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Since my laptop is still broken ,i havent had the chance to draw digitally for the past 2 months, so i decided to post some of my traditional art from my sketchbook!!
Note: i dont colour that much so this is like the only colored piece from my notebook rip

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you know that vine of cats being dragged along on leashes? thats cat!tony whenever people try to make him do things (board meetings, shield meetings, etc etc)

“Boss, come on,” Happy whined, pulling on his arms.

“I will not.”

“I already had to drag Pepper to the board room!”

“I most definitely will not now.”

Happy scowled down at him, then let out a little huff and a muttered ‘fine’ before he leaned down and pulled the feline over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. “The things you two make me do, I swear to God.”

“NO,” Tony yowled, but didn’t struggle. “NO HAPPY NOOOO.”

“At least when he carries you, you don’t have to worry about your skirt riding up,” Pepper muttered out of the corner of her mouth when he finally sat down beside her.

Tony muttered to himself darkly, slouching in his seat. It must have been a bad meeting if Pepper didn’t want to go to it either.

“Alright,” Steve said with more cheer than he felt. “Time for debrief!”

Iron Man remained stonily silent. He did not have to see Tony’s face to know he was glaring mulishly at him.

“It’s part of being an Avenger, Tony,” Steve sighed, slinging an arm around his shoulders and taking a step. He jerked when the armor didn’t move with him, letting out a little yelp. “Ah! Tony.

Tony said nothing, but somehow he could tell the feline was smug.

“You piece of shit,” Steve breathed, appalled, then growled and gave his shoulders a tug. He screamed when the armor fell forward with a dull clang. “Tony! Tony oh my God are you okay!?”

“He’s locked the suit’s joints so you can’t force him to move,” Natasha said, not even trying to hide her amusement.

Steve glared at the armor, muttering a bunch of colorful language, then reached down and wrapped his arms around the armor’s waist. “I can carry you, idiot.”

There was a long pause before the silence was broken by a long, angry, wordless yowl coming from the suit’s speakers. Tony continued to yowl even as Steve stood him beside the conference table.

“Tony, come on,” Bruce said, though he did look amused. “You’re hurting my ears.”

The visor flipped up. Tony stopped yowling to instead glare at Steve with all the betrayal he could muster.

Steve flinched, because that was an awful lot of betrayal.

Okay where’s that post where it goes kinda like “Kent parson’s the kind of person who would link his tumblr to his Facebook because he wants people to know he loves cats and being nutted on” like that post has made me laugh so hard I coughed up a lung

I will say this:  People who make it their personal death hill to insist that cats are tender hearted, loyal companions who only bite when they are over stimulated and give a rattlesnack type warning for this totally unintentional biting, etc etc, are BORING and are sucking all the joy out of cats as a species.  

My cats have complicated emotions, are weird little liars and could be plotting my death at any time. They also hold stupid grudges! If I didn’t like it that way I’d get a nice prey species or something truly domesticated,  like a bunny or a cow or something.  Instead, I let tiny hypercarnivores sleep in my bed. 

TalesFromRetail: You stole my quarter!

This happened the other day.

I work at a small mom & pop store. And this site has really helped my people skills.

Woman who is a regular customer buys dog &, cat food. Her total comes to $14.35. W=customer C=me

W: ( hands me $10 bill and a dime)

C: “oh I’m sorry the total was $14.35 (thinking I misread the total)

W: "oh well there should be two tens there.”

C: “no i’m sorry you handed me $10.10”

W: then hands me another ten dollar bill.

I hand her, her change and this is when she flips out on me.

W: “why are you doing this? I don’t want this! I gave you $20.35! I don’t want change!”

C: now I’m completely dumbfounded “no i’m sorry you gave me two tens and a dime”

W: “where is my quarter?”

C: “you never handed me a quarter?”

W: “yes I did! What did you think I was doing? (I never assume with customers because God only knows) where is it!? You stole my quarter!!!”

Yeah that’s it. I stole it. I ate it. I’m headed to the gum ball machine next door on lunch….

Her friend who was with her put her hand on her arm as she was yelling by this point. I offered to get a manager for her but she just grabbed her good and kept muttering how “she’s not losing it, and I stole her quarter”

My coworker heard the whole thing, asked if that’s how I will get rich someday.

