. I must’ve cried while I was asleep, while I had been trapped in yet another nightmare. I shivered as a sudden rush of chills raced through my body. Without thinking, I looked over in the direction of Race’s bunk. I could tell that he was fast asleep, and I almost considered waking him, but I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. I wasn’t looking for a to “warm up.”

As quietly as I could, I climbed out of my bunk and out the window. The cold metal of the fire escape against my bare feet sent a shock through me, but I climbed upwards anyway. I just needed some fresh air, I decided. I needed to get above it all, things had always seemed better when I put myself high above the city streets. I realized with a start that I could hear voices coming from above me, and climbed until I reached them. They stopped talking when I reached them, but I was greeted with warm smiles.

“Ya had another nightmare?” Crutchie asked, patting a space next to him for me to sit down. I nodded in response, sitting beside him so that I was facing Jack.

“You boys spend all your nights up here?” I asked, yawning.

“We can’t when it gets cold, but I like the fresh air,” Jack replied. “Crutchie sleeps in 'is bunk a lot, but he joins me sometimes.” There was a pause, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was nice, to sit with them and just forget everything for a little while. “Ya get nightmares often?” Jack finally asked, looking concerned.

“More than usual recently, but yeah, pretty often.” I was too tired to lie, and I didn’t see the point in it. I was sure half the boys in the lodge got nightmares on a daily basis.

“Youse can come up here anytime ya get 'em,” Crutchie spoke up. “We don’t mind the company.” He smiled softly at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. Just minutes ago I hadn’t been able to breathe, but it seemed that the fresh air had cleared the smoke from my lungs. The fire escape wasn’t very comfortable, but eventually I fell asleep comforted by Jack’s and Crutchie’s presence.





“Then I stepped off the edge of the roof, right? And when he saw me hovering there, he was terrified, so I floated down until I was right in front of him and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’” Damian paused, hand over his mouth to conceal his grin. “And then he turned himself in. Which was a little bit disappointing, to be honest, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
“That’s awesome!” Shazam exclaimed, leaning further across the table. Behind his rack of samples, Bruce was smiling too— he wasn’t spying exactly, but he would prefer not to interrupt. They were getting along, and he wanted to hear the rest of the conversation.
“One of the best parts was meeting the regulars, you know, because they would have this moment where they saw me, and you could see them wondering— Can they all do that? Have they always been able to do that?” Damian sighed. “It was great while it lasted.”
“So I guess you really miss having your powers?”
“Well…” Damian tapped his fingers thoughtfully against the table, looking out at the patch of space visible from the Watchtower window. “It was an advantage. But do I really need an advantage? Obviously not. I’m just as capable now that I’m back to normal.”
Bruce wasn’t sure that “normal” was the right word for an eleven year old assassin who had recently returned from the dead, but he wasn’t about to point that out. Those superpowers had been a problem— one more thing to worry about. He was glad they were gone.
“He’s cute,” muttered a voice from behind him. Bruce turned around to face it— Diana.
“He needs more friends,” Bruce told her, as Damian and Shazam continued to chatter away.
“Is that why you bring him up here?”
“That and I can’t actually stop him from coming.” He motioned her up to the gap in the shelf that he was using as a peephole. “He doesn’t like to be left out.”
The two of them stood side by side, focussed on the conversation in front of them.
“You have like, the coolest job in the world,” Shazam said.
“Basically. It’s fine for now.” Damian pulled a batarang out of his belt and spun it idly across the table.
“What’s cooler than being Robin?”
“Being Batman. I’ll get there eventually.”
Bruce felt Diana nudge him in the ribs. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.
“You really think you’re going to be Batman someday?”
“Of course. Somebody has to be in charge.” Damian bent down to examine the scratch he’d put in the table. “Nobody in their right mind would let Hood anywhere near the cowl, and have you ever met Red Robin?”
“I don’t think so?”
“Well he’s an idiot, so that wouldn’t work either. I was born to be Batman, and if my father ever dies, I will be.”
“If?” Diana whispered. Bruce shrugged, vaguely flattered.
“His grandfather’s been alive for a few centuries, and a month ago, he rose from his own grave. Mortality is a fluid concept right now.”
Diana put a hand on his shoulder. “He wants to be just like you.”
“He wants to be better than me. I think he could manage it.” Bruce smiled fondly at his son from behind his rack of samples. “I should get him home.”
He strode out into the center of the room. “Robin? Time to go.” As Damian turned towards him, Bruce grabbed one of his wrists and swung him one-handed out of his chair, catching him by surprise. Damian dangled a few inches above the floor for a couple of seconds before Bruce set him down.
“Come on,” Bruce told him. “Time for bed.”

