people are bad influences

i’ve already seen a few people already criticise junhong for his tattoo or disregard it as ‘yongguk’s influence,’ and it’s been pretty upsetting to see how some are treating him. none of us know the significance of ‘relation in time’ to junhong. he is someone who truly lives for art, and the piece is obviously really meaningful to him - why else would he get it permanently on his skin? if you don’t agree with his tattoo, keep it to yourself. his body is his own, and he can do whatever he wants with it without approval from others.

i know lots of people get all hot and heavy for the ‘rebel/bad influence who goes after the goody goody/nerd to corrupt them’ but what about the reverse? what if the rebel was the one minding their own business when the goody goody suddenly started approaching them, asking them out, trying to get to know them. constant pestering and cute little quips that leave the rebel flustered (and a little flattered but don’t tell the goody goody shhh).

just picture it. initially people think the rebel is the one giving the goody goody a hard time but instead the rebel’s trying to avoid getting seen with the other a lot bc no you’re too pure and sweet you’re gonna ruin my punk rock image sTOP. but the goody goody just doesn’t care about image or labels they just know that they want the rebel and dammit they’re gonna get the rebel.

if youre an adult you need to be very careful on how you interact with minors. even if ur not interacting with any directly, you need to think carefully on what you say or create bc it will be seen and it has impact. do not hurt young people, do not misuse or betray their trust, do not be a bad influence to them, do not make their space unsafe.

be kind and considerate to them, remember that you were once young too. nobody deserves to grow up hurting, it’s too much to bear and the price is too high

kids, be careful. i know it’s sad but not everyone deserves your trust. you deserve safety and comfort.

i’m asking from the bottom of my heart for everyone to really think about this. thank you.

“Fiction isn’t reality! / It’s just fiction”

Buddy, pal… Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged is considered the 2nd most influential book in American History after the Bible itself, which makes it the Most influential Fiction book. Every fiscally Conservative politician has read it and lives by Rand’s objectivism. But it’s ~just fiction~ which is why Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s entire ethos is based almost entirely in Ayn Rand’s philosophy

For context, Ayn Rand believed that Selfishness was a virtue and Empathy was by extension a vice and a form of parasitism. Putting the needs of others above your own needs was the highest form of evil her philosophy. She once described a serial killer as a “Superman” because “other people do not exist to him, nor should they.”

Now back to Paul Ryan, the man behind the gutting of the ACA, he, a conservative, says that the conservative morality is laid out in Atlas Shrugged, and he’s not the only one who believes this. Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachmann, Ron and Rand Paul, and basically every major Libertarian politician all cite Ayn Rand as an influence (and it’s probably why Ron Paul named his son Randall).

The entire objectivist morality is that the government is an anathema to the Individual, which is sacred.

Individuals, especially rich, selfish individuals = good
Government = bad

Sound familiar?

But sure,,,,,, fiction is fiction so it doesn’t affect the way people think,,,,,,, people can tell the difference,,,,,,,, ,,, fiction and reality are totally separate and one doesn’t influence the other,,,,,,,,,,,, obvi

bad influence sentence starters.

