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Hey, thanks for submitting this! I was pretty sure this was a good solution, since the cartridges are so simplistic.

A list of inks that should suffice: any ink made for brush/nib/calligraphy! Rapidograph makes excellent inks with good flow that won’t clog. Speedball is also a good ink (though a bit heavier) and Higgins should also work, though this is far too transparent for my liking. Do NOT use an acrylic based ink (liquid acrylic, etc.) because this will dry in the brush and ruin it! 

(I have a Kaimei brush pen with natural hair I need to revive by giving it a good thorough rinse, as it seems to have less than ideal flow lately… it uses sumi ink, which is watersoluble.)

So I’ve been having errors uploading onto Youtube.
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See how this goes, shall we?

traditional art - Haruko Haruhara (x8 speed)
Original Recording Time : 13 minutes 52 secondsTools Used:
Baselines - 4H Derwent pencil
Lines - Pentel Pocket Brush
Marker - CopicRecorded using : Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Frequently Asked Question: “What do you use to draw with?”

1. Draftmatic No. DM05 Mechanical Pencil (.5mm Red Pentel Lead) For Drafting

2. Pentel GraphGear 1000 (0.7mm Blue Pentel Lead) For Drafting

3. Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (005, 01, 02, 05, 08) For Lining/inking

4. Copic Multiliner SP (0.3) Comic Paneling

5. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

6. Jellyroll White Jell Pen 

7. Sanford Magic Rub Peel Off Eraser 

8. Generals Tri-Tip Eraser

9. TUL .7mm Mechanical Pencil 

10. 6″ Metal Modelers Ruler 

11. Moleskine Paperback Sketchbook


Hope that helps!


15 minutes in 15 seconds.
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#ChamBOOKvol1 headshot

Will upload to youtube later.
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Here are the brush pens I’ve been inking with: Pentel Pocket Brush, Kuretake Extra Fine Disposable Brush Pen, and the Pentel pigment ink brush pen, extra fine.


10.5minutes in 10.5seconds

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