people are a lot more respectful here tbh

little thing i want to point out while i was writing that meta. why izuku keeps calling katsuki “ kacchan .

i think izuku keeps calling katsuki with that nick because of full respect / admiration towards the other guy. now i think it’s obvious to think that nick means a lot more than we actually think of because as i said before katsuki doesn’t let people call him by nicknames less by “ kacchan ”, so here it comes the respect izuku got for katsuki’s quirk / force ( & maybe inside himself, katsuki sees that respect izuku got for him but being the proud hoe he is he would rather die than admitting something like this, but the again he is letting izuku call him with that nickname which i think is a sign ). as i said in the meta i just wrote, izuku admires katsuki’s strength & abilities & he thinks he is way cooler than him of course & we all know how izuku was such a sucker for those heroes he admires when he was in middle school & he was still a quirkless boy ( though he is still the biggest nerd ever with pro heroes / & quirks in general ). i guess this is the main reason izuku keeps calling katsuki with that nickname or maybe izuku just got used to that nick, since katsuki called him deku back in the days, & he, himself keept calling izuku “ deku ”, i think izuku just followed katsuki’s “ adressing thing ” somehow.

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Why are you an eruri shipper and which reasons would you give to someone who wants to get attached to that ship but she needs a little push? :)

ʘ‿ʘ you came to the right inbox, friend

reasons i ship eruri aka old men yaoi aka gross cute:

  1. ultimate trust forever. like, levi trusts erwin’s decisions involving the counterattack against the titans one-hundred percent. erwin is the only person he trusts (see here and also here). in addition, erwin admires and trusts levi’s strength. and it’s because levi lends so much of his prickly heart to erwin that i ship them. also it makes for some hella fine D/s elements ya feeling me? here is levi being tsundere about following erwin’s orders and calling himself an idiot for him (x
  2. LEVI DOESN’T LET UNCLEAN PEOPLE INTO ERWIN’S OFFICE (x) it also talks more about how much levi trusts erwin and how erwin gave him the motivation to become captain. buhh. erwin was the one who got levi into the legion in the first place. levi respects him a lot and the feeling is mutual.
  3. the entire plot of a choice with no regrets tbh, also called choice with no hetero, as depicted here (x) i won’t spoil you but the end of the spin-off manga/visual novel contains yaoi rain and just general yaoi
  4. they’ve been by each other’s sides for yearrrrrs and thus know each other really really well. and i imagine talk about each other a lot. here is levi talking about erwin like all the time: (x) (x) (x) and here he is getting erwin’s attention (x)
  5. they are old men and do old men things. probably together. such losers. look at erwin telling levi to refill his gas. and levi is like okay i trust you. and erwin looks away because he’s too doki (probably definitely) (x)
  6. SIZE. DIFFERENCE. just imagine levi getting on his tip-toes to kiss erwin or erwin totally covering levi’s body with his own like that on its own is probably enough it’s like the yaoi holy grail

and there you have it. why i ship eruri in a nutshell. 

Ok… real question though, WHERE did the crybaby stereotype for Cancer come from? I know they’re the most emotional sign, but Cancers hold their feelings in pretty well most of the time like the water sign they are… Which means they probably don’t cry a lot in public. If anything, you’re more likely to see them crying by themselves alone. So how can you SEE a Cancer crying if they’re alone?

Also, Cancer’s cardinal. Aries and Capricorn are also cardinal and are probably two of the strongest signs (besides Scorpio imo) in the zodiac. Cancers are so strong, especially with their emotions. You can do so many things if you’re strong with your emotions. Idk compared to other signs, I feel like some people see Cancers as weaklings BECAUSE they see them as crybabies but I don’t think that’s true!!

I mean, if your strong suit’s in emotions - you can definitely emotionally manipulate a lot of people. And amazingly, that’s what a lot of people can hate Cancer for!

Like, am I missing something here? Idk I kinda just joke Cancers are crybabies because everybody else kinda does it - but idk, I see them more as scary and moody than sad and emotional.

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its about our main gays & i have to ask who do you think tops? most people assume Xi because he looks manlier & acts more stoic than JY but i always kinda felt Xi gives in easily to JY & is more sensitive (to JY's love) than people think. art of jian yi carrying Xi kinda reminded me of just how passionate & excited JY is about Xi. i kinda believe both would switch, but i still feel JY is the assertive one who is greedy & cant get enough of Xi while Xi would just be content with his idiot haha

you basically summed up all my thoughts on the matter tbh, i agree with everything you said!!

i feel like a lot of people (myself included at the beginning) just assume that jian yi is the bottom because he is more emotional and doesn’t fit the stereotypical personality traits of seme characters that we’re used to see in yaoi, but we have to keep in mind that 19 days is not the stereotypical yaoi, so it doesn’t have to respect or use the common tropes that we would find in one (and im using the term yaoi here because i feel like a lot of us are influenced by this genre, but i definitely think that’s something we shouldn’t apply to 19 days, since it also comes from a completely different culture)

one of the reasons why i love 19 days so much, it’s because old xian manages to give a lot of depth to the characters despite how short the chapters are, they feel very real to me, and i can see that old xian really cares about telling their story, which is very refreshing, so i try not to let myself fall into common tropes when i analyse them but do my best to understand them and what would they want and like best

when it comes to jian yi and zheng xi, it’s true that zheng xi is the one who is physically stronger and acts more mature, whereas jian yi is more emotional and childish sometimes, but this is not all there is, because like you said jian yi can also be very assertive and dominant while zheng xi can feel more uneasy and bashful, especially when it comes to a certain kind of physical contact

(………sorry for the crappy picspam, i wanted to show some example of what i mean)

of course zheng xi’s feelings about jian yi are not the same as jian yi’s feelings for him yet (at least, in my opinion), so it’s definitely possible that he will become more comfortable about this in the future and make their dynamic change a little, but even in that case i personally can see jian yi being the top and im actually very fond of this headcanon (you can’t tell me that jian yi wouldn’t feel absolutely ecstatic about being inside zheng xi)

so, yeah, i do think they switch a lot, but im very partial to top!jian yi (though i don’t know ho wmany chance it has to happen even if we get an actual sex scene between them) and i definitely think that he is a power bottom when zheng xi is the one to top