…to contradict my previous post: Pentedrone [2-(Methylamino)-1-phenylpentan-1-one]

The label is handwritten on tape in pen and taped to the bag. Packaging was professional, but the label makes me worry –this could be ANYTHING!

First cathinone I’ve ever owned, not sure if I'ma taste it or if this will just be in my collection. Curious what all the fuss is about though.

&yes, that’s my hand covered in blue latex and purple mica. I’m experimenting for my laser tag outfit for tonight. 0___0

Ordered 250mg pentedrone & 500mg 4P

4P being a pentedrone 4-MEC combo. It’s unclear whether 4P is the 2 powders mixed or some other chemical procedure which levels it out well.

These are the 2 best compounds available to europe. Both are illegal in Britain but apparently many samples are sent from sellers despite this - they are lesser known. I only know this from people across the internet claiming it is true.

If I do get 2 cathinone compounds through the door in the next week from europe I think that would make me slightly happier in my adjourned & raped state… even if the regulator does not allow the compounds to become active… I would still rejoice in this small thing which remains well on Earth..

Sweet cathinones… God did create many horrible things within the realm of human experience. Few people know much more good than sex and friends… but this is a proper bounty…