Anon requested JLA + Damian’s “I’m going to be Batman” speech 

  • Me as Widowmaker: *is so focused on sniping that I don't notice the guy coming up behind me to kill me
  • Me as symmetra: *is so focused on trying to strategically place turrets and teleporters that I don't notice the guy coming up behind me to kill me
  • Me as Torbjorn: *is too focused on placing my turret and making it better that I don't notice the guy coming up behind me to kill me
  • Me as Bastion: *is so focused on shooting people on the ground that I don't notice the guy coming up behind me to kill me
  • Me as any character: *is so focused on trying not to die and kill at the same time that I don't notice the people trying to kill me
Just The Beginning Part 3

Pairings: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 3441

Note: Think i’m going to leave this as the last one, but we’ll see. Feel free to message me, or give me suggestions for stories, not going to 100% guarantee that i’ll do them all, but I just might never know! I apologize now for any errors. Please Enjoy!

You were woken up suddenly when you heard a loud bang. As you came to you realized it must have been a heavy metal door. You went to sit up, but you were stopped by the sleeping archangel, Lucifer. He must have fallen asleep after you did. His wings were twitching as he slept. It was actually kind of cute. He must have been comfortable because he was in the same place he was last night. Feet hung over the arm of the couch, head just under your chest, one hand on his chest holding your hand, the other hand lying along the side of your leg.

“[Y/N]!? Lucifer!?” Upon hearing his name his icy eyes opened lazily. You pulled your hand out of his and shook his shoulder lightly smiling down at him. He got up and stretched, you pulled yourself up and fell back down onto the couch. Your arms and legs were a little shaky, everything else was numb, and cold to the touch. Lucifer saw you fall back onto the couch and smirked at you.

“Price of being close to the Devil.” He walked up to you and rested two cold fingers on your forehead and within a matter of seconds you were warm again and you could move.

“Guess I didn’t notice it before.” You said as you carefully got off the couch once more. You brushed your hands over your legs to fix your pant legs a little.

When you stood to your full height once more you saw the boys slowly fill into the room. First Sam, then Castiel followed closely behind Dean. You frowned wondering where Crowley was, and if he was dead or not. The man scared you, but he was still someone you didn’t wish death upon him, yet. You took a step forward to stand next to Lucifer.

“Hello darling. Miss me?” You jumped as his familiar husky voice spoke into your ear, his breath brushing against the back of your ear. After you had jumped you ran to stand on the other side of Lucifer and glare at Crowley, while holding Lucifer’s arm.

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video: the show’s biggest flaw, to the point that it’s almost a plot hole, is the fact that no one has figured out ladybug or chat noir’s identities

me, rolling my eyes and closing the tab: anyway


-We had heard of a party on the other side of town, we weren’t invited but that really never stopped us. We sat around in the small one bedroom apartment, the fold out couch opened to a bed as we sat on the edge of it passing a joint back and forth talking nonsense until we hear the horn of one of our friends picking us up. We had one car but no gas and no money for the gas. We walk out passing the leftover of the joint to our friend driving and we crawled into the backseat. Laughs and jokes passed through the car, we were never the guys to go to the parties for the girls, we were mostly there for the better drugs and drinks and sometimes the girls came with it. It’s almost midnight when we pull up to something short of a mansion, piling out of the car and into the house with a few glances at us but they are easily ignored as we only have a few things on our mind. Shannon trails behind me as our first stop is finding the kitchen for drinks of any kind. I smile with a laugh noticing a girl with a hat on backwards but she’s got a drink in her hand and I make my way over to her with Shannon coming up behind me through the crowd of people.- Hey, where are the drinks in this fucking place? -I laugh a bit and I’m sort of yelling so I don’t have to invade your person space for you to hear me.-