’ come on, it’s no big deal. ’
’ can you throw caution to the wind just this once. ’
’ why do you hang around people who are a bad influence? ’
’ my parents think you’re a bad influence on me. ’
’ it’s not going to kill you to do it this one time. ’
’ don’t worry, i never get caught. ’
’ it’s not like they’re going to catch us. ’
’ are you in or are you out? haven’t got all day. ’
’ you distract them and i’ll run inside real quick. ’
’ if we get caught just tell them i forced you too. ’
’ it’s not rocket science, just sneak out when they go to sleep. ’
’ come on, it’s not like it’ll be the end of the world. ’
’ it’s not sneaking out if they never find out. ’
’ i’m sorry, remind me of what a guilty conscience is again? ’
’ it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. ’
’ you can’t die from bending the rules a little. ’
’ they’ll never find out because neither of us will tell, right? ’
’ i won’t tell if you don’t tell. ’
’ are you going to snitch me out if we get caught? ’
’ are you going to come with me or not? ’
’ it’s not that hard to tell a little lie. ’
’ don’t worry, i got it covered. ’
’ stop being such a big chicken all the time. ’
’ you seriously need to do this stuff more. ’
’ this is not being a criminal, we’re just having fun. ’
’ i’m not under the influence, okay? i can drive. ’
’ it’s just a one time thing, how bad can it be? ’
’ it’s not like you have to do it every day. ’
’ they will not find out, i promise. ’
’ no one will know because we’ll do it at night. ’
’ it’s not like anyone can actually get hurt. ’
’ you’re going like that? you clearly over think too much. ’
’ it’s just some stupid party, calm down. ’
’ if you don’t come then who’s going to make i don’t do anything stupid? ’
’ you are such a party pooper sometimes. ’
’ stop being a sissy and just do it already. ’
’ stop being a crybaby, just do it. ’
’ i’ll do it with you, come on. ’
’ okay, on the count of three, you ready? ’
’ it’s not like you’re stepping out to commit murder! ’
’ stop thinking so much and just do. ’
’ why don’t ever wanna do something with me? ’
’ it’s not illegal, just come on. ’
’ you have to prove your not a chicken. ’
’ you never want to do anything, why not? ’
’ come on, we’re going to play chicken on the road. ’
’ it’s a harmless prank, can you just chill. ’
’ nothing wrong can happen with a prank. ’
’ just tell your parents you’re coming to my house for the night. ’
’ it’s not that hard to lie to your parents. i do it all the time. ’
’ one day, you’ll realize, it’s not that bad. ’
’ you cannot go and tattletale this time. ’
’ just so you know, no one likes a tattletale. ’
’ are you actually crying right now? i can’t tell. ’
’ seriously, man up already and do it! ’
’ for the record, nothing i do is actually illegal. ’
’ come on, it’s going to be so much fun. ’

Why do people always assume Prompto was a bad influence on Noctis? Maybe it was the other way around? Maybe Noctis was the one who wanted to stay out late or go to the arcade. If he didn’t go home, he didn’t have to take the responsibilities he didn’t want in the first place. Maybe he just wanted to be a normal high school boy doing normal high school boy things and here comes this sunshine child who just wants to be friends with Noctis and treats him like an actual normal high school boy. Not saying Prompto is entirely innocent himself but come on guys, look at that sunshine child. He just wants Noctis to be happy. You can’t tell me he didn’t easily give in to Noctis’s rebellious whims.

It’s time.
It’s the 1rst of March 2017 and that means that this beautiful boy, the reason of this account right here is 23 now.
I can’t really believe how fast time is flying but it is, faster than I ever imagined.
Wasn’t you just 16 yesterday, having your first world tour, wasn’t it just yesterday when my world came out, when you reached more and more goals that you had, wasn’t it just yesterday that this fanbase was created?
Well it’s pretty crazy to think about the fact that this was all nearly 8 years ago, isn’t it?
It is nearly 8 years ago since we started to watch you growing from this little kid into this beautiful young man and I can’t even say how proud I am of you, but just saying that I’m proud would be an understatement because it has been nearly 8 years since you decided to live this kinda life, to take us with you on your amazing journey, and since then, we’ve been here, we’ve been here with you through thick and thin, we stayed through rumors, lies, changes, mistakes, break ups. We stayed when you had the worst part of your life, when you were in deep depression, not knowing what to do with your life anymore, and now look at you my angel.
You rised like a skyscraper out of the ground, you handled your depression, you started to keep your life together again and most importantly, you found your purpose.
You’ve been through a lot, your journey was everything but easy I can tell.. you know, it was tough,
~ you had to deal with the fact that people called you a “ girl ” because of your voice when you were just 16,
~ when you became 17, you were rumored to be a father,
~ you were getting called gay by the age of 18
~ then, 2013/2014, or how we call it, your bizzle phase, you had to deal with more hate than I ever imagined, parents calling you a bad influence for their kids but the worst is that you had to deal with yourself and we had no clue
~ then you turned 21 and you were having a hufe comeback, you went through a lot of changes
~ and well, now it’s the time where I can say, with 22, people called you a jerk and they tried everything to tear you down, but you’re still here.
^ look at all of this, and people still call Justin weak? I’m sorry but for me this just proofs one more that Justin is one of the strongest people existing out there.
And even though you went through all of this, you still managed to love us, to take care of us, to make us feel like we’re worth it, and it amazes me everyday how you have the strength to do it everyday.
People don’t really get it, they will always question the memories I created, we all created with Justin, the stories we have behind all of this, they will never get it, but Justin, there’s one thing you should know and one thing people will always question,
you’re keeping me alive for a lifetime now.
In my darkest times, you were there.
When everyone turned against me and showed me their back, you offered me a hand.
When I thought that all hope was lost, you reminded me that there will always be hope as long as you’re there.
You brought the smile I’ve lost for years back, in such a short time.
You are the reason I’m fighting through a bad day, why I keep holding on.
You’ve always reminded me that I’m not alone, and that you’ll might not be next to me right now but that you will always be with me.
When I was struggling with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, I just had to listen to be alright and I knew that everything will be okay again.
Even though you don’t know how I look, you make me feel like the most beautiful princess.
Do you see this?
You’re the reason behind my smile,
you made me believe in myself,
you made me accept myself instead of bringing it down,
you gave me hope when I thought there’s nothing left,
you stood by my side when I was alone,
you helped me to get out of the darkest place in my life and yet, people still say that you’re a bad influence, shake my head at every single one of them, I wonder if they would still call you names, talk bad about you in front of us, or even come
up with rumors if they would know that you’re the only reasons why their friends, daughters, classmates are still alive.
^ but that’s a different story.
This day is supposed to be about you and only you.
I’m so endlessly proud of you, you’ve got a grammy, a diamond award, our fanbase keeps growing, you’re finally the person who you want to be, you started to figure life out and maybe you didn’t figured out completely, but you figured it out enough to be happy with yourself, and that’s all that matters, your happiness.
There’s so much more I wanna say, so much more things I’m proud of, so much more reasons why I love you, so much more reasons why I will always be with you, but I don’t even have any ideas how to put it into words, because you really do mean everything to me.
But since it’s 12AM,
Happy birthday my angel,
just remember that we love you, that we’ve always loved and that we will always love you because you might not know, but you’re the reason why so many of us are still here.
Happy 23rd birthday my beautiful little cupcake vanilla muffin puppy baby prince, I love you way more than to the moon and back. ❤️🎉

