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fat bodies tutorial!

ALRIGHT SO my pal @kalreyno wanted help with drawing fat characters and as a fat artist i felt like i could give a bit of helpful insight on that. there’s also been a lot of complaining about “boo hoo fat characters are hard to draw so i can’t include them in my work Ever” goin on lately so if that’s your case then this is for you too!! and also just for anyone who would like help with fat bodies in general, ofc. anyway, let’s get this show on the road!!

let’s start with some common misconceptions. these are the two main attempts at chubby bodies i run into, so i’ll focus on them. 

the Anime Chubby i see everywhere, and it’s just……so wrong in many ways. first of all, there is almost no additional body fat compared to your average thin character - except for where it’s added in “attractive” places (breasts, hips, thighs). the breasts are way too perky, and don’t have the realistic shape fat would give them (though how to draw accurate breasts is another tutorial all on its own lmao). there is still a thigh gap, which usually only happens in very thin people, and bones are still visible on the surface of the skin, which also rarely happens in fat people.

the Michelin Man is better in some ways, but still not that great. it’s a slightly better attempt, but basically all that’s done there is taking a thin character and blowing them up, while giving no thought to fat distribution. the thigh gap is usually still present, and they look a lot more hard than soft - and fat is very soft and pliable.

here’s a chart on how fat usually distributes (if you can’t read my messy writing, “1. next to no fat, 2. moderate amount, 3. most of the fat distribution”). basically, the more muscle an area has, the more prone it is to develop fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. it’s important to note that fat sits on top of muscle, and that it does distribute in different levels, and not evenly across the body as shown in the Michelin Man. 

now, here’s an accurate fat body with all of that kept in mind!! notice how the fat isn’t only kept to aesthetically pleasing areas, and how it sits realistically on the character’s body. their breasts sag a lot more, which happens even in thin people with larger breasts, and the nipples are pointing more downwards than straight out. there is no thigh gap in sight, there are no bones in sight, and most importantly, they have fat rolls, which are very important in drawing a convincing fat character!! as far as i know i’ve never met a single person with no rolls at all, and everyone has them, whether thin or fat - they’re just more prominent and more consistently present in fat people. pay close attention to where they are and how they’re shaped.

here are a couple of drawings showing how fat is affected when sitting vs stretching. as seen in the first, the fat specifically on the stomach is distributed a lot more evenly and stretched out, so it becomes “flatter”. the love handles are still pretty visible, though, as well as the fat on the thighs and arms. the breasts are raised with the shoulders, and the fat on the shoulders and near the neck forms rolls as it’s being pushed together. 

in the second, there is a lot less room for distribution, so the fat is all pushed together. the breasts sag and the stomach forms rolls and spills into the lap. a good analogy for the way fat works is to liken it to a water balloon, and thinking of how its shape would change when resting flat on a surface, hanging off of a ledge, held upright, etc.

here are a few extra tips i find a lot of people miss!

first on the top is the hip/pubic region. the first circle is showing the way the bellybutton is folded in fat people, as opposed to stretched out in thinner people. the second is the stomach fat spilling over onto the pubic region and creating a separation in the two areas, which is something that’s missing in a lot of art. in addition, the pubic mound also gains fat, making it round as seen in the profile drawing i did up there (i’ve heard people refer to it as fupa?). the last in the hip region is the lack of a thigh gap. i can’t stress this enough!!!! if you’re trying to draw a convincing fat character, make sure their thighs are pretty much always touching!! for reference, mine literally don’t separate until my feet are about 2ft from each other.

the bottom right is showing the double chin, which a lot of people are afraid to draw!! fat does distribute itself here too, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t give fat characters a double chin in your work for fear of it looking like a caricature.

in the bottom middle, it’s showing how fat affects different types of breasts with the presence of more or less breast tissue. 

lastly, at the very right are stretch marks with their usual locations and directions, which i also can’t stress enough!!!!! i sometimes forget to add them honestly, but they’re so important in accurately portraying fat characters, as they literally come from the skin being stretched from fat being gained (and they’re also just rlly neat lookin like why wouldn’t you lmao). some people have less and some people have more, feel free to experiment with them!

the last thing is body types!! there isn’t one single way for a person to be fat, so feel free to experiment with shapes once you’ve learned the basics!! 

so there you have it, a tutorial on how to draw chubs!! now go forth and make some accurate fanart or some rad fat characters, because the world could always use more of both. hmu if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks for reading!!