Story originally shared on Facebook. Link to original poster below:

Here’s the full story….with all the details. My idea for the J2 Christmas-themed photo this year was to have them recreate the classic Dick In A Box pose from the video. At first, I was going to try to make the boxes myself by finding boxes of different sizes and wrapping them, etc., but there really was no easy way to get them to California in my luggage. Luckily, a google search for “Dick in a Box costume” revealed that such a thing already exists that you can buy, and it comes in a flat package that easily fit in my suitcase. SCORE! An important thing to note about the costume is that the box attaches to the body by feeding your belt through two vertical holes in the box. The boxes also had a round hole in the box as well, I guess if you actually wanted to stick your d*#k in the box. I thought it was an amusing touch. ANYWAY. I was very, very, very nervous about asking them to pose with the boxes, for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t want to take too much time and get yelled at for taking too long. I had already gotten yelled at once that day, and I really didn’t want to have it happen again. Second, I wasn’t sure if Jensen would go for it or not. I thought he probably would, but there was a small part of me that was afraid he would be offended and say no. (Those of you that know Jensen better than I are probably laughing at me right now…but he makes me nervous, OK?!?!?!) So, I almost chickened out about 50 times. I had a back up plan if they said no (that’s sort of a lie….I had no back up plan at all.) I knew that having them take their belts off would take WAY too long, so my solution was to put three really big pieces of packing tape on each box, so they could just quickly stick it on their crotch (heh), take the picture, and then pull it off. I waited until near the end of the line, but there were still about 30 people behind me. People kept coming up to me and asking “are you going to do what I think you are going to do???”, which made me even more nervous. OMG, I’m getting nervous all over again just thinking about it, and it’s already OVER. JEEZ. I got to the front of the line and walked up to them and handed them each a box. Jensen knew IMMEDIATELY what they were for and what I wanted. I had a picture of Justin and Andy in the exact pose that I wanted pulled up on my phone, in case they needed a reference. I asked them if they needed a photo and Jensen said “WE KNOW WHAT DICK IN A BOX IS!!” I said, just make sure you put your hands in the air, so you aren’t holding the box. So, Jensen tried to stick the box on and………it immediately came off. The tape didn’t work AT ALL. They would have to hold them on, and that just wasn’t what I wanted at all. I thought the photo was a bust, and I’m sure my face must have looked very sad. But Jensen, bless his heart, looked at his box and said “Hey!! There are holes for our belt! We can put them on that way!!!” in just the cutest way. And them immediately preceded to undo his belt and take it (partially) off so he could feed it through the two holes. Jared immediately followed suit and took his belt off as well. At this point, I was just standing there like a complete dumbass while they are pulling up their shirts and taking off their belts. The rest of the people in the room, however, burst in applause and cheers!! Someone yelled to me “YOU ARE MY HERO!” Once they had the bottom of the boxes secure, Jensen dropped the top of his box and then couldn’t bend over to pick it up because of the box on his crotch. LOL! And one of them pretended to look into the box of the other one and screamed (I honestly don’t remember who did what….I think I had gone into shock at this point….maybe someone else remembers). Basically, they were having a lot of fun with it. Chris snapped a picture, and Jensen posed exactly like in the original picture. Jared, however, did this pose where he was pointing at his d*%k instead of hands in the air. But whatever….I was fine with it. I walked over to them after the picture and Jensen said “Wait! Chris needs to take another picture. Jared did it wrong.” Jared: “What? What did I do wrong?” Jensen: “She said she wants us to put our hands in the air!” Jared: “Oh, OK.” So, Chris took a second picture (Jared still didnt put his hands in the air). And then I walked over, and waited while they undid their belts again and took their boxes off and gave them back to me. When Jensen gave me his box, he said “ I think I need a bigger box” smile emoticon I thanked them profusely for being such good sports and that was it.

