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ID #21262

Name: Lia
Age: 20
Country: New Zealand

Hi! My name is Lia, I’m 20, and I would love to get to know more people around the world. I’m currently doing my post graduates degree in visual art, and am really interested in tattooing. My interests are super varied, I’m literally into any genre of music, but at the moment I’ve been loving the band MUNA. I’m a feminist, so if you want to share complaints about politics and society, I’m down. I have the biggest sense of humour, so as long as something isn’t offensive, I’ll probably laugh. I can also guarantee that at some point I’ll make a really dumb Dad joke or a really bad pun, so… you’re welcome.
Some of the shows I love: Sense8, Skam, Brooklyn Nine Nine, HTGAWM, and of course the female driven classics - Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. Though, it’s fine if we don’t share a lot of interests, I’d love to talk about anything, that includes any personal things you’re going through in life. 

Preferences: 19+, LGBTQ friendly

PSA to musical kids

Hamilton didn’t invent diversity on Broadway.