people are so nice i just want to cry


^This was the reference photo

My Jensen story is much shorter. First off he smells like a man should smell. Just a nice aftershave that was a cross between old Spice and Irish spring. Now moving on,lol. I wanted a specific type of pose from the show. A lot of people keep calling it a Charlie hug, but it’s not. It’s with Dean and Charlie but this hug held a completely different meaning from all their other hugs. This was from the episode ‘Pac-Man Fever’ when Dean woke Charlie up from the djinn dream and she ran into his arms crying. That hug was full of protection, sadness, and understanding. So that’s the pose I went for. I showed him the pic, we took the photo and then he went, “ Chris let’s do one more.” Now I was completely out of his arms at this point as he just pulled me back in. We took it again, I gave gimme a quick squeeze and said thank you. This was our photo:

Writing Prompts

So looks like I will be without internet for a few days so I would love to have a few things to work on.  Send me a number and a pairing/character and I will write a short thing (or longish thing if I get carried away or if you have your own prompt feel free). 

  1. “If you’re not nice I won’t let you in my blanket fort”
  2. “I love you and your pretty voice but I just want to sleep right now.”
  3. “This has got to be the stupidest plan you’ve ever come up with.  Of course I’m in!”
  4. “I have a date with destiny.”
  5. “If you don’t stop talking I’m going to have to kiss you.”
  6. “Okay so I lied. People lie all the time.  My parents lied to me about Santa Clause.”
  7. “I have twenty pages left in my book and if you don’t shut up I will do one of the follow: scream, cry, or throw my book at you.”
  8. “You would make a terrible spy.”
  9. “You know I’m starting to see why people say we’re an old married couple.”
  10. “Do you know that was the first time you ever told me you love me?”
  11. “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.”
  12. “I don’t see why you’re worried, my family likes you more than me.  I’m not kidding, they told me that.”
  13. “It’s three am, why are you singing pop songs into a hairbrush?”
  14. “You are my teddy bear, so deal with it.”
  15. “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?”
  16. “Okay so who do I have to murder?”
  17. “Who is crazier the crazy person or the one who loves them?”
  18. “If anything explodes, I’m leaving.”
  19. “I am not cleaning this up.”
  20. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes, that’s cheating.”

dexter starters ( showtime’s dexter s2ep2.)