*This may be the greatest photo op of all time. Thank you to person that had them do it! Merry Christmas to the fandom haha!*


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if you're still taking requests, bucky with his wobbly little 21st century tum :)

Bucky stands in front of the mirror, hands on his hips and towel on the floor as he glares at his reflection.

Or, to be precise, his tummy.

In the Brooklyn days, he had been thin. Not to the extent of Steve, who was all bone, but close enough. The Howling Commandos era brought about more muscle, but the piss poor rations meant he got thinner still.

And then there was The Soldier.

He was a creature of immaculate design, reconstructed to have muscle and sinew in all the places that provided power; his legs, his arm, his abdominals. He was a well oiled machine, the ultimate killer.

But now… Now he is a 20th Century Man (to a degree). And, as Thor explained: “We must adapt to the ways of this world, Icy Man!”

And so he did. As he worked his way through sleepless nights, hallucinations and general terror, he resorted to comfort eating.

For every panic attack, Sam would make an entire bowl of pasta. Each tear shed was a Pop Tart shared by Thor. Clint would shoot marshmallows at him with a slingshot, Nat would sometimes make Russian dishes if he was up at 4am crying.

And let’s not even mention the strawberries and cream Steve presented once.

Bucky sighs and slaps the little pot belly that had slowly but surely grown in place of his six pack. It jiggled like Jell-o and now he wants Jell-o and-

“Are you okay?”

Bucky looks at Steve in the mirror and frowns.

“I’m all spongy,” he huffs, poking his tummy pointedly. “I’ve let myself go, Steve.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Steve asks, coming up behind him.

“Well, I see how people online talk about me or draw me. I’ve heard people trying The Bucky Body Burnout, whatever that is. I’m meant to be strong, I’m meant-”

“You’re meant to be healthy,” Steve interjects, wrapping his arms around Bucky’s waist and placing his palm on Bucky’s podge. “This is a sign that you’re getting healthy.”

“Fat isn’t healthy,” Bucky hisses, trying unsuccessfully to move Steve’s hand away. “And all the comfort eating…”

“You have literally been through Hell, Buck,” Steve says firmly. “Your whole life, you’ve been unhealthily thin. Now you eat more and exercise less; doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. As long as you’re not suffering from health problems as a result, there’s nothing wrong with it. Fat, thin, and all the stuff in-between; every body is beautiful.”

“Including mine?” Bucky asks uncertainly, stroking the hand that’s resting on his gut.

“Yours is the most beautiful of all,” Steve says sincerely, getting to his knees and kissing the slight podge. He gets back up and kisses Bucky’s nose. “Like a Jelly Baby.”

“Christ, I love Jelly Babies,” Bucky moans and Steve chuckles.

“I know. C'mon, Banner’s baking cookies and we can’t let Barton eat them all.”

Bucky nods and automatically reaches for his baggy tie-dye shirt, before halting and grabbing his trousers instead. He pulls them on over his boxers and follows Steve out the room, his exposed tummy jiggling slightly with the momentum.

With his hair in a bun, Nutella on his chin, and Natasha using his puff pastry stomach as a pillow, Steve thinks Bucky has never looked more beautiful.

Chubby Bunny Bucky is one of my favourite things, literally screamed when I saw this prompt! I really connect to Bucky in this sense, so it’s kind of therapeutic to write some body love for my boy uwu xox

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OMG. i work in a department where i'm in a square and there's counters all around me, like eight showcases of product. what i hate is i'll be working at our main counter, where our register is, and people will come up across it behind me, WITH MY BACK TURNED, and just stand there!!! i don't have eyes in the back of my head. then i hear huffing and puffing and finger nails tapping on the glass. like you could say "excuse me" ?! try it people!!!

