penthouse antics

“No, but the laws governing property are actually rather vague and have a wide variance. Under property law, any person is allowed to maintain peaceful possession of their property except against someone with a superior right. Given that most of the time we are working for the greater good of the world at large, it allows us to take absolute necessities from homes under pretense of vital need.”

“Lady Estellise, you make an arguable point, but I don’t think it wise to condone such actions to begin with. Accepting gifts from the citizenry is one thing, but taking things, especially money and useful items, isn’t something that should be promoted.”

“I… suppose you’re right, Flynn. I’m sorry.”

“Do you really need to apologize at all? I mean, think about it. People left their houses unlocked, so that’s just inviting people in and saying ‘take whatever you want’, right?”

“Besides, you can find some pretty interesting stuff in there sometimes that has a good resale value…”

“If you’re taking them just to sell them, that’s defeating the purpose entirely!”

“Gald is always useful. It buys new equipment, gels, and other items.”

“And if you know how to do everything right, you can get everything with a little change left over. So there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of the resale market!”

“….this is so far and away from the original question, I’m getting a headache…”

“All that yelling probably isn’t helpin’. What I wanna know is where the hell they’re getting these signs from.”

Too late.

Here ya go, Pascal! I brought you that cup of coffee you wanted!


…I said I wanted iced coffee, this is hot.

Taste it again…

Whoa, what the heck? Now it’s iced!

No, it’s hot coffee.

WOW, now it’s hot again!

Actually, I lied, it’s iced coffee.

YEAH, it’s cold!

(…Actually, I don’t know if this is cool or freaky…)

Dear Anonymous,

Eh, Repede ain’t exactly a shoo-in for the beauty portion.


Watch your mouth or I’ll forget to buy kibble.

I don’t think cheagles are a recognized breed in most animal shows, so Mieu’s probably out.

Tear says I’m too “professionally cute” to compete with “amateurs”, anyway, mieu!

Well, I guess I could try to enter Noishe in something if I can just-


H-hey! Get back here!

Man, isn’t there anyone who has a pet that could qualify for a contest?

I know a guy who has some cats.

So many cats….

On second thought maybe we shouldn’t talk to that guy. I think he has a problem.

Ludger and Daddy can teach anyone to cook!

It’s easy when you get the hang of it, I’m sure they can learn if they try.

I can’t promise my level of skill, but at the very least I’m sure I can assure competence.

Excellent, I brought these lemons.

*One Hour Later*

Oh dear, not again.


Clearly this was a mistake.

You ladies like coffee?

In my experience, giving them my name is pretty effective.

Hell I just gotta walk in th’ room. The reaction is instant.

Yeah, they sure clear out fast.

I don’t usually have to try very hard. After whatever the Old Man says, pretty much anything sounds good.

Evidently Kyle and Lloyd got together and drew us stuff!

This is what my boy drew! It’s me! Isn’t it awesome? I had no idea he was such an artist!

How ‘bout your gifts, Kratos? Let’s see it!

…if you say so.

…it, uh. It’s a spitting image of you, I gotta say.

Now, don’t make fun of it. I still love it and will treasure it either way.

(…but does my head really look that oval-shaped?)

“As things stand presently, no. It has rather… exact specifications.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Simply that one has to meet a certain level of criteria before I purposefully avoid them, like those that Leia’s mother present.”

“If you mean you don’t like scary ladies, I can think of one you should put on that list.”

“While I’m certain you mean well, Elle, I don’t believe you should–”

“Lloyd Irving, you will get back there this instant, even if you force me to drag you back myself!”

“Wait, Professor Sage! No! NOOOOO!”

“…I believe I see what you mean. Perhaps I should re-evaluate my assessments.”

Dear riley-ironstand,

I’m a flexible guy, I think I could handle workin’ with that group.

Alright! Show me what to set on fire and I’ll make it happen!

Heck yeah! Whose butt needs whuppin’? Let us at ‘em!

Yes, every butt in our path will be whooped soundly.

Um, you okay Tear? You don’t sound like yourself.

Was that too strange? Sorry, I’m afraid I’m out of my element in this group.

Yeah, we appreciate the zeal, but you should probably leave the declarations of butt-kickin’ to us. No offense.

You can still help with the actual kicking, though. Because that’s still happening.