  • “ i finally get a chance to kill and i can’t do it.”
  • “ and now all my secrets are floating to the surface.”
  • “ how did i lose it? how do i find it again?”
  • “ how can i solve a crime when i can’t even solve what’s wrong with me?”
  • “ has a nice ring to it, no?”
  • “ last thing ___ needs is another serial killer.”
  • “ why don’t you take a picture? it’ll last longer.”
  • “ what would i do without you?”
  • “ grandma really talks like that?”
  • “ you get the point. right, bitch?”
  • “ fucking people don’t want our help.”
  • “ this stuff never gets to you?”
  • “ i’m more of a cry on the inside kinda guy.”
  • “ what? i’m so over that.”
  • “ just… prove it to me.”
  • “ it’s like you’re just fucking with me.”
  • “ couldn’t pick a worse time, right?”
  • “ hey, how about you take off? let me handle this.”
  • “ i couldn’t let you do that.”
  • “ i owe you.”
  • “ i can’t even go there.”
  • “ this one’s on us, man.”
  • “ i have to focus. tune everything out.”
  • “ timing could be better.”
  • “ … oh. it’s you.”
  • “ who else you got following you?”
  • “ go ahead. try it. i’ve been waitin’.”
  • “ this neighborhood? it’s full of crazies. i’d lock my doors.”
  • “ bathroom’s all yours.”
  • “ we ran outta glasses?”
  • “ come on, give it a chance.”
  • “ sweetie, what’s the matter?”
  • “ what kind of weird?”
  • “ no. no, calm was what i was 35 minutes ago. pissed is what i am now.”
  • “ hey! who want’s eggos? i got blueberry, or chocolate. or both.”
  • “ assholes! they did everything but help.”
  • “ which assholes were you talking to?”
  • “ i didn’t ask for your help, or your advice.”
  • “ i’ll never understand how people deal with death. why they can’t just… put it in it’s place.”
  • “ not exactly ideal in the element of surprise department.”
  • “ i have to find a new way to dispose of the body.”
  • “ you totally douched me in there.”
  • “ you clocked a guy in a bar who touched your arm…“
  • “ well, thank you for the fucking vote of confidence.”
  • “ hey. just visualize that door of opportunity opening up wide for you, bro, and just walk right through it.”
  • “ you keep up with this woo-woo shit, imma walk right through you.”
  • “ that come with a story?”
  • “ well, you should be more careful, amigo.”
  • “ they had to bring in outside talent. which would be moi.”
  • “ bet this guy never expected his work to see in the light of day.”
  • “ i bet you’re right.”
  • “ still, it can’t be easy to hide a body nowadays.”
  • “ you shittin’ me?”
  • “ hypothetical: how do you make sure disposed body stay disposed?”
  • “ don’t all those run the risk of contact with the outside world?”
  • “ you got a better idea?”
  • “ there is no such thing as the perfect crime. not in my experience, anyway.”
  • “ well, we have something in common.”
  • “ miss me?”
  • “ i need to clear the decks… and my head.”
  • “ they, uh… ate my puppy.”
  • “ you may have to get closer than you like.”
  • “ i’m doin’ enough damage on my own.”
  • “ that was a yes. sounded like a no, but… yeah.”
  • “ you scared the shit outta me.”
  • “ how you doin’?”
  • “ don’t! you fuckin’ asked… so, how am i doing? i’m just fine.”
  • “ come on, don’t get the shakes now. this is no time for performance anxiety.”
  • “ i’ve been waitin’ for you.”
  • “ come out, come out, wherever you are!”
  • “ what the hell is wrong with me?”
  • “ it’s okay, i got you.”
  • “ don’t leave me! please, don’t leave me!”
  • “ want me to knock out some doors? or maybe some heads?”
  • “ what fucking asshole left this here?”
  • “ it’s ‘special agent’ fucking asshole.”
  • “ frankly, you’re more of a leader than a team-player.”
  • “ i’m not convinced you play well with others.”
  • “ i feel like a jigsaw-puzzle missing a piece.”
  • “ i’ve been calling you for hours.”
  • “ i kinda pulled an all nighter.”
  • “ it’s, uh… it’s taking me to places i never thought i’d go.”
  • “ he was such a destructive force. why can’t you just put him behind you?”
  • “ i’m just gonna make you late.”
  • “ dammit, ___!  i need you there too.”
  • “ you have no idea what this feels like.”
  • “ can’t wait to get another door slammed in my face.”
  • “ that’s it. put that out into the universe, alright?”
  • “ look on the bright side. comically, we’re batting a thousand.”
  • “ please, don’t shoot me, miss/mister.”
  • “ if i believed in god. if i believed in sin… this is the place where i’d be sucked straight to hell… if i believed in hell.”
  • “ i’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “ i’m not sorry.”
  • “ you’re still here.”
  • “ i killed you.”
  • “ no. you just took my life.”
  • “ so how do i make you go away?”
  • “ i’m not like them.”
  • “ now, if it helps, i can tell you it’s not your fault, what you did to me.”
  • “ i’m not human.”
  • “ no. you’re just fucked up.”
  • “ you think it’s as simple as that?”
  • “ excuse me, i opened this by mistake.”
  • “ today it is all about the win. i think we really should enjoy this.”
  • “ i really appreciate your support.”
  • “ it was simple, really.”
  • “ all i had to do was put myself into the mind of a killer. hardly a stretch.”
  • “ trust me, you’re not going anywhere this time.”
  • “ who the fuck are you?”
  • “ that kind of talk is just gonna bring you closer to your victims.”
  • “ no, maybe you didn’t do the deed, but the blood is on your hands.”
  • “ a lot of blood is on your hands.”
  • “ why do you care about these people?”
  • “ why are you doing this to me?”
  • “ i’m not so much doing this to you as i’m doing it for me.”
  • “ you leave pain wherever you go.”
  • “ you kill me, what do you leave behind?”
  • “ look at that, steady as a surgeon.”
  • “ this kill was just the first of the loose ends i needed to tie off.”
  • “ i need to see you.”
  • “ i’m just dropping somebody off, can it wait?”
  • “ a shoe? you wanted to see me about a shoe?”
  • “ i didn’t have a lot to hope for until i met you.”
  • “ you gave me something to believe in when i didn’t even believe in myself.”
  • “ it’s not your fault.”
  • “ it was totally an act of impulse.”
  • “ what are you trying to say, that you planned on acting on impulse?”
  • “ that’s where you disappeared to at all hours of the night like clark fucking kent.”
  • “ if the eyes are the window to the soul, then grief is the door. as long as it’s closed, it’s the barrier between knowing and not knowing. walk away from it and it stays closed forever. but open it, and walk through it, and pain becomes truth.”
  • “ i’ve been preparing for this my entire life.”
  • “ it’s annoying, isn’t it?”
  • “ i’m not taking the bait.”
  • “ you’re up late.”
  • “ you don’t need to do this. you don’t need to do this now.”
  • “ temporary insanity.”
  • “ you’re right. i smell like a fucking sewer.”
  • “ i had to say goodbye in order to reconnect with what’s really important. with who i was.”
  • “ rest in peace… i am.”
Good morning!!

