people annoy

The worst is when you don’t care about a gymnast everyone on the gymternet is obsessed with, not even dislike just not caring much either way about, and you’re constantly seeing them all over their dash all the time and it almost makes you want to dislike them for no other reason than you’re just really annoyed with every other post you see being about them

Does anyone else have that curse where you have a long span of time where nothing happens in your life and then suddenly EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE cause that happens to me all. the. time.

i just logged in and…

who the outsiders boys would be in the outsiders fandom

Darry- the one who manages to stay out of drama
Soda- super generic blog probably dedicated to dallas or johnny
Johnny- writes quality fics
Steve- one of the only fanart people
Pony- one of those annoying asks people, u kno the ones, who are like “I want a ship, I hate socs and wear leather jackets and hate children” like bitch just say u want dallas
Dallas- starts shit with everyone
Two Bit- only posts memes
Tim- barely ever posts but when they do it’s Quality™
Curly- is into super obscure characters like he’s got a blog for that Jerry guy

vegans are so fucking annoying like people could be boycotting something that directly impacts something awful and they will pop up out of nowhere and be like “yall will boycott __________ but wont stop eating meat” like yeah i am and i will now go make some cool campaign slogan that will go on a shock value poster that no one fucking asked for margaret.

the worst part of the anahardt tag are the annoying straight people saying dumb shit like “im proud to be straight” and “lol ur all mad just because i like straight ships #respectallships *gif of someone dropping a mic*” like..yall…are embarrassing. stop trying to act like yall are oppressed for being straight. keep this shit out of my old people tag

“I’m probably one of the people that get annoyed over the fact people treat rp meme blogs as rp blogs and rp blogs as meme blogs that it’s no wonder the roleplayer’s who reblog memes for hopeful interaction just get it reblogged from them but almost never sent in and see no point in lingering. yet do so with the source. People can’t be that stupid or just doing so to piss everyone off.”

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

dearest white friends,

my culture is not to be used for your costume. dia de los muertos isn’t halloween, so stop painting sugar skulls on your face for a costume. stop telling me to calm down when i get angry about you appropriating my culture. “calm down, seb, i have nothing against it”, okay, but you’re offending me, my parents, and my grandma who crawls on her knees every year to the church for day of the dead. i love you, but you need to stop stealing my culture. 


your mexican friend