EDIT: someone pointed out the bad wording in the tutorial. thank you for bringing it to my attention and sorry for offending anybody. i’ve updated the tut, so please reblog this one!


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Space orcs Morning People vs Non-Morning People

I’m laughing so hard right now because I’m imagining a crew having two humans and one of them is most definitely NOT a morning person.

Person A stumbles out looking a hot mess and ready to stab anyone who pisses them off in the slightest. Then there’s Person B cheery as fuck and laughing at the skittish aliens who are freaking out because, “are they going to attack us!? Are they sick?? What is going on!?” And Person B is just like, “nah man their just not a morning person!” And person A just growls at them to, “Shut the Fuck up or I will stab you in the liver you overly cheery asshole.”


Being a gentleman isn’t a pompous attitude or expensive clothes. Nor is it suave talk and standing tall. It’s the best mix of your character, treating others well, and presenting yourself as a man others want to follow. This is the essence of how to be a gentleman.

Chivalry isn’t dead

It may seem like it, so you’ll need to revive it.
This not only applies to the lady in your life, but other people you meet as well. Going out of your way to treat people well is important. Carrying yourself in an accommodating a “serving” way is rare, valuable, and will make you stand out.
Here’s what you can do: Open the door for people. Holding the door open for an old lady or a young man still makes you stand out as a gentleman. Go out of your way to be considerate of people.

Talk gooder

Being a gentleman is more than cleaning up the cursing, but sounding intelligent without coming off as arrogant. We each have our own unique style and personal vernacular. But improving and expanding your vocabulary will make you into a better communicator. The ability to paint elaborate pictures in your acquaintance’s minds is a sought after trait.
Find what you’re willing to die for
Don’t go through life living only for today or tomorrow. Find an aim bigger than money. Seek out a purpose, and run hard after it. I find that people that I respect as gentlemen have something to live for.

Improve your recognition of social cues

Whether or not you’re a social butterfly doesn’t mean you can’t improve. People that are extremely introverted sometimes need to take pause and read social cues. Am I stepping on anyones toes or making people feel left out? Do I move from one person/group to another so fast people think my substance is paper thin?
If you’re of the more chill temperament, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow. My name, Todd, in Middle English (spoken about 1,000 years ago) means “the watcher”, “watchful one”, or the “fox”. I actually consider myself by nature a more reserved person. But by observing other’s social cues, I’ve been able to pick up on how to interact with a wide array of people. Most people upon first meeting me would think I’m pretty extroverted, whereas I’m pretty introverted to the core.
People who are awkward or come off as rude have one core problem in my mind. And it’s not that they aren’t able to be cool people. It’s that they think of themselves and are absorbed in their own world so much they don’t listen and pay attention to people’s words and body language. Learning what people mean by more than what they say will help you go further in your friendships and professionally.

Be Quick to Forgive

A man who is slow to forgive is…well, less of a man. Be quick to show mercy. Give people grace for mistakes. Be understanding. Show compassion. Don’t have a heavy hand with your kids or other family members.

Say “No” more

People respect someone who knows what they want—and what they don’t. Saying “no” makes your “yes” mean so much more.
If you haven’t learned to say “No”, you might be living as a Yes Man. Who wants to be that guy? Especially when you are so overcommitting yourself you’re known as a flake. If you find yourself saying “yes” to overextending yourself, it’s time to summon the will to say “no”.

Saying “Yes” more

If you’re afraid of commitment, it’s time to take the dive and start giving more of yourself to people. Whether that’s saying “yes” to helping a friend move, just getting out more, spending more time with friends, or gaining different experiences, it might be time to step out into the wild a little more.

Say “Hello” more

We admire people who exude confidence and aren’t afraid to reach out and connect with people. Saying “hello” to a stranger you rub shoulders with on the train, in an office, or at the grocery store is a great way to increase your social skills—and meet new people.
Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to a cute girl in the most random of places? If you’re not in the rhythm of shooting from the hip and building rapport with random strangers, it’s gonna be hard to summon that off-the-cuff confidence to get talkative with a hot stranger.
Practice saying “hello” and showing yourself friendly. You’ll be surprised by some of the cool people you’ll meet along the way.

