I have to recreate some of Penumbra’s rooms for my studies, so I had to try and find out what size the furniture etc is. While doing so, I found that Philip appears to be kind of small. I always imagined him to be a tall guy for some reason, but he’s kind of small in comparison to everything around him.

So when I told my friend about this, she immediately said that he should totally ride on one of the dogs, and told me the joke above. I loved it so much that I decided to make a quick drawing of that, so all credit goes to her.

A conversation with X-Files fanfic writer Penumbra

Raise your hand if you would have survived The X-Files fandom without the benefit of fanfiction. Nobody? I didn’t think so. With a show like The X-Files, in which so much is left unsaid, fanfiction is practically instrumental to our sanity in the face of 1013’s shenanigans. I’m bowled over by the insanely talented writers who join the XF fic writing ranks everyday.

But with the revival looming, I’m also really hoping some of my favorite fic writers of yore are encouraged to make a reappearance. And so I wondered, “What’s up with them?” That’s why I’m launching what I hope will be a series of conversations with XF fic writers, mostly older but some new, as well. I decided to start with Penumbra, who is so well-known, she’s almost a cliche. Her prose has a lyrical quality that’s unmistakable, and whether you love it or hate it, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across her “Parabiosis” story at some point. 

But where is she today? I caught up with Penumbra from her perch in the very plausible state of Oregon. 

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He lives under the bridge of Styx. 

After I uploaded the last “Roommates in Hell”-thing, a couple of people asked me where Clarence is. I’m sorry for drawing him with quasi-pupils, it’s easier to draw facial expressions that way (haha, facial expressions… as if!).

Don’t worry, Clarence, maybe you can move in with Alexander.