people are so frustrating sometimes

Have you ever watched ducks, and cried? Because they’re capable of flocking together, and nobody had told them to do so, and they grow up together, eat together, live together, and they’re perfectly fine like this, at ease, just… swimming, together. And I stood there, and looked like a goof, and cried because the ducks were so perfectly in sync, so entirely fine with just swimming and living and feeling fine with others of their kind, like people would never be. 

allowing animal abuse to happen is permitting dangerous and aggressive people to test out how much harm they can inflict on another creature and still get away with.

pixelatrix replied to your post “Please don’t write f!ryder x Reyes Vidal. He’s clearly gay. m!Ryder x…”

The fuck? He’s bi. i mean–he has an ex-girlfriend. Honestly.

I know, right? I get so frustrated with people sometimes. They just read whatever they want to into characters and then get angry when other people don’t see the same things.

And why does it matter to this person anyway? If they don’t want to read femRyder fics, they clearly won’t be reading mine. It’s an easy fix. Though as far as I’m concerned the more Reyes x Ryder the better!

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-opinion time- I actually don't think you should bottom your first time! Topping is kind of a... Guaranteed pleasure thing? And bottoming takes some getting used to. While I /definitely/ prefer bottoming now, it hurt my first time and even a couple after that and I wish my first sexual experience wasn't assosiated with literal butthurt? It put me off of sex for a bit, as I was really sore the next morning. -a very gay boi

Okay, so the thing is, I completely agree. I’ve actually run into trouble with other authors because my opinion is that the first time a guy has penetrative gay sex with another man, it’s more likely that he would top than bottom, for the exact reasons that you stated. Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed in this fandom, is that most people literally can’t stand the idea of Dan topping, which is kind of sad and ridiculous in my humble opinion. So what tend’s to happen in fanfic is Dan always bottoms his first time :/ I’ve always strived to turn that around, though sometimes I even fall to that stereotype in fiction writing - then again, it is fiction :/ 

However, I always get in some kind of trouble for writing bottom Phil, which is upsetting in itself. The amount of comments and messages I get saying that someone doesn’t find it realistic - even for the first time Dan has gay sex in the fic - for Dan to top, is kind of ridiculous and upsetting at times. Because what does it matter? I understand that people have preferences, and they prefer top!Phil, but the level of anger I get from people when I subvert that seems… wrong. 

Also, when the person commented to say Dan better not have topped in that scene we didn’t even write, I got upset and frustrated, because I know that the person didn’t just mean top physically, as in penetrative sex, but top in terms of whose got the ~power,~ you know? And I find it silly that this concept of power and topping is even a thing, because sex should be a mutual thing, regardless of whose taking it and whose giving it.

I will admit, I was very upset yesterday. I got a lot of comments, replies, and messages from people saying that they either weren’t happy we didn’t write the sex scene, or were unhappy that it implied Phil being the ~theoretical bottom,~ so by the time I answered that reply, I was… upset, and just wanted to make a point. 

What I really mean is that, in regards to @ineverhadmyinternetphase‘s and my fic, Phil is very much so going to be the “bottom” for a while, in terms of Dan teaching Phil how to have sex in general, and they most likely won’t even move into the penetrative stuff for quite some time. 

I’m sorry for any confusion, but it can be quite frustrating sometimes when people get so upset about whose top and whose bottom, when really… that part is the least important part of intimacy at all. 

I swear some people in the tmnt fandom (not here in tumblr) are making me loosing my patience with them 😤

It’s like they don’t listen to me and keep asking me the same thing even if I’ve already answered them in the first and  second time??

Insisting again and again and again, don’t they realise they make people feel tired?

Good grief. Being a teacher and an introvert is hard.

Like, sometimes I just want to eat lunch alone in my classroom with the door closed and not have to deal with people for 30 blissful minutes, thank you very much. Students come in, and this little voice inside my head starts screaming, “NO, YOU CAN’T EAT LUNCH IN HERE. NO, YOU CAN’T STUDY IN HERE. NO, YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE AND USE THE COMPUTER. NO, YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE AND TALK TO ME. PLEASE, JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME IN PEACE.” But then my Fe kicks in, and I’m all, “WHY, YES! OF COURSE YOU CAN HANG OUT IN HERE, MY DARLINGS! MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME!” *smiles blithely while dying inside*

When I brought up rheumatoid arthritis as a possibility for something I might have, my family said something like, “You just want it to be that.”