I’ve spent my entire life with people asking to touch my hair. People tried to make me feel guilty for having long hair in my childhood, tell me I had “good hair” for being a mixed kid with so many braids. Now I cut it off and it’s only gotten more drastic. People will come up behind me and pull on my hair, thinking it’s acceptable. People ask to touch it because it’s “weird” or think I’m wearing a wig. No, I am not, and if I was it is in no way your business. I wear it up or braid it when I’m not in a social mood just so people don’t notice it and try to. Just because my boyfriend has permission to doesn’t mean you can. Just because you think I can’t feel it doesn’t mean you can. If one more stranger wants to or tries to stick their dirty hands on my body, because yes, my hair is a part of my body and I’m not a second class citizen, I will politely say no and walk away. I don’t have to feel bad for people anymore. I’ve allowed this for 17 years no matter how uncomfortable it has made me and I’m done. So no, you can not touch my hair. I’m not a fucking sideshow act leave me alone.

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Umm why did Connie suddenly attack the boy? I know they bumped into each other but i don't get it... I'm sorry for not getting it

You don’t need to apologize for not understanding something, nobody understands everything. That’s why we discuss things and share our thoughts, to promote wider understanding and fill in the gaps for each other

Anyway, Connie was just acting on instinct. Often, when you’re in situations a lot where you feel like you’re in danger or need to be on your guard, you just automatically react to things when you get startled or caught off guard. In a dangerous situation, having an instant fight-or-flight reaction is the difference between life and death, so if you’re used to that or prepared for that (or its just part of who you are) then when you get startled you just automatically react as though the situation is dangerous, even before you can actually process what’s going on.

For Connie, she’s training to fight Gems and corrupted Gems, and has fought a few before. She’s been in situations where she needs to react instantly and by instinct to avoid dying. She likely wasn’t really paying attention while walking so when something hit her she immediately went into defensive mode and instinctively protected herself, before she could process that she wasn’t in a dangerous situation at the moment.

Personally, I’m much the same way (though I’ve never trained to fight monsters, haha). I don’t like people come up behind me, in part because I just really hate that, but also in part because its highly likely I’m going to reflexively hit them. A few years back, my brother jumped out at me (as a joke) and I reflexively punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground. Some people just have that gut defensive reaction, either because that’s just their instinct or because they’ve been in situations that taught them to expect danger


Ok guys, I went to the TRBinDALLAS last night. I flew from Miami, Florida, took a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, and took another flight to Dallas all within yesterday, and alone. I got to my hotel about 5 hours before the show, so to say that least, my expectations were through the roof.

The actual show was great and the fan interactions were awesome and the boys looked like they had a genuinely great time.

With that being said, here’s basically a little, or a lot, overview.

Security is pretty tight throughout the concert, they monitor the rows and they yell and point you out if they see you recording or taking photos. I haven’t heard of them kicking anyone out for it, but do as you wish. I actually spent around $1,000 just to be there, so I feel that I deserve at least a few pictures especially since they didn’t sell ANY merch.

The VCR recoding at the beginning gets everyone so pumped, and then they finally come of stage, they don’t even look real. After watching them on a screen for so long, and actually getting to see them in person was just unreal.

During the whole show, the boys were given several bottles of water to stay hydrated, leaving them at the edge of the stage so they wouldn’t get in the way of the dancing.

After Bangtan was completely off stage and the crew members already started disassembling the equipment, this large group of girls, around 9 or 10 ran up to the stage, climbed onto it as crew members were doing their job, and took the water bottles and ran back to their seats screaming.

These guys are packing of heavy equipment and they don’t need screaming girls running around their shit.

During the Hi-Touch, PLEASE, DEAR GOD SAVOR IT. The entire Hi-Touch literally went by in 7 seconds, make it worth it because right after, you’re escorted out of the venue.