good afternoon or good evening??

well whichever it is hello to all of you wonderful people!!

i’m just making this post to make some few announcements???? well i think they’re announcements…

well first off i would like to tHANK ALL OF YOU BECAUSE OH MY GOSH YOU ARE ALL SO NICE??? AND ALL THESE LOVELY MESSAGES MAKE ME WANT TO CRY OUT OF PURE HAPPINESS!!!!!! i am so so happy and am still in disbelief that a lot of you actually like my au??? how????? i am beyond overwhelmed my goodness you guys I LOVE YOU ALL!! and what really hits me in the honey-nut-feelios is when you guys say that my work inspired you??????? and that just– let me just roll over the puddle of tears i created pls 

and second!! i would like to apologize because i really wanted to post a comic for you guys today because i feel so loved and i just wanted to do something for you but it’s not finished yet and i left my pen tablet at home when we moved to our dorm and dudes i am so sad to inform you that i would probably get it done by the weekend??? i cry.

 so for the meantime i’m going to answer the asks i have left to pile up and i would like to apologize for that as well ;; ;; that was rude of me……………. i’m just going to make an faq page so all of you can see your questions answered in one go!! (because there are a lot of common questions???) so i might close my askbox again soon hahaha 

and lastly i would like to inform you that classes are starting and i might not update as much as i used to ;;; ;;;  

so once again thank you so so much to all of you!! you are all lovely people and i want to hug each and every one of you!!!💛  

it’s so nice to see a russian gay/bi? man who isn’t at all the stereotypical alcoholic or spy 

and it’s soooo refreshing to see a universe in which homophobia doesn’t seem to exist. while i acknowledge the need to address homophobia in the media sometimes it’s just so fucking nice to be able to watch something and not think about how much the world hates people like you, especially when one of them is a russian person.

i’ve always been so sensitive to russian homophobia in particular it’s my #1 touchy subject and i’m so glad i get to have nice representation with viktor without having to deal with all the violent toxic homophobia that exists irl in russia. i acknowledge the need for it to be addressed but at this point i just want happy russian lgbt+ people. i don’t want to think about the violence and brutality when it makes me shut down entirely or literally cry for hours. i’m so thankful for yuri on ice tbh

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a few days now. Another long ramble about how important Jack and his channel are to me, this time pertaining to the upcoming new year. Like, I knew I was gonna write something and it was gonna be nice and thoughtful but yesterday something really put a new perspective on it. 

 My friends and I exchanged gifts yesterday, and one of them got me a Septiceye Sam plushie. Can I tell you that my face lit up like the actual goddamn sun. This was my first piece of Jacksepticeye merch. I couldn’t contain myself and I literally teared up and I could have started crying. 

 I am a 21 year old woman, jaded by the world (#angst), and there I was, sat on the floor, crying over a stuffed green eyeball. Wtf? 

 That is just a nice little story to support what I actually wanted to ramble about- Jack, this year, and this community. Great segue. 

So yeah, 2016 mostly sucked. Many people agree with that. No one is gonna look back on this year and be like, “Wow, what a great, progressive year! Yay humanity!”, like that’s not gonna happen, BUT I can look back on this year and say that something really good happened in my life, I subscribed to Jacksepticeye

 I honestly couldn’t tell you when I first subscribed, or what was my first video, I don’t even remember how I discovered him, but it happened early this year and I’m so happy that it did. He’s become a friend, a voice in the room when I’m alone, a beacon of positivity and energy for when I don’t have any left. He’s someone that makes me laugh and inspires me to create things. And for that, I’m so thankful. 

 I was never the type of person to take things too seriously, or really get into a fandom/community. I’ve seen so many people on tumblr saying “This youtuber saved my life” or “they have inspired me to be a better person”, but that was never me. I had never made fan art. I had never watched videos as soon as they came out. I had never owned a lot of merch. And most of all, I never blogged about my fandoms. 

 Here I am now though, drawing and painting again, looking forward to videos at 12pm and 3pm every day, and running a blog with more lovely and beautiful followers than I ever expected, ever. It’s also unreal that Jack has noticed my blog on multiple occasions, like what? I love this community so much and that’s why I even feel okay writing this literal essay. Like, props if you made it this far.

