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Long time no see but im back with my favourite orange pens and highlighters swatch that i made yesterday! 🍑🍑🍑


It’s Throwback Thursday, bitch! Here’s a walkthrough of a Samurai Jack tribute piece I did back in 2014. Seems fitting now, since Jack’s back. God I loved that show! ❤️  😌

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It seems the question I’m most frequently asked is what pens I use! Here are the ones I use the most. Also if anyone’s interested, I’ve made a youtube channel and might do a more in depth video on all the supplies I use soon!  🖊 

 From left to right: 

  •  0.5 mm Totoro pen I got from my friend 
  •  0.5 mm STUDIO Gel pen from Dollarama 
  •  0.25 mm Muji pen from Muji 
  •  Various sizes of Pigma Micron pens from Michaels 
  •  0.4 mm Pilot G-Tec-C4 pen I got from another friend 
  •  ITOYA Doubleheader Calligraphy marker from Curry’s Art Store 
  •  0.5 mm Muji Gel pen from Muji 
  •  0.8 mm Gold Pentel Slicci pen from Curry’s Art Store

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The Oni Cyborg: Genos! I loved this arm set the most, the Anti-Saitama Tactical Arms, so I drew these. I hope ya’ll dig it, and hopefully I’ll have these at shows as a print.

This was Deleter G-Pen and the Pentel Color Brush on Stillman and Birn gamma paper.

One Punch Man is the awesome comic by 2 radical geniuses that I hope to one day be as good as.