From Peonix.

Hi everyone my name is Peonix! Me and my friend Owl run this blog. But I wanted to introduce myself! So here we go:

My name is Peonix and Im a 20 year old Peonix (bird). I love to draw, do fashion, fly, and do music! I have special powers so I can change into a human and I can make Owl turn into an Owl she is a real human! Let’s see what else? I dont really know.

But anyway Owl has another blog, its called: owlsity, check it out its really cool. She posts alot of stuff animals but she posts random thing aswell!

Hope you enjoy our Land! ^.^

Owl and Peonix

I made another ‘blog’ with my friend Peonix (He is actually an alter ego) and we will both post alot of similar things. This blog will be about art, fashion, music etc. You can ask us a question if your courious. If you want something from Peonix just say at the end “For Peonix” and Vise Versa for me (Owl). Also If you need advise on anything let us know and we will get back to you!