Travel more and expand your experiences

Expanding your experiences and where you’ve been gives you great stories as you grow being a gentleman. Growing more cultured widens you’re understanding of the world–and others–and helps you to be less assuming or quick to judge.
And it’s always nice to tell people about that one time you jumped off a moving train in India.

Speak Well of Others

When learning how to be a gentleman, it’s less about “me” or “I”. It’s about others. Them. Carrying yourself in a way that esteems others will earn you esteem.
Want to stand out? Speak well of others in their presence, and away from them as well. People will take note. The man who can give specific and exacting praise is worthy of receiving it himself.
Talk about their interests, not yours

Again, learning how to be a gentleman is about others. Growing your listening skills is paramount to being regarded as a gentleman. But learning to ask great questions that draw a person out of their shell is important as well.

Tell stories with a point

Everyone loves a good story teller. And just because I suggest you guide conversation by asking people about them, rather than talking about you, doesn’t mean you should be a hard nut to crack.
People love good stories that share some adventure, and insight about who you are. Know what stories about yourself people are most interested in. When telling a story, remember that you’re not telling your life story. Share stories that have a point and an end.
Have you ever felt trapped in a conversation with someone telling a story that really wasn’t a story? They weren’t actually even talking with you, they were talking at you? That’s a person telling a story with no point or purpose. I’m guilty of this. And I sometimes wonder if we do it for our own catharsis–to process aloud with someone in the hopes of “feeling better”. It’s cool to do that with your therapist or close friend, but don’t use the random stranger at a party to have a cathartic moment. Be a gentleman!

Stand up straight

Now onto how to be a gentleman in how you carry yourself. No man wants to be regarded as a slouch. Standing up firm and strong isn’t just good for your health, but good for your confidence. There really is a physical/mental connection with posture. And people can see it. A person cowering or hunched is viewed as weak. A man who stands tall is regarded as having confidence.
Pay attention to your posture, and stand up straight.

Wash your clothes

Back in poor days of living in a dorm, I ran across an expert in the laundry room who had sage wisdom for me. He let me in on how to cut my laundry coin usage in half:
“You don’t need to wash your clothes, just put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet. I mean, when I take them out they smell just as clean as when I wash them as when I don’t.”
And I don’t remember who that charming young lad was. Nor do I remember anyone thinking he was the sharpest dressing gentleman out there either.
Gross. Wash your clothes. Clean stains–including the collar of your neck. And iron those shirts man! Be a gentleman!

Get a grown-up email address isn’t the way to present yourself when applying for a job. It’s also not the most savvy way to interact with new friends.  Being sharp and looking on your game sometimes takes putting away some childish things. Go ahead and keep your fave teenage email address, but for those people you’re aiming to be a gentleman around, keep it classy.

Make a man out of your online social imprint

A man’s online social profile reaches far and wide. When potential employers want to know more about you, do not doubt that it’s likely they’ll look you up on your favorite social network. Having a goofy profile picture with your family is great. But looking like a drunken sailor or a Jersey-licious club rat won’t score you extra points with the classy young lady you want to pursue, or those that you want to recognize you as being a gentleman.

Give your word and keep it

Being a gentleman requires your yes meaning yes, and your no being no. When you tell someone you’re going to do something–do it. Even when it costs you.
Improve your penmanship

I’m an absolute hypocrite on this point. My handwriting has not changed since 6th grade. Considering I barely handwrite anymore, considering all the tech we use, my scribbles are probably in severe decline. It is so bad more than once I’ve asked an assistant to handwrite a post-it note to the president of my organization so I wouldn’t have to hand him something illegible.
Thinking about it still makes me smirk today but probably isn’t the most gentlemanly practice.

