Realistic Oil Painting by Marta Penter

Brazilian artist Marta Penter draws from her background in psychology to meticulously catalog the countless social cues of dress, hairstyle, posture, and facial expression that allow us to negotiate the realm of others while carving out space for our own experience. On one hand, her work suggests a dream-like reality, with a palette approaching monochrome, figures sometimes floating over pure white backgrounds, and concentrated infusions of sapphire blue, which she introduced to her work after sketching one day in a park with a blue ballpoint pen.

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Secretly (Johnny and Danny fanfic) - Part 1

60+ notes and I’ll post part 2

Johnny let out a soft sigh as he flopped down on one of the many empty seats in the pub. It had been a busy day and he was just glad it was over, he was wrecked. He closed his eyes and carefully took in the silence; Nancy went out with Shirley and Tina and Mick took Linda out for their anniversary. Johnny was alone and to be honest, he was quite happy with that.

No more than 10 minutes later, there was a faint knock at the door of the pub. Johnny groaned softly and opened his eyes. “We’re closed,” he called out to whoever was on the other side of the door. “Can’t the good-looking barman make an exception?” the voice replied, making Johnny sit up straight in shock. He knew exactly who it was and he knew exactly why he addressed him in that way. He just sat there, a bit dazed and not knowing what to do. He had been avoiding Danny as much as possible ever since the kiss. Johnny must’ve gotten lost in his thoughts because he was taken back to reality by another knock on the door. “Oh come on, just one drink,” Danny’s voice called into the pub. Johnny stood up and walked over to the door hesitantly, biting his lip, debating whether or not he should let him in. “Um, I..I can’t let you in, it’s after closing hours,” Johnny said, trying to come up with any excuse to make him go away. “Alright, guess I’ll be going then,"  Was Danny’s reply, much to Johnny’s surprise. Right then, Johnny unlocked the door and opened it quickly, hoping he hadn’t left yet. He was greeted by a smirking Danny. "Knew you’d come around,” he smirked as he stepped into the Vic. The minute Danny was inside, Johnny regretted opening the door to him as the whole situation was just awkward for him. “One drink, that’s it,” he instructed. “One drink,” Danny confirmed with a slight smirk on his face.