After the Hi-Touch, girls swarmed the doors, and security had to constantly yell at them to back up to let more people come out of the venue.

Behind me, were three girls, each one of them holding up a sign of ‘B’, ’T’, and ’S’ written out in lights, and they were screaming at the top of their lungs for the boys to notice their signs even though they already had their Hi-Touch and we were already out of the venue.

Because of this and how fast it goes, if one of the guys turns around to give them special attention, then he’s ignoring the girl currently in line for the Hi-Touch because of how strained for time they are.

They all look godly in person and their hands are way softer than anyone thought. The lineup for the Hi-Touch is V, Suga, Rap Monster, JungKook, Jin, Jimin J-Hope and they always have this exact same lineup.

And it’s not a 'high-five’ like how they show it at other places were you can intertwine your fingers with them and say a word or two, no. It’s more like a handshake and that’s it.

As I approached Taehyung, security shoved me to hurry up and I almost completely missed his hand. Because of this, I lightly shook Suga’s and actually used my right hand to shake Namjoon’s but I wound up hugging the back of his palm. JungKook looked so amazing wow. I can barely remember Jin but he was of course extremely handsome, and I really looked into Jimin’s and J-Hope’s eyes while J-Hope gave me a firm handshake. Each of one them looked every fan in the eyes during it, and I was a nice experience but afterwards, I got really sad.

I found that the second I walked out of the venue, that was it.

My legs were shaking and people were crying and screaming all over the place.

Make sure you get there early, A LOT of fans are passing out hand made goodies like buttons, posters, stickers, bracelets, etc all for free but please drink plenty of water and make sure you eat something good before. I brought in small napkins with me so I could blot some of the sweat again so I wouldn’t look like a total mess during the Hi-Touch.

During the actual concert, you will get tired as hell. Every song has you out of your seat and just singing along. Please bring posters, fanmade signs, and light sticks even if they aren’t the Official BTS Bomb, because the smile on their face they see them is really sweet and it looks great in pictures. But please, be courteous about the people behind you.

If your in the pit and don’t have seats, I highly recommend you wear some kind of small boots or converse. Those will insure that your feet won’t get stepped on, and if you do, you sure as hell won’t feel it.

If you’re in the very first row, in the middle section, oh my god, you’re going to get so much fan service.

During Just One Day, Jin held out his rose, then a song or two later, gave it to Jimin. After they played around with it for awhile, he sat almost at the edge of the stage and sang to the girls in front of him before throwing his rose to them, the same rose that he almost made out with OTL.

But ohmygod, let me just say. When the rapper line comes out alone. Shit. Will. Go. Down.

During Cypher Part: 3, the whole room went berserk when the bass started, I can’t even explain it. Namjoon turns up when he gets into it and yes, he will dance.

Taehyung and JungKook looked at me like once or twice when they would put spotlights on the fans and you know, rip me.

They all constantly change positions so don’t worry if you think that some of them won’t go to your side of the stage, because they’re all over the place.

They even treated the fans in the back on the higher level nicely, constantly asking them specifically, “HEY GUYS IN THE BACK, HOW YOU DOIN!”

Their English has improved so much and I’m really proud of them for working so hard for us and at the end of the night, they got one of those self cameras and recorded a bunch with it. While singing Boy In Luv, Taehyung grabbed the camera and walked circles around JungKook during his little solo.

At the end, I was shaking. And I cried when I finally got back to my hotel. I was actually sad, and I don’t know whether it was because it was all over after looking forward to this for months, or the fact that the Hi-Touch experience was almost ruined for me because of how security handled it.

Make sure once you’re seated or in your spot that you talk to the people around you. They want to see exactly what you want too, and they’ll all so nice. I met like 20 new people just from those that were sitting around me.

All in all, it was amazing and it’s definitely a night I’ll never forget. Please enjoy yourself and have a great time if you go~

Thank You Bangtan.