Mind Your Manners

I’m not the most savvy when it comes to perfect etiquette. What side of your plate does the big fork go on? How do I tie a cummerbund? How do you impress really old rich people??
What I do try to pay attention to is being accommodating. If you’re with people you’re familiar with, be warm to the new persons and make them feel included. Are you around a new group of people? Don’t pull out your latest gag routine. Keep things simple until you’ve figured out the the personalized subculture of the group you are hanging with. Find out what’s important to them, what behavior is appropriate to the situation, and present yourself in the best light.
I hope it’d be needless to say, but belching in front of ladies you want to show respect rarely garners you some.
Using words like “Excuse me” and “Thank you” go a long way. Ask before taking. And instead of ordering someone to do something, ask them if they’ll do you a favor.
On a note that I’m sure any restaurant servers out there will appreciate, showing kindness to those in any service industry will distinguish you. But don’t do it to be distinguished. Show kindness and patience to those making your coffee, serving your food, installing your cable, or fixing your car.

Nix the my way or the highway attitude

People who are adamant and demanding they get their way almost always sound like alpha-douches. Or large babies. Instead of being pushy and consistently trying to get what you want, concede to what others want.
Nothing spoils chilling with a group of people more than the whiner who’s only going to be happy if the crowd does what they want. If that’s ever been you, take note. I guarantee people remember that moment you had to have your way.

Mind the details

It’s easy for any of us to be forgetful. And it’s easy to forgive ourselves when we are. When others are forgetful? We’re not so merciful. Show others you care by remembering not only the big things–but the little things. Doing this at your workplace as well will only help your touted reputation as knowing how to be a gentleman.

Give gifts

If you’re chief love language isn’t giving of gifts and connecting with people through acts of service, it will take repeated mental note-taking to give more effort in this area.
But few things shout “gentleman” more than a thoughtful note or gift to a lady love or friend. Whether it’s a special occasion or they need a pick-me-up. Don’t neglect to think about your bros too. If a buddy is down, make sure to be there to cheer them up. You can get them some gentleman gifts as well.

Being a Gentleman

This is only the beginning on our path to being a gentleman.
Improving yourself doesn’t happen overnight. As we’re already a couple of months into 2017, have you probably decided on any areas you want to focus and improve on this year?
It’s a great aim to look better, talk well, and dress sharper. But making yourself into a better man is more than just improving the physical details. It’s about cultivating your core. Find what you’re passionate about, and run after it. Find who you want to become, and chase it. Find out where in your character you’re deficient, and work on it. Let’s face our fears and grow into better men this year. Not everyone can be a hero, but everyone can be a gentleman. It’s a choice.


I drew some more FEH nerds in modern winter clothes, incl. my first deathless arena run team again (Saizo, Deirdre, Lukas, Ayra - their full outfits this time), my original main team (Gray, Sharena, Sonya, Innes), and Alfonse (guest-starring Bruno in a thought bubble)

I forgot about the effect I was doing to the denim by the time I got to Sonya, oops also it’s hard to draw people poking their hands out of one of those cape things and have it look right and I don’t think I succeeded but oh well

(also regardless of whether you regard this as a modern AU or simply heroes getting stuffed into modern clothes for probably Anna money-making reasons, either way Saizo was given that shirt as a gift and will stare at you in confusion if you try to talk about Mega Man to him)

also my shoulders hurt. anyway!

JENNIFER YUH NELSON is the first woman to solo-direct a major Hollywood animated feature film:

“As an artist, often they see the work before they see me, and then they would assume that a hard drinking smoking 80 year old man drew it. I have two sisters, both older than me, and we would sit around the kitchen table, and my sisters would draw, and my mom would draw, and it was like magic. I wanted to do that so badly. Everything about me is a little bit unexpected. I’m quiet, I’m a female, I’m Asian. But it’s actually been an asset for me, because people allow me to sort of carve out my own space.”

Nelson’s Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) is the second highest-grossing film directed by a woman of all time, only recently surpassed by Wonder Woman (2017).

