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OMG MIMI PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME? I've come to you because you always help people out and perhaps you'll see my outcry for help too ;-; I keep seeing bts in some desert and with arab things on their head and I just don't know where it's from ;-; BUT I REALLY DESPERATELY WANT TO KNOW ;-; PLS HELP ME MY FELLOW ARMY FRIEND ;A;


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There you go my fellow army friend ^^ (The photos were so magical, it’s still one of my fav photoshoots. the boys were glowing under the sun it was mesmerizing)

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How about we put extra effort into celebrating the writers and artists who follow their personal passions and don't copy the most popular kids in order to suck up to them or ride on the tail coats of their popularity? The homogeneity of Drarry fandom is grotesque. It's a huge self-congratulatory circle jerk. If people create fanworks that differ from what the consensus encourages they get accused of being racist. Don't act like it's as simple as you describe.

Hello, salty friend, I’m very sorry to hear that you feel that way about this community. I’m not sure where you got the idea that my post wasn’t about encouraging exactly what you suggest, because I literally said ‘fandom is about community at its core. We want to welcome and celebrate new creators - especially those who offer a unique interpretation of our favorite material.’ So, I’m not really sure where that wasn’t clear? I’m all about putting the effort into celebrating writers and artists who are following their passion. If that’s what you’re about, too, then great. Do it, support non-mainstream creative works, because they do exist out there. As an example: a chubby Draco post is likely to get fewer notes, so fewer people see it, and the vicious cycle continues on. So you see something that isn’t mainstream that you like? Reblog it, comment and tell the creator you like it.

And if by circle jerk you mean that thing where hp authors like to rec new works or reblog art when it’s made? Well, yeah, my dude, that’s a big aspect of being in fandom? And I have to say, the level of reccing is actually really awesome in the drarry community in comparison to other fandoms I’m active in. On top of that, this idea of popularity and coat tails is absolute bullshit. I’d like to reiterate from my post: we’re all the same people with a common interest in Harry Potter. It’s 2017 and I am old and tired of Big Name Fan mentality. You want to be friends with awesome people like @bixgirl1, @l0vegl0wsinthedark, @femmequixotic, @lqtraintracks, @firethesound, @synonym-for-life, @goldentruth813, @camael-fanart, @jadepresley and countless other nice people you see getting lots of notes and who are active on tumblr? Here’s a secret: just say hi. It’s not that hard. Say hi and make friends, or better yet come hang out on discord, now that LJ has gotten quieter. There’s a link in my sidebar.

You also claim there’s no creativity in the drarry community, but there’s all these different headcanons and works that say otherwise. To be fair, this is a tumblr problem with how reblogs and likes are set up, but if that’s the case then perhaps you should follow/unfollow people to curate your tumblr experience to something that you enjoy better. Once again, this is where that reccing and reblogging thing comes in. Since you bring up being racist, I’m going to presume your point has to do with the popularity of the Indian or Black or mixed race Harry Potter headcanon, and while I know this is a really popular headcanon (one I share, by the way) I’m going to ask why people are getting accused of being racist when, from where I stand, there’s only 50 drarry works on AO3 tagged as “Person of Color Harry Potter”. And on top of that, I’d like to add one more reminder from my post: We all interpret these things differently. My thoughts on Harry and Draco’s heights, or sexualities, or hair length, or races, or the choices they make about their surnames when they get married, or their weight, or disposition - all of that might differ from how you enjoy seeing them portrayed. Again, this is fine. This is part of fandom. It’s completely okay to have differing opinions on these things.

If you want to come off anon and talk more about this, I’d be happy to. I must hang out in the right corners of fandom because I’ve always found the people I interact with in drarry fandom to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Why you should talk to content creators

OMg guys I have kind of a cool story for you. 

So my first active online fandom years and years ago was Lord of the Rings, and I was pretty deeply involved in the Frodo/Sam corner of the fandom. I did a little bit of writing but was mostly known for my art (most of which was fairly NSFW, but I digress). 

So fast forward ten years, to just a few days ago, when someone messages me on a Flightrising of all places to compliment my dragons, and asks as an afterthought if I was, perhaps maybe, that one Frodo/Sam artist from Livejournal days (I switched pseuds before leaving the fandom completely and it’s my name to this day on most social media sites). 

Cue a total amazing blast-from-the-past chat where I am meeting someone who is now entering for the first time a fandom I left years ago, who is just as excited about my content as people were when it was new, and who is excited to talk to me while I reminisce about people she’s only seen in years-old livejournal posts and archive of our own stories that were published ages ago. 

Cut to the chase, I was able to send her a file with over 50 of my old art pieces ( @thuriweaver saved all of them, bless her), many of which this new person hadn’t seen because they were hosted on Photobucket and had long since been taken down–AND she’s commissioned me for two new pieces, which I have accepted for sheer delight of nostalgia (and to discover for myself how much I have improved in the intervening 10 years since I’ve drawn Frodo/Sam art). 

