people bullying him as always lol

i love pete davidson ??? with all of my heart and soul??? imagine thinking there’s anyone that i love more. he is so brave and pure and kind and SMART and funny and he deserves nothing but nice things ever. 

all he’s known his entire life is abandonment and pain and hatred and yet all he does is be?? an angel?? before snl let trump host he literally said ON SNL that we shouldn’t take trump as a joke and then dragged him publicly days after he hosted. he wouldn’t even look ann coulter in the eye at the rob lowe roast until he called her a cunt and then booed her when she made a racist joke. he’s used social media and his public platform to promote black lives matter, feminism, lgbt rights and more.

he’s so humble and it makes me sad because he genuinely believes it when people say he doesn’t deserve to be on snl. he does everything with his mother and sister in mind and as soon as he made enough money, he bought his sister an apartment and his mother a bigger house. he always talks about the importance of women and how women have always been the most important, prominent people in his life. he was horribly bullied all throughout his youth, groomed by an older man as a teenager and emotionally abused by his first girlfriend. 

but pete is so good! he doesn’t let his past define him (even though he talks about it all the time lol) and he learns from it and grows. his multiple suicide attempts, struggles with addiction and self harm have been incredibly inspiring to me for years, and i’m so happy that people with bpd have him to look up to now. pete talking about bpd (a constantly ignored mental illness) on the most watched television show in the country is the most important thing snl has done in years imo. he uses his platform to talk about important issues. he made jokes about it because in the end, he wants to show mentally ill people that they can have the same level of success. he wants to show mentally ill people that they aren’t alone and that if he can do it, they can do it.

pete davidson is so so important and he deserves the entire world. 