Time Magazine’s “FIRSTS: Women Who Are Changing The World”

Backgrounds are hard

Game Grumps Ask Meme
  • Put that in, Barry!: What's your strangest habit?
  • Mycaruba: What's a word you always tend to misspell?
  • Mike Aruba: What are your favorite names?
  • My Car, Roomba: What kind of car do you drive? ((If you don't drive, what kind of car do you want to drive?))
  • Yes, Mr. President: What political party do you tend to lean towards?
  • Wolfjob: Do you laugh at immature jokes?
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG: What's your favorite social media site?
  • MOTHERFUCKING JESSE EISENBERG: What's the most trivial thing you've ever gotten angry about?
  • Come at me scrublord, I'm ripped: Which of the grumps would you fight? ((Arin, Danny, Ross, Suzy, Brian, Barry, Kevin))
  • The D Club: Have you ever been in any clubs/extracurricular groups?
  • Sexy Widdle Baby: What's the most interesting/weirdest nickname you've ever been given?
  • Knurttt: Do you play the Pokemon games? ((If yes, what's your favorite and least favorite game in the main series?))
  • Get the gems, Bentley Bear!: Do you collect anything?
  • We're playing the Feud!: What's your favorite game show?
  • Lose a Turn: How do you react to losing?
  • Batanrangs: What would be your weapon of choice if you had to fight someone?
  • A gentle handy: What's your weirdest talent?
  • NYEH HEH HEH: Can you do any interesting voices/impressions?
  • Hayley Westenra: What music do you listen to when you're trying to relax and unwind?
  • ARIN WINS: Are you competitive?
  • DANNY WINS: What game are you best at?
  • SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN: What is a language you don't currently know that you'd like to learn?
  • Just use Knuckles: Do you like to exploit game glitches?
  • Can't stop, won't stop: What food could you never give up?
  • You say tomato, I say "What are you doing in my house?": Do you have company over often?
  • Actually, it's pronounced _____: Do you intentionally pronounce things wrong?
  • HELENA!!!: Has anyone ever tried to befriend you, but you really don't like them?
  • Hard, Man: What was/is your most challenging subject in school?
  • Ash Man: Are you good at remembering peoples' names?
  • A fine day for mayoring: Do you like being in positions of leadership?
  • The fuck-it adjustment: Do you tend to give up or leave projects unfinished?
  • Come, come my lady: What's the cheesiest pick-up line you know?
  • Pokey Little Flab Biscuit: What are some silly insults you tend to use?
  • Ringo Starr Art: What's your favorite art style? ((It doesn't have to be something you can draw.))
  • WHAT HAPPENED: What confuses you?
  • WHAT IS THIS?: What riles you up?
  • That's some Snow White shit right there: What's something you believed as a kid that you later found out was untrue?
  • IT'S A PUMBLOOM: If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you choose?
  • SANIC DA HORDGEHEG: Do you like any games that others usually think are bad?
  • Rigged as shit: Have you ever been treated unfairly for something completely arbitrary?
  • PACKED with peanuts: Do you have any allergies?
  • Dinkles: What sort of clique or stereotype did you fit in middle school/high school?

i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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Understanding NHL play-by-play announcers: a Masterpost

D to D: not a gay porn thing, defensemen to defensemen

Fans on it: when a player completely misses the puck, which is usually right in front of them. when this happens point and laugh.

Dropping the shoulder: refers to someone throwing a clean hit, if the shoulder is dropped that means they’re aiming away from the head. 

Sends it deep: also not a gay porn thing, refers to someone trying to clear the puck out of their zone, usually happens during a power play

pass cut: someone was being stupid and decided to pass to a guy and didn’t notice the 6 foot + grown man RIGHT IN THEIR WAY.

The slot: a place on the ice right in front of the net where people score a lot. if the other team ends up in yours, just start crying.

a couple of finns: no fish are on the ice, just people from finland

The draw/drop: a faceoff

[blank] is riding him hard: defending him closely, very possibly a gay porn thing

good look: has surprisingly little to do with the eyes, basically a good shot

tape to tape: a clean pass, refers to the tape on the stick blade.

where momma hides the cookies: reference to the top shelf, as in the puck goes into the net high. sometimes they’re gluten free cookies.

tumbling muffin: Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards loves these, they probably sell them at Dunkin Donuts. Or David Krejci saved the bruins asses again and sent the puck own the ice. either way. mostly a boston thing.

Egos for Artists

So, last night I had an idea. So many people love the Markiplier and Jacksepticeye egos. They draw them, write theories, and fanics for them. They use them to defeat their art-block.

But, what if we (arstist and writers ect.) had our own egos? People make OCs all the time, so it cant be that hard. This seems like a fun idea and I want to try it out. Has this already been done?

