people are wondering why i tagged him right now

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I find it funny that people are rushing to defend Lance right now. If I had to choose one character in the V0ltr0n fandom that didn't need defending, it'd be Lance. I have grown to thoroughly dislike his character because of this fandom. His personality makes him lovable, makes you want to know more about him. And then you meet his Stans that make you want to run for the hills and never come back.. And people wonder why I never go into the actual character tags..

Literally people act like Lance is so victimised like Lance is deadass the centre of fandom 24/7 I saw a post earlier basically saying if you don’t prioritise your Lance HC’s over other HC’s you’re racist bc “Lance’s representation is more important than the representation of the other characters who are POC like Hunk and Allura and Shiro” and I s2g I wanted to fucking die

I was tagged by the lovely @waylandclarys. Thank you so much, I love these!

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nickname: li/ ali/ lice (those only work in portuguese tbh)
zodiac: capricorn 
height: 5′8
last thing i googled: how to do this awful physics exercise
favourite music artist: taylor swift 
song stuck in my head: don’t really have one right now
last movie i saw: wonder woman FucKiNG maSTErPieCe
what am i wearing right now: jeans and a sweater
why did i choose my url: isak valtersen is my babe, i love him deeply and will never get over him. 
do i have any other blogs: nope, this one takes all of my time lol
what did your last relationship teach you: wouldn’t know, never had one
religious or spiritual: my beliefs are very unconventional, not sure how to answer
favourite colour: blue, green and pink
average hours of sleep: 7 i think
lucky number: 23
favourite characters: IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION. ok, let’s mention a few. amy santiago, brooke davis, hermione granger, lexie grey, noora saetre, sana bakkoush, sun bak, chandler bing, farkle minkus, harvey specter, isak valtersen, jake peralta, michael scofield, nathan scott, peeta mellark, percy jackson, richard gansey III, will gorski.
how many blankets do i sleep with: lol 3 (and i live in brazil) 
dream job: why can’t i answer this? i have no idea. 

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