Kpop Groups as Your Friends

BTS: Would somehow turn every conversation into a deep social commentary on the issues of society when you only wanted to know how their day was.

Monsta X: Would scream, jump around and strip until you finally paid attention…Then would forget what they wanted to say in the first place.

Big Bang: You already know if you get caught doing delinquent activities with them YOU’LL be the one in a jail cell and they’ll pretend they don’t know you.

Seventeen: They lowkey make you feel like you’re not trying hard enough in life but they don’t do it on purpose. Exudes pure energy and can turn any situation into a party.

EXO: You argue all the time but that’s because your friendship has been tested every kind of way. Would do anything in the world for you and has learned to have your back.

iKon: Tries to be tougher than what they are, and their mouths always get them in trouble. Shops at thrift stores for vintage swaggy hip hop gear.

NCT: Your friends that are always going through a “phase”. Their identity is always evolving and changing and you can’t even try and keep up.

Block B: Your parents hate them and think they’re a bad influence but they’re actually the nicest people in the world.

Vixx: Everything they say has a double meaning and you only barely ever have a clue of what they really mean. You just nod your head “yes” a lot.

Got7: Not even sure how you all became friends. Migraine medicine has to always be kept handy as the noise level is always on 10.

B.A.P.: Use to be sheltered and is now obsessed with tasting all the pleasures that life has to offer. Drinks 12 Red Bulls a day.

Winner: You don’t see them much. They’re always grounded even though they did nothing wrong. Cell phones were taken away.

BTS Reacts - You Having Tattoos

Kim Namjoon: Would offer to go with you when you get your first tattoo, partly because he wants to see how you’d hold up to getting one for the first time. Namjoon is open-minded. He wouldn’t see a person with tattoos any different than someone without them. He appreciates and supports the idea of self-expression, and if you wanted to do it in the form of tattooing yourself, then he’d say, ‘by all means’. He’d probably get one himself too if permitted in the future. Maybe not as many as most enthusiasts; he’d get a small but significant one, and you can bet that you’re the first person he’ll look to for tattoo recommendations and advice. Low-key impressed by your guts when you both walk out of the room with a big smile on your face.

“That… doesn’t look half bad, actually. And you handled that really well.”