The AU that won't get out of my head

- Keith is getting harassed by a bully in a high school setting
- Keith has a reputation from his last school—garrison high—for being a rebellious kid who got into fights all the time
- Nobody bothers to check and see if those are just rumors or fact except Lance
- Lance has got a chip on his shoulder to fight this Keith cause he’s the best fighter(???) at his school—Voltron high—so he doesn’t want this new kid making him look bad
- He stalks Keith for a lil while lol
- And sees that Keith never starts the fights; people always start shit with him
- He continues to follow Keith around for “scientific reasons”
- Just when he’s about to stop following Keith cause he feels like a judgmental dick
- Keith comes across someone being picked on (Lance is watching from afar)
- Keith goes to defend this person and it’s the only time Lance has seen him start a fight
- Lance knows Keith can hold his own in a fight but there’s a guy coming up behind him with a tire iron while he’s preoccupied with the other guy
- So Lance literally comes flying in and jump kicks this asshole
- They fight together
- Keith, not good at talking, just glares at the person who was being picked on
- They flee
- Lance says something dumb to Keith
- Keith asks Lance why he’s been following him
- Lance is like oh shit he knows wtf I thought I was so Stealthy tm
- Somehow they become friends, mostly due to lance’s insistence and refusal to leave Keith alone
- Keith begrudgingly becomes lance’s friend
- Things happen
- They become best friends
- Big brother shiro telling Keith that what he’s feeling for Lance isn’t friendship lol
- Keith being like oh shit I’ve caught feelings
- Cue Keith avoiding Lance subconsciously and consciously cause he’s allergic to feelings
- Keith figures he’s already got the school staff on edge cause of his reputation so he shouldn’t humor this asshole and “fight” him
- This is happening in the school hallways btw
- A small crowd gathers
- Keith decided he’ll let this guy talk and then once he hits Keith he’ll get expelled and Keith will just have a busted lip
- Basically Keith doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
- When this guy goes to punch him Lance jumps in front of Keith
- Now this guy isn’t small so he’s gonna hit fucking hard
- I’ve decided the bully is Sendak
- So sendak hits Lance square in the side of the face and knocks Lance the fuck out
- Hunk and pidge run over to Lance because holy fuck oh my god Lance isn’t moving
- Keith short circuits
- He stares at Lance while he’s unmoving on the ground
- He’s aware that sendak is still talking but it’s fuzzy
- Then Sendak hits Keith and Keith can hear the next thing this guy says in like 1080 hd
- “Not so tough without your boyfriend to protect you, huh?”
- Keith mcfreaking loses it
- First he does the ear clap thing
- Then he uppercuts this guys gut
- Then he grabs his head and shoves it into his knee cap
- Then he fucking “we gotta break down this door” kicks this guy on his ass
- And starts wailing on him
- He uses his elbows to fucking hit him instead of his fists because elbows are the hardest part of your body and he needs to hurt like Keith is hurting because Lance isn’t moving
- Keith only stops because big bro shiro appears through the crowd and pulls him off Sendak
- “Hey, hey, Keith! it’s me, calm down.”
- Keith is breathing heavy af and his eyes are teary
- “I know you’re fucking pissed, okay, and I am too.
- But, think about why you’re upset and tell me what you should really be doing right now.”
- Keith looks at him confused and shaking with adrenaline
- “Shouldn’t you be making sure Lance is okay?”
- Keith immediately turns to search for Lance
- Hunk is helping Lance sit upright while pidge pinches lance’s nose to stop the bleeding
- Keith slides over to them, tripping over his feet
- And instead of saying all the shit he wants to say like
- Are you okay, why would you do that for me, thanks for taking that hit for me, do you need me to get the nurse, why do you act like I’m something important, you’re important to me, I want to protect you, I’m kind of in love with you
- He says
- “What the fuck were you thinking, you dumbass!”
- Lance responds with a weird sounding laugh as pidge is still pinching his nose
- Hunk says “He was helping you!” Defending Lance
- “By getting himself hurt instead?!” Keith retorts angrily
- Pidge ever the peace talker says
- “Could you two shut the fuck up! Lance needs to see a doctor so stop fighting and help me move him dammit.”
- Big bro shiro then walks over and agrees with pidge
- “Pidge, Keith, you two help Lance to the nurses office so they can see if Lance needs to go to the emergency room.
- Hunk, you help me carry Sendak so we can take him to the ambulance.”
- They take Lance to the nurses office
- The nurse is coran
- Coran loved Lance so he’s like who the fuck hurt my son I’ll kill them
- Pidge then states that Keith already sufficiently kicked the other guys ass
- Coran then looks at Keith who stares at him trying to seem confident
- Coran then looks over Lance
- Lance gets those beautiful nose plugs lol
- Lance holds an ice pack on his face for a lil while after Coran cleans all the blood off of him
- Coran then turns to Keith “your turn skipper”
- Keith is like ???? I’m fine??
- pidge is like dude you have blood all over you too duh
- “Oh yeah”
- Coran cleans up Keith’s split lip and his elbows
- Keith also gets an ice pack for his face cause he has a bruise over the split lip side of his mouth
- The principal walks into the nurses office and is like wtf happened guys
- cause even tho Lance and Keith are good fighters they still make good grades and stay out of trouble
- Pidge explains what happens because Lance’s tongue is swollen cause he bit it when he passed out
- Keith only talks when spoken to directly
- The principal is not biased towards any students so they see the situation for what it is
- “Alright, boys.
- You’ve both obviously been through a lot of stress in the past 20 minutes.
- You can both go home early after Coran releases you to leave.
- Pidge you can stay and help Coran with the boys.
- I have some phone calls to make.”
- We like the principal lol
- They do the clean up routine
- Switch ice pack with hot compress
- Put aloe on bruise and put gauze pad on top of that etc
- So the boys are all bandaged up and released to go home while pidge goes back to class
- The boys go to their lockers together and get all their shit and walk out the front of the school
- Nobody has talked yet
- Keith, like the emotionally constipated asshole he is, is mad at Lance for getting himself hurt for Keith’s sake
- So instead of saying why he’s mad
- He walks ahead of Lance without saying anything
- “H-hey Keith! Wait up!”
- Keith continues to walk briskly
- “Okay, look, I know why you’re mad.”
- Keith snorts angrily
- Lance continues “you’re mad cause I got in the middle of a fight you clearly could’ve won yourself. I know you could’ve beat him by yourself Keith, I mean, hell, you did, but–”
- Keith starts laughing sourly
- Lance stops talking cause he’s confused
- “You think I’m mad because you got into “my” fight?“
- Lance says nothing still confused and a little hurt at Keith’s tone
- Keith walks over to Lance
- "I’m mad because you put yourself in danger for me,
- Keith gets all in lance’s space
- "I’m mad because you’re the only person besides my brother who actually cared to get to know me before jumping to conclusions or believing stupid rumors
- I’m mad because you were hurt and unmoving on the ground and it was all for my sake, like I mean something in the world
- I’m mad because you made me care about you! I’m mad because
- Because
- Keith grabs Lance by his shirt collar and snarls this next part
- "I’m mad because I love you
- I love you and I don’t like you being in pain! Especially if it’s my fault!”
- Keith has tears running down his face now because he’s overwhelmed
- Lance is Shocked tm
- Keith realizes what he said and turns into a tomato
- He runs away
- “Wha-wait a minute, Keith!”
- So the chase begins
- Eventually Lance catches up to Keith and grabs his arm to stop him
- Keith doesn’t resist
- “Keith…”
- Keith hangs his head waiting for rejection
- Lance moves his grip on his arm down to hold Keith’s hand
- Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance confused
- “Did you…
- Lance looks at him all vulnerable and shit
- "Did you mean it?”
- Keith, unable to speak, nods his head
- Lance smiles the dopiest smile
- Keith faces all the way towards Lance still confused and extremely embarrassed and very very overwhelmed
- Lance is looking at their hands smiling lightly swinging them back and forth
- “Uh…lance?”
- Lance then looks up sharply
- “Oh shi–I mean, I love you too, obviously, duh.”
- Keith turns red and pink and
- And
- he feels like he’s dying
- He’s so overwhelmed with feelings and he doesn’t know how to handle it
- So he just starts crying more
- Angry crying
- Like dammit tears stop coming out of my eyes you fuckers crying
- And Lance holds him through it cause he knows kissing would be too much right now
- Hugging Keith is good enough in itself
- Cause they love each other
- Rip me

