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Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always

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Hi again! How are you? I'm really enjoying this week with all the new theories and the excitement that 2CT confirmation caused *-*. But I have a question. I don't really understand the part where Sebastian says that "The fee has already been well paid". Does that mean real!Ciel's soul was eaten by Sebastian? And if that's the case how he could got his soul back? or maybe is another soul? If not what was that fee Sebastian was talking about. Thanks a lot for all the time you take for answering!!

Hi there<3<3

Yes, many people assume that Sebastian devoured real Ciel’s soul when he was summoned! It’s not only this scene from chapter 63 that suggests so

but there’s also the scene from Ciel’s dream sequence in chapter 95 where Sebastian asked our Ciel

“Why did you make such a big sacrifice and even go so far as to wager your own soul to make a contract with a demon?”

which very much implies that there was another “big sacrifice” that he had to offer that day aside from his own soul, which is most probably his beloved brother’s death (his soul, to be precise). There’s also another crucial scene in GW arc where our Ciel is scared of Sebastian and says

“Sebastian…? No! I don’t want him! He did… to Ciel!!!

meaning probably that “He (Sebastian) “ate” Ciel”.

So from all these hints we have been shown so far, I think it’s safe to assume that Sebastian indeed ate real Ciel’s soul.

So the real Ciel who appeared in the latest chapter most probably doesn’t have a soul right now, and that’s why people assume he /must/ be a BD because BDs by definition do not require a soul. They don’t have/need a soul, but by editing their cinematic record their body get automatically reanimated. That’s the basic mechanism of BDs explained by UT in Campania arc. So if “someone” managed to retrieve real Ciel’s body before the fire in the cultists’ manor spread, then there’s actually no problem making a BD out of him (again, you don’t need a soul to create a BD, you just need a cinematic record and a somewhat clean body)!

EDIT: Follow-up info from hitsugikuro

Yana seems to have done some research into western ‘black magic’.  There’ve been a lot of grimoires written on how to summon demons and one thing that stays pretty consistent in them is that a) you need a sacrifice of some sort for the actual summon, and b) then then 'sorcerer’ or summoner can negotiate with the demon from there, whether it’s for a simple favor or to form a contract like we see in this case.  It’s sort of like having an 'up front’ payment for the trouble

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Going back to your earlier post where you said whites love POC who dont fight white supremacy. Is that a part of the model minority myth when it comes to asian americans? Like i wouldnt know much about asian civil right marches. But i guess reading history books you only see where asian immigrants were slaughtered by prejudiced fearful whites and nothing there was really no back lash from the community, wheres as there are a lot of slave uprisings and rebellions.

It could be but no, I was referring to when People of Color are praised as heroes for “standing up” to racism but have to be composed, calm, and do it in peaceful, civil ways. For once, I want to see a real hero beat the shit out of a white supremacist. That’s the kind of hero that deserves praise lmao.

On Asian Americans though, there is definitely uprisings or rebellions. It’s just we don’t really hear about them.

So there’s definitely uprisings and rebellions, they’re just not discussed or seen as part of American history because Asian Americans are always made out to be foreigners. Even for you, I wouldn’t default Asian Americans as being submissive and not speaking out or anything.

The Asian American community WAS THERE during the Civil Rights Movement:

And THIS is Asian Americans TODAY:

We’re here. We’ve always been here. You just need to look harder.

Angry Asian Guy

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wait so if Suga's real name is yeon ki min, then where did min yoongi come from?

His real name is Min Yoon-gi ( 민윤기 ). Yeon ki min is just a different way to spell Yoon Gi Min and when put in a proper order it gives: Min Yoon Gi.In korea the surname is written first then the first name. But in the usa for example people will say Emma Stone not Stone Emma. It was in an interview done with buzzfeed (find it HERE 2:52) that Suga said if he ever had to change his stage name he will call himself Yeon Ki Min (And that’s where it comes from) ^^. 

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I think issue 17 is the best issue. Am I crazy?

Well I’m not the best person to answer that, since #17 would also be in my top 5 of issues.