Jung Hoseok: He’d have a hard time not being intimidated by you at first. Hobi knows it takes a lot of courage and pain tolerance to even get a tattoo, and he can’t even muster the steel nerves to imagine what he’d have to go through to have the amount of tattoos that you have. He might seem timid at first to approach you because of them, but he’s not the kind to judge someone by the way they look, so it won’t take him long to warm up to you after his initial reaction, and he may possibly admire you for your bravery. Excited to show Hoseok your new tattoo sleeve, you casually walk into their recording studio. His eyes widen in horror - he didn’t think you’d be daring enough to get a design spanning the length of your whole forearm.

“W-What is that? What did you do to your arm?! Did you dip it in a vat of tar?!”

Kim Taehyung: Won’t have a problem with you sporting tattoos; big or small. Tae himself loves art of all forms, and he would probably appreciate the craft of inking skin as well. He might be caught off-guard when you two first meet, but he’ll eventually come to admire the branding on your skin, the closer you get to each other. If there’s anything he might ever be concerned with, it’s for your health - after all, infections are not unlikely. You decide to get something new inscribed on the side of your arm, and when you present it to Taehyung, he gapes at the sight of fresh ink on you. He is a bag of mixed feelings, for he really thinks it looks great on you, but he would secretly be jealous that you even have the option of getting yourself tattooed. 

“Yah, you got a new tattoo? Ah, you look so cool, I seriously want one too…”

Park Jimin: If you asked this man for his opinion on you getting tattooed, he’d probably be opposed to it - at first. He won’t try to stop you, he knows that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, especially if it doesn’t really hurt them, and it makes them happy. He just doesn’t want people to associate you with being a bad influence. However, he’d probably be singing a different tune when you actually get inked. Bangtan are relaxing in the lounge when you pop in to show them the new tattoo you’ve gotten, and while they all crowd around you to look, Jimin stares from further away. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s kind of turned on by it. You approach him and speak apologetically.

( Sorry, I know you didn’t think getting a tattoo was a good idea- )
“No, it’s okay, I changed my mind. You look… really good with one.”

Jeon Jungkook: Number one fan of your body art. After all, Jungkook loves to draw, and has said that he’d definitely consider being a tattoo artist in the future. Just for the sole fact that you are tattooed, he’d spend a lot of time with you just to be able to examine it in awe, and marvel at all the details that come with it. His envy isn’t as uproarious as Taehyung’s, but you can tell it is tenfold. It makes him wonder if he can think of a way to convince BigHit to let him have a tiny tattoo, just one, where no one would even be able to see it. He bites his lower lip when you catch him staring at you every so often. Seeing the ink on your arms just reminds him that he can’t have one, which gets him more frustrated than you think, even more so than Taehyung.

( Something wrong? )
“Aish, I really want one…”

Kim Seokjin: He knows he can do whatever you want with yourself, but for some reason, he can’t help but feel strongly against it. There are other things that you can do that aren’t as outright, like getting multiple piercings, so he’s not sure why you would feel the need to make such a bold statement with dark ink permanently etched onto your skin. Don’t misunderstand, for this is just the protective side of Seokjin being summoned. He himself doesn’t have a real problem with tattoos, but he’s aware that Korea, in general, is still a conservative country. People might not take well to the markings on your skin. He sighs, placing an arm around you to reassure you that this doesn’t change what he thinks of you - he’s just worried about you.

“I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your body, but… I just don’t want people judging you harshly because of your tattoos.”

Min Yoongi: Goes back and forth between wanting a tattoo on his own body, but shouldn’t have a problem with them on others. He believes anyone can choose to look however they want, as long as they’re a good person on the inside. He might respect you for it even more, as you would have gotten one in spite of what other people might think of you. He accepts that different people have different ways of showing their passion about something, and if his is through his music, yours can be through body art. You’ve never gotten inked before, so when Yoongi jokes about how he doesn’t think you’d ever do it, you’re determined to prove him wrong. You show up with a visible length of dark ink trailing up your neck, and all he can do is laugh and place his hands on both sides of his head in surprise.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe you actually did it, pabo! I was just joking!”