Darkwing duck angst woo!

So I’m about to go to bed BUT

i was thinking about that episode “Paraducks” where it shows Drakey as a timid youngster and being bullied and stuff (i know the series is not 100% canon all the time and i except the high school episode as more canon but bare with me) and that’s why Drake is such a shit with a heart of gold as an adult.

He was bullied and teased as a kid and teen that he just naturally pushes people away bc he doesn’t want to get close to anyone. He’s always defensive and snaps at anyone. Like if we accept that Paraducks is part of canon, being bullied and ridiculed has harden him.

Now that he found Gosalyn and Launchpad, he cares about them but still has that grumpy, shitty attitude bc he’s been that way for so long. Always the loner or if he did have other friends he probably drove them off. Gosalyn loves him bc he accepts her, LP adores him bc LP looks up to him (also Drake offered him a place to live lol) sure they both get angry with him and call him out but that’s what family does and Drake realises that.

BUT i think Drake KNOWS he’s being terrible half of the time but it’s become such a part of his personality (also not getting enough sleep does that to you lol) it’s hard to turn it off.

Idk i just like making myself sad lol

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do platonic female best friend headcannons for Suga? Maybe where the best friend is slightly younger and she is equally or even more sassy than Suga. Thanks!

Hellooooo I hope you like these!


- You would be like his little sister

- they would’ve met as family friends when he was 6, you were 5.

-  you’d go to a different school tho

- and you’d always tease him for being a mom

- he would tease you so much 

- but when he hears someone else do it he’ll me >:-(

- and glare at the meanie

- late night talks on the phone about your days

- going to his volleyball matches

- sometimes you’d go out together just so you can sit by a cafe window nd judge people who pass by lol

- when he get’s teased or bullied you would stand up for him and sass the asshole who hurt your bff

- and the asshole would just scoff until you burn him 

- so the guy walks away and Suga would slap you in the back really hard.