(Since I know someone is going to ask, it would probably go, top to bottom :

1 = issue 27

2 = issue 13

3 = issue 17

4 = issue 11

5 = issue 15)

I wrote a whole jibe on why I think the storytelling in issue #17 is overlooked and deserved a second reading even if you don’t like Sakhmet, but from what I can tell, what turned most people off was the art. And I can see where this is coming from, Brendon Graham’s art is pretty much the opposite of McKelvie’s and seems to shatter the foundation of the universe he built. But I think this adds to the unique value of this issue : Sakhmet and the others don’t look like gods in this issue, they look small and plain and child-like. This brings a vulnerability and an accessibility to these characters that’s always carried by the expressions alone under McKelvie’s pencils.

But also I think issue 17 manages one of the best (the best ?) atmospheres contained in a single issue in the entire run. Might only be tied with #27 and that’s only because #27 is pulling its “issue within an issue” stuff. Wicdiv has a complicated relationship with quietness (it’s a comic about music after all) but issue 17 is probably as quiet and relaxed as it’ll ever get. Fitting for our feline goddess. Anger and trauma are brewing just underneath, but the surface is all malleable cat plushies, walking out on a nosy interviewer, a calm night on a city rooftop. It’s the issue I can see myself live in because it just feels so real and quiet. I think Gillen said in an interview he’s not one for rhythm, which is why he chose to work primarily on volume, but if Wicdiv is a rhythm, issue 17 is a breathing pause. And yes, I like glass-shattering lyrical solos as much as anyone, but even the best sopranos need to breathe every once in a while.

Anyway, thanks for the message, it’s good to have an excuse to gush about issue 17 some more.

Novel Writing

Hello, lovely Tumblr people (yes, I am only addressing the lovely ones, the rest of you may depart),
I haven’t posted about my side blog in a while as I have been busy but I would like to make a sincere request:

Given that it is Pride month and Tumblr has decided to actively hide LGBT+ issues from people’s feeds, I feel that LGBT+ representation is more important than ever.

I am writing a diptych (two books in a series) about Vikings’ descendants in London. My main characters are an AroAce man with a father who doesn’t understand, a bisexual man, an African-American single mother and two lesbian woman one of whom is adopted and the other has an overbearing family from Greece.
Here’s where I need your help; I can only write so much of this from my own experience and from my friends’ experiences and so I would like to ask you to please go to @acenecdotal-evidence and submit any stories you have about your LGBT+ experience. They can be funny, sad, life changing, exciting, coming out, whatever really.

All submissions can be made anonymously or publicly. All submissions through the ask box will be posted on the blog, but you can message me if you don’t want this to happen.
Finally, everyone who submits a story will be credited in the back of the book and some of the stories will be written into the text. Credits for anonymous submissions will be grouped and URLs will not be shared in their entirety for privacy reasons. The submissions will probably have to be adapted to fit the story, but I would like to get as true a representation of the LGBT+ community as possible.

Thanks to everyone who posts, you’re all excellent.

Finally, if there are any budding artists out there who would be interested in drawing some characters for the novels then I will consider holding a contest wherein the winner’s/winners’ art will be used in the novels and budget dependent there might be some money up for grabs as a competition winner.

Please share this around with any LGBT+ blogs or bloggers, I want to represent as many people as I can (without it becoming cluttered)

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Hi there!! I love your blog a lot. I'm really shy to come off anon so I'll ask here - if you're doing imagines, could I have one where 2Ds significant other wakes up in the hospital after an accident and she has a hard time remembering who he is? Thank you again and please keep sharing your talents with us ❤️

Hello there! Thanks so much, gah when people say nice things I just melt.❤️ ❤️ ❤️

No need to be shy! But it’s okay to remain on anon! Most of my requests are from anons :) 

and THIS PROMPT. MY HEART. GAH STAB ME IN THE CHEST WHY DONT YA. Writing this broke me. Like it isn’t that sad I’m just sensitive af xD I hope you’re happy with yourself .

Angst and fluff ahead! 

“There she is… jus layin there. She hasn’t woke up for days isn’ there anythin else you lot can do but just uselessly wait ?!” exclaims a frustrated blue haired, black eyed man to an attending doctor, a group of residents and interns doing their morning rounds.

