do people not understand that u can love all the members of 5sos??? like u don’t have to only blog about a certain member that u love??? u can love all four of them a whole lot??? and it’s not always swerving into a lane that’s not yours??? it’s not being a slut??? ur favorite food can change over time and it’s not fair to say ur fave band member can’t??? it’s also not fair to say that you can’t still love one member bc he’s not your ‘fave’ anymore??? it’s appreciating all of the band members for being talented and beautiful people inside and out!!!!

i totally agree with the fact that a good GPA doesn’t represent intelligence but unless you about as smart as Albert Einstein you need to get the fuck out of that mentality because employers/investors/colleges all of that don’t care about your IQ they care about how hard you work in this world and your 2.0 isn’t gonna cut it if you want to make a good life for yourself

The fact that some people, including myself, have to restraint themselves from being enthused about the things that make them really passionate and happy because there are others who look down on them and call them names for their harmless tastes is really fucked up

Bree’s Story

I wrote this as a joke for bams-leather-jacket but I’m honestly loving how it turned out. Let me know what you think! 

It was a lovely summer evening. You can hear crickets chirping. The sun was almost ready to set. You were barefoot with your jeans rolled up. The soft moss felt amazing between your toes. Your mind began to wander, thinking about how you got to this point in your life.

You recall meeting Bam in Hoonah when he had taken his little sister out for her birthday. You think about the connection you made with him, and how you had so much in common, yet so many differences. Remembering the first boat ride to Browntown, how nervous you were to meet his family. You smile as you reflect on more recent events, Bam asking you to be his girlfriend and to live on the island with his family. He built you your own shack with everything you could possibly need.

As you stare off into space, thinking about your love, he comes up behind you wrapping his arm around you and kisses your cheek. “Hello my beautiful Bree! What are you thinkin so hard about?” You turn around in his arms so you’re face to face. “I’m thinking about how much I love you, dear.” You kiss his nose then give him a hug. “Oh girl, you’re always so sappy.” But then he says quieter in your ear “But I’m pretty sure I love you more.” That only makes you hug him tighter.

After several minutes, Bam starts to shift. “Uhm. Bree? Are you asleep?” You hadn’t loosened the grip of your hug yet. “Nope” you mumble into his shoulder. “Uhmmm…. Are you okay then? I mean, this hug is getting uncomfortably long…I love you and all…..but I kind of need to pee.” You laugh it off and say jokingly “Well then just take me with you.”

Much to your surprise, he straightens up, and your feet leave the ground. You giggle, and settle in to enjoy the ride. He doesn’t even have to hold you up, you’re clinging to his body like a human sized fanny pack. Much to your surprise he heads toward the set of trees the boys use to pee. “EW BAM DON’T YOU DARE!” you shout thinking he’s really gonna do it. He continues towards the trees and laughs deep in his throat. You practically jump off of him, but still gingerly enough to avoid the pee trees.

You two begin to walk back to your little shack. He grins and says, “HA! I knew that’d make you get off. I love you Bree but 15 minute long hugs are excessive! I’ve got work to do you know….like building our cabin.” He winks. A million things go through your mind. Wait. What. Did he just? Really? Oh my gosh. What?? Bam bends down onto one knee and pulls out a ring. “Will you marry me?”

If you’ve ever taken the extra point two seconds to show someone a kind gesture, opened the door for them, held the elevator, told someone a compliment seriously you’re golden keep doing what you’re doing because it’s nice people that keep the world going round

I don’t mean to be rude, but I keep getting asks about England’s VA and I just want to say that it only takes two clicks to scroll down this blog or check the tag and find out for yourself. I think I’ve covered every mystery regarding it, and future questions about it should be sent off-anon (sorry shy people - I feel your pain) so I can answer them privately. 

Also, any claims about voice actors need to provide a source. My internet is acting up so making me go look for a source to prove you right is not going to work this time around, sorry! I’m not going to take your word for it without some proof - I’m just not.

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I love how Sehun is reacting more to the camera. He’s slowly coming out of his shell and able to show his playful side, and showing his potential and showing everyone who doubted him that he really is meant to be a performer. He’s improving each day as a dancer and singer, and even learning one of the hardest languages in the world to communicate with his fans, (self taught!), he truly is grateful for all the love people still give EXO after everything that has happened.

More faces, well face. Over a MONTH ago I told a work buddy of mine I’d attempt to draw him. I did these over the weekend, while I like these I just don’t think they look too much like him. OH WELL! Hope you enjoy them @rmiossso :) #people #doodles #art #sketch #selfie #note3doodle #frakfaces #coworker #boardingbreak Oh and more Potter stuff is on the way! Even though August is over I’ll finish the doodle a day anyway!

Ignore the unamused look on my face: my hair was getting frizzier by the second and I was about to melt in 109° weather to get to a meeting I was already late for, BUT my makeup yesterday 👏👌👏👌👏👌👏👌👏