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I don’t understand people’s beef with CGI Tarkin.

Some of y’all seem to have a problem with CGI Tarkin in the new Star Wars movie Rogue One but let’s get some things straight:

The man has been dead for at least 22 years, so there’s no way to bring him on screen, right? “Why not recast him? They did the same with Mon Mothma.”

They sure did and they sure did recast Tarkin before in Episode III, but nobody talks about this abomination for good reason.

The good news was it was only a cameo from a distance in the film.

It’s unfortunate though because Wayne Pygram is actually a really good actor. I just wish they did a better make-up job.

So that was an example of recast. 

People argue that the CGI looks fake and looks better in movies like James Cameron’s Avatar but here’s the thing: it only looks good because the entire world was CGI and contact with actual reality was kept to a minimum. The scene where Sigourney Weaver’s human character is carried by the Navi through the forest actually looks pretty fake. 

The entire time, “Tarkin” had to be in contact with real cast members beside him so of course there’s an uncanny valley effect. Have you looked at the job they did though?

Original for comparison:

Certainly better than what happened in Episode III. Besides, the uncanny valley would probably work in his favor since he IS a villain. They’re supposed to be unsettling.

Guy Henry and the people at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) worked hard and did a damn good job AND they brought Peter Cushing back from the dead. Appreciate the skill, enjoy the damn popcorn, and enjoy the damn movie because Rogue One is a damn good movie.

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Ya’ll weren’t talking all this shit when Remy released Another One which was a flaming pile of garbage (the fact that she said “cash me ousside” & “make your head red like lil yachty” or something like that,  but ya’ll ignored it tells me a lot). Also, no one wants to point out how different shether was compared to another one (flow, rhyme scheme e.t.c) cuz then we’d have to discuss the possibility of them being written by 2 different people. 

Nicki made a smart business move which is what I expected from her. You don’t spend almost 10 years at the top of the game by making emotional decisions. Emotional decisions like like hopping on an instrumental, making a diss track, & putting that shit on Itunes without even getting permission from the owners. Now she can’t even perform it live :( 

Nicki gave Remy about a minute & 20 seconds on No Frauds which is more than she deserves tbh. Remy gave Nicki 7 minutes of fan fiction & read it over a Nas beat. Nicki could’ve easily done the same but 1) whose really trying to get some “tea” (real or fake) on Remy 2) that’s lazy.  

when u love ur wife and also ur husband and u love taking them places so everyone can see how wonderful they are

i had a bunch of emotions this morning on twitter, so let’s talk about declan lynch:

  • let’s talk about how declan really doesn’t owe his father a damn thing, but he continues to fulfill the responsibilities left to him in his death
  • let’s talk about how his entire life he’s been treated as essentially disposable. that his father cared so little that he wasn’t present for the birth of his first son. and that he had the lack of courtesy to seem even the slightest bit apologetic when telling declan this (at what, we can assume, was a very young age)
  • let’s talk about how, TO MY KNOWLEDGE (honestly, tell me if i’m missing something here), declan hasn’t done anything to earn ronan’s unwavering contempt, other than, perhaps, the fact that declan is trying to act as ronan and matthew’s authority figure
  • LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW DECLAN WASN’T GIVEN A CHOICE IN THE ABOVE. how he was left this responsibility the moment the tire iron came down on niall lynch’s head on that distant wednesday
  • let’s talk about how, because of whatever ronan ‘won’t forgive’ him for, declan will probably never be taken to cabeswater to see his mother again
  • let’s talk about, despite how distant aurora seems mentally, that she hasn’t seemed to notice the absence of her eldest son and seems contented with only seeing ronan and matthew on the occasion
  • related to the above, let’s talk about how declan is no one’s favorite. not his father’s, not his mother’s, and neither of his brothers’
  • let’s talk about how (despite his obvious shortcomings, i’m not at all saying declan hasn’t been shitty in the way he goes about things) that he’s trying his best to handle the lynch family affairs, keep ronan and matthew in school, and keep ronan safe from niall’s legacy that has literally put a bounty on his head
  • let’s talk about how declan could be doing worse. he could not be trying at all. relating to the first point, it’s not like his father ever gave him a reason to hold the same loyalties to him as we see in ronan
  • but let’s talk about how declan loves his brothers too much not to

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  • asston of garlic (like 6 cloves for 2 meals’ worth)
  • thai basil
  • powdered ginger
  • splash of cider or rice vinegar
  • lime juice
  • all the vegetables your hungry little hands can grab
  • egg

humans.. whatever