Found some time to complete a reaction, hope you guys enjoy it! Some of them are of the reader getting their first tattoo, some of them are of the reader already having them. <3

15 Things I Would Tell My 15 Year Old Self
  1. You should study more and focus on your education. Even if it seems like education is not important to you now, you will soon realize that it is the most important thing in the whole world. Don’t waste your time procrastinating and focus on what is most important for you now which is school.
  2. It is okay to break down in tears, life isn’t perfect and there will always be bumps here and there in your journey of self discover.
  3. It is okay if you failed that test but never give up. Keep on studying and prove to them that you can do it.
  4. The people who you laugh and cry with won’t even be there for you after a year or two and you should learn to accept that.
  5. Your sadness won’t last forever. There is always a solution to end that feeling.
  6. If you ever feel lonely, don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone around you, why not make new friends online? Trust me in two years you’ll have more trustworthy friends on twitter than in real life.
  7. Be fearless. Try something new that you had always been afraid of, most of the times the things that you are scared of won’t kill you so why don’t just give it a chance and try something new?
  8. Be bold. Have an opinion? Speak about it. Tell the world what you think but before spitting out opinions, make sure to think about it first. Never be afraid to speak up on what is right, if you’re not comfortable with something say it out loud let the whole world know.
  9. Regrets are a waste of time. Sure something bad happened and it really is your fault but please, calm down and stop beating yourself. Things happen, people make mistakes, accept what you did and learn from it. There’s no use crying over spilled milk.
  10. Don’t procrastinate and learn something new. There’s hundreds of things in your mind that you would like to learn. Want to learn how to draw? Grab a pencil. Want to learn how to play the piano? Go on YouTube and play along. In a year you could learn so many new things.
  11. Do not ever surround yourself with negativity. If you don’t like spending time with people who you think is a bad influence then cut the ties honey there’s no need to hang on for long. Do not ever stay friends with people who are toxical and people who you know talks shit about everyone else behind their back.
  12. Be more empathetic. Instead of judging someone on what they did, try understanding them and put yourself in their shoes. People do things for a reason, stop judging and be more understanding.
  13. Try as hard as you can to not lose your great friends. Most of the people you talked to won’t stay forever but try not to cut them off completely. If things do drift apart between the both of you let it be, maybe it wasn’t right for you but don’t completely neglect them. It’s always best to have lots of friends and keeping a great relationship alive.
  14. Your parents only wants what is best for you. Out of everyone in this whole wide world your parents knows you best. Try understanding why they did this and that. It may all seem a bit blurry now but in a year or two you will realize that what they said was true. Respect their decision and always love your parents unconditionally.
  15. Do not overthink. Sure sometimes anxiety is a bitch and it gets in your way when you want to do something, but don’t focus too much on the negatives and focus on the positives. Whatever that you are stressing and overthinking about, calm down. It will end soon and keep in mind that you will get a positive result in the end.

Do I seriously have to sit here and explain why it’s bad to have vegan leaders who spew terrible shit like racism, sexism, body shaming and other heinous crap?

Like do I REALLY need to explain to people why it’s bad to have people like this have so much influence in the vegan and animal rights community? Do I have to sit here and indulge people on WHY this makes people hate vegans?

Do I seriously have to spell out WHY it’s important to be INCLUSIVE and INTERSECTIONAL and why vegans should give a shit about not being assholes??

Parenting (Writing Prompts)

This is a second set of writing prompts on the topic of parenting (prompts about babies can be found here); this one for this request:

do you have any prompts for parenting? the couple i’m writing about is two guys with one kid, if that helps. thank you!
(i’m the one who asked for parenting prompts) i forgot to add, the kid is twelve but mature for it’s age and nonbinary

  1. The child need homework help with something neither of their parents understands.
  2. The child brings home a new friend.
  3. The parents have to face people accusing them of being a bad influence on the kid.
  4. Or they keep getting asked whether their child is a boy or a girl whenever they’re shopping for something.
  5. Or told by a stranger that something they are buying is meant for a gender other than what the stranger assumes the child to be.
  6. The child gets in trouble at school.
  7. The child is sick and the parents take turns taking care for them.
  8. The kid tries to surprise their parents.
  9. The parents try to help the kid find a new hobby.
  10. How does the kid feel about the possibility of having a sibling?
  11. The family goes on a vacation.
  12. One of the parents needs to choose between their work and the child’s science fair (or something similar).
  13. The family goes grocery shopping together.
  14. The kid wants to talk to their parents about their future education.
  15. The family has planned a trip but something gets in the way.
if you were to go (into the woods) today

Fluff Friday: November 25 “Tea Party”

Because I fell in love with smol!Kakashi and doesn’t-know-how-she-became-a-babysitter!Sakura, and wanted to write more about them. Also, Tsunade was supposed to have a bit part, but then I went and had feelings about her all over. Tsunade is just the best, okay?