2D has been a mess for the past week, he doesn’t know how to handle himself, he’s had temper tantrums and breakdowns and he’s been unable to sleep just in case she has another seizure or wakes up.

The love of his life used to be so energetic and loveable. She’d always be there for him in the midst of his debilitating migraines and anxiety attacks. She’d always reassure him, she took care of him. She’d keep him sane. And now he’s sitting by her side after a bastard hit and runner hit her car, pushing her into a bed of ice which flipped the car. She head hit the wheel very hard, splitting it open, and when the car flipped the seat belt bruised her chest and she had stopped breathing until paramedics resuscitated her.

“I’m sorry sir, the only thing we can do now is wait for her to wake up. She hit her head pretty hard, however the swelling in her brain has reduced by almo-”

“Yeh, 80 percent you’ve told me already. Sod off, will ya?” He irritably glares at the doctors, waving them all off.

The band sits in the corner of the room, worried for their friends, looking at  the blue haired mess with his back to them, leaning forward into his chair, hunched over and grabbing his hair with his hands.”

“Heya D, why don’t we head home. You’ve been here for 5 days… You need some sleep, a shower and a change of clothes.” Russel insists for the third time today.

“Go if you’d like.” 2D mutters with his back still towards them.

“C’mon Dents, you don’t want the lass to wake up from yer stench do ya?” Murdoc jokes, placing a hand on 2D’s shoulder which is shrugged off and he quickly turns around to look the band in their faces before he snaps at them

“Why don’t you all just leave if you don’t want to be here!” 2D explodes.

“Hey, that’s not what we’re saying… what you’re putting yourself through isn’t healthy…” Noodle pitches in.

Before the ticked off 2D can snap at the guitarist, a grumble sounds, coming from the hospital bed behind him. Frantically, he turns around and rushes to the bed, grabbing her hand and squeezing it tight. Noodle runs to find a doctor.

“Wha was that, love?” he asks on the verge of tears.

“They’re right-” She says with a raspy, strained voice. “From what that guy said, you’ve been here for a while…” She looks at Russel and smiles at him, clearing her throat.

“That guy? You mean, you don’t know who he is?” Stu says, worried.

Oh yeah, um, what happened? And who are you guys? Thanks for staying by my side bu-”

The doctors rush and one takes out his flashlight, without a word he flashes it in her eyes, demanding her to look certain directions. Another doctor starts messing with her legs, asking if she can feel the pen he runs up and down her feet. The band is all but shoved to the side while the doctors hover around her asking questions before she snaps.

I’ll answer all these questions AFTER you tell me what happened! PLEASE.

2D comes forward telling her about the accident, he’s crying as he does so, wiping away tears and clutching her hand to his chest, kissing it softly.

“I’m your boyfriend, 2D. This is Noodle, Russel, and Murdoc. They’re your friends and my band mates.”

“My…boyfriend?” She looks up at him. “2…Dee?”

The doctor begins to ask her some questions about her past and she seems to remember the schools she went to, the names of her parents and other memories from her childhood.

It seems like she has a case of amnesia. Now, this could have been caused by either the accident or it could be drug induced. If she suffers from amnesia due to the anesthesia from the surgery she may regain her memory in at least a couple of days, at most: a couple of weeks. If it’s from the accident there is no telling if she’ll regain her memory or how long it will take.” With that the doctors filed out of the room, and the band members left with a goodbye from Noodle: “We’ll leave you two alone…Call us if you need anything!”

“Yeh, call her if ya need anything!” Murdoc chimes. He pats 2D on the back and kissed his bruised, hospitalized friend on the forehead before leaving. Russel does the same, and Noodle offers help once again before actually leaving


“I’m sorry that I don’t remember you… “ She looks at her hand in his, the one he pulled to his chest. She looks as if she’s about to cry.

2D wipes away his own tears and starts to encourage her “No! No, love don’t be sorry! It’s not your fault… I’m just crying because I was so worried. I’m so happy you’re okay. I don’t know how I would live without ya, love. You really scared me. I bet you’ll regain your memory in no time at all.”

She looks down, in shock that someone, even her own boyfriend would care about her this much. The mess of a man in front of her was crying for her and barely left her side this whole time and she wasn’t sure how to feel. Guilty? Happy? Loved? Unworthy?

