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fools and their tools

You know, I recall some controversy over the deck I’m using at the moment, specifically about whether or not you could ever get a serious reading out of it, whether it could be a real tool for a real reader, things of that nature.

So let me just tell you:

It told me I’m afraid, and I shouldn’t be. That I don’t want to take risks, that I sabotage my own happiness and success, because I’m afraid of it.

And there are a million and one reasons why I should stop, and they’re all pretty good, but the deck told me, “Jasmine. You’ll regret it. And don’t you regret enough already?”

It told me to sit down and look at all the chances I wished that I had taken. To take all of the emptiness left behind and shape it into something I could use. (An ongoing message for me, to be honest. #voidfeels yo)

“It’s not too late.” it told me. It showed me the way.

I think maybe I believe it. I think maybe I’ll try.

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Rhodo isn't even Mary sueish we haven't seen every side of her character

Could you imagine looking at someone doing their day job and thinking that they only exist while they’re doing their job, and don’t have any life or emotions or personality beyond what we observe then and there? How wild

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What do you think about having internet friends(เน‘•ใ€€ω•)??

i met my best friend on the internet lol, although to be fair we live in the same country and can meet each other irl! i /like/ being able to interact with people, even if its just online - but i find that im really bad at holding conversations with people?? im just a bad internet friend in general?? im that asshole who halts the chat halfway because i literally have no idea what to reply l m a o… but… honestly being able to answer asks like this as well as interacting with people on twitter has been a big help with me becoming a bit more social because god before people started noticing me for my art i only spoke to my best friend because she has the patience to deal with the mess that i am lol

what the hell, poe party

So There was this creepy guy telling me his life story at work. I was literally standing at my register for an hour just listening to him ramble and ask me shit that i didnt feel comfortable answering, he kept going and going and me, a little girl in a gas station alone at 9pm, felt super uncomfortable.

Well when the guy finally left my donut delivery guy pops out from behind the wall and asks if I were okay

Turns out he had waiting at least 30 to 40 minutes till. He left just to make sure I was okay.

Im so glad some people get worried. Cause i was nervous and uncomfortable the entire time and just blessss the donut guy 🌞😊

When you get even more confirmation that someone you dislike is is just as bad as you thought

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Anyways I love my art class so much and I love critiques and I love everyone making suggestions and playing with different artistic ideas

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i wanna say i absolutely love how you draw okuyasu and josuke!!! they look so soft and nice ;___; i also wanted to ask if you were familiar with daryan crescend from ace attorney! he's a good pompadour boy B^) have a good day!

ive had this ask sitting in for days im so sorry for the late reply ! AH THANK YOU SO MUCH your comment makes me really happy i love these boys so much 😭

im a BIG BIG BIG !!!! fan of ace attorney actually !!!! such a good serie of games 😭 !! Daryan’s design is SICK and ive always lowkey loved him … (only lowkey tho because. u know…… hes not a very good boy…) i doodled him real quick hes so cool