I have to recreate some of Penumbra’s rooms for my studies, so I had to try and find out what size the furniture etc is. While doing so, I found that Philip appears to be kind of small. I always imagined him to be a tall guy for some reason, but he’s kind of small in comparison to everything around him.

So when I told my friend about this, she immediately said that he should totally ride on one of the dogs, and told me the joke above. I loved it so much that I decided to make a quick drawing of that, so all credit goes to her.


He lives under the bridge of Styx. 

After I uploaded the last “Roommates in Hell”-thing, a couple of people asked me where Clarence is. I’m sorry for drawing him with quasi-pupils, it’s easier to draw facial expressions that way (haha, facial expressions… as if!).

Don’t worry, Clarence, maybe you can move in with Alexander.