“What if… I never regain my memories?” She takes her hand back and covers her face, beginning to cry.

“Don’t cry, love, please don’t cry. If you don’t then you don’t! Then we’ll create more memories together. You and the band, we can create more. We love you no matter what. I love you no matter what.”

He leans his head on her shoulder which lays on the hospital bed. She moves a hand to rest on his head, running her fingers through his hair.

“So, what do you do in this band?”

2D looks up to see her forced smile. Somewhat happy that she’s trying to be positive, heartbroken that she feels the need to hide her true feelings from him. The lump in his throat starts to form again. Before tears threaten to spill over he clears his throat and responds: “I’m the singer.”

“Did I like your band?”  Her eyes brightened up and she shifted, moving away from him to lean on the opposite side of the bed, patting the vacant spot. He climbed into the bed, taking the covers and pulling them up to their waists.

“You were a fan when we met you…We met at a meet and greet, you and the band I mean. And all you asked us for was a hug.” He chuckled. “Your friend mentioned something to Russel about how much our music meant to you two, how hard you’ve had it since you were unemployed at the time and how you scraped up the last of your money just to be able to see us live. When Murdoc heard that he offered you a job with us as our sound tech. You spazzed in front of everyone when Murdoc asked if you wanted the job. It was quite adorable.” She looks at 2D in wonder as he tells her the story of how they met.

“W-what was my favorite song?” She asks shyly.

“Ah you loved Melancholy Hill. You know, you used to ask me to sing for you all the time? You’d love when I sang you to sleep.” 2D remembers, smiling a big toothless smile at her reaction to his revelation.

“Sing for me?” She asks him with big curious eyes. “Please?”

2D takes a shaky breath and wraps an arm around her. She doesn’t know how to react to his intimate move, so she just stood still. As he sang, he began to sway, rocking her slightly. She became more comfortable as the song progressed.

“Up on Melancholy Hill there’s a plastic tree
Are you here with me?
Just looking out on the day of another dream
Where you can’t get what you want but you can get me
So let’s set out to sea
Cause you are my medicine when you’re close to me
When you’re close to me…”

She leans her head on 2D’s  chest as he sings, her head rising and falling with his breath. She wraps an arm around him and begins to hug him tight as he sings. She closes her eyes as tears start to spill over.

“So call in the submarines ‘round the world we’ll go
Does anybody know
If we’re looking out on the day of another dream?
If you can’t get what you want then come with me
Up on Melancholy Hill
Sits the manatee
Just looking out for the day
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me”

She looks up with teary eyes and butterflies which makes her stomach do tiny flips. She hasn’t known this odd looking blue haired, black eyed man for long since she woke up without her memory, but she knows she loves him, she feels that she can trust him with everything. She knows that she had to have been crazy about him because this just feels right. Hugging him, being with him feels so natural. “Thank you, Stu.” she whispers. 

“Wha- didja jus call me, love?” He says with a big smile. “I never told you my name was Stuart.” He says as he pulls her closer, hugging her tight with one arm as his other hand is entwined with hers. 

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Ummm hey? I was wondering if you ever feel sad that you reblog stuff from popular blogs and they don't do the same for you? I mean I don't know if it happens to you, but it does happen to me... And it makes me a little sad. Don't get me wrong, you all are all fantastic writers and people, but I can't help but wonder it sometimes.

Well I’m not putting myself in the popular blog category, but I can see where you are coming from, what you are feeling is valid. I’ll ask you something though?

Do you have a favorite published author? Harper Lee, Dan Brown, John Green, J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, just anybody? I am sure you do. Do you ever feel like telling them just how much you love their work? Like have them know it’s you, identify you, and then tell them just how awesome and talented they are? Because they deserve to know.

Well that’s how I feel about the authors in here. I am lucky to call a few of these fantastic people my friends, and it makes me so damn happy that I can tell them how awesome they are. I am lucky to be able to express my gratitude towards them, for something that they do absolutely free of cost. I look up to them. I don’t do it out of obligation, so when and if ever any of them reblog my fic, it makes me happy beyond words. I take it as a massive compliment.