 Sometimes I look at the big picture and I think I’m just being silly and that this isn’t that important. It’s just a channel. It’s just games. It’s just some guy I don’t know. But at a time like this, when I reflect on what I’ve done this year and I realize that the channel has really been there for me. It has helped me cope with some demons. It has helped me feel things. It has inspired me to help others. Well that’s not silly at all, now is it? 

 Thank you so much if you read this whole mess. I hope you all have a fun night of you haven’t had one already and I’m sending love and positive energy to you all. 2017, here we fucking go.

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Blogs i should follow?

hmmmm i made this follow forever a little while ago, so that’s a list of ALL my favorite blogs. but here are like my top 5 writers (for sake of the writers i’m just gonna use ‘their’ to refer to all of them, i really don’t want to misgender anyone):

  1. @nike-shawn - first of all, their masterlist is absolutely beautiful. i know this is fairly irrelevant to most people (in accordance to whether you should follow them or not) but i’m genuinely like in love with it. it’s so nice. ANYWAY they are one of the most gifted writers i think i’ve encountered on this website. they write so poetically and it makes me cry every time. without fail.
  2. @babyshawwn - A TEASE. a mf tease. but anyway. their writing is absolutely flawless. they make me melt. i am a legit puddle after reading every thing that they write. and not to be blunt, but their smut is SO FUCKING GOOD. like 10/10 the first person i check if i want to read smut.
  3. @wordsandshawn - i’m pretty sure they’re like the the god of shawn mendes imagines. legit the first blog i found, the first shawn imagine i read. they made me want to write for myself. literally gets so many requests and doesn’t like crack under the pressure (aka they are an actual saint). they’re writing is SO cute and i love them all so much.
  4. @illumeshawn - tbh makes me insecure about my own writining and IDEC. we relate to each other and i love her. she literally CANNOT write things that are short????? like wtf????? underrated. deserves all the awards. please read all her writing
  5. @thesmutofthemendes - highkey speaks for itself. writes probably the best shawn smut. loves fucking with me, clearly. i’m convinced they want to kill me every time they write something. anyway. i’m crying

more blogs that i absolutely adore and deserve your love:

@ihaveabadreputation, @shit-to-kinda-okay, @whitechocolateperfection, @teen-mendes, @ruinrose, @aftertasteofmagcon, @peteventz, @mendesmoonlight, @mend-es, @pickeringboy, @wordsformendes, @raineshawn


@latteshawn - a bean. so sweet. her writing is so good too i just wanted to make something separate for her. i just love her. idek i don’t have much else to say. she’s an absolute sweetheart and if you’re not following her then wtf are you doing

omg my sister and i are watching a show and this episode has an autistic person in it. he was doing some stereotypical autistic things (hand flapping, infodumping, rocking, etc.)

i thought it was nice to have some good representation, but then my sister started laughing whenever he did that and i started getting worried.

so many times autistic people have been made fun of for the things that we do, and i really didn’t want my little sis to be one of the people doing the teasing.

so, nervous, i asked her why she laughed when he did that. her answer: “sorry, it’s just, he’s so cute when he does that! i think more people should be like him.”

i’m trying not to cry happy tears. i love my little sister so much.

living beings just doing what they do to survive and live and make themselves happy makes me want to cry honestly, like when someone puts on the kettle to make tea, it’s because they want tea. and when people go to bed because they’re tired and they need to rest, and the thought that everyone is going to experience pain and loss in their lives very deeply upsets me and makes me want to wrap everyone in cotton wool to protect them and keep them safe, all i want is to keep people safe and make them happy


 Okay so I was watching ONS over again because I was bored (And I just felt like crying), and when it came to the 4th episode, I saw THIS: 

And I was like “oH OKAY THEN NICE FACT”. So I pulled up the Defintion of Lust…

I was reading it, and holy shit. I kept playing the episode, a little crept out, a minute or two later…


Go back to the “They feed on peoples lust”.


Guren wants Shinya… omfg…. It’s rEAL. The gay in this show is REAL. 

Kimizuki and Yoichi

Mika and Yuu

Guren and Shinya


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Hey I just wanted to warn people of the dangers of getting acrylics I used to get them for seven years straight. I started to notice it was effecting my body. Making my hair not grow as fast as it normally did, caused my actual nails to become paper thin so i couldn't go a day without them on my hands without crying my eyes out. I know they look pretty but the damage they do to your body in general is not worth it. Took them off and took vitamins now my nails are nice and strong ๐Ÿ˜Œ


so I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful mutuals/friends/people I’ve met on here because I was having a bit of a tough go in December/January when I joined this fandom and you’ve all brought me so much happiness whether that’s screaming about FMA with me or leaving nice comments on my writing or dedicating fiC AND ART TO ME (still crying about that tbh) and I just appreciate you all a lot <3