This because she reached out to me to tell me she enjoyed my art, even though I’d created it ages ago. 

I say this not to brag, but to remind people that content creators will almost always retain some attachment to their content, even if it’s been a long time since they created it, and it’s basically never too late to tell someone you appreciate their work. 

Thanks for listening!

Summoned to Another World Starters

From those who were summoned, to those who did the summoning, and the people in between. Great for cross overs or AUs! Feel free to adjust things as needed to fit your character’s voice. 

  • “Where… Am I?”
  • “And I dreaming?”
  • “This is a different world… Right?”
  • “Looks like I’m not in Kansas any more…”
  • “I don’t know where I am! One moment i was at ( location ) and then the next thing I know I’m here! What is going on?!”
  • “But what about my friends, my family my home?!”
  • “I want to go back! Send me home!”
  • “I’m not a hero.”
  • “This place has nothing to do with me.”
  • “Is that magic?! Real magic?!”
  • “Is this even edible…?”
  • “I don’t think you’re supposed to eat that.”
  • “I’ve never touched a weapon in my life!”
  • “I’m just an ordinary person…”
  • “Thank you! For you help that is… I’d be lost with out it.”
  • “Excuse me, can you tell me how far is it to ( city/country name )?”
  • “Wait… You mean there’s no cars? No planes? No trains?! No television?! How do you people live?!”
  • “It worked! It finally worked!”
  • “Please save us brave heroes!”
  • “Well… That wasn’t supposed to happen…”
  • “Welcome traveller to the world of ( name here )!”
  • “I’m sure you’re taken aback by your circumstances, but time is short here! We need your help!”
  • “We summoned you here using magic to save our race! Once you’ve defeated the Demon King you can return to your original world.”
  • “Your  home is here with us now.”
  • “If you’re not a hero then what are you!?”
  • “What do you mean you won’t help us?!”
  • “If my fault you’re here, so I’ll help you out until I can get you home.”
  • “I’ll do everything I can to get you back home, I promise!”
  • “We’ll teach you everything you need to know.”
  • “Are you alright?”
  • “You’re not from around here are you.”
  • “Your clothes are awfully odd…”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”
  • “Hmmmm, it seems like you hiding a pretty big secret but… That’s fine isn’t it? Everyone has things they don’t want to talk about.”
  • “how about this! You tell me about where you’re from, and I’ll teach you about living here. It’s a fair exchange right?”
  • “You’re from another world?!”
  • “Can you tell me what it’s like? Your homeland.”
  • “Here, use this to protect yourself.”

hey guys, yknow that old post about calling 911, and if theres someone in the room you could “order the pizza”? well yeah that was debunked and idk if everyone got the message bc people are STILL REBLOGGING IT. appearently not everyone got the message, so ill repeat it.

If youre in a situtaion where you need to call 911 and theres someone in the room preventing you from doing it, TEXT 911. DO NOT “ORDER A PIZZA”

Why? you may ask. the answer is simple, not every dispatcher is trained to handle the situation, and 911 gets prankcalls all tthe fucking time. theyll think its a prank and hang up, they wont send the police to your location. dont order a pizza, text 911.

reblog this so people who still believe it know its false

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What would happen if one day kravitz woke up and his hair was only a foot long

So– I actually accused my wife of sending this at first because over the last few days we played out a scenario where Lup accidentally sliced his hair off on a mission while she was swinging her scythe.

I don’t usually go into back story that I build for characters that aren’t mine,  I like to give people sad bad bgs – but my iteration of Kravitz is… old. He came from a time where Drow were still considered bad and still did some bad things. But his father was a good and loving man who loved his secret wife and son, but when someone discovered the half-drow child, Kravitz got taken away with a heavy threat- give up the boy or they both die. So his father let him go, you can always make another child, and you can always buy one back, but you’ll never get them both back if they die, right? 

Kravitz got sold into slavery and they shaved all his hair off– from that day onwards he started growing it. It was the one thing he had control over until he got his freedom, and he didn’t stop growing it until he died. So suddenly not having the one thing that gave him a sense of control during the worst part of his existence, even a millennia later, would just fucking wreck him.

Obviously it has been long enough, the world is a better place, he should let it go– but by the gods, that hair was his.

I've wrote a script for Resistbot!


I am a concerned customer from (where you live/town)

I’m expressing my support for net neutrality and ask that you please protect net neutrality and open internet. Net neutrality is about democracy and free speech without fear or exposure. Its about small business getting their start without struggle or going under. Its about people having a voice to speak with without retribution. Its about people having fair and open access to news, education, and entertainment without any troubles or consequence. Its about people having a fair opportunity to things that they can only get WITH net neutrality. Without an open internet participating in an open democracy/free speech/making a living for yourself becomes much harder. Please support net nuetrality its more important now than ever.



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I think the reason I love Tokyo Ghoul is because there are no morally good or bad characters, just heavily flawed people who hurt themselves and others because they think that's what they have to do.