Besides, if they are popular blogs, they must have a huge following. And that really puts a hell lot of pressure. Over 15 tags a day is not possible to read, and they can’t keep reblogging other folk’s content all the time or it will eat up their own original content and may lead to loss of followers. Not everyone runs their blog the same way, and they do deal with a hell lot of stress over it. So I’d suggest you put yourself in their shoes, and try and imagine what it must be like? No one is ignoring you, but maybe they are super busy and can’t find the time. Do you see my point? I hope this helps :) Good day/ night Hun :)

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She's literally getting sponsored to post pics with the necklace that's why she linked where it's from. No shade for that tho I'm just saying people love to hate her for no reason

yeah theres a lot of unnecessary hate still projected towards sarah idk why

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I hate that because newt is shown as having some autistic traits people assume that he would be interested in romance. Its all steeped I'm ableism but of course they'll deny it and it just pisses me off so much. Its effing canon so he obviously DOES like romance and is romantic. Just... Ugh

Urgh exactly! It’s so unhealthy and ableist to think that people who are autistic or show autistic traits or are awkward cannot have romantic relationships. That’s so awful I just cannot…

“I want to protect Newt from relationships” - he’s a fictional character, an ADULT fictional character, and this is infantilising him, it’s like they’re saying “he’s too neurodivergent to have a healthy normal relationship” which is disgusting.

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I guess you can call me the lowkey!anon from that last question. It's admirable that you're adding strong females to a series that kind of dropped the ball on that. The issue I'm trying to address is that there are other ways to be strong. Strength in intelligence, emotion, and etc. And there are others places where people can meet, a cafe, libraries, at a mall, and again etc. (1/2)

Ayy cool thanks!

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i started following for the quality astrology but now i'm just following for the quality asks u receive

where did these people even come from 👀

i feel like some random person with highkey crAZY followers reblogged something of mine & then they all flocked to my ask box 🦅

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People that think I hate Ford are wrong! In fact, for example: I wanted to draw Ford bonding with Ken, Henry, Thomas and Haru from Digimon (in separate drawings), but the real problem is that I don't know how to draw anime, so I have to readraw them in order to adquire the knowledge to draw those characters.

You do come across rather hostile towards Ford, so that may be where people base that assumption. But I’m glad to know you don’t hate him. Maybe just sketch some of the characters to get used to drawing them. That might help. Best of luck to you on your drawing.

The Drake Bell being snubbed from Josh Peck’s wedding thing is being ridiculously exaggurated and blown out of proportion.

I mean, seriously, they’ve barely had anything to do with one another since their Nickelodeon days and that was 10 years ago. Josh has said himself that he doesn’t know what to say when people ask him where Drake is because they are genuinely not in each others lives anymore and that seems to have been the case for quite some time. I don’t think it was personal or that Josh “hates” Drake or anything like that. I just don’t think they’re close and I’ve gotta say I would not invite someone to my wedding who is not considered a close friend or in regular contact with me.

Also, if anything Drake and Josh have always been first and foremost work colleagues. Sorry to burst your bubble but they’re not really brothers. They were actors in a show. Just sayin’.

And whilst I don’t doubt that there there is an element of friendship between them in that they grew up together through the shows they did, it’s the same with most childhood friendships in that people drift apart as they get older. I have fantastic memories of the kids I grew up with too, but I can honestly say I don’t keep in contact with a single one now and certainly would not invite any of them to my wedding.

Even if we didn’t take into consideration all of the above, maybe Josh and his wife just wanted a low key intimate wedding with close family and friends. And that, I don’t blame them for. Weddings are ridiculously expensive, even for B list celebrities. It should be about the two people getting married, not other people. I wouldn’t want someone sipping my champagne who I’d spoken to maybe twice in the last few years.

I’m a huge Drake Bell fan, but think he was mega immature making those comments on twitter. Sorry, but you can’t expect to hardly be in someone’s life except the occasional twitter nod and still expect to be at their wedding.

Top 3 Reasons Why Ran Mouri Is A Useless Character:

1) She doesn’t know about the BO, so she can’t be heavily involved with Black Organization plot.

2) Nobody tells her and keeps secrets from her to keep her ‘safe’ .

