people actually noticed who i was omg

And now a compilation of stuff I've been told as kpop fans by others:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> "Who's this Chinese group?"<p/><b></b> "They all look the same."<p/><b></b> "Stop listening to them."<p/><b></b> "They're all basically the same group."<p/><b></b> "Omg, stop listening to them!"<p/><b></b> "You don't really understand them, why listen to their music?"<p/><b></b> "Get your life together and stop listening to these people."<p/><b></b> "They're not that talented."<p/><b></b> "What are they doing?"<p/></p><p/><b></b> "Omg that's a boy?!"<p/><b></b> "Why are guys wearing makeup?"<p/><b></b> "Stop listening to them..."<p/><b></b> "So they aren't all Chinese?"<p/><b></b> "They're not *insert popular western artist*."<p/><b></b> "She's not that pretty."<p/><b></b> "Why are there so many people in a group?"<p/><b></b> "You have a really bad obsession you know."<p/></p><p/><b></b> "I've seen better...."<p/></p>

Astro Reaction: “Were You Waiting?”

Characters: Astro / Reader
Genre: Fluff
A/N: i couldnt think of a title excuse me xD


Myungjun (MJ):
He would have been out with one of the boys, probably Jinwoo, at a cafe when he saw you. He noticed that you keep glancing at your watch; two cups of coffee on your table. After half an hour, Myungjun sees you sigh, packing your things. You’d apologize to the waiter, who had been a bit annoyed with you. He recognizes the look on your face as embarrassment and immediately walks up to you, smiling.
“Honey~ were you waiting long?”

The two of you would get closer as time goes on, despite the fact that he wasn’t your date.

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Jinwoo (JinJin):
Like Myungjun, he was at the same restaurant as you and had been for well over half an hour. Jinwoo would notice how you kept glancing at the door and would feel bad for you. You had obviously dressed up, expecting somebody; disappointment radiating off of you. He couldn’t deny you attractiveness, although he blushed a lot when one of the boys pointed out that he was staring. When you had been sitting at your table alone for an hour, he finally stood up and went to you.
“Hello, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re alone. Is this seat taken?”
This man boy would try to be smooth but would fail, stumbling over his words cutely. It wouldn’t take long for you to feel better after being stood up.

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):
Unlike his hyungs, Dongmin would actually witness you being ditched by your date. After watching your date leave, he would see how hurt and embarrassed you were. Upon noticing the amount of people who were staring at you, he’d walk up to your table, guiding you toward the exit.
“Forget him– let’s go get some coffee. I know this great cafe down the road.”
Although you’d be a bit wary when he walked up to you, you’d warm up to him after realizing that he was just being nice.

*i’m screaming omg eunwoo is a perfect human being i swear*

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Bin (Moonbin): *am i the only one who was confused over his name*
When he walked into the restaurant with the boys, he wouldn’t immediately see you. He’d only notice you after they walked passed your table. Astro just so happened to sit behind you, so he was able to hear you talk when your phone rang. He’d eavesdrop without noticing, raising his eyebrows at your angry tone. When he found out that you were stood up he’d leave his own table, confusing the hell out of the boys, and sit across from you, smiling awkwardly.
“ It’s nice to meet you I’m Bin, but you can call me Moonbin.”
“Um, I–”

While you appreciated the thought, you’d probably send him back to his table after seeing how awkward and subtly stressed the boy was. Before you left, you’d ask for his number, claiming you wanted to buy him a drink in return for trying.

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Minhyuk (Rocky):
Honestly, Minhyuk went to the almost empty cafe because he had a bit of a headache and didn’t want to talk to anyone. His mindset would change when he’d notice you quietly crying at your corner table. Literally no one else was in the cafe except for a few workers behind the counter. Slowly, he’d walk to your table and cautiously sit down.
“Hey, are you okay? I’ll buy you a drink, what do you want?”
“It’s fine–”

After ordering two hot chocolates, despite your protests, he’d listen to your story. He’d do his best to make you smile, his headache the last of his worries.

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He just wanted his burgers when he and the boys arrived at the fast food restaurant. He’d notice you sitting across from a guy who was on his phone. Sanha would probably be a bit weirded out; why were you so dressed up at a fast food place?? When he was nearly finished his burger, the two of you began to argue over the quality of your dates. After the guy dumped his drink on you, storming out, he’d make his way to you to ask if you were okay.
“Oh my gosh, that was so rude of him… are you okay? Wait of course you’re not okay, you just got a drink dumped on you–”
He’d get nervous and shy after realizing he walked up to an attractive af person, but he’d still be worried about you.

