people are pissing me off today

a 6ft guy purposely stopped still and stood in front of me so I couldn’t get past him today when there was like 20+ people around us, I’d accidentally stood on the back of his shoe and said sorry but I guess he was pissed off, so he stopped to annoy me, so I smacked my shoulder into him so hard he recoiled and said ‘what the hell?’ don’t fuck with me asshole it’s hot and I have a job to get to and suitcases to sell

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Today a girl (who i'am not even close to) came upto me and told me i have gained weight and look big and whether people have told me that before. This pissed me off cause no one apart from my family, boyfriend or best friends have the right to say things like that especially when im aware of such things you know what i mean? I just wanted to get this off my chest hehe

Omg, I get so tired of people… They only do that because they’re so insecure so they need to point others “flaws” which they don’t have to bring themselves up xx

Ohh I get it now. So people are only allowed to dump on Melissa/Carol and theorize and predict HER characters death. Again…. and again and again. But we’re not even allowed to consider the idea that B*th might bite it? God forbid we discuss our theories about a character dying on a show where a lot of characters die. Last I looked, B*th is a character on the show.

But no, I see how it is.


In response to my dashboard right now:
  • A child’s safety and well being are always more important than football.
  • Just because someone is dead does not mean the wrong things they did in life are now forgiven or forgotten.
  • Rapists should be held accountable and prosecuted no matter the situation.
  • Telling your boss does not absolve you of responsibility. 

The end. 

im getting real tired of ppl bitchin about the sherlock fandom being “too excited” over the filming of S3… just… leave people alone… no need to be assholes and trying to rain on everyone’s parade. Ya the fandom can do some shitty stuff, even then it’s not all of us, and when that happens go ahead and be annoyed… but when people are just excited let them post as many damn reaction gifs as the fucking like. How do you think any of the other TV show fandoms would react if they had waited 3 years for a new episode? get over yourselves. 

lol @ people who think bigotry is a “belief that should be respected”

like you can have your own thoughts on economics and shit and i’ll respect that but when it comes to lgbtq*/racial/gender issues suck my dick bc there is a right and a wrong when it comes to that and wanting to deny people rights because you don’t like them is wrong and you should fuck off.

Okay, small rant.

The Hannah Anderson tag is disturbing. Most of the people commenting on her case are too ignorant to meaningfully contribute anything. She could be “guilty” of something, sure. Or she could be innocent. Most of the “evidence” given against her is bogus analysis based on what people think a victim should do or what they think they would do in that situation. People who have actually worked with victims of violence can tell you there is nothing odd with Anderson’s behavior. There is nothing odd about a teenaged victim of violence going online and taking pictures; many victims resume their regular daily activities as a coping method, others do it to retreat from having to deal with the trauma. I won’t even discuss the assholes calling her slutty because she wore a tank top and shorts during summer. None of these people? Bring up the fact that James DiMaggio’s father did the same thing 25 years ago; he tried to kidnap a female, who was only 16, to “take her away to a better life”. When she refused he broke into her house with a shotgun and handcuffs and held her, her brother, and another guy hostage. The woman gave an interview and said that James DiMaggio delivered a message from his father to her at school that he was out of prison and would be waiting for her after school. The woman had to change her name and move away, ffs. But why discuss that when Anderson dared to leave her house in weather-appropriate clothing! (FYI, most people who have suffered trauma don’t go out and buy a brand-new wardrobe just to avoid having to wear…shorts. It’s not a priority, you know? Sometimes people use retail therapy to feel in control, others to numb themselves, but by and large: no. Perhaps she ought to be wearing a long black dress with a veil everywhere she goes so other people feel more comfortable?)

As for Anderson having contact with the man despite viewing him as creepy? What is your point other than you are deeply, deeply unintelligent? Many of Jerry Sandusky’s victims kept in contact with him and that was after being molested/raped by him. He was in a position of authority and they felt they could tell no one, they felt they had no options. They felt they would be punished and that it was their word against his. That is common for even adult victims to say nothing of children and teenagers. DiMaggio was her father’s best friend, she was raised viewing him as an uncle, and her father saw nothing wrong with DiMaggio taking her on day trips; most teenagers, male or female, would not tell their dad they thought his friend was creepy. Most people feel stupid suggesting they have a “feeling”; without any concrete proof that something bad has happened most people wouldn’t say anything at all. If Anderson was just another Tumblr user and she had posted on her blog about not wanting to go on a day trip to Malibu with an old family friend, her father’s bestie, because she thought he was creepy there would have been about five voices of reason in a sea of “So every guy’s a child molester, right? Stuck up bitch!” and similar reactions. I’ve seen it more times than I can count in real life, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Maybe she did really think he was creepy and just, as so many people (especially women) do, she set it aside. We are socialized to just go with the flow, don’t make a fuss, be polite. "We are the only creatures that sense danger and walk right into it. All other animals sense danger and back out.“ - Gavin de Becker. Anderson’s friends told police she had said several times before that she found DiMaggio creepy and that he made her uncomfortable. Perhaps her friends are lying on her behalf but you have to ask yourself why they would feel it was necessary considering all the evidence against DiMaggio.

