people are fools

Being a good person is a choice. Don’t let people fool you into believing that truly good people never have bad thoughts, are never tempted by the easier path, by the low road, never mess up or act out selfishly. Never believe a person can be good without making a conscious effort.

Every single time you do something good, you’ve made a decision to make the world a little brighter.

Goodness is not an inherent trait, it is a choice. Keep making it! I see you, I’m proud of you, and I’m rooting for you!

The Wedding 

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I’ve been entertaining the concept of Keith having absolutely Fucked standards of interaction thanks to his history of abandonment.

Like, at first he’ll come off really standoffish and distant as a person but as soon as you show him one (1) human decency he immediately becomes your ride and die. There’s no in between.

Shiro is the first to figure this out when he accidentally earns 13yo Keith’s eternal loyalty after buying him a Subway sandwich and having a genuine conversation with him.

  • Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, I really appreciate you as a friend.
  • Ravenclaw: Is this some kind of April Fool's joke?
  • Slytherin: I haven't decided yet.
  • Ravenclaw: Either way, the feeling's mutual.

jokes that finish with “haha just kidding but that sure sounds like something someone on here would say” are ableist because it fools people into thinking someone really means it but then makes them feel stupid haha just kidding but that sure sounds like something someone on here would say

On balloons.

There’s a post going around that advocates giving clowns only real helium balloons. I’m not going to link to that post, because I don’t want the OP getting any hate. The balloon misconception is SUCH a common one I don’t think any one of us can say we didn’t fall prey to it at one point or another. But, the fact of the matter is, helium balloons are not good enrichment for clowns.

Firstly, they’re not sustainable. Helium is a rapidly depleting resource. Secondly, clowns like balloons because they mistake them for their eggs. A clown bouncing a balloon around on a string is taking care of its ‘baby.’ Clown eggs are brightly colored spheres that float around at shoulder-height, if healthy, and are transported by the parent by means of a filament. Balloons mimic these incredibly well. That is why clowns find balloons on the ground so distressing - a downed egg contains a sick embryo. The despair they experience when one floats away is that of child loss, and I’m sure you can imagine why they’re so distressed when one pops. That’s why malevolent breeds are predisposed to the act!
All balloons “die”. They cannot hatch. Every experience a clown has with a balloon, however happy at the outset, ends in tragedy. They are not good enrichment items, no matter how busy they keep a clown.

So what are some alternatives? If you have two or more clowns of any social breed, then toys like custard pies, water squirters, and air horns make excellent entertainment. Note: Most common breeds are social. If you are keeping a social breed singularly, you MUST play with it for several hours a day at the bare minimum. While these breeds tend to adore balloons the most, the repeat psychological trauma they suffer because of them is not worth the easy out.
If you keep a breed that prefers a solitary existence, they will get the most out of things like juggling supplies and balance balls. Make sure they have a safe space to play with these in when you aren’t home to supervise.
All breeds need human interaction. A few times a week you need to show your clown you appreciate it - that’s the best enrichment of all. Remember that some methods of training result in ‘unusual’ reactions to the four quadrants - most commonly, +P will become “rewarding” - and some performance breeds innately make that connection, so research the right way to reward your clown.

On a final note, DO NOT GIVE MIMES BALLOONS. Look on any mime forum and you’ll see countless threads with titles like “Help! My mime won’t play with toys!” Yeah, dipshit, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND TOYS. All members of the mime group are highly specialized working breeds geared towards imagination play. They are very intelligent, deeply driven to perform their unique rituals, and not much else. They need to do their original job to be happy. They need to put on shows. If you cannot provide the stimulation of a fully public performance at least once a week for your mime, and cannot provide regular training sessions, either, do not get a mime. Consider a fool instead. A lot of people brush off fools as beginner breeds, too rambunctious and talkative, but there’s a reason they were preferred by royalty for centuries. They’re actually very versatile and eager to please! They do love tumbling and have a knack for mimicking human speech, but will happily learn the same tricks as a mime. They’re also content to live singularly and enjoy practicing in private quite a lot, making them rather compatible with modern life. Their larger cousins, the jesters, can also learn mime routines, but keep in mind that they are more willful! The sinister jester is a near dupe for the creepy mime, a popular breed, but they’re not a great choice for a total novice. Remember, they contributed heavily to the makeup of the scary clowns. (o:
Both fools and jesters will prefer to have physical props to play with in their off-time even if they’re trained to perform without them.


