people always lies

i am so high on red bull and coffee it is unreal and i don’t even like red bull lmao; i actually hate the taste and especially the smell of ‘normal’ red bull but the red edition is at least good enough that i don’t feel like throwing up when drinking it and on some days (for example today) i simply have to drink it because otherwise i’d just fall asleep from exhaustion and there is no time for that

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hey just letting u know that i agree with you on the ace ppl are lgbt but i'm 99% sure "aspec" refers to autism spectrum and not ace spectrum so you might want to word it a bit differently on your byf

okay so i’ve always seen aspec used to mean ace/aro while autism spectrum was spelled out but i’m not autistic myself so since this is the first time i’ve heard of this i looked it up and also asked around and i’ve had a couple people who are autistic tell me that you’re incorrect and that the only people they’ve heard say this are people that are not autistic themselves so?? idk if this is just misinformation but i’m still going to take your suggestion and change it just to make sure nobody gets confused again so thanks!!

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Hi! I found your music shortly after I played Life is Strange and it's been instrumental in helping work through all those feelings surrounding it. I had a question: You've made music specifically for LiS for a while now, but have started to make music inspired by your own life as well. It seems many (including myself) still see a lot of LiS themes in those songs. Does it bother you at all that it seems people will always see/hear LiS even if that is not what you intended in that specific piece?

Hey stranger! That’s actually an interesting question I’m sure I’ll butcher answering!

I’ve always been of the mindset that from the moment I post my songs online, they stop belonging to me, and start belonging to the people listening to them. It’s sort of a transfer of sorts, but it means it’s theirs to interpret however they like.

One of my favorite bands (U2) released a big book of all their songs and all the “real” meanings, but later said it was one of the things they wished they’d never done, because it took any personal attachment people may have had away.

I sort of feel the same, and so while I do sometimes discuss my intentions of the songs, I like that people can take their own meanings out of it, and sort of make it “their” song in a sort. Even if it’s something completely different than what I intended, I think that different interpretation is just as valid!