people can be really terrifying

leaving aside the angsty end scene, I loved the fact that the three family units we’ve been given at the end of Dirk Gently season one are

  • a homicidal dirt muppet, her hacker hostage-turned-partner, and the corgi they stole from the corpse of a body-swapping cultist
  • an actual cinnamon roll psychic bean man, the ex-bellhop he got fired, and a one-woman militia with $4 million in the bank
  • a badass drummer girl and her four ultra-violent anarchistic psychic vampire saviours

ngl i wish ygo was more accessible to older audiences…….im sure kids’ll be happy to sit back and watch wacky antics but yugioh is SO formulaic for long stretches that marathoning any series is just. unrealistic

i dont think i can watch another yugioh right now unless something REALLY drew my attention, like a gx cameo??? on an objective level theres so much anime out there thats better paced, with better characters, and better writing and animation and less focus on cards (a good portion of the ygo fandom doesnt care all that much about the card games its wild). but gx was my first big online fandom and i LOVED talking about it. so thats why i can still marathon gx even though if i never got to watch it in middle school i know for SURE id hate trudging through it

yugioh has a particular taste to it that drives a lot of people off, kind of like jojo in that its juvenile to a certain extent? and love for many ygo series can be boiled down to ‘the show was nice but it COULDVE been this’, at least for me. lord knows yugiohs good at introducing great ideas and dropping em

theres good stuff in the franchise its just bogged down by the huge amount of whatever stuff and the ridiculous number of episodes you need to plow through to experience it properly

“ It could be less colorful and less bright and darker, and the action could be more powerful and more visceral. These visual effects, we could change them and turn them into something that will blow your mind. The portals will be different this year. The warlock magic will be different. The cat eyes will be different. The vamp speed will be different.” - Todd Slavkin on changes in Shadowhunters Season 2.

Usually, I’m all up for sunny and bright and shiny. But ooooh, I love the thought of a darker show, especially a darker Magnus Bane. Because there are days when I and the rest of the shadowhunters forget that Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. That he is the son of a Prince of Hell. That he has more power in his pinky that other people can even dream. That people who see him should be terrified, really terrified. And that we should all be grateful that this incredibly powerful man has the gentlest of souls. That the same hand that can summon a greater demon, can hold onto a grieving warlock child with such grace, care and compassaion. That this warlock who has the power to, on his own, contain a greater demon until Clary killed it, is the most giving, the most generous and the most kind.

I love that we’ve seen the nice, and sweet parts of Magnus Bane. But I’m ecstatic at the thought of seeing the warlock that should be feared and respected.