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what if mafia yuri is just really possesive? but like in a subtle way. Like he'll glare at everyone who thinks of touching his Beka, and he eill kill everyone who actually does touch him. But he never says something, always makes sure Beka doesn't notice. So we have possesive Otabek showing everyone Yuri is his by marking him, grabbing his ass and telling people off, and we have possesive Yuri, who glares at people and get in fights behind Otabek's back ~Kitten

Omg bless you, kitten. They’re both terribly possessive for sure… Although I think it’s actually the opposite – Beka is subtle about it, probably by necessity. He wants to threaten every person who gets near Yuri, he wants to grab Yuri’s ass in public but he really can’t (except in dark club corners, yuris room or when the bosses heads are turned.)Otabek knows if they realized how well he takes care of the kitten, how close he keeps him, he’d be replaced. So he tries to play it close to his chest.

Yuri is the wild card, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t think what harm could come of him flying off the handle – he’s ready to scream at anyone who gets close to Beka or touches him, whines about how everyone looks at Beka. He’s the one grabbing Otabek in public, sticking his tongue out at whoever thought they’d try to talk to him.

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i was rewatching AHL and i was just wondering how people never noticed so many sugakookie moments like. yoongi is basically almost clinging to jungkook whenever they're together. it's so cute, i love. also i'm the same anon who likes how you list stuff hehe.

Omg! SAME. When I was getting into BTS, I actually didn’t get into SugaKookie through the MVs (Like I saw it, but I didn’t ship it at the time. I was too focused on JiHope’s story) and then I went back and watched AHL and I just saw it. It was there. Everywhere. Then I went back and watched the MVs and it kind of sealed the deal for me lmao. 


Let not forget Jungkook’s comment about Yoongi dancing:

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omg do u pronounce gif "jif"??? sometimes i feel like the only one who pronounces it jif asdjfshsh

LOL yeah i do! It rolls off my tongue easier so :’-)
But same though the only time I rly ever notice I’m one of the few who say it is when ppl actually point it out

I always found the gif jif debate funny cause people make a big deal about but I’m just like it’s not that deep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m glad to have met another jif person tho we gotta stick 2gether shakesfist in the air

Natsume Ship Days

So it’s no secret that I ship MatoNatsu, but I was just on twitter and I happened to notice that tomorrow (July 10) is the day for celebrating NaMato, Natori x Matoba’s ship (Called “NaMato Day”). The tag to copy and paste into twitter’s search bar is: #名的の日2017

For my fellow MatoNatsu people, we actually have a ship day as well. Ours is called “MatoNatsu Anniversary,” but it isn’t until September 1. If you’re interested in seeing art from prior MatoNatsu Anniversaries, the tag for both pixiv and twitter is: #的夏記念日

If anyone would like me to research the days other Natsume ships are celebrated, let me know, and I’ll try to figure them out. Sorry for such short notice to the NaMato people, I honestly didn’t know until just now. orz


Ultimate Bias Tag

started by @kookiexdae (main blog) srry for promo 

Rules: answer the following questions about ur top 3 ultimate biases and the tag 5 people.

the questions below are for each of the biases…

ask any questions if they don’t make sense :)

1. who are your 3 ultimate biases? (any group)

dont have a specific order but…

  • jungkook 
  • taeyong
  • jongdae

2. when did you first see your bias? *list all three*

jungkook - i was watching the music video for DOPE 

taeyong - nct u’s seventh sense

jongdae - omg i can’t remember i actually think from a ship i got and then i noticed him

3. was he/her your first bias? *all three*

jungkook - yes, he caught my attention the first time i saw him in dope

taeyong - nope, mark was my first bias but then i saw his pink hair and everything changed

jongdae - nope, chanyeol was

4. your favorite thing about your bias?

jungkook - by visual his eyes, personality - how he cares about his hyung’s so much and he just a big goof

taeyong - visual his eyes, personality - his dancing, his care for the younger members and all members, he’s very relatable to me just how he thinks and his insecurities. he also has a beautiful voice like geez

jongdae - his lips omg how they curl up and it looks like he is always smiling, also he’s so kind like yess… oh oh and his voice he has such an angelic boys omg!

