penthouse gallery


Here is another gem from the gallery; Salvador Penthouse Nr1 by JOL1990YT. I like how well if fits the rest of building and it has a lot of nicely NoCC cluttered areas!
In my game It’s the home of Erroll Dowd & June Kay and their two kids. It’s also the place where Paolo is staying at the moment.

Call for entries! Sculptyard IV is being hosted at Penthouse Gallery this year! Proposals for projects due on August 15th.


Have you ever wanted to be elsewhere? Feeling the sea breeze? Have you ever wanted to be someone else? In a extraterrestrial landscape? Having drinks with Lindsay Lohan? Living in the Stone Age? Standing on top of Mount Everest in a room? Have you ever wanted to retake your senior portrait?

Open Space’s 4th annual Sculptyard Wars asks you to build photo backdrops and interactive tableaus for the public to be photographed with and in. 

Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be?

Proposals due by August 15th. Please send a sketch and brief description to:

Prizes will be awarded! Go crazy! Show will be held August 31st at the Penthouse Gallery (1515 Guildford Ave.)