As for the phone calls? Maybe he was bothering her that day and she was telling him to leave her alone and he wouldn’t stop pestering her. Maybe she told him that she was uncomfortable around him and they fought. Maybe she was telling him how excited she was that he was about to kill her family. Maybe he was threatening to kill her family if she didn’t go with him (since this was premeditated) and she was confused, disbelieving, or begging for their lives. We don’t know.

For those suggesting she’s a Lolita serial killer I would like to remind you fucking depraved shitheels that she turned 16 just over a month ago. If they were "involved” then 40 year old DiMaggio committed statutory rape of a girl starting when she was 15. Any involvement was rape. If she helped plan her family’s attack, well then, yeah, she’s a killer. But she didn’t seduce the poor wittle man into killing for her.

“We’re allowed to speculate! We aren’t hurting anybody!” You are allowed to speculate and I am allowed to call you a dipshit and an asshole for slut-shaming and victim-blaming a teenager who was kidnapped after her family was brutally murdered.

Edit: Confused Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno. Thanks to the anon who pointed out which Penn State asshole molested the kids. Sandusky is the child molester and Paterno is the rancid sack of shit who covered up the crimes.


52 mile ride through Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Hennepin County suburbs. These shots are at the Mississippi River by downtown. The path by the mill ruins is made of wood planks. I’d love to see the inside of some of the condos that have been built around the ruins.

The weather was perfect all morning. Upper 60s, sun, no wind. I’m glad I finally replaced the battery in my bike computer because I accidentally stopped my Garmin when I reached to scratch my back. It took me six miles to realize my error.

The paths got crowded in parts of Minneapolis. Everyone has a right to use them so I don’t get in a tizzy when tourists stop in the middle of the path or a dumb-ass kid rides the wrong way. I don’t like those things but I just go around and watch out for myself. At the end of my ride I’m tired but not stressed out. The freds using aero bars who do get pissed off? They need to get out on the roads.

The people who really annoyed me today didn’t do anything to me. They were power walking with dogs. The dogs would stop to pee and the owners would tug at the leash and say “come on!” Good grief people, let the dogs piss or leave them at home if you can’t stop for a moment.

@ people laughing at jongdae's outfit

You should know the facts before laughing right in someone’s face. While some of you went all “haha he looks so funny with those glasses, why would he wear those” jongdae was sitting there with a freaking eye infection. His eyes were swollen and THAT is why he wore the so called funny glasses.

He barely smiled today and that is so not him. But he still made an appearance to please the few fans who chant his name.

Please stop making fun at any of them before knowing the facts!

Feisty One - Young!Sirius Black x Reader

A/N: Y/N - Your name, y/h/c - Your hair colour

Warnings: Moderate swearing

Part 2

~Y/N’s POV~

“Today, you will be working with partners,” Professor Slughorn stated, “and I will choose them.” Many people sighed at that. His choices for partners weren’t really enjoyable. While he sorted people into pairs, I looked out the window, droning out the boring sound of Professor Slughorn’s voice. Then out of nowhere, someone came up behind me and whispered in my ear.

“Wow, even your reflection is beautiful,” a guy whispered, looking at the window’s reflections. I turned around to elbow whoever was bothering me.

“Piss off,” I said, annoyed at who was bothering me. I glanced at him and noticed it was Sirius Black. “Wait, you’re my partner for this?” I asked. 

“Yeah, we’re making draught of living death, I think,” he replied with a smirk while I cursed my luck.

“Okay well, it says we first have to get the juices from the sopophorous bean out. So you cut it to get the juice. I’ll get started on the actual potion,” I said as I handed him a chopping board and silver dagger. He sat there without moving a muscle.

“Here, go cut the beans,” I said, slightly annoyed. It was hard to be, considering how attractive he was.

“Nah, you can do that right?” Sirius said as if he expected me to do all the work. 

“No, you’re going to cut the beans before I cut you,” I simply stated with a deadly calm tone. He seemed to get the hint I wasn’t joking when he took the board and started to cut them up to get the juices out. It didn’t look very easy. I laughed as he continuously failed to cut up the beans. He simply glared at me.

At the end of class, our potion didn’t seem to be quite right. I was extremely pissed off about it.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, it’s not that bad. We did better than James over there,” he said, sending me a wink. I rolled my eyes. He was getting on my nerves the entire time during class.

“Piss off.”

“Oooh, very feisty, aren’t you?” Sirius smirked. 

I pushed my y/h/c hair out of my face and looked around on the floor.

“I seem to have lost all the fucks I gave about this conversation. Oh wait, I never gave any,” I said exasperatedly with a glare and started to walk away, but a hand pulled me back by my wrist. Sirius pulled me close, our noses nearly touching.

“I’ll see you around, Y/N,” he said seductively and kissed me straight on the mouth. He then sent me a wink before turning around to follow his friends down the hall.

“What the fuck just happened?” I muttered.

