anonymous asked:

Most of the "peodophile acceptance" you allude to is merely people acknowledging the fantasy of finding children attractive, not acting on the fantasy. People like you are the sort that propagate persecution of outsiders and those who are outside the norm and you should be ashamed of yourself and display a humanity.

Oh, fuck off. 

Virtually every decision or action a person takes is preceded by an instinct, thought, or fantasy; noncing is no different.When slime like you even vaguely intimate that public expressions of these fantasies are acceptable or to be encouraged, you make the leap to acting on that fantasy far more possible.

As far as my lacking humanity or compassion goes, when it comes to self professed paedos I consider it a compliment as I don’t view them as human. I believe they should live a life of persecution, stigmatisation, and alienation from normal society and I won’t shed a tear if they meet a bloody fate. 

The innocence and well being of children is far more precious than currying favour with ‘right on’ pricks who would have evil live and thrive within our midst.  I’ll gladly accept any shame I receive as a consequence.