My take on Clarence from the Penumbra series. Sorry for the blurred bottom, the words say edge gloves. (Also his skin is supposed to be gray and his eyes red, my scanner is being weird.)


You’ve got super powers? That’s cool. 

-some Let’s Player (Helloween4545)

Broke and watched some Let’s Play for Penumbra (Promptly stopped after realizing that it’d be better just to play Amnesia mods then spoil self heh), Philip seems like a fun guy, and at least a step above Daniel in terms of intelligence.  

I had a dream last night about Penumbra...

In my dream, I found some old VHS tapes that were a little-known Penumbra TV show released by Frictional. I got really excited and I started watching them on my Dad’s old TV (that we threw out years ago when it broke). The whole show was about Philip and Clarence being, like, James Bond-ish spies and fighting crime in London. I’m fairly certain Philip was played by a blond Breckin Meyer. 

Clarence, though, was a scrawny guy in his fifties with greasy black hair and a big beaky nose, and I mean like Daniel of Mayfair big. He wore an argyle sweater, old jeans, white socks and no shoes; he was really pale and kinda sickly. For some reason, he had mandrill-like purple growths under his eyes, like superhuman insomnia shadows. At that point, I remember saying (in my dream) “Ha! THAT’S what Clarence looks like! I’m gonna go on Tumblr and show them all this so the whole argument over his appearance will end! This is canon-Clarence!”

Then I woke up and realized that I was crazy. So now I’m gonna draw my version of Clarence and add to the ever-growing list of headcanons.