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i hate seeing people whine about ‘poor baby anders why would anyone hate him he did nothing wrong! he just wants peace for mages!!’ Because, boy! There are so many reasons to hate him. So I’m gonna list out all the reasons I hate this shitty ass character :) so sorry if it’s long

obviously, he blew up a chantry and killed a lot of innocent people. Let me repeat that because some reason people think that’s okay. Anders blew up a place of worship and killed innocent people.

Not only that but it made Meredith call for the right of annulment which gave templars the right to kill every mage in the circle. So not only did he kill innocent people in the chantry that he fucking blew up, innocent mages of the circle can also die.(depends on if you side with templars.)

The conversation he had with Aveline about her dead husband, which obviously crossed a line.

  • Anders: So you married a templar, huh?
  • Aveline: What of it?
  • Anders: Are they all as dirty as they seem?
  • Aveline: What?
  • Anders: Did he ever ask you to play “the naughty mage and the helpless recruit?” Maybe the “secret desire demon and the upstanding knight?”
  • Aveline: That’s disgusting!
  • Anders: I hear it’s quite popular.

The way he acts towards Fenris and Merrill if Hawke is in a relationship with either of them is disgusting.

  • Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but…
  • Anders: Are you sure about Fenris?
  • Anders: He seems less a man to me than a wild dog.
  • Hawke: You just don’t know him.
  • Anders: I know as much as I’m ever likely to.
  • Fenris: That’s right, mage.
  • Anders: He has let one bad experience color his whole world. Surely you want someone more openminded?
  • Fenris: A mage and a hypocrite. What company you keep.

He compares him to a dog and says ‘ONE’ bad experience made him like this?? O FUCKING KAY ANDERS

(If Hawke romanced Merrill but also slept with Isabela)

  • Anders: Hawke was a fool to let you move in. You’ll only betray him/her. That’s all your kind can do.
  • Merrill: Why do you only do this to me? Are you jealous? You don’t get upset about Hawke and Isabela.
  • Anders: You can’t really get jealous of someone for sleeping with Isabela. It’s just…understood.
  • Anders: She’s like a side dish. She comes with the meal.

Literally he’s disgusting

  • Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but… are you sure about Merrill? She acts sweet, but she’ll never choose you over her demon.
  • Hawke: Merrill loves me.

(If Merrill is in the party)

  • Merrill: What right do you have to question us? Is your Justice any different?
  • Anders: Yes. Keep your illusions then. Maker knows I won’t be the one to change them.

How can I forget! He approves to giving Fenris back to Danarius! You get approval from him by sending a slave back to their master. That in itself is enough for me to fucking hate him. He fucking whines about mages needing freedom from the circles and templars but? fenris hates mages? Better send him back to a life of being a slave. :)

lol I’m definitely forgetting some things but I need to get ready for school so this’ll do.  

And to anyone that tries to come and defend him, I DON’T CARE. I literally don’t want to hear what you have to say to try and defend him. I don’t.

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Deadass i hate ppl who tell me i’m depressing bc like????? yeah bitch of course!!!? i’m fucking?? Depressed???  what did u expect

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do you think it's necessary for people in a relationship to like each other the exact same amount?

I find if you’re quantifying it, it’s not great. I do think things need to be mutual, but 2 people are always gonna be experiencing things differently. That’s why talking about it as often as you can is so important.

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5am. Me looking my school notebooks from 2013:


Ohh OH

THAT was his name


1.08 / 6.03

People saying the ending of Bleach is like Naruto 2.0:

No dude, no.

Don’t insult Naruto*

The ending of Bleach is as if Naruto had decided to stop being a ninja at the end. Literally. There is no point of comparison to the absolute nonsense, bullshit, betrayal that was the last Bleach chapter

*I never liked/read Naruto and have only a vague notion of what the story and characters were about

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Nac: lets see...when Barcelona rigged the second leg vs PSG people saw it as "historic", two dive penalties given, and an offside goal. Not to mention two handballs by Barcelona in the penalty box no penalty given to PSG. Robben dived again (exactly the same way vs Mexico in WC 2014) penalty given to Bayern. One offside goal by Ronaldo. Barcelona are historic while Madrid are cheaters? I'm not saying Real Madrid are saints but cules really attacking Madrid like that after PSG and Chelsea?

Why do you even get mad? It’s not like Madridistas didn’t attack the shit out of Cules after the PSG match, you really can’t fight them so just let them be. People are gonna talk shit always no matter what and really who said what Barca did was historic? Both teams were favored and that’s what everyone should be admitting instead of attacking each other. 

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Abt ur tags on the "raise ur hand"post, like even if ur 100%sure, let someone explain it that faces the stuff ur gonna talk about, imho even if ur 100%sure there's stuff ur gonna miss. ina similar fashion, as someone who's Trans I'm rlly happy my friend tries to talk about the issues to ignorant ppl but I'd rather he directs them toTrans ppl (I'm not disagreeing w u but I wanted to share my two cents?)but yeah @white people ur always gonna miss small things so let POCdo the talking it's not hard

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 exactly!!!

Like there’s no shame in saying “I’m not informed enough on this subject to have an opinion or inform others” and then you send them to someone who is.

The One Where Derek Loses His Chill

Derek tries not it let it bother him, he really does, but it’s hard when he’s staring at the pale expanse of neck that’s dotted with moles and knowing what it feels like to work a mark into that soft skin. He’s fighting the feeling of claws and fangs the more he thinks about it, the more he hears it more like.

It’s the ripping noise as his fingers dig into the vinyl of the booth that has Stiles turning around and blinking at him. “What the hell is wrong with you? You’re red as a fucking tomato.” He reaches between them and pries his claws loose from where they’d embedded themselves. “Oh shit, you’re parents are gonna freak if they have to pay for damages again.”

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I love Zombie Apocalypse stuff on paper but watching it stresses me out so much, catastrophe/apocalyptic stuff in general makes me feel so anxious, it just claws to my gut with a feeling of dread and doesn’t stop for hours… and here I am watching more of Fear The Walking Dead just so I can have context for a fanmade character this is unbelievable.