people as art


In celebration for reaching 1500+ followers, I’m hosting an art con!! WOO!!

  1. You must be following me! New peeps welcome!
  2. There will be three themes mentioned below. pick your favorite and draw with the theme!
  3. It’s gotta be undertale related. AUs and OCs are acceptable so long as they’re still ut related
  4. Learn the basics of quantum mechanics
  5. You gotta tag me in your entries so I’ll see em, also please reblog this post so I’d know you guys are entering!
  6. Contest ends at the 27th! I’m not planning on making this a super long contest.
  7. Bonus points if you could draw my skelesona in it!
  8. Forget Quantum mechanics
  9. If there’s still any lingering questions, ask me!

-Pleasant Surprise

-Sweets Galore!


First prize is gonna be a fake screenshot! like this!

Second and third will get a short gif like the ones I’ve been using on this post

or like this!

oh one last thing?


Inktober Day 23 - Captain Flint for @frau-argh

Now you listen here, James Flint is happily married on hi plantation for Gay political activists and growing corn and kissing his Thomas and I will not hear any different okay 


a massive thank you to every who has been commissioning me to paint for them! I bought my stupid ass $119.85 textbook today 😬 it was THE MOST painful thing to buy ever (I couldn’t even rent it 🙄). but I have a test on thursday so hopefully this will help me prepare and study so I won’t get another sucky ass grade! woo hoo!

ALSO commissions are still open! I’m not stopping since I reached my goal. I looooove painting and giving my people art so if you want a painting like the ones above message me or check out this post!!!