- always takes selfies with you bc why not

- you dont have a proper one with all smiles tho

- bc you’re dorks

- everyone thinks you’re dating and you’d laugh everytime bc yeah no

- slapping him in the face (softly) when he feels down 

A few amusing things that happened during the Touken Ranbu Costume Exhibition Event yesterday, according to some fan reports:

  • The crowd was screaming a lot while the cast was posing for the press, so Wada (Hasebe’s actor) tried to get them to settle down by putting his finger in front of his lips and going, “Shh!” …and the crowd ended up screaming even louder. ヽ(^o^)丿 Mackey (Manba’s actor) hit him on the head with his scabbard for that. ^^’
  • When it was finally time for the cast to talk, the MC asked them to hold mics instead of swords. Suzuki was in Mikazuki mode and tilted his head, acting like he had no idea what a mic was. Mackey naturally explained what it’s for and how to use it, lol. Then Suzuki went, “A ha ha! I see, I see!”
  • Mackey ended up laughing right before he introduced himself in Yamanbagiri mode, and although he did manage to keep a straight face while uttering Manba’s introductory lines, he also ended up laughing right after. :P
  • Wada was standing behind Suzuki and Mackey during the start of the talk portion. When it was time for Wada say Hasebe’s introductory lines, he made his way to the front, but Suzuki and Mackey suddenly decided to stick together and block his path. XD Wada of course complained since there he was, trying to be in character, but those two were clearly already set on bullying him before he could even introduce himself or his character, lol.

So I made up an AU. it’s a bit longer than my usual post though. XD

An AU set in medieval fantasy where the Grace siblings were orphaned at a young age after their abusive mother died and without a father, both were sent to the orphanage. 

After being admitted into the orphanage they suffered constant bullying from other older kids. Especially with Thalia’s rebellious nature and refusal to bow down to others. As well as her desire to protect her younger brother Jason. Then suddenly one day the bullying went too far and Jason got injured (thus lip scar, nope nope nothing to do with staplers at all. LOL) . In her rage Thalia lost control and  released a devastating storm upon the orphange.  It took a lot of people to hold her down and after that the people imprisoned her, out of fear of her powers. Little Jason came to visit her regularly always crying everytime he saw her.. Even though beaten and bruised she would always put on a smile for him. 

Then not long after, men in armor came. They came and took both the Grace siblings. It turns out they were the bastard children of King Zeus  of House Stormborn. One of the Great houses of the kingdom. They were taken in and trained to join their father’s army. Turns out both were very talented. As the years passed, the siblings rose through the ranks quickly. Earning the respect and fear of those around them. 

Jason grew into a disciplined and diplomatic man, yet was also an excellent swordsman. Always prefering the diplomatic ways first. His sister Thalia was a different story,  a force to be reckoned with. Hot-headed and unpredicatble she usually prefers to use force. And power is something she is not lacking in. 

That is why when King Zeus sends his son Jason to reason with you… be sure you grab this opprunity to think things through. For when Jason comes to visit… Thalia is not too far off.

And as they say… There is always a calm, before the storm.

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I love your blog my three words Kai bulling you , happy ending , more than 3 XD lol sorry

Shot in the heart with the love bullet.

Member: Kai ft. EXO (mentioned)

Words: 2175 words

Genres: Drama, Romance, Mafia! AU, Angst


kim jongin kills me inside, literally. this gif will be the death of me, WHAT ARE YOU DYING WITH THAT MOUTH OF YOURS. THAT SMIRK ADASDKF. -explodes-

anyway, i have one thing and only one thing to say. i just kept writing and writing this and didn’t stop once. literally, i can’t even- it’s like out of hand. haha. noonie, i’m pretty sure this isn’t what you wanted because when i think of bullying and happy ending i think of high school! au but i was in the mood for something darker so this is what happened. i have no regrets. lol. 

i hope you enjoy it anyway~ and thank you so muchh i’m so happy you love my blog ;3; 

01.  Kai

Kim Jongin. Many knew him as the pretty boy, the skinny boy who loved to dance. He was always dancing his heart out along with his friends, and he was President of the Dance Club. It seemed both him on stage and off stage were the exact same people. He overflowed with charisma, instantly creating fan girls (and their little clubs) with a single glance. He was sexy, confident, and tantalizing. He could have any girl he ever wanted, and he did. The whole school knew that. Jongin never stuck to a girl for long. The chase was always short: the girl would give in immediately upon his request. It was what he often did to entertain himself, you could say. He did okay in school. His grades were satisfactory, nowhere near as excellent or great as Joonmyun. That was a whole and completely different level.