By: Xxmixtape_meltdown

My names Aleksandr and I like dank memes. I’m a smol boys at the age of 14. I live in the fried chicken state (aka Kentucky)
I just want to make some new friends and talk to new people. I speak English, some French, and some Russian (not much).

Like: books, boys, cute people, writing, dinosaurs, cats, my plants, memes, music, and space.

Dislikes: homophobes or bigots of any kind. If you are a bigot or fascist please just ignore this post.

If you would like to be frens or just wanna chat about something, my Tumblr is Aleksandr-gogh. And if you want, I can add you to this cool tumblr pen pal group chat I have with some other dank memers.

Okay everyone who recommends Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater to me needs to explain the part where it was a hard winter so the wolf pack immediately tried to cannibalize a first grader… and then later the kid grew up and one of those wolves had a romance with her.

Like. Explain that. Explain that romance to me.

Because like??? if you’re having a hard winter? EAT OUT OF THE TRASH. EAT STRAY CATS. LOOK ADORABLE AND HOPE PEOPLE FEED YOU. STEAL FROM PEOPLE WHO PUT DOG BOWLS OUTSIDE. Or since you’re a WEREwolf how about you just buy enough dog kibble beforehand????

Don’t just grab a small child off a swing and start chowing down!

I don’t care that the love interest wolf ~saved her life~ because he looked into her eyes and she was his soulmate, I care that he was chewing a mouthful of her arm meat when they met! And would totally have eaten a less soulmatey first grader! How does this not shit the romance to death for you guys???

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Sometimes when my cat is sitting somewhere and I walk past and say his name he'll stand up and kind of arch his back at me while looking at me? What does this mean? His tail will also kind of be half curled above his back, does he do this because he feel threatened by me? Pls help

This is a really good example of a behavior that’s potentially confusing because there are TWO possibilities here!

One is a scared cat.  Here’s a picture of a frightened cat with the behavior you’re describing:

(taken from pinterist)

Here’s a cat who’s just stretching!  Both have their backs arched and tails up, but have different moods. 

So look at your cat’s ear position the next time he does this: are they slightly back, like the frightened cat, or forward, like the stretching cat?  Is his fur puffed out or relaxed (especially on his tail)?  Is he hissing or growling?

most likely, your cat is just stretching.  Like people who have been sitting or lying down for a long time, cats also need a bit of a stretch. 

What in the hell is going on in the minds of our people in Africa and every other place that black people dwell smh poor cat …
This is what the invaders religion did to our people. ..Sad.

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From the fic 'the wind in our sail (what we've waited for):' What inspired you to write the fic this way? & Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic? :D

Heh. That one…well, first, I might as well tell you all: the rewritten original-characters version of that one (plus two sequels, one of which I just finished writing) is getting published by Less Than Three Press later this year! So it’s kind of funny, going back to thinking about the fic version, because I’ve got the other characters in my head…

1 - what inspired you to write the fic this way?

Honestly, this was one of those fics that just…turned up and practically wrote itself. I’d been having random conversations with a lot of people about Sebastian liking cats ( @kittyseb, @viperbranium, @thebestpersonherelovesbucky) and while I was - I think while I was driving home from campus, it was - the first lines just appeared in my head. I wrote it super-fast and also linearly, which is actually unusual for me; I think I wrote start to finish except for skipping the actual sex bits because I had dialogue to get down, and then I put the anatomy bits back in, but it was all one writing session. So I don’t know if there’s a good specific answer other than ‘Sebastian Stan, cats, and time in the car.’ Though I was also listening to that Weezer album a lot, the one the title comes from.

14 - anything I wanted readers to learn from that fic?

I feel like saying “learn” is weird because that implies there’s a rhetorical or pedagogical element of instruction to it (is this just an odd question?), and so much of fic is about the embrace of pleasures, the worth of pleasure, both textual and bodily…but I guess that’s kind of an answer too, isn’t it? Especially with this fic, which someone called “very sex-positive” in a comment, and I had really just written that bit because it felt right, as a sort of reclaiming of Sebastian’s agency and pleasure, but in retrospect of course that’s why it felt right, so if there’s a message it’s probably that, about pleasure and sex and reclamation and positivity. Or that you should always rescue kittens caught in the rain. :-)

(ask me about my fic! I’ll probably get to the rest of these in office hours or after class, since I have to head to campus now)