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea or not?

If you participate, please tag me in them. I want to see all of your works!















Just artist Keef things

- he likes drawing outside. Its normally quieter and allows him to concentrate a lot more
- He draws a lot of scenery, but is very good at drawing people
- he’s very traditional in drawing and doesn’t use digital much, but does do some colorings digitally
- when he was bored he would always just sketch random shapes and move on from their, creating some of his own alien species
- he has a dream journal and draws in their sometimes, depending on how much he enjoyed the dream
- Keith had constantly doodled in his notebook when he went to the Garrison, but would always erase them when he turned in an assignment
- he doesnt like showing his drawings to people bc they’re more of a personal thing
- one of the only people who has seen any of his drawings, besides Shiro. was Lance, and it was only because Keith dropped his notebook at lunch, and Lance had helped pick them up
- Keith started to draw Shiro a lot more after his disappearance
- After discovering Voltron, he stopped drawing for a while bc he had none of the materials to do so, and he was also defending the universe
- in the space mall he ended up buying what he assumed was a space art kit
- doing art helps him with his anxiety. Its very calming for him
- Keith draws the other members of voltron a lot, as well as people from different alien species
- he probably draws shiro/lance the most. He has a hard time drawing Coran bc he wants to get it perfect, and Coran is such a gorgeous man that Keith feels like its never good enough.
- he has never really drawn himself. He doesn’t like to, and it just doesn’t feel right for him to do it
- Art makes Keith feel good about himself, as in that he’s not just someone who is destructive, but also someone who can create.

blue-bird130  asked:

Recently I've been having confidence issue about my art. I don't want to draw because I think I can't do anything good. Do you have any tips for boosting confidence?

We all learn from 0 man! You think I was born with the ability to instantly draw amazing art? Wh-What do I look like, an Asian?

I didn’t know how to draw a DOG when I first started, I just knew I wanted to learn to draw. And non-stop practicing  looked like the right way to achieve that.

A lot of people tend to compare their art to someone who is “better” than them and get discouraged from it. I used to do the same and found it really hard sometimes to grab inspiration.

But I started using that as a form of inspiration, whenever you look at some outstanding artwork you gotta look at it and think “I’ll get there someday” “I CAN get there” and have that goal in your mind, and I can confirm you 100% that it is true, there are so many people and artists that I looked up to 5 years ago, and I loved their work, I still do. And nowadays people compare ME to them, which is absolutely insane. 

I know it sounds cliche but, don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Because… there were SO many people telling me my art was cringe, that it waas bad, that I should quit, that I should do something else. But… whenever someone tells me that I can’t do something, that just gives me more reasons to prove them wrong. 

Everyone has the potential to be a great artist, be happy with yourself, everyone’s got their own unique and fantastic style. 

You just have to stay determined ♥

Wrong Place Wrong Time- Requital (1)

Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©

Part 1 of a mini series enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Wrong Place Wrong Time trilogy. 14 years later and…
Word Count: 2000 (ish)

Click for the first part of the series-WPWT1
Click for the sequel of the series- WPWT2

Part 2 Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10Part 11 Part 12 Part 13Part 14  Part 15 Part 16  Part 17 Part 18Part 19

(Why did I write this, what have I started…Oh dear lol…)

He ran as fast as his legs could take him but they weren’t taking him very far at all. His entire body was burning; his chest tightening with every breath he took. He was dangerously aware of the fact that he was slowing down, but he was sure he would die if he didn’t stop moving. But when he thought about it either way he would die, on the run or stood still. There was really no way out for him, unless of course he considered ‘out’ as being his soul exiting his body. Death was really his only escape in this moment so he was debating which departure would be less painful. His legs became sluggish as his breath became violent and heavy it as though he was breathing for more than just oxygen. He was breathing for life itself but no matter how hard he tried it was slipping further away. He always wondered how he ended up here; only last winter was he peaceful and calm; studying alongside the browning crispy autumn leaves in his back garden taking life in his stride. Now though, he was taking life in different strides, physical strides. In strides that were slowing due to the tightening and burning of his lungs, strides that were slowing down because he could no longer continue running.