Kim Jongin had friends, strange and quirky ones that he wouldn’t lose for the world. There was Yixing: daydreaming dancer, Sehun: tall and gangly limbs, Kyungsoo: master chef, Joonmyun: doting mother of the group, Tao: martial artist master who was really a softie on the inside, Jongdae: mischievous cat-like troll, Chanyeol: the always happy boy (who seemed too much like a dog eagerly waiting to be acknowledged?), Baekhyun: eyeliner-wearing diva, Minseok: wise older brother, Yifan: leader (? Jongin wasn’t sure how to describe Yifan), and Luhan: don’t-call-me-pretty-I’m-manly.

Kim Jongin seemed like the normal student.

He had a normal life, normal friends (if you could even call them normal), hobbies, habits…

Kim Jongin was like an open book. There was nothing people didn’t know about him.

What they didn’t know was that Kim Jongin also went by the name of Kai: expert assassin and marksman of the infamous mafia EXO.  

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jilyrots  asked:

how did you end up in a physical fight more than once (if you don't mind sharing)?

Well, I have been in  several physical fights since I was very young but trust me I always did that to defend myself. When I was in primary school people used to bully me a lot and you know I’ve been a very patient person all my life but when I finally snap you better run or I could actually kill you lol. I remember there was a guy when I was 11-12y/o and he was bullying me a lot and one day we were in class and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I just sat up from my chair and I punched him and cornered him between the wall and one closet we had in the back of our classroom. I did that in front of our teacher and she stopped me from doing something worse. And yeah most of the times I just reacted to people bullying me but because my words were not enough to stop them I had to fight back physically. 

There were 2 occasions when I was a teenager that I  fought some guys because they were picking on my friends and I actually got expelled from my school for one or two weeks? ( I can’t remember well, the only thing i can remember is the principal’s yelling :P )  After that people got scared of me and they stopped messing with me and my friends. Oh and also I was in a protest once and a fight broke out between people and the police and I was in the middle. I got decked that day lmao  they hit me in my head rip.     

But I just want to make clear that I never initiated a fight for no reason and I do NOT recommend physical violence as a solution to your problems so please don’ listen to me alright i was very young and stupid. But you know I also grew up and matured and learned other ways to deal with bad people so if you’re dealing with a bad situation just don’t do ANYTHING from the above ( just a disclaimer for my younger followers) And yeah that’s it basically. I won’t go into detail about ALL the fights I’ve had that would take hours to explain :P 

…So, while I’m browsing around for more Trignal clips to watch, I found this show where they simply just let Egu does anything he wants (make his own show basically)…and it’s just…hilarious…

So, they told Egu to design his own mascot character for his own show, and these are what he comes up with…

First one, he said he actually drew a panda…

…then he said he drew a cute girl…

Lastly, he said this is the “Catman”…

…Which reminds me of this…

And the countless numbers of times Ryohei and Wing referred to Egu’s (self-proclaimed “cute fairy of springs”) gross “Hedoro Kaijin” twitter icon …LOL

Then there are other stuffs too…but I haven’t watched all of them yet…Just LMAO at his drawings…LOL

…Shit, I think I’m starting to like Egu more than many of the Tales seiyuus now (I usually only based the seiyuus I like from their roles in Tales first, then move onto other series…so normally, at least my top 10 list of favorite seiyuus almost always have to be in Tales at least once…) I didn’t even watch that many anime with him in it (only Ixion Saga DT and Makai Ouji, I think…and first season of Hamatora?) but I’m seriously loving him for his personality now (and it’s funny how people around him just kept on bullying him…lol )

Ruh roh

I feel a song analysis coming on :))))))) This is so long guys I’m sorry!!!

Please keep in mind that I do not believe that Jungkook currently feels this way about his relationship with Jimin, but rather this was how he used to feel and he decided to cover these songs as part of a never ending series of ways to show Jimin how much he cares.