A Poem of Trash

Rolling through the streets

In my fandom tee

Why am I like this

What have they done to me

Crumpled up paper

Empty water bottle

I am simply trash

Not a supermodel

Don’t get me started

On being YouTube trash

Fandom wars rage

Loyal subscribers clash

Social media is where people obsess

Like tumblr, Twitter, and snapchat too

Where they scream when someone posts

Like Pewdiepie, JSE, and Markimoo

I’m toxic so please

Don’t touch me

But in all honesty

Trash is the only thing I’ll be

Books have people crying

Harry Potter, PJO, and Tris

All I want in life

Is for my OTP to kiss

Just make out already

Stick your tongues down each other’s throats

Boy do I want to cry,

When I hear a G note

I used to be normal

A nice, polite girl

But MCR broke up

And now I want to hurl

I just want to see them live

Take me back to 2007

With old Fall Out Boy and Panic!

Not to mention MCR heaven

All the ships together

Frerard, Ryden, Phan

Why am I such trash

Please just hit me with a pan

Couples left and right

Don’t get me started on Percabeth

Well, at least i’m not drinking

And doing crystal meth

Fandoms are cheaper than

Downtown street drugs

Yeah mom, could you put my hot chocolate

In my danandphilshop mug?

All these ships are endless

Why does it take forever

For them to realise their feelings

And finally get together

The point of this weird poem

Was to show how I am litter

Destiel isn’t canon?

No, I’m not bitter…

Thanks to my best friend, @whyaminotinengland for helping me make this

I was crying in the bathroom at school today and a girl I didn’t even know saw me and asked me if I needed some water and asked me why I was crying. After telling her that it was just something stupid, I guess she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it, so she completely changed the subject and asked me my name and she was joking around then, and she talked to me about herself as well. She made me feel so much better and I actually started laughing then and she made me forget everything I was worrying about, at least for that moment. Also it’s so ironic how the reason of me running straight to the bathroom and crying was some girls.

seriously why can’t all girls be like that one girl? Why do we always have to fight and make each other feel worthless? Why are we jealous of each other? Let’s all be nice please. Girl power is so strong and important. Let’s use it to make each other feel better not completely worthless.

I was tagged by @rospeaks, @brokenpythagoras, @second-salemite, @mamin-thetroll and also @ayazuri so long ago omg >w< thank you guys! ;w; <333

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: single and crying about it ;____; 

Pets: One cat :) 

Lipstick or chapstick: uhhhh is lip balm chapstick?? I don’t wear lipstick and I never have haha ^^ my favourite lip balm is a strawberry one by the body shop guh so nice

Last song I listened to: completely?? i’m gonna maybe say ‘do you hear the people sing?’ from les mis. hehe. one of the ones eddie sings in yes. i like to sing this one loud. 

Last movie I watched: like completely or partially??? the last complete one might have been moana, and the last partial one i was watching was the chronicles of narnia prince caspian god i love that boy, fuck <333

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi because of back to the future hahahaha i was sucked into the product placement yep i can’t help it okay 

Top 3 characters: look, man!! this is difficult. okay. so i guess i’ll say, maybe, newt, then marty mcfly, and also jim kirk <3 they are my golden boys and i adore them tons ;wwwwwww; 

Top 3 ships: i mean, like, taking every ship i’ve ever had into account, i’ll probably go with kylo/hux, spock/kirk, and john/sherlock just because they’ve been the biggest/lasted the longest <3 

tagging: @ladyfaust, @the-miss-lv, @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins, @the-sweetest-obscurial, @sirivsblaxk, @jusrecht, @sixshotsofgigglewater, @aethelar, @notquitenewt, @ranebowstitches, @unbridledlove, @catnapgod, @ginger-ai, and @kurosaki224-new-blog okay that was way more than 9 people oh well <3333

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Must be nice throwing your weight behind the racists like the literal kkk and david duke shites who support liars like darren wilson. Just be honest and say black boys scare you and you want then dead

“Like the literal kkk” - what are you, 12? Does your mom drive you to BLM rallies and you carry around a baby monitor so you can cry for her to come collect you when you’ve finished pretending to care about black lives for the day? You’re claiming I want people dead? Lol this is the perfect example of someone who argues with teenage hormonal angst and rage rather than facts and logic. So sorry sweetheart, the only people I see calling for the death of others are Islamic followers (self-explanatory) and BLM and BLM. And BLMAnd BLMAnd BLM. You have to pretend Nazis exist today to justify your own vile racism and violence.