5. what do they specialize in?

jungkook - voice, dance

taeyong - leader, dance, rapping

jongdae - voice

6. what group are they from?

jungkook - bts

taeyong - nct

jongdae - exo

7. zodiac sign?

jungkook - virgo

taeyong - cancer

jongdae - libra

8. favorite picture / gif and why?

jungkook - he looks so happy, and he’s on stage doing what he loves and that just makes me happy

taeyong - i just found this but it just shows him beign carefree and he looks like he’s having fun and not stressed which makes me so so happy i just love him in any picture

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jongdae - yo ok can we just appreciate this child like he looks like such a goof which he is, but like he looks so carefree and like he’s just having fun and yes my angel <3 

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9. why do you love them?

why did i write this omg ok

jungkook - literally his human self, he’s so beautiful caring, kind, and such a goof. he works so hard to reach his dreams and still continues to practice while still taking care of the hyungs and the fans. and i could talk more but i have to make this short bc im bout to leave

teayong - ok so i could talk about this boy forever and ever but here are the main things, his rapping and dancing is just out of this world like i swear, and then his personality i love it so much (he would be the best bf) and his passion for things he loves is just like omg what can this boy not do and i will now shut up

jongdae - this boy actually brightens up my if in so many ways i love him so much like it’s just ahljdslkjl ( @achenlove she gets me) like his voice is literally an angel and then his personality he is legit a living angel on the earth he’s so kind and funny and gorgeous and talented and i love him so so much! <3

i tag: @winwiniswinning @marksmushroomhair @gyeommine whoever else wants to do it! <3


this is my side blog but thank you @achenlove for being the first one to do it! <3 love you!!!

ok peace byee peeps a scenerio should be up tonight or tmr! <3

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Omg I love your edits! Do you have any tips for people redrawing/cleaning up images? I use photoshop a lot and I've been trying to figure out the complexity of after effects haha.

I do all the cleaning/redrawing in Photoshop!  After Effects is solely for the animation part.

Here are my very bad tips:

1) Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool, not the Eraser

Eraser can get very time consuming with trying to get the edges and corners. I use the polygonal lasso tool to outline the character (if you mess up on a line, just press Delete and it’ll delete just that one line), then I just right click > layer via cut and delete the background layer.  If the image is very large, I just go in sections around the character while deleting the background.

2) Use the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush

I’m pretty sure anyone who does cleaning/redrawing often already knows about this but if you don’t, get to know them now!!

Watch/read tutorials on them and get to know how they work.  That way, you don’t need to redraw from scratch or crop out something because you don’t know how to get rid of that damn speech bubble covering half the character’s face.  Also helps a lot with redrawing screentones and gradients.

3) Something big you gotta redraw? Duplicate!!

So, in this edit I did, I had to redraw this damn sleeve (and the stuff the text is covering but we’ll focus on the sleeve here) because she was going to be in the center and a cut off sleeve would look weird

 Welp. Duplicate the other sleeve, reverse, change the size, and apply the clone stamp where it is needed, erase around, then merge the layers once happy!  Think of clone stamp in this case as something to ease in the choppy transition – sorta like fixing the blemishes

I like to use duplication when the redrawing involves something that is an object, is large, complicated, etc.  Something that a clone stamp can’t really do without going through more trouble than needed.

Another example:

So in this edit I did, Juuzou has this damn box covering the pattern of this strap so I gotta get rid of that and redraw the pattern but ain’t no one got time for that.  

Soooo, after I remove it, I just duplicate one of the already present triangles, angle it and boom.  I do the same thing again, switch it vertically to change it up a bit (because who is gonna notice tbh), and boom again.

Finally, don’t stress over small details

No one is going to notice probably especially if it’s a motion manga gif moving around like crazy.  Maybe more noticeable if it’s just a still cap but don’t stress over small details I still do it though I spend hours on dumb details no one will notice. So if that clone stamp ain’t cloning the right shade or pixel or whatever, don’t worry.  Just get the general image of what you’re cloning down.  No one is gonna notice that one wrinkle is going the wrong way unless they’re a bitter critic then good luck

Hope that helped! We need an appreciation day for all people who clean/redraw manga……

@ffxplayer Not at all! I ALWAYS want to be this person to someone else X’D and sometimes try so hard to be I get worried I come across as annoying or pushy. Heck I’m STILL doing this right as we speak type. This is also why I make so many “Notice me senpai!!!” posts sometimes. I so desperately want to be THAT reader or commentor.

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But if it helps you’ve helped me get through a lot, dude ;w; things like… HIGH SCHOOL. and COLLEGE. Things that were hard to survive already omg X’D

So thank you for that. You just still being around is a massive boost. like “Why is this person still tolerating me??? How have I not driven them off or bored them yet???”

It’s actually really motivating to think people would stick around for who I am and not the fandom I’m in? That’s massively comforting and a major confidence booster. Up to the point where my self esteem constantly tries to figure out how I may have tricked you because clearly it can’t be that I’m doing something right!!