hhhhh a little sick today but im staying determined and stayed up until 2 am so i made a speedpaint woohoooo. oh ye its april fools here so april fools boiz. i hope ya’ll get to fool a lot a people later. i d i d m weheheheheh

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I think there’s this one interesting thing regarding TLJ’s script we don’t talk about enough - it’s about the way Rey is portrayed during the Act III of the movie after her separation from Ben.

I always found it strange that so many people left the movie thinking that the ending of TLJ brought everyone back where they were in status quo and Kylo is the Big Bad who will be killed off and Rey is the Chosen One who will do that.

At first I thought they were simply living in Denialville as always but while the denial of that crowd is strong there’s also this nice trick RIan does with Act III of this movie.

First of all, many noticed that we never saw how Rey left Ben and what was her reaction when she saw him unconscious and vulnerable. This writing choice is picked up by many and it’s a nice way to keep thing ambiguous to make us guess what was Rey thinking.

However, did you notice how Rey was portrayed when she did come back? She was the plucky action heroine, ready to kick anyone’s ass, smiling and active and optimistic like nothing happened. Combine this with Ben’s current huge tantrum and you have a narrative where it seems that the Hero resisted the temptation of the Evil and now they are back and stronger than ever and next time that Evil will be confronted, it’s as good as dead.

Her interactions with Resistance after her big heroic moment also keep this illusion although it falters for a moment when she sees Finn and during their hug it feels like we can peek behind the curtain and see that maybe Rey isn’t still over what happened with her and Ben (because other than Ben, Finn is the only person who has a very deep and strong connection with her and that’s why she can allow herself to feel vulnerable around him. Although not enough to confide in him about her inner conflict, at least for now)

My point is “her plucky heroine” behavior is her mask and in a way her own unhealthy coping mechanism like tantrums are for Ben. The moment she feels vulnerable or threatened, she tries to convince herself and others that she can shrug it off and that she isn’t affected by anything. 

She becomes this always smiling and very active and confident person who looks like nothing will ever trouble her. And some people who watched TLJ were fooled by this too.

The thing is it was a pattern with Rey even back in TFA. There’s a reason why some people say that Rey always feels different in her scenes with Kylo/Ben and it’s because Ben always forces her to reveal her inner depths. Her interactions with him expose her real self.

She isn’t that optimistic and confident person she wants to be. She is deeply hurt and damaged and she can’t get over her abandonment issues and the point is that Ben recognizes that and he instantly feels empathy for her because he is the same way. He’s the only one that managed to get through her emotional walls to see that.

And while the script at first wants us to look at Rey as a Hero who overcame her struggles and saved the day, the truth is she is as lost as Ben is.

This is when the script shows what truly is happening.

The last Force Bond scene is a huge hint that Kylo still isn’t the Big Bad he wants himself to be and it also hints that Rey didn’t simply shrug off what happened to her and Ben.

The mask is dropped. Real Rey is back. She is still hurt and sad and she still feels the same longing he feels for her. Their bond continues to exist. It’s still real.

And the scene after that is also another hint at how Rey really feels right now.

Kylo isn’t the only one who feels miserable and lonely.

This image doesn’t look like a happy heroine back at last with her true friends and family. Rey is surrounded by all of these people and yet she’s framed like she’s completely alone after Finn leaves her to check for Rose. The bond she has with Ben was so powerful and intimate that after she seemingly breaks it away, she is left with a huge hole in her heart.  

She feels alienated. She still needs him as much as he needs her. And it’s only when Leia reaches out to her, she breaks out of this state. As Leia said there’s still work that needs to be done and she has everything she needs to fulfill her role already.

I think many people were too distracted by Luke’s character arc resolution to really appreciate what was going on with Rey’s character in her final scenes. Which is why we have many people actually believing that Rey was left unaffected by the things that happened to her during this movie.

But she has changed. And I can’t wait to see where she will head now from this point in her journey.