Today’s unload:

“‘Space cakes’?!” had me laughing out loud so I very nearly pissed myself during Marlon’s prostitute tangent rant! He really knows how to show a girl that he sees a future with her!

And I so knew that some people were going off on Liv for the clothes-cutting spoiler more than Aaron ever actually would and that it would definitely be a bonding moment. Now, the question is will the show take the opportunity to have Robert reference it later, and insist on really spoiling his boyfriend by replenishing his already limited wardrobe before the rightfully insecure little sister got to it? That said, and asked, it is now time for Liv to stop testing the boundaries, and just get stuck in (yes, that’s an actual phrase, and it means to get, and keep, occupied for the sake of avoiding distraction) with the general madness that comes with being a member of the Dingle or Sugden families because she is now one of both.

Vanessa and Tracey’s cat fight was so classic ‘soap opera’. That’s neither a good, or bad, thing. I’m merely stating the obvious.

I know that a few people still ship Cain and Charity, but my opinion is that they just bring out the worst in each other, and my intuition is to feel sympathy for those fellow viewers because Iain’s love of Coira makes it probable that, whilst those people could now have false hope of a true reunion, what just happened is likely just a plot device.

i read an article today saying something like “gay people are hugely overrepresented in cinema today” or something like that
the points presented (that I remember) were that
-18% of movies had an LGBT+ character in it
-since only 4.3% of the population is LGBT+ then this is a huge overrepresentation
AND MAYBE i misinterpreted it or something but honestly???
fuck off? Straight people are in 100% of all films but nobody (other than LGBT+ people) is complaining about that????
anyway it really fucking pissed me off

  • I’m so angry today. This always happens when my period is due and I haven’t slept properly and everything feels extra irritating. And I skipped training this morning which was a rookie mistake. I’ll make up for it with a swift few miles tomorrow.
  • People who have their phone in their hand while they drive piss me the fuck off beyond belief. I’ve had nearly 2 grand worth of body work done to my car because of fuckwits that think they can snapchat and drive. On the second occasion I was very nearly hit side on by a semi because I was pushed into an intersection. Assholes.
  • My schedule tomorrow looks a lot like please let me call in sick to life. I don’t have the energy. I really don’t.

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I feel like my art is horrible, but people keep telling me the opposite. Today I drew something that looked awful to me. Somebody said it looked good, I responded with "If you say so." and my friend said "Okay stop. You can draw. You can draw very well. Stop saying you can't. It's pissing me off." I feel bad for upsetting them but I just don't know how to like my own art. I was thinking of just lying and saying that I like it so they don't get upset with me. I'm afraid if I upset them (1/2)

more then they won’t want to be my friend anymore and I’ll end up with no friends at all, and I’ll have to go through the whole school year like that. Maybe even my whole life. I feel like as soon as I make a friend, I do something that makes them want to leave and that the only people I talk to are the super nice people who think they want to be friends with me because I’m lonely, and then it’s all over after lunch. This person is the first one who’s stayed. I really want them to stay.(2/2)

Hey Anon Friend, So this does seem the plight of many artists.  YOU have to learn to look at your art critically and not simply dump on it.  You need to learn to find the good and the bad in every piece.  You have to learn to look at it and say “Hell Yeah, I did this”.  There is nothing wrong with liking and or loving your art. Weirdly we are taught at a young age that it’s egotistical or narcissistic to love your own work.  It’s not.  Start looking at your work with a critical eye NOT a hateful one.  Also learn to take a compliment.  So many people cannot simply and graciously say “thank you” when they are complemented.   If someone says “hey that’s cool”, say “Thanks”, if that doesn’t sit well you can always say “Thanks, there might be somethings I will do different next time like (fill in the blank)”.  Then try redrawing the same picture.  Did the changes work?

So, work on learning to critique your art not hating on it.  Soon you will learn to appreciate it.

Taking a complement.  Simply say “Thank you” it’s not lying.

Have a peaceful night/day

Help a Section Leader Out

Ok so, I’ve been a section leader for 2 days, and I’ve already hit a pretty big rock:
In my band, we have people play their music by memory (passing off) to their section leader (me) and today a bunch of people tried pass off and failed. So I told them that they needed to practice a bit and try again tomorrow, which resulted in them then getting kinda pissed at me because I was being too strict about it.

I was just gonna ask if you guys had any tips to deal with this? I want to be the best section leader I can, but I need to get over this before I can do that.

@betweenparadiseandperdition replied to your post:im so happy to see everyone reblogging hyung line…

smh people who dont appreciate the hyung line piss me off so much

okay but; this is not about the lack of appreciation. that’s a bit of a seperate issue, but i have my peace with that, im just here making namjoon content and spamming hoseok pics trying to balance it out

the problem is that rn, because of the hobi v app incident, everyone’s reblogging those appreciation posts and ive seen this before, people reblog this to show that yeah, they Appreciate™ the hyung line, and thats enough validation, and after today they continue to pretty much ignore everything that doesnt have anything to do with maknae line and that’s hypocritical and it pisses me the fuck off