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[coughs] so, ehem. i kind of Went Off™ on a couple of people in @ashleythejohnson‘s instagram post about being at the Women’s March, and altho i totes stand by everything i said in my (many) comments, i was worried i might be spamming the post. so after i got tired and was temporarily done engaging, i decided not to check on IG for a couple of days to help both me and the dialogues cool down. but then i went on IG today to post that new selfie and i saw there were some new notes, including a new comment. i was dreading it a bit, but then i checked what it was aND???? IT???? WAS THIS??????

i mean. i’m. just. sitting here holding back tears coz??? i feel validated. not just as a person but for the things i was saying????? and it just feels…really nice to know that the things that my friends and mutuals and i are constantly talking with each other about and yelling at other people about in an attempt to be heard and affect some sort of change is actually noticed by popular people who want the same kind of change???? i mean, obvs part of this is OMG CELEBRITY-SENPAI NOTICED MEEEEEE i’m not gonna deny that but also to know that she read everything i wrote and said “i wish we were friends” is…really touching. like. i’m sincerely touched. AND - although this part is just speculation, i don’t want to assume or presume - considering some of the things that other people in the comments were saying about me or calling me (one actually called me a “liberal fascist” for simply pointing out how mistaken he is to put so much faith in someone like Tr*mp three times over), i feel like this comment was also crafted to…protect me? or at least the things that i was saying? like, as the owner of that space, and as someone with clout, this comment was pretty much gandalf bringing his staff down and telling the balrog to step the hell off. that may or may not be her intention at all, but i feel protected by it, and that’s so comforting. so…yeh. thank you, ashley <3 i mean, i already thanked you on twitter and on instagram, but i just can’t stop thanking you so…thank you???

pissed off

SM Global Audition 2014 is going to be held soon and for the first time ever it’s coming in my country (you can guess actually hahaha)

I was super duper excited like omg SM finally notices my country until….. well let’s see the story shall we

there’s a twitter account dedicated to this audition in my country and they keep tweeting that SM’s mailbox is full because of the high amount of registrations. there are people who double or triple send everything (I’ve only sent one and the autoreply mail said that their mailbox is full)

(do any other people on the other country experienced that?)

and all i can think was: are these people actually want to become an artist/idol or just want to meet their fucking bias

what, do you think trainee life is all fun and pretty?

the account also retweets tweets like “let’s all hope we pass the audition and meet our bias!”


when i first heard about the audition confirmed in my country, as much as i love all SM artists, they didn’t cross my mind at all. i was all like omg this is my chance to not wasting my youth (LOL)

okay maybe meeting your bias is possible but it’s not going to be all that wonderful and stuff and be close to them. they’re busy. even when you debut you work your ass off and the only friend you got are your group members okay.



s!b: it may sound really offensive

i’m here, i’m queer, and my blog is unapologetically 95-99% korrasami depending on my mood on any given day

Chris Martin letting people know that he messed up even if no one noticed:
  • Playing alone in his room: Oh man, got this one tone wrong... there is no one in the room to hear but I shall start again.
  • Playing in a club with people who don't pay attention: Omg sorry mates, let's start again! That one note went wrong.
  • Playing for people who actually listen: Stop stop stop, I forgot the lyrics and I really have to say sorry. I apologise!
  • Playing at the stadium full of fans: woah, sorry, I know you paid lots of money and now I'm fucking the whole song up. Sorry, let's start again.
  • Playing Glastonbury Festival: I know nobody of you even noticed that little mistake in that one second but I really had to stop the whole song and I have to start again, I'm sorry. Forget the fuck up and enjoy the song.

So this was my first photo op… ever. To my followers who don’t know what I look like, here you go. I’m super happy with how it turned out and I’d definitely do it again if I had the money. There wasn’t much of a “story” with it but I’ll go ahead and write what happened. 

My number was called with about fifty other people and we’re all in line waiting our turn. The first thing I notice is that Jared has to crouch to be eye to eye with the fans. It was to say the least, hilarious. My turns comes around and I smile out of happiness at Jared who returns the favor. He bends down (To my 5′2 short stature) and says “Do you want to do a pose?” Mind you during these ops they play music at an insane volume so I didn’t hear him. I blinked a few times because ‘Omg, this is actually happening. He’s so pretty.’ I smile again and say “Sorry?” He gives me an amused expression and repeats himself. I say “No, I just want a hug. I’m kinda short though.” Now this makes him laugh and he says “That’s fine,” before bending down and giving me a hug. After Chris takes the photo we pull apart and he smiles at me for the last time saying “You did good!” I walked away with a parting “Thank you for everything,” from me.

P.S. I guess in the excitement and my nervousness I didn’t know what do with my hands because in my op with Misha my hand is in a fist too. I posted this photo on a few other accounts and everyone seems to think that I was gripping his shirt which isn’t far from the truth, to be honest. 

Overall I loved how it turned out. 

~ Hannah