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Ya’ll weren’t talking all this shit when Remy released Another One which was a flaming pile of garbage (the fact that she said “cash me ousside” & “make your head red like lil yachty” or something like that,  but ya’ll ignored it tells me a lot). Also, no one wants to point out how different shether was compared to another one (flow, rhyme scheme e.t.c) cuz then we’d have to discuss the possibility of them being written by 2 different people. 

Nicki made a smart business move which is what I expected from her. You don’t spend almost 10 years at the top of the game by making emotional decisions. Emotional decisions like like hopping on an instrumental, making a diss track, & putting that shit on Itunes without even getting permission from the owners. Now she can’t even perform it live :( 

Nicki gave Remy about a minute & 20 seconds on No Frauds which is more than she deserves tbh. Remy gave Nicki 7 minutes of fan fiction & read it over a Nas beat. Nicki could’ve easily done the same but 1) whose really trying to get some “tea” (real or fake) on Remy 2) that’s lazy.  

when u love ur wife and also ur husband and u love taking them places so everyone can see how wonderful they are

  • Meat industry: *publishes 6,000 billboards around the country telling people to eat more beef and 500 online articles telling people that veganism is bad because field mice*
  • Y'all: That's not propaganda! That's just the meat industry advertising a product and making a honest living! What do you expect? You can't just dismiss that information because it doesn't conform to your bias!
  • 'Vegan propaganda': Advertises vegan ice creams and an article about how cows are just as sentient as dogs and don't like being killed
  • Y'all: This is all part of an insidious worldwide conspiracy to turn people vegan enough with your broccoli-industry funded lies.

10 Little Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Look, you don’t have to be a radical eco-warrior to make a positive impact on the environment. By introducing even a couple of these simple habits into your everyday life, you can help make our planet into a cleaner, healthier place.

1. Don’t drive a bulldozer through the forest to get to work: Think twice next time you have the urge to cut through the forest on your bulldozer in the morning to shave a few minutes off your commute. Or, at the very least, consider plowing through the woods in a more energy-efficient vehicle.

2. Reuse your hats instead of throwing them away at the end of the day: Even though it’s a little inconvenient, wearing the same hat two or even three times before throwing it away can do a lot of good for the planet.

3. Turn off the lights every time you blink: You don’t need light when you’re blinking since your eyes are closed, so why not quickly switch the lights off and then back on every time you blink? It’s a great way to save power, and it helps you save some money, too. All you have to do is station yourself near your light switch at all times, and you’re ready to go!

4. Buy used beef: If more people bought secondhand beef instead of brand-new beef, we could cut global carbon emissions by upwards of 25 percent every year. Next time you need some beef, check eBay or thrift stores before buying it fresh.

5. Spend just one hour a week geoengineering: It’s only 60 minutes of your time, but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Seeding just one cloud with aerosolized sulphur or fertilizing just a single square mile of the ocean with a few tons of phytoplankton-attracting iron could offset thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s definitely worth it!

6. Only kill as many polar bears as you can eat: With climate change destroying their habitat at an alarming rate, polar bears are becoming increasingly endangered. That’s why it’s important to only harvest the number of them that you need to eat every day and not a single polar bear more.

7. Tip over any garbage trucks you see: Garbage trucks thrive on our trash and actively encourage wasteful consumption habits. But if we tip them all over so they can’t go around collecting trash, people will have no choice but to start recycling more. Bonus if you can tip the garbage trucks into a pond or levee, where there are plenty of hungry fish who’d be eager to feast on all the discarded bags of food scraps that would otherwise end up rotting in a landfill.

8. Plant a tree for each time you use your computer: If you’re taking from Mother Nature, it’s only fair that you give back. Planting a tree after each time you use your computer will not only help the environment, but will make you think twice next time you unnecessarily want to check an email.

9. Resist filling any parts of your car with gas that aren’t the gas tank: While it’s admittedly a nice luxury to have a glove box or backseat full of fresh, warm petroleum, filling up the interior of your car with gas is a treat you should think twice about before indulging in, as it is actually fairly wasteful and harmful to the environment.