“Come on. You can’t slow down now!” Jun shouted from ahead of him, but he couldn’t keep up. He was a victim of asthma and his legs were dangerously coming to a halt. He let out a loud groan before sinking down to the ground unable to make it anymore. He gasped for oxygen like a fish out of water. His lungs ablaze; the pain had him flailing about on the floor.

“No!” Jun shouted “No! We’re so close come on! Please!” But he couldn’t get up. The pain was unbearable and it was already too late, he saw a dark figure looming over him as he struggled to breathe.

“Didn’t get that far did you?” 

He winced as he the figure spat down on his face making him whimper, his chest a blazing inferno. “Didn’t I tell you assholes not to make me angry?”

“Please don’t do this!” Jun begged as he shook on the spot. Watching with terrified eyes.

“Shut up! You’ll be next. I’ll give you a head start.” The figure smirked sadistically as he raised his crowbar up in the air. “Good night.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

You rolled your eyes as your phone started to vibrate beside Minseok. This past year your phone had been receiving multiple calls left right and centre.

“If that’s Sehun’s school I will slap him so damn hard into next week.” Minseok hissed as he threw your phone towards you. You frowned down at the caller I.D. it was Sehun’s school. Lately your son had been getting into huge amounts of trouble along with Kyungsoo’s son Seojun. The age gap wasn’t huge so the both got along swimmingly and went to the same school. What struck you as odd though was how unruly Sehun had become as of late. Previously he had never been naughty but that had all changed over the past year and you didn’t know why.

“Hello.” You groaned your tone already apologetic; your child was problematic and you felt he was a burden to the teacher that had to continuously phone home.

“Hello Mrs. Kim, there’s been an incident that Sehun has been involved in.”

You rolled your eyes at Minseok causing him to frown at the realisation of the nature of your phone call.
“What has he done this time?”

“No madam, this is a serious incident. Sehun has been admitted to the Central hospital we’ve just received a call from them that 2 boys by the names of Kim Sehun and Do Seojun have been admitted, how quickly would you be able to make it? A guardian is required.”
Your heart started banging against your chest as you began to panic. You were becoming increasingly dizzy as your head began to start spinning with thoughts. “Oh my goodness.” You cried as a tear sprang free from your eye. Minseok’s face softened now, but he was wearing an expression of panic.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He quickly stood up and began walking over to you.

“Minseok its Sehun, he’s in hospital.” You choked, struggling to get words out. You saw his body freeze as soon as the sentence escaped your lips. You were living a nightmare all over again. You wouldn’t lose another Sehun. Especially not this one. You blinked as you realised that the head of Sehun’s year was still on the line. “Excuse me.” You whimpered scared to receive an answer to the question you were about to ask. “How bad is it? His condition.” There was a sigh on the other end.

“I’ve been told it’s quite bad.”

You were still a crying mess when you arrived at the hospital; your volume only amplifying upon seeing your son. Nothing could’ve prepared you for the state that Sehun was in. It was gruesome and he was almost unrecognisable. His face was swollen and there were cuts, bruises and gashes decorating the entirety of it.
“Oh my God! No!” You screamed as you sank down beside Sehun’s bedside and held onto his hand. He was completely unresponsive. He looked like a piece of butchered meat left to rot on deaths door. Left for dead. Minseok was in pieces as he looked at Sehun, pain displayed clearly on his face.

“Why is this happening? Why is this happening to me?! Why does this always happen?!”He sobbed as he lightly took a hold of Sehun’s other hand. “Please don’t leave me Junior, not now. I promised I’d take care of you.” He choked on his tears as he looked at Sehun’s battered and still body.
You couldn’t comprehend why this was happening. Who would do such a thing to your son? Sure he had become unruly in the past year, but that was in school, not outside of school. Maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only thing keeping Sehun alive was the machine that he was attached to. Hadn’t you see enough death in your life? Hadn’t you gone through enough pain? Hadn’t Minseok lost enough people? You bit your lip hard drawing a bit of blood as you looked at Sehun, you weren’t sure if you would get your son back.

“What happened?!” You screeched at the man with the clipboard standing beside you. “What happened to my son?!”

“An attack madam, I don’t know the specifics. Apologies.” He looked at you with pity in his eyes; a look that Chanyeol had given you all too often. You let out a sigh. “Both boys were attacked.”

