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hey kristen! i was just wondering how you manage to stay so positive?? like i have already seen such bad reactions from ppl to the episode saying jonerys is fake, predictable, a bad fanfic (which makes no sense considering grrm told the writers how the show is supposed to end and he approves of most of what they do), and that it's all bad acting and the show is crap now and i've tried to stay away from all the bs but it keeps messing with me so i was just wondering how you cope <3

Hey! When someone says something like that, I immediately block that person. 

People who make those claims about Jonerys clearly have no actual understanding of the story, the future it has been setting up or foreshadowing for years, or the characters themselves. So such people have nothing to contribute discourse-wise since they are so frequently and loudly wrong. AND they contribute nothing to my laid back, fangirly enjoyment. So I block! I have quite a long block list but it has made my experience much better. 

I also think these people are, again, wrong about the acting. We got phenomenal performances from both Emilia and Kit. I expect this past episode will earn them both their SECOND Emmy nom. But people insist that they act badly because they are grasping at reasons to say the ship has no “chemistry” so they can try and justify their relentless anti hate of the ship. But … again. Wrong :D

To be clear I don’t live in an echo chamber. If someone writes a well thought-out analysis then I can appreciate civil disagreement. But most of the people saying it is OOC for Jon to love Dany or that this is a silly or predictable pairing are not actually writing analysis or looking for adult discussion, they’re whining. And I get plenty of that from my students so I don’t need it in my hobbies haha. 

Lastly, I stay positive because so far I’ve been right. So even when people do or say things that cause me to doubt, I continue to trust in my own interpretations and ideas about the characters and the story because I haven’t let myself down yet. And I personally don’t think this pairing is stupid or doomed. 

I could be wrong of course, because I am a little surprised by the severity of Arya’s treatment of Sansa, for example. So perhaps I could be way off base and next season things could go awry for Jon and Dany. But I choose to believe that my instincts and understanding are right and that helps me stay positive :D

i think i need help.

Hello! This is about ableism, not fatphobia, but I know you guys are super sweet and fight against ableism as well. I don’t know where to go for support. I have something called misophonia. It’s where certain noises, like chewing or smacking, are very upsetting and painful for me. Yesterday my brother wanted to show me a youtube video. Smacking and chewing noises where part of the video. It was some comedy skit about restaurants. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He seemed to enjoy the video, and that made me happy. While watching, it got so painful that I starting twitching and having spasms. I tried to stay still and be polite.My brother noticed however and got angry. He yelled and cursed at me, all while calling me a b*tch. I didn’t speak during the whole thing. I only spoke when I agreed to watch the video. My mom said it wasn’t a big deal and my brother was just being impatient. My brother said disabilities are all in your head and anyone can get better. He said it’s a mind over matter thing. I’ve had misophonia for as long as I remember. I remember being 4 and crying at a restaurant cause my stepdad always ate with his mouth wide open. My family is super ableist, fatphobic (majorly so), and sexist. My brother who makes fun of me is also trans. I don’t understand how he could say feminists and sjw’s are cringe and cancer when I want to support his rights, end the gender binary, and listen to what trans people have to say, while empowering them. Is all this hate internalized? Why is ableism, fatphobia, and all the other isms and phobias, even a thing. When he came out as trans, I never questioned it. I’d stay up late into the night googling about being trans, and educating myself about how gender is a social construct, and how to respect trans boundaries and be a good ally. All this stuff is how I got into intersectional feminism! I wish my family would be more supportive about my misophonia. I didn’t know where to go. I’ve been a long time follower of your blog as a fellow fat person. You don’t have to respond, but If you had any words of encouragement I would be very grateful. I’m already humbled by all the hard work and dedication you all put into this blog. TW SUICIDE MENTION. Btw I’ve just left the hospital less than a week ago from attempted suicide. My brother knew about me being suicidal when he yelled at me.

Your brother is definitely in the wrong. Being trans doesn’t stop people from acting badly in other ways, and he is a boy or man.  He has male privilege, even if it doesn’t manifest in the same way as it would for a cis person.  And really, trans people can be awful just like anyone else (e.g. Caitlyn Jenner)

I also have misophonia, and I sympathize.  It’s pretty horrible, and not something you can think yourself through. If it’s a problem with your mind, how can you “mind over matter” through it anyways.  That is super ableist. And as someone who is also physically disabled, fuck him.  <sarcasm> Sure, my mind is in complete control of my immune system, and that’s why it’s attacking my body </sarcasm>

I’m sorry you have to deal with this :(.  If you can, I’d try to just leave when your brother starts calling you slurs. You deserve better than this, and you deserve to be safe. 

-Mod Siarl 

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Hi, could you maybe do headcanons for Jonathan Christiphor? Like the Sebastian one, idk which name to use

No problem anon! There’s plenty of names for him (and Jace tbh) and it can get confusing. I thought this was what you meant!

 Anyway, here we go!

  • Stealing this one from sebastianmorqenstern but he would be, in a sense, into fandom if he had been raised a Normal Human. He quotes Shakespeare as he dies, and lives his life by the words of Paradise Lost, sends his messages of domination by the words of The Bard, and I can’t see how he wouldn’t keep that in a normal verse.
  • He asked his father about love once, and his father had said that it will not come to a monster like him, and spoke very little beyond that.So he took to books and tried to learn to understand love from afar. The closest he came was Macbeth’s love for his wife, Achilles’ for Patroclus, and Lucifer’s for god. All ended in burning flames, and death and tragedy with the worst of the hero born forth. We wondered, reading these tales, if love might come to a wretch like him, too.
  • He wanted to hold Jace close to his chest and whisper to his little brother that everything would be all right, he would watch out for him. These were words he was never given, and these are words someone with the power to destroy all threats can wield honestly. He wanted to be able to say those, for both of these reasons.
  • He wanted Clary to own and scold and control him, as much as he to her, should she have consented to be his queen. He wanted to be as rapturously hers as she was his.
  • His father gave him only weapons on his birthday, though he was aware that the Other Jonathan, the Good Jonathan, got anything he wanted for this day. Sebastian learned jealousy, envy and ache very quickly.
  • Sebastian never had a Christmas present.
  • I truly believe that had he been raised as a human being, he’d have been given the same aptitude for good or bad as anyone else in the world. He’s got less demon in him than Tessa or Magnus, both half demon, who are kind people. Jace acted badly just believing himself to have Demon Blood, and he’s the most angelic of all the angel boys. Sebastian, no, Jonathan, could have been Achilles. He was raised and broken until he was Lucifer.
  • He taught himself to dance, hoping to do it with his sweet little sister.
  • He drank some of the angel blood in his father’s stores from Ithuriel once. He thought it might cure him, make him a boy his father could love because of who he was, not in spite of who he was. He was lashed for taking what was not his instead.
  • He lived with pain, each day of his life as the demon blood in his veins warred with the angel blood. It hurts a nephilim to be poisoned with demon blood. His whole life was poisoned with demon blood.
  • He was Oedipal to the bizarre degree. He thought he could be a better version of his father by marrying his sister–a better version of their mother.
  • He never knew remorse for his actions, for Bold Macbeth, who did “Unseem” men “from the knave to the chops,” was but a tragedy. He’d be either a king or a tragedy, and either was drenched in glory and glamour.

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thank you so much for standing up for weird triggers. I always get nervous even talking about my triggers for fear of people acting badly (like, even looking at pictures of Flowers is bad cause it gets my OCD going lmao) and ur really cool

I care about you all, and I want you all to be comfortable. You’re safe here, anon. Come laugh at silly tags.