No, I really didn’t want to have RA. I would have rather had no joint pain at all! But since it explained all of my symptoms I figured that’s what it was. And now I’ve got a diagnosis and they’re not saying a word.

Healthy people can be so frustrating sometimes.

I’ve always had that fear of being lonely and forgotten.

But then sometimes I feel so frustrated at people and wish that I could spend the rest of my life alone.

—  amal
Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.

#47: Asami electrocutes Hiroshi in “The Aftermath.”

I was one of those fools that thought Asami was an Equalist all the way until the scene in “The Aftermath” in which she electrocutes her father.  Indeed, even after the character work in Act I of this episode between her and Korra, I still viewed her with some suspicion.  Even while the scene was unfolding, and Hiroshi was handing her the glove, I wasn’t sure what she would do:

I like that the show kept me guessing. In this shot, for example, Asami looks positively evil, particularly with the way the shadow is falling across her face and she is looking down at her glove:

But then we get this, and the viewer finally knows which side Asami is on:

Asami:  I love you, Dad.

She’s on the side of BAMFs, that’s what.  She takes down her father:

As well as his Lieutenant:

It’s a great character moment for Asami.  

“The Aftermath” also gives us one of the best Korra character moments of the season.  When Mako apologizes to Korra, she doesn’t chew him out for not believing her.  Rather, she expresses regret, and understanding, and welcome for Asami:

Mako: I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, but Asami’s dad being an Equalist is not an easy thing to believe, even now.
Korra: I know. I’m sorry this whole thing happened.
Mako: So, does your offer to live at the Air Temple still stand?
Korra: Of course it does. And Asami’s welcome too.
Mako: Thank you so much.
Korra: After everything she’s been through, she’s going to need you, Mako.

That last line, in which Korra tells Mako Asami is going to need him, is just fantastic.  Sure, Book 1 Korra can be hot-tempered, and somewhat bullheaded, and jump into things with her fists flying.  But this Korra is also Book 1 Korra.  When confronted with the gravity of the situation in Republic City, she puts her own selfish wants aside.  She risks losing Mako when she sticks to her guns on Hiroshi, and she encourages Mako to comfort Asami because she knows Asami needs it.  In other words, Korra is caring and compassionate toward people she would otherwise have reason to resent, whether it’s her then-romantic rival:

Or, in an earlier scene from “The Aftermath,” her rival in sport, who cheated his way to victory, Tahno:

It’s Korra scenes like these that make me so frustrated sometimes with people who dismiss Korra as all hot air and steam, all immaturity and outspokenness – as an annoying brat (or b*tch) that needs to be “beaten down” to turn into a likeable person.  While Korra certainly has her share of frustrating traits (many of which stem from her youth and inexperience), to me that just means she’s human, and flawed.  This is not to say Korra doesn’t grow and mature over the course of four seasons – of course she does.  And I love where she ends up.  But I loved Book 1 Korra, too.  And “The Aftermath” is a big reason for that.

“I’m doing a business degree right now I am currently in my 3rd year, I have a lot of group projects but sometimes they get so frustrating when people don’t do their work or when my ideas are look down on. Sometimes in group meetings I will put disney movies on my computer silently so at least i can see them and get a sense of comfort, it usually makes me work better too!”

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just a reminder that korra unlocked her airbending to save mako. after hours of training it was her cry of help that broke the boundaries of her frustrations. to save mako. i just feel like, every time mako and korra come together, their dynamics allows korra to better herself somehow. i mean look at that makorra ep in s4. with mako, she improves herself. sure, they messed up in book 2. but without that, she would not have discovered how amazing KORRA is. just needed to point it out.

too bad the creators couldn’t see that in their own show….

(DON’T REBLOG THIS) ya ya a little salty post but i just love how i can’t jokingly say dan is loud and annoying without someone jumpin on my ass but people can turn these projects that dan spent so much time on into a meme so much so that dan feels like it didn’t even matter and that we don’t care about it haha it’s ok tho

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this is so abrupt but i just heard little mix's secret love song and I immediately thought of jikook. don't u think? 😍


I mean,

The lyrics are just so spot on, like jungkook and jimin work in an industry where they will get hate for everything that they do, so they hide their relationship because they dont want people to hate on them. But it gets frustrating sometimes, so frustrating, because all they want is to hold hand and kiss each other whenever they want to like normal couple does, but they cant, and its so frustrating how they should keep their love a secret

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