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Richjake headcanons I guess ???

So people seemed to really like my boyf riends headcanons so here’s richjake ( I might do cinnabon ones later on ;33 )

Jake constantly takes Rich to Sbarros because he loves that place so much he needs to share it with the other love of his life

They still constantly call each other bro and dude and say no homo

But when nobody’s around “Jakey bear” “Richy boo”

Rich will constantly try and impress Jake like “Hey watch me bench press this random thing” and Jake thinks it’s the cutest thing

If Jake compliments rich he’ll act really cocky like “haha yea I know its because I’m awesome” but he’s actually a blushy screaming boy on the inside

They are really defensive of each other like if say one bad thing about one of them the other will hunt you down and just “I heard you were talking shit about my bro”

“Hey bro do you wanna cuddle or something ”


Seeing rich really hates being at home he practically lives with Jake by this point

Jake smooches rich’s freckles and burn scars all the time

They both support each other as much as possible, like rich is always trying to be there for Jake and give him company so he doesn’t have to feel so alone and Jake is constantly finding ways to help not only deal with his squid recovery but his home issues as well

They also give each other random piggy back rides like all the time and just run down the hall with each other while everyone is just confused

“Bro you’re the best”
“That’s impossible because you’re already the best”

Jake either teases rich about his lisp or repeadtly says how cute it is and how he loves it no in between

things i love about the Two Towers


Aragorn being that weird girl we all knew in middle school that was too obsessed with horses


Aragorn opening that door that one time


the music sting for Rohan


Gimli and Legolas keeping score

the extended edition scene where Denathor tells Boromir to bring back the ring or dont come back basically

Faramir and his pretty pretty face

did i mention Éowyn Shieldmaiden of Rohan????

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hi just waltzing in to say I had no idea you liked dr horrible and I'm feeling blessed like ?? I haven't met anyone that knows about it and it's lowkey one of my favorite musicals ever so anyway have a nice day

GOD YEA i hecking ADORE dr horrible oh man
it’s one of the very first musicals i got into and it holds a special place in my heart pls talk to me abt it literally anytime

ID #18591

Name: Martina
Age: 19
Country: Italy

Hey! I’m Martina, I’m a first year university student currently majoring in economics.
I love meeting new people and learning about different countries and cultures, reading (currently I’m reading Harry Potter) and listening to all kind of music.
I’d love to find a long distance friend to write to!

Preferences: 16-25

Ironicaly OUAT started out being that show where it was all like

“Yeah its classic disney tales but not as you remember them”

And at this point its basically a disney channel show

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1. What You Own

2. I’ll Cover You

3. Take Me or Leave Me

4. La Vie Boheme

5. Seasons of Love

“I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything. When they found out that Garry and I were together, they were so happy. The reaction was so beautiful — strangers commenting, ‘Great for you!’ I’m just so grateful for it.”

Barry Manilow has officially come out as gay, telling People magazine about his marriage to his manager and partner of 40 years, Garry Kief, and how his fans have reacted. Congratulations! (via People)

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Broadway blogs most of the year: Aren’t all of these shows incredible?? 

Broadway blogs during Tony season: My favourite show is the best and my oath of fealty to it makes every other show either lacklustre or overexposed