I know that when I was younger and filled with emotional relationship angst there were always those songs that just spoke to me ,and summed up perfectly the way I felt about my crush. I’d listen to them non stop and I’d post the lyrics on my social media, hoping he would see them and just get me, you know? These songs were literally the words I couldn’t say….. 

Okay! Lets talk Jikook and Justin Bieber’s Nothing Like Us

Lately I’ve been thinking, thinking about what we had
And I know it was hard, it was all that we knew, yeah!

Have you been drinking, to take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you deserve
‘Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you
Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah!

This first verse, as well as the chorus, is the message that I think Jungkook was trying to express. Because Jimin had distanced himself from Kookie, Jungkook started to think abut their past relationship. The song talks about wanting to give someone what they deserve. This could be Kookie realizing that he didn’t treat Jimin right by denying him the love and affection that Jimin desperately craved; something that Jimin gave so easily. Jungkook realizes his mistake, as well as realizing that they had something special, and that the feelings that made him push Jimin away, were real.

You know there’s no one, I can relate to
I know we won’t find a love that’s so true

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you and me
Together through the storm

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you for me, together

I like to think that Jimin and Kookie have a special connection. While I think both of them consider Tae their best friend, Jimin and Jungkook share an understanding. Not only are they both from Busan, probably giving each other a feeling of home, but I think they are very similar when it comes to putting pressure on themselves in terms of their career. While they have different insecurities, they both have the same feeling of never doing their best, and always wanting to give more. I bet they find a lot of comfort in one another when one of them pushes themselves too hard, because the other has been there before.

I gave you everything babe
Well, everything I had to give
Girl, why would you push me away?

Lost in confusion, like an illusion
You know I’m used to making your day

But that is the past now, we didn’t last now
I guess that this is meant to be

Tell me, was it worth it? We were so perfect
But baby I just want you to see

This part is interesting because in the first verse it’s like they blame themselves, but in this verse they let their emotions get the better of them, and they start to blame the other person. Jungkook probably felt like Jimin was cruelly pushing him away, when really Jimin was just trying to show Jungkook that he wasn’t going to let him take his love for granted. I love the line ‘ You know I’m used to making your day .’ It makes me think of how Jungkook always wants to make Jimin smile and laugh. Something he’s doing a lot lately. 

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you and me
Together through the storm

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you and me, together

And it ends with him saying once again that no one can replace what they had, even though he seems resigned to the fact that it’s over.

Wait! I’m not done yet guys!

As a follow up, I want to analyze the song Jimin seems to be working on that he sang for the fans *coughs*JUNGKOOK*coughs* at Muster.

The song is Love Yourself by Justin Bieber…hmm something seems familiar here.

Let’s discuss the lyrics first and then we can analyze the footage!

For all the times that you rain on my parade
And all the clubs you get in using my name
You think you broke my heart, oh, girl for goodness’ sake
You think I’m crying on my own. Well, I ain’t

And I didn’t wanna write a song
'Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care. I don’t,
But you still hit my phone up
And, baby, I be movin’ on
And I think you should be somethin’ I don’t wanna hold back,
Maybe you should know that

Basically this person is letting their ex know how much they hurt them, but how they’re fine and they’re going to move on, because they realized they weren’t being treated right. I think it’s perfect for Jimin, because while he does seem very romantic and lovey and emotional, he’s not one to let himself get walked all over.

The first part they’re remembering all the times they were mistreated or misunderstood by their significant other, and even though they were hurt deeply, they’ll be just fine without them. A very Jimin thing to say if I do say so myself. 

So this part of the song he does not sing, but I imagine he knows all the words and has been practicing this entire cover.

My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone
And I never like to admit that I was wrong
And I’ve been so caught up in my job,
Didn’t see what’s going on
But now I know,
I’m better sleeping on my own

I can just imagine Jimin’s mom watching all their behind the scenes footage and interviews and calling Jimin up to complain about that maknae who’s always bullying him lol But in all seriousness, I think it touches on how at first Jimin was so caught up in the concept they had going on, he didn’t realize how it made him look to people, and also how it was affecting him and probably affecting Jungkook as well. But he eventually realizes how much its hurting him and he doesnt want to tolerate it anymore.

