people are already getting theirs

To every RPer.

Mini HUGE rant on Roleplay Manners and courtesy… and things I think most of us wanna see more of.

YES… those are a thing… Something to consider for a better functioning well greased community.

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I have noticed a lot of tension between antagonistic and protagonist guilds lately same for “Hero” and “Villain” character players.  

More often or not the “Hero” shows up out of nowhere to save the day and the damsel in distress, playing the white knight and so on and so forth. There rarely is a legitimate reason for them to be there at that particular time on that particular day in that particular spot. There is rarely a legitimate way for them to have knows what was happening and what the context of the scene was before they come barging in swinging their swords or what have you, and that is an issue.

People shouldn’t have to do all their solo RP in instances just because you can’t keep control your urge to be the good guy.

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dnp just got their copy of dapgo but like,, people were already getting theirs yesterday these boys late to the game

you know someone fucked up when fans are getting copies of dapgo before dan and phil themselves

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Drunk BTS right here:

Jin - He is the least likely to get drunk out of all the bts members, and he would probably be the normal one, even after a few drinks because he seems like someone who knows his tolerance of alcohol, and won’t drink more that he should. Maybe his maternal instinct will take control over him, and he will become the one who makes sure that others won’t do anything too stupid. Suming up, as long as Jin is at the party, everyone is safe.

Jin: “Come on, we’re going home.”

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Suga - I think it depends on his reason to get drunk, if it’s just a regular party, then he will become the one who talks about how he have to watch over the other members so they won’t do anything stupid, and then end up sleeping on the bench without shoes on in December. If he will get drunk because his mood was bad, then oh God, better not annoy him, because he may become aggressive, and poor Jin will have to get him from the office…

Suga: “Just a short nap, don’t mind me.”

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or “What did you say?!”

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J-hope - oh God, the king of every party, he would talk to everyone, including walls and other material objects, laugh at everything, and make sure that everyone is at least half as drunk as he is. He won’t leave the dance floor, until he will randomly remember something sad, and end up crying on the table, becoming over-emotional. Probably the other members will have to carry him home, because he will be “too sad to walk”. Everyone will laugh at him after party, and he will refuse to believe in anything he did that night.

J-hope: *dancing to “Single ladies” by Beyonce*

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Rap Monster - The one, who will try to find a victim who will have to listen to his philosophical thoughts, that will be even deeper than the sober ones. He may become the one who will bring the politics to the conversations, when there’s definitely no need for that. Everyone will try to avoid him, the ones who will get catched, will have to sit and listen about the problems of this world and the sense of life.

Rap Monster: “I didn’t talk to you yet, right? That’s great, let’s sit here.” *Jungkook is warning you at the back*

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Jimin - The flirtatious one, who will try to get everyone’s phone number, even the people who already gave him theirs long time ago. He will dance with every girl, and rock the dance floor with his sexy dance routines, that no one asked for (I wouldn’t mind though). He will become very touchy for sure, and if you are his girlfriend, then you won’t be even able to go to the bathroom without him. He will stick to you, and there’s no way to stop him.

Jimin: *sexy dance time*

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V - The funny guy, who should be at every party. He will make the people who are just sitting get up and dance with him, and he won’t let anyone not have fun, whatever they want it or not, NO ONE IS LEAVING THIS PARTY UNHAPPY. He may come up with some weird games ideas, that probably no one who is still able to think logically will take a part in, because they will be potentially dangerous lmao.

V: “Why are you in the bathroom? You should have fun! Come on!”

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Jungkook - I don’t think that he would make any troubles, it’s not that he won’t drunk much, he just seems like someone with high tolerance of alcohol. He will only become bolder, and he finally will be able to talk to a girl without having a problem with inhaling and exhaling the oxygen. He may help Jin to get the other members, make them come back to their senses, or escort them home. Jin and Jungkook are needed at every party, to make sure that everyone will get out alive.

Jungkook: “Hi, ladies.”

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