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when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental

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Mm! Just because Fairy tails Adventure is coming to an End that doesn't mean Fairy tail artists will stop drawing them! They will Live on and May pick up on other Animes or Mangas but I Know Fairy Tail Shall always live in there hearts! So I find it odd when people ask what artists will do after a certain Manga ends. They will be Greatful and happy they got to Join the adventure along with other amazing artists ✨ qwq So Thank you for Drawing Fairy tail and Fairy tail Ships! Thank you so much! ✨

FT is a very important fandom for me, was my very first manga shonen I’ve read, spended almost 7 years of my life. Gruvia is my favourite OTP, the otp who changed my whole life, the very first one I drew a fanart of, how I can just stop drawing them? Is impossible,  I plan to draw them forever ;_;

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I love how you draw human versions of alien characters as black ppl

That’s how I roll, plus it’s really cool figuring out how to do the hair because there’s so many styles you can choose fromand tbh skin color/patterns are also the best. Do I want freckles? splotches?, cool looking birthmarks? All possible I absolutely love♥♥♥

You guys give me an alien I’ll draw a human version of them.

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What's your take on Scully's thoughts in Requiem as she holds Mulder in the hallway and tells him she won't let him go alone. I've never been able to satisfactorily guess her emotions because the way she speaks and the way she looks seems so different from the beginning of the episode - almost like detachment but I know she's not detached.

Yay, a prompt! So I have three answers to this: a poetic version, a shorter version, and a meta version. I’d actually already been writing about this for Equilibrium and I was debating whether or not to show eventual content in its more brainstormy state, but decided who cares really.

Poetic version:

[Disclaimer: Excerpt not yet edited for language, psychological accuracy, or accidental plagiarism]

She has never quite reconciled silliness with herself. Whenever she feels giddy or breathless or ridiculous or (what a concept) flirtatious there is something adolescent about it, like it’s the first time every time. Gums too bare, eyes too manic, and embarrassment too quick.

There is something tremendously silly about happiness right now. Happiness right now. Now that she is 36 and barren and 5 years deep into a sexual fidelity that in retrospect is so telling it’s humiliating. Happiness with Mulder. Mulder the glib, Mulder the tragic, orphaned in so many senses of the word. Mulder of the inviolate quest. FBI Barbie Mulder kept sexlessly in his cardboard packaging so as to never lose his value. Happiness at the vortex of a known panopticon. Happiness after brain surgery, matricide (it’s not the right word, but one his brain supplies anyways), straight-up murder, and lungs infested with beetles. You have to laugh.

And she has. She’s smiled enough in the last six months that it’s starting to feel less strange (often swift and secret smiles, but smiles all the same). She jokes lately. She jokes with the smug certainty of a teenager who’s just figured out that they are funny. The confidence of a comic with an easy audience. The jolt of primal ego from knowing that someone you want to reproduce with has seen you naked and undeniably liked it.

It’s very silly. It makes her nervous. Happiness has a way of making one feel impervious and the memento mori, when it comes, has a way of making one feel equivalently vulnerable. Deflated and cosmically defenseless. Still Life With Mulder and Scully

“I won’t let you go alone,” she says, and she thinks about her new and daily nausea. She thinks about the last time that she felt that way, and how her fears had been just the same. She’d been so angry then. So angry she could barely let herself look at it, so she looked at his instead. There’s no way to feel that kind of anger, the knowledge that a rug is about to be pulled out from under you, except you don’t know where or when and that there isn’t a single thing you can do except curl up and brace for impact. 

Shorter version:

I read her as somewhat numb. Season 7 is a bit of an emotional reprieve for Scully (insofar as she is ever allowed one), even with things like Orison and En Ami. I think she allowed herself to briefly pretend that she wasn’t the Dana Scully that horrible things happen to and when she remembers it hits her like a Mack truck. So I think she’s anticipating loss in some way (seems significant that her face resembles the numbness of grieving Scully in season 5/8) but there isn’t actually anything to grieve yet so it’s not like she has a reason to suddenly break and cry.

Boring meta version: 

Maybe Gillian Anderson was uh….having a weird day and didn’t quite hit the emotional note she wanted to. Or the writers didn’t. That sort of thing. (I mean obviously, the writers do not ever provide much context for Mulder and Scully’s emotional reactions so I think no matter what internal story anyone involved had in mind, it was going to end up an ambiguous looking emotion no matter what, probably)

okay so i have a Problem regarding the fact that i may or may not have to quit bassoon next year, for reasons that i will explain under the cut. which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont wanna

this is super long (really. i’m not kidding.) so i’m putting a cut here

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Do you think oot Zelink is canon? I think Nintendo said something about Zelda and Link being together but idk I sort of assume that they didn't get to marry and maybe that's one of Hero Shade's regrets?


the game itself has some nice romantic undertones and i’m sure the developers intended to sail the zelink ship with it, but well… it’s not canon. now if we’re talking about the aftermath… i still don’t think they end up together. twilight princess nudges you towards malink, so… yeah. 

but if you ask me (which you did lol), i like to think zelda and link got to date each other at some point in a very romantic “young love” sort of way, y’know?like sneaking out of the castle at night, kissing when no one is looking, swimming together, having a totally awkward first time… and then they just drifted away or something. maybe it didn’t work out quite as well, maybe something external happened… it happens. i want to believe he was genuinely happy with malon (or whoever he married later, but my malink ass says it’s malon) so not marrying zelda wasn’t a regret he carried on to the afterlife. 

i just want them to be happy, that’s what i’m saying

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gladio prom just said he'd be someone's prom date! how do you feel about that?

He’s a big boy and he can do what he wants. Anyway, it’s Prompto, he was probably just being nice. It’s not like prom is a life commitment…and it really loses its important once you’re out of high school.

Sorry, I’ve been corrected. He apparently just wanted to make a pun. Dammit, Prompto.