10. Never exhale: This one’s so easy there’s no reason not to do it. By only inhaling and never exhaling, you can easily reduce the carbon emissions coming from your mouth to zero.


so i’ve had these jasper asks in my inbox for a while… and it’s about time i address them. i’ll be combining these asks, focusing especially on that last one and the idea of “deserving” redemption, + some of my own general thoughts to talk about the su narrative, jasper, her relationship with peridot, trauma, steven, and where we go from here. 

it’s time for another long post about jasper under the cut. 

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Sexy Hmood is at it again 😍. He’s asking you guys what are your weekend plans 😉 Any takers? Dubai people 😜✌️

💯% Prime Arab Beef 🤤👌🏻☑️
💯% Muscle God 🏋🏼😍☑️
💯% Muscle Hunk 😘👍🏻☑️

Oc prompt: ROADTRIPS

-who refuses to eat anything that isn’t beef jerky because ‘this is a road trip’

-Who hates every song on the radio

-who tries to fall asleep because they hate everyone there

-who has to use the bathroom every five minutes

-who’s the driver that cant go five minutes without cursing

-who’s overly happy

-who refuses to give up the aux cord and only plays shit songs

-who plays ‘we are number one’ when they get the aux cord

- who spends the entire time on their phone

- who takes pictures of everything

-who only came for the free ride

-who wants to go home the second they get in the car

-who took up all the storage space with their luggage

-who sings along to every song on the radio

Bonus: the person that only ate beef jerky vomits as soon as they stop for the night

The Shiratorizawa boys as weird shit Yong (my bf) does

Sen: I wanted to do a post talking shit about Yong because we do this all the time but I thought this would be pretty fitting. I’m tired.


Whispers to his plants as he waters them. Sometimes it’s something really cute like “you’ll grow big and strong” but something will slip out that terrifies the kids around. “Consume. Quench thy thirst my minions.”


Looks drop dead gorgeous but fucks around in the worst outfit ever. They say you sacrifice good looks for good fashion and vice versa. It’s true. Can all of you hit up the ask box just to tell Yong that his fashion sense is bad thanks.


Puts milk in before the cereal. Does everything in the wrong order. Takes a big ass bite out of the whole kit kat. He doesn’t see any problem with it but does it just to annoy everyone else. The true chaotic neutral.


Swears that he’s not a big eater but has a fourth stomach for chocolate ice cream. There’s never any in the fridge because as soon as it gets home, the guy storms into the kitchen and swipes it.


“I can totally do this,” he says as he attempts to do something real dangerous to be cool. He breaks his leg rock climbing, cuts his hand juggling some glass but tries to play it off like “yeah I can deal with the pain.” They can’t deal with the pain. Please be careful.


Is absolutely filthy rich but spends it on the weirdest shit. Sure, maybe second hand old cameras are cool but you know what’s fucking weird to buy? An inflatable unicorn. He doesn’t keep it, he just puts the weird shit for other people to find. 


Consumes beef pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If he’s got money on hand, he’s gonna buy it and never share. You’re going to have to pry it from his cold dead hands.


Every time something mildly annoying inconveniences him, he thinks “man time to fucking die this is it” while smiling it all away. When actual proper challenges come up, they seem to deal with it easily. How? Why is a paper cut worth dying over.

Don't Mess With English Seagulls

Don’t do it, yo.
Okay, so my friend Nat got shat on by a seagull - this happens often, he’s a shitty target.
We were putting bread sort of behind us to lure the seagulls close so we could hit them - none got whacked though.
We once put wasabi on bread and threw it for the seagulls. We were sad to discover that they can’t really taste spicy things.
I was calling the seagulls our overlords.
The seagulls attacked the popular people in our school.
Seagull beef (as in fights) went down.
They come in swarms.
They’re always watching.
They’re plotting.
Save us.