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Your Sammy cosplay is terrifying and absolutely A+ Nice work!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. =) I hope to take some sillier less scary “senpai notice me” Sammy pictures once toys come out but we’ll see. Bonus picture for you of me in an elevator because my sister thought I looked silly. Have to say when the door opened with me inside other people were very scared and did not think I looked silly.

This has been such a happy day I’ve eaten so much terribly unhealthy vegan food my body is screaming for vegetables right now.. I love Annas! And people in general! Sitting on a staircase dog barking behind a door what a good memory this will become

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i’ll admit i’m a huge asshole as a capricorn, esp to people i love, like i’ve held a door open for a friend when they were holding a lot of stuff n then closed the door on them at the last second n i love doing bratty shit like that n i’m sure other caps do as well

Still kinda feeling the same as like previous post… I don’t have bad friends, I just have a lot of mind-ghosts I guess and it’s never someone being rude, it’s always me shooting myself down.

I just feel bad. I’ve been in a slump and unable to talk to a lot of people… I wanna hang with friends, man. I love my friends. But I worry I just burst through doors and throw myself at people who would rather not hang atm.

I feel like I can be a bit of a heavier package to have around sometimes, I guess. I wish I was better at reading people and like taking hints. ;;

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Oh yeh and those who took Freelee's side over yours? Where the fuck is she now? Those people now don't have a mentor unless they secretly watch you, (I'd def bet they do but won't admit) You've been helping people for years and have been there every day, we know you'l show up. Talk about the risk in putting your faith into people who might not be there for their fans tomorrow. You've done vids on this, esp the why I quit YT one lol, but keep pushing that ...... daddy ;)

A few of those people still coming/came to my event and it is quite funny how they respect people who diss them behind the closed doors or dont even follow them on insta etc but they have ‘bad feelings’ towards those who did nothing ever bad to them.

It is a weird human race we have today.

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"I wasn’t around during Coriolanus but I remember hearing she did the stage door ALOT?" I know she went to see the play more than once and did the stage door, but I don't think it was lots of times. She did, however, defend people who were abusive/demanding to Tom at the stage door, and stalkery people who were trying to follow Tom as he left the Donmar. She claimed it was all innocent, blown of proportion, and anyone critical of it was "fanshaming".

Ok thanks-she does strike me as as someone who would do stage door every night- lots of Nannies did that for Ben on Hamlet- had tickets one night but waited every night so they were front and center as soon as he came out the door.

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Hey, I'm gonna go see DEH soon... and I was wondering if I should wait by the stage door or not....... I mean, I really wanna get my playbill signed but I don't want to be a bother either.

You won’t be a bother at all! Many people stand by the stage door and it’s a pretty common practice! Don’t be nervous and go for it!

Some songs to make a perfect playlist 👇

Fluorescent adolescent- Arctic monkeys
Machu picchu- The strokes
The sound- The 1975
Sweater weather- The neighbourhood
Kathleen- Catfish and the bottlemen
Best friend- Foster the people
Runaways- The Killers
Westside- The kooks
Time to pretend- MGMT
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
Fever- The black keys
Things we lost in the fire- Bastille
Live this nightmare- The griswolds
Sun- Two door cinema club
Reflektor- Arcade fire
Distant past- Everything everything
Unbelievers- Vampire weekend
Inhaler- Foals
Emoticons- The wombats
Satellites- Mew
What a pleasure- Beach fossils
If I ever feel better- Phoenix
Aviation- The last shadow puppets
Trouble- Cage the elephant
Do I wanna know- Arctic monkeys
Islands- The xx
Joy ride- The killers
You- The 1975
Girls like you- The naked & famous
Howlin’ for you- The black keys
26- Catfish and the bottlemen
High enough to carry over- CHVRCHES
Naive- The kooks
Alien days- MGMT
Evil eye- Franz Ferdinand
Oblivion- Bastille
Horchata- Vampire weekend
Someday- The strokes
Awkward- San cisco
Prey- The neighbourhood
Greek tragedy- The wombats
Something good can work- Two door cinema club
Trojans- Atlas genius
Everything is everything- Phoenix

You can listen and follow this playlist here:
  • Me: well Beebo has door problems
  • Alone together: It's not my fault I'm a maniac
  • The Phoenix: One maniac at a time we will take it back
  • American beauty American psycho: she's an American beauty, I'm an American psycho
  • Me: Pete has a thing for crazy people?
  • Anathema: My heart's getting harder I'm calling my father
  • Addict with a pen: but you specialize in dying, you hear me screaming father
  • Me: ok nope goodbye