Wherein Sakura signs a bunch of stuff, Sai’s attempts at real life as guided by books end badly (again), and Sakura’s bed has somehow become the place for cuddles and midnight promises.

(I’m apparently incapable of writing sheer fluff, so this does veer vaguely into angst, because shinobi.)

@beyondthemoor (hey! tumblr’s tagging system suddenly decided you exist!)

“And now,” Tsunade-shishō continues, shoving the completed forms for Kakashi’s custody to the side, “let’s talk finances.”

Sakura does her best not to blanch, because her most esteemed Hokage-sama gets just a little bit touchy when people bring up, refer to, or allude vaguely in the direction of her many gambling debts and terrible credit score, and somehow, village finances and mission pay negotiations manage to almost always skirt too close to that line, even though the only thing they particularly have in common is money. The memories of six desks meeting their end at the touch of a single finger and of two windows shattered in the wake of shinobi Tsunade-shishō has sent flying through them make for excellent incentive for Sakura to approach this more carefully than a surgery for restructuring a shattered limb or one of Gai-sensei’s obstacle courses.

“Right, finances,” Sakura says with an impressive lack of squeaking. She doesn’t dare show fear.

Tsunade-shishō can smell it on you.

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Prompt: “Chekov x reader where the reader is Bones’s daughter so he’s kind of intimidated by him. Then he sees the reader seriously injured on an mission and takes care of them till they are beamed back on the ship and Bones gives Chekov the green light for dating.” - superwholockbooknerd526

Word Count: 2,329

Warnings: Minor description of blood, spinal cord injury.

Author’s Note: I don’t know much about spinal cord injuries. I saw a video on Facebook a while ago for this synthetic sleeve that could bridge spinal cord injuries and restore normal electrical function to lower extremities, so although this is experimental technology now, I imagine they would have a reliable version in the 2260s.

Cyrillic Key:  Доже мой - Dozhe moy - Oh my God.  Я тебя люблю- Ya tebya lyublyu - I love you*

* I took a Russian class once, and luckily I had a Prof who taught us the important things, like how to say “I love you.” You can rearrange these three words into whatever order you want and, because of the grammatical case of each word, the sentence will still mean the same thing. I realize that most fanfiction writers will default to “Я люблю тебя” but I prefer the flow of “Я тебя люблю.” I think it just ends up being a style thing, but I wanted to mention why I chose to do it this way.


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This is a guideline and is in no way a definitive list. I am also aware that Mommy’s can be fake as well, but as I have no experience with that, my guide is geared towards Daddies. However, many warning signs can cross boundaries.

Now, I am often not quick to call someone “fake”. Often issues can arise from the Caregiver being new to the role or communication isn’t happening. All Daddy’s start off new, and not everyone is “naturally” nurturing. If someone has these signs but communication and explanation is ignored or refused, then they can be stripped of their title.

🚨 They try to keep you in littlespace/regressed all the time. As much as regression is soothing and stress-free, we all come out of it for some Big time. If your Daddy is showing no interest in YOU, then pay attention. You are not just your regression.

🚨 They seem to dislike your regression. Terms such as “stop it!”, “not now!” or “grow up!” are used. They leave or ignore you when you need care.

🚨 They ignore you. Littles tend to be needy and attention is required to feel safe. It doesn’t even always require focused attention, sometimes just their presence is enough. However, if your Daddy ignores you frequently, breaks dates or out right dismisses you, pay attention. Keyword here is “frequently”. Daddy’s work, have families and friends so mistakes happen.

🚨 They push boundaries. They try to “talk you into” situations you are not comfortable with. This can be trying to make you sexual. Forcing you to go places, drink, do drugs or to they ignore your wishes and hang out with people that you know are bad influences. Note: this is NOT the same as encouraging. Encouragement is healthy.

🚨 They control you too much. Some littles like rules, lists, chores and punishments. But these should always be discussed. They should NEVER take away basic needs such as food, drinks, medication or influence your regression in any negative way.

🚨 They make you guilty. Your regression is pure. If your Daddy ever makes you feel bad for feeling little, warning bells!

Your Daddy is your caregiver. For some this is purely a role. Others they are also boyfriends, husbands or partners. But no matter what, you should feel safe and happy. You should NEVER cry because of your Daddy.

This list is assuming you are a nonsexual age regressor but may help those in a DD/lg relationship.

🚫 Do not interact if you are a NSFW/18+ Only/or porn blog.🚫