That’s part of why I love it too! Everyone is flawed and very, very human (human as in person not as in human vs ghoul lol). We can understand everyone’s actions and where they come from, and basically Amon’s not entirely wrong when he says that the world is at fault: V has orchestrated the world and its exploitation of everyone in it. (There’s also personal responsibility though.)

TG’s characters are the main reason I love it. They’re very complex and realistic emotionally, imo. The fandom can kind of sort characters into categories (like Touka or Saiko = good and Mutsuki = bad but the reality is they are all bad and good). I can’t relate to flawless characters, so I prefer the messy, flawed ones. They give me hope.

Thank you for the ask!

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I'm so tired, I'm always the friend who gives help but no one ever asks me if I'm okay. I feel like I'm being taken for granted and it's making me feel like there's no escape and I'll always have to be strong and lonely for other people's sake. I can't be strong all the time

I understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard to be there for everyone. Please take the time to take care of yourself, even if it means stepping back from people for a while. You’re absolutely right; you can’t carry the weight of everyone else’s problems. You deserve to be happy and to take care of your own needs. Nobody can be strong all the time. You have no obligation to be. Don’t forget that you come first.

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About Cartoon Network airing Teen Titans Go! all the time lately over shows like Steven Universe, I realized, apart from laziness, there is a good reason for it. The Teen Titans Go fandom (yes, they exist) are really chill people unlike the Steven "Send death threats and harass people at the drop of a hat" Universe fandom. Plus a lot of "progressive" shows lately have HORRIBLE fandoms and hatedoms. In comparison, the TTG fandom is chill where most of the complaints is from the Anti TTG fans.

Fandom’s actions don’t affect corporate scheduling 

Because You’ll Never Ask Meme

Letter: What helps you feel connected to others?

Power line: What is one of the biggest difficulties you’re had to overcome?

Goggles: What’s something that you usually try to hide from people?

Plane: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Head: What’s your biggest wish?

Eyes: How do you think people see you?

Mouth: What do you want to be in life?

Bones: When’s the last time you went to a museum?

Heart: What are you most afraid of?

Mouse: What’s the worst thing you’ve experienced?

Piercing: What kind of impression do you want to give people when they first meet you?

Color: What’s something you want to be able to share with the world?

Run: What do you do to positively cope when you’re feeling stressed?

Sign: How do you think you communicate best?

Blackberries: What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?

Sawdust: What have you created that you’re most proud of?

Lunch bag: What’s the thing you wouldn’t give up no matter what?

Science Fiction: If you could meet one person in real life, who would it be? 

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I know someone who has a dog trained to alert when he smells something (like say perfume) that is one of her allergies or asthma triggers. So hes more of an early warning system for her allergy induced asthma attacks.

Right- which is why I said that others may find it easier to put together a task list that would help them with allergy symptoms. Personally, I don’t really know where to start for scent training, and the only thing I’m actually in danger of dying from breathing is shellfish which is… pretty easy to avoid in most circumstances, tbh. Everything else I just read the ingredients or ask for an ingredient list, and if I can’t do either I just don’t eat it.

This is where “no dysfunction, no disability” comes into play. For some people, it’s very difficult to avoid their allergens and thus they have to consider the idea of a dog more strongly. For others, their allergens are relatively easy to avoid or the reaction is so minimal that it’s not really that much of a problem. I *will* die if I spend too long around cooking shellfish or if I eat it, yes, but all I have to do is tell waiters that I have a shellfish allergy and not be near a kitchen that’s actively cooking shellfish (and ask my friends to not order shellfish on hot plates, as the sizzling and popping oil will also trigger a reaction, but most of my friends are similarly allergic).

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Are all zine preorders from now on going to work like the Kindred preorders, where we don't get charged now, but at a later date?

Yup! I finally learned how to use the pre-order service from gumroad so I’m going to start using this from now on. A lot of the time people will make a pre-order purchase, have their cards charged, and not see the product until over a month later. That doesn’t seem fair. And now, if a project gets cancelled, then no one was actually charged from the start!


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

FILL IN THE BLANKS if you’d like (and then we can compare pickup lines hahah)


no fear / your crush finding old pictures of you / one fear

i got black mesa on the steam sales and loved all the little easter eggs the devs put in joking about the first game’s development… especially the one about gordon’s accursed ponytail.

here’s the picture from the second panel without text/distortion

i mean im an adult, i guess, if that’s the word for it. a lot of things i used to care about i just say “Fuck It” and let go. 

but it’s incredible to me that there’s still so many passages to my soul. how just a group of teenagers looking at me and laughing makes my teeth hurt. how someone’s comment sends me back to high school bullying. how i am constantly asking myself are they even really my friends? 

i don’t know. i never throw myself birthday parties because my worst nightmare would be that nobody shows. i just wonder if there’s ever a time that your last insecurities let go. i’ve only ever found that kind of freedom at the honey lips of tequila. i want to be brave at two pm on a sunday. i want to actually not care what they say. i want to be the kind of witch that laughs through the burning.

i don’t know. i hope i’m learning.