Both boys?
You had forgotten about Seojun.

You were crowded around Seojun’s bed, he looked terrified but at least he was alive and awake, much more than you could say for Sehun. You looked over at Kyungsoo, whom you hadn’t seen in a while he looked absolutely shattered and his eyes were red. So were Sara’s only you had noticed an extra detail about her. A bump. It seemed as though she were pregnant with baby number 2. But now was not the time for congratulations. You needed answers as to what happened to your precious son. You thought coming in here would ease your mind just the slightest but it wasn’t working. Seojun had bruises on his face, but they were nowhere near as bad as Sehun’s and somehow that made you a little sad. Why did Sehun have to suffer so badly?

“What happened?” Your voice was shaky as you directed your question at Seojun, scared at what he may reply to you with. He shrugged as he stared at his mum with worry in his eyes, but you knew that he knew more and apparently so did Minseok.

“No, tell us Seojun.” Minseok frowned as he looked at the younger boy, he was two years younger than Sehun. But for 14 he was advanced.

“Just. We were hanging out with some guys. They were a bit naughty but they were cool. I told him we should carry on hanging out with them since they were fun but then it…we got involved. I don’t know what happened this just happened they did this. We were running but they did this.”

You saw Minseok’s face screw up as he brought his fist down on the mattress beside Seojun making you all gasp and jump in fear.
“So you’re telling me my son is half dead because of your stupid suggestion. This is all your fault!”

You were sure a tear spring from Seojun’s eyes at Minseok’s harsh words. You knew he was upset but this was a tad too far.

“How fucking dare you.” Kyungsoo hissed from beside Seojun’s bed, his eyes piercing and burning into the back of Minseok’s skull. “How dare you say that to my son? How dare you blame this on him? He’s a victim! He didn’t do this to Sehun. Need I remind you he was attacked too, how fucking dare you Kim Minseok!” Kyungsoo’s hands were shaking as he gripped tighter onto the duvet covering Seojun’s leg.

“Of course it’s his fault. He convinced Sehun to join them and now my son is laying on his death bed. Why?! Why my son, when it should be yours?! Why is my son dying whilst yours is living, what is fair about that?! Why must I lose another Sehun?” Minseok’s voice was shrill and his eyes were red with anger.

“Minseok!” You gasped, that was not fair. What he had said was disgusting, especially in front of Seojun. Seojun let out a sob as he looked about at Minseok with angry eyes.

“I tried to help!” He growled. “ I tried to help! I didn’t do this to him you did! This is all your fault. Both of you. All of you! If you weren’t gangsters when you were younger none of this would be happening to me and Sehun, it’s all your fault. Why did you even have us?!”

“Gangsters?” Minseok whispered as he frowned in confusion.

Your eyes widened. How did he know?

You thought that part of your life was long gone. Dead and buried. But apparently you were wrong.

“Yes!” Seojun screeched. “Gangsters, Mafia, call it whatever you want. But I know who you are. Genesis.”

This can be considered the “Friendly Nomu Good end” 
Izuku managed to search people with quirks to help his nomu friend (Yeah, more than one, no one could fix him with only one touch, and no much could be changed, his appearance is most normal, but his mind is still a mess) 

I originally wanted a hybrid between his original form and a humanoid one, but ehh, it looks human. (My mistake? but I still I liked this concept)

He still doesn’t talk that much, maybe one word or another. 

is more easy to talk to him with questions that end in “Yes” or “No”.

He gets confused easily and has a short attention span unless he is given an instruction or is in battle, he doesn’t stop unless the enemy stops moving so… is still dangerous. 

he knows how to follow instructions but he only follows Midoriya Instructions, unless he is asked to follow another person (Thing that he is going to do for a while, then turn back and search for midoriya because other people is boring and don't trust to leave midoriya alone)

Nomu is renamed “Norio”, That means “Man of principles” Izuku gave him that name in hope of a good omen for Nomu and a good new start. 

Izuku hopes Norio follow all might steps.

Norio is not really fond of All might but he doesn’t hate him neither, he just understands that All might is good and that he should try to imitate him. but he doesn’t share Izuku admiration for him.