3) NOBODY TELLS HER ANYTHING. THEY COME UP WITH INTRICATE EXCUSES OR STRAIGHT UP AVOID HER QUESTION. (See the Eri Kidnapping Case and Betrayal case where Conan had an alibi ready when Ran confronted him with ‘Are you Shinichi?’ line of questioning again and Vermouth disguised as Azusa and telling Ran to ‘not come into her world’ when she asked Vermouth is she was the one who called her’Angel.’

So, maybe try to see the plot from the character’s pov rather than bashing her for things she doesn’t know about because people around her don’t want her to know.

Ran’s smart and she has suspected Conan so many times and has confronted him too but every time logic wins out because how can someone de-age? So, she takes the logical route and drops her suspicion. 

Try to see the character from her pov rather than putting others’ on pedestal. 

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i know this is almost a Running gag in the batman comics to mention this, but WHY does batman have a Dinosaurio and a giant Penny on the batcave? and more importantly WHERE AND HOW this he get them from? and into the batcave?

there are a couple of other trophies people forget about, like the life size penguin.

any ways the Penny and t-rex, The T-Rex is a robot and the older of the two, coming from Batman #35 in 1946. Batman and Robin find themselves on “Dinosaur Island” a theme park full of Robot Dinosaurs, long story short Batman keeps the T-Tex

the Penny is slightly more complex, in World’s Finest Comics #30 1947 Batman fights “Penny Plunderer” a villain obsessed with Pennies! it’s as silly as it sounds and they changed it so that the Penny is how something to do with Two-Face, but of course Two-Face flips a sliver dollar not a penny. 

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Hi Megan...i was wondering if i could ask for some advice if it's not too much trouble? I really really love reading/watching different adaptations of batb and I've wanted to take a shot at writing my own. But there's so many versions out there already that i feel daunted and too timid to even try. People say i should make it "different" enough to stand out but i don't want to stray too far from the original themes. Did you have any similar fears before beginning your own adaptation?

Hey Anon!

I definitely feel where you’re coming from! When I started BATB, I was really just reading/watching every version I could get my hands on (this was before high speed internet, so I mostly relied on interlibrary loans) and just synthesizing what beats were always present and how they differed.

I think the trick is to just slam out that first draft without a critical eye – just get your ideas down on paper, go off on wild tangents, write scenes out of order and don’t censor yourself. When that’s done, you’ll probably be surprised at what you came up with while you were just letting yourself write organically. Then, you can come back in with the hedge clippers and prune away the messy bits –the parts that don’t further the theme, or are too indulgent –and in your next pass you can begin to flesh it back out and make that leaner, tighter story shine.

My first draft(s) were too influenced by other versions, but I probably couldn’t have written them if I hadn’t been so in love with what other creators had done with the story. Every time I reworked what I had, my own voice came through a little louder, and I began to see the themes I wanted to explore more clearly. Through revising and editing, I began to lose the parts that were too similar to other takes and find the one that was my own. 

I’ve said it before, but I think if you speak honestly in your writing, the truth of it comes through. Emotional honesty resonates with people. They know when something is contrived. As long as the story you write is one only you could have written, you’ve achieved something. <3

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I have so many otayuri fic ideas, it's really a shame i'm completely unable to write something acceptable, my writing skills are absolutely horifying. It's so frustrating when you have the imagination, but is unable to make them it into words.

I get where you are coming from. Here’s the thing: write them anyway. To get it out of your system, to practice etc. I totally get that need for being perfect, but we are often too harsh on ourselves you know? Start small. Write a drabble, a ficlet, one chapter. Show it to people. Ask for feedback. Ask what people enjoyed. Get confidence from that. Ultimately though write it for you, for fun because you loved the idea. That’s how I started at least. 😊

Good luck, anon!

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Boyfriend jaehwan moodboard but all shots are from woojins camerawork

That’s a more realistic boyfriend Mario, let’s be real. He’s the type that never even bothers to be cute with you so people don’t even notice he’s even your boyfriend. He’s tidy but he never knows where your stuff goes so it ends up all over the apartment. He’ll cook churros as dinner and spends too much money on chocolate milk. He’ll probably sing to you and then ask you if he sounds good, fishes for compliments. ekjlrewrlkwekrjrkwejrlwj