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The digital booklet for @lanadelrey Lust For Life in high quality.

Netflix can kiss my entire Black ass. 

How dare they renew 13 Reasons Why, with it’s mediocre ass cast full of mediocre ass white people, after all 13 Reasons have already been explained

and cancel both The Get Down and Sense8 (and cancelled Sense8 on the first day of Pride!!!)

Netflix: “We value diversity!”

Netflix: Cancels all of its fucking diversity.

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i just went into your voltron hc tag and read literally everything.... bless u and your shitposts

i can’t believe my headcanons have been ordained

  • “i’ve got a plan” “okay, but is it like a Keith Plan or an actual plan”
  • hunk’s two heroes are han solo and gordon ramsay
    • solo: boots, utility belt, unnecessary vest, snark, luxurious locks
    • ramsay: look at how he took control of that restaurant. he totally watches kitchen nightmares
  • shiro: *jokes about his casual existential angst™* someone: *is concerned* shiro: “no no wait i was trying to be funny”
  • “maybe the real voltron was the friends we made along the way”
  • coran’s rebellious teen phase lasted 35 earth years
  • “if i’m mean to keith will the red lion come eat me”
  • pidge does eventually figure out how to hook up the gaming system
    • there’s a tournament. things start civil but eventually feet are in people’s faces, elbows are flying, threats are being made
    • lance crushes everyone bc he’s from a big family and you can’t convince me that he didn’t learn Defensive Video Game Maneuvers early on in life to survive
  • allura, eyes snapping open in the middle of the night: “coran was born with a mustache”

ok but imagine being like 13-14 on this site and trying to figure out your sexuality/gender identity
when you fuckin people have 6 million microsexualities that are just “internalised homophobia” and demonise the idea of Maybe Just Being Gay becuase it’s not ~ radical ~ enough and the ace community pushing the Never Question Why You’re Afraid To Have Sex And Love, You’re Just Ace! narrative at, say, dysphoric trans people or gay/bi people with internalised homophobia or even just. people who are like 13 and dont have sexual thoughts yet because that’s! normal! 
this site is hell for questioning people honestly