For all the times that you made me feel small
I fell in love. Now I feel nothin’ at all
And never felt so low when I was vulnerable
Was I a fool to let you break down my walls?

Come one now guys, this last verse could basically be written about Jikook. Jimin really put himself out there letting everyone know how much he cared for Jungkook, only to be publicly put down, even if just as a joke. He eventually realized that maybe he was a fool for allowing himself to be so open, and so he started to close himself off when it came to Jungkook and his emotions.

Okay guys stay with me! Here’s the video:

First off! Poor shy Jiminie!! Have more confidence! Next, look at Jungkook when Jimin starts singing. He gets kind of stuck for a second. I wonder if Jungkook was caught off guard when Jimin decided to sing this song for the fans. But of course Memekook bounced back in two seconds. Notice how Jimin looks around Namjoon to look at Kookie (awkward Namjoon in the middle). They’re both kinda laughing and smirking shyly at one another, and you have Kookie throwing in some funny adlibs to lighten the mood. At the chorus Jimin stops and gives Kookie a hard look, and then Kookie proceeds to start singing.

I think that they’re behavior is very telling. I imagine they’ve sang this song together before. I also think they’re both well aware of the fact that this song fully encompasses Jimin’s feelings when it comes to Jungkook’s past behavior towards him. Of course they can laugh about it now, because they’re in a good place, and have probably had many conversations about their past and current relationship, but this is an emotional song and I bet when they duet this song seriously there’s a lot less laughter and a lot more raw emotion. I like to imagine that when their duet ends Jungkook makes sure to engulf Jimin in a strong, protective, reassuring hug.

I’m really looking forward to Jungkook’s next song cover. I think there’s a reason why it’s been so long since his last one, and I also have a feeling that his next cover will be a love song.

I definitely embellished all the way through here! But we’ve been so Jikook deprived lately, so why not!?!!?!

140429 D&E Sapporo
  • last night eunhae went to eat with the staff. they played bingo and there were about thirty prizes. donghae wanted the electric toothbrush
  • since he loves brushing his teeth. he got a bingo and he drew a raffle to decide on which gift he would get. he accidentally grabbed two so
  • he asked hyukjae to pick and he got the electric toothbrush just as he had wished \o/
  • before donghae explained the pictures he said 'let's go to sleep. close your eyes and push out your lips (like a pout)' we all kept our eyes
  • open and watched donghae do this, saying awwwww. he said 'why aren't you closing your eyes!' he got embarrassed and couldn't stop laughing
  • donghae also said if you turn around i will backhug you all
  • when donghae was explaining the first photo which was of eunhae brushing their teeth while shooting for the vcr the screen zoomed up in hyuk
  • hae said 'hyukjae looks like choco doesn't he?' but then got upset saying 'why don't you zoom up on me : c'
  • after ten years hyukjae asked us to sing. he thought we sang 'ten years ago' tho the lyrics were 'ten years after' and he was like eh? you
  • got it wrong : c donghae then said 'it's okay, we are human and we all make mistakes. you have me to help you' everyone was touched by how
  • sweet donghae was lol he made us sing again and said we were very good! hyukjae was sulking and then left the stage saying bye
  • hyukjae's throat wasn't well today and didn't do so well during 君が泣いたら so after donghae asked him 'is there something stuck in your throat?'
  • hyukjae was like but my throat hurts : c hae kept on bullying hyukjae. we were asked if we could sing 君が泣いたら better
  • than hyuk. when everyone answered 네~! hyukjae looked a bit hurt lol
  • after we sang donghae praised us saying 'elf are pretty and can sing well' hyukjae said 'i had always thought pretty people couldn't sing
  • well' donghae then replied by saying 'that's why you should be able to song much better!' OTL
  • cr@xmep on twitter
Tendou HCs

aaaaaa people wanted them so here they are (under the cut bc this got long)! these are mostly just some quick ones I jotted down on my phone while eating lunch today, so they aren’t the best! but i